Month: February 2019

Shanghaiist reported that passersby were shocked to see a man walking 10 metres above the ground on high-voltage powerlines with no harness strapped to his body.

Fortunately, the firefighters arrived on time at the scene but they did have a bit of problem when they tried to convince the man to get down from the powerlines.

Right after that, they brought the man to the police station for further questioning. You can watch the firefighters trying to get the drunk man off the powerlines here: reported that a nine-year-old boy was kicked out of a jewellery shop after trying to hold it up with a replica gun.

CCTV footage from the store in Argentina showed the boy walking up to the counter before pulling out the fake pistol from his trousers.

The incident happened in the city of Moreno, in the eastern Argentinian Province of Buenos Aires, on February 16.

Jewellery shop owner Nicolás García remained calm as he approached the boy and dragged him out of the shop without incident.

“The kid told me to give him everything, to not be a moron because he will ‘burn’ me,” Mr García told La Nacion .

“I thought it was a toy gun, I could not imagine that he was talking to me seriously.”

He grabbed the boy and walked him out of the shop.

The boy’s 28-year-old mother, who identifies herself only as Daniela, recognised him from the security camera footage and confirmed the gun was a replica.

The mother-of-six said her son was expelled from school last year for dropping his trousers at a classmate.

She claimed threw away the fake gun as soon as she found out what had happened.

Mr Garcia reported the attempted robber at his local police station after he received threats from relatives of the boy.

He was told by the police that the boy was under the age of criminality but they are investigating whether an adult was behind his actions.

BEWARE! Another ATM scam happened in Batu Pahat!

February 28, 2019 | News | No Comments

WorldofBuzz wrote that an insurance agent from Batu Pahat recently lost RM30,000 from her bank account to scammers using the ATM. This has left her very confused because when she checked, her ATM card was still with her and she had not misplaced it before this, Oriental Daily reported.

The incident took place on Feb 25 around 8am when she was alerted about something fishy going on with her bank account. She said that she received WhatsApp calls from two unknown numbers when she was at home. She did not answer any of the 11 missed calls she received from these two numbers.

Not long after that, she received an SMS from her bank sending her the One-Time Password (OTP) and notifying her that her bank account was in the midst of transferring RM9,777 to another account. Right after this, one of the unknown numbers that called her previously sent a WhatsApp message, asking her to send the OTP she received over to them. 

Shocked, she immediately called her bank to verify whether the transaction had gone through and was informed that a large amount of money had been transferred out from her account. She told them to stop any transactions and went to the police station to lodge a police report.

Scammers Hacked Into M'sian Woman's Account & Stole RM30,000 Using The ATM - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: China Press

After that, she went to one of the bank’s branches in Batu Pahat and discovered that RM10,000 had been transferred out from her bank account three times that morning without the need for any OTPs. She was puzzled as her ATM card was still with her and the daily withdrawal limit was only RM5,000 but somehow the scammers managed to hack into her account.

The bank said that they would investigate this incident in two weeks as they suspect that someone had hacked her account. She said that banks should ensure that their system is secure enough especially for online transactions and hopes that she will be able to get back her hard-earned money.

Be careful when receiving calls from unknown numbers and make sure to check with your bank if you notice anything suspicious!

Screengrab via Apple Daily video. reported that the Hong Kong entertainment legend Andy Lau is suing a mainland Chinese company for using his photo without his permission to sell water purifiers.

According to HK01, Lau formally sued the water purifier manufacturer Zebrafish, a Zhejiang-based company, in October. The website reports that the case was officially heard at China’s first “cyber court” in Hangzhou on Monday.

The cyber court was set up in 2017 to handle internet-related crimes and civil cases, including trade disputes, copyright lawsuits, and product liability claims.

According to the indictment, Lau — a Cantopop superstar also known for starring roles in films like Infernal Affairs and House of Flying Daggers — said he discovered that Zebrafish had used his portrait and signature on a number of online ads to sell their water purifiers and other related products. His face was also put on the product’s packaging and, at one point, plastered on a billboard in Beijing.

The indictment goes on to say that Lau did not give Zebrafish permission to use his image, name, or signature for its packaging or advertising.

It adds that as a 30-year veteran of the entertainment industry, Lau’s name and reputation carry great commercial value, and that the use of his image would mislead consumers into thinking he was an official spokesperson for the manufacturer.

In addition to compensation of up to RMB2million (about US$300,000), Lau also wants Zebrafish to fork over RMB10,000 (about US$1,500) to cover legal expenses, and to issue a public apology.

Zebrafish, meanwhile, maintains they legally obtained the right to use the pictures involved, that their use did not infringe upon Lau’s rights, and that the compensation demanded by the entertainer was too high.

The case is ongoing.

A video posted on Twitter shows a Malaysian man losing his cool after he waited for his turn at a government office from 10am to 2pm. When it was finally his turn, the officer told him to come back at another time because they are lacking manpower and it is time for their break.

The video was uploaded by a Twitter user and it was retweeted approximately 10,800 times while receiving over 5,500 likes and 128,000 views. In the comments section, netizens began sharing their respective unpleasant experiences in government offices and sympathised with the ranting man.

Image from Twitter

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Currently, it is not confirmed where exactly this incident had occurred. It looks like many of the netizens are in support of the man’s actions and have requested for the efficiency of government offices to be improved in the near future so that they don’t have to waste their time waiting there.

Coconuts has reported that a 21-year-old university student in Indonesia plunged to his death from the roof of a mall and the people who were there during the incident didn’t even think to help the poor guy. Instead, they were filming the incident and urging the student to jump down. What even… The local police mentioned that the young man was believed to have been driven to suicide due to heartbreak. According to the report, several videos have circulated all over the internet in which the crowd can be heard chanting, “Jump! Jump!” at the man while laughing loudly. However, the scene quickly took a dark turn when the young man eventually jumped down.

An eye-witness, Heni was quoted as saying, “I even saw up there [on the rooftop] a man who was wearing black. I thought he was negotiating with the victim so he wouldn’t commit suicide, but he was actually among those who took pictures.” Heni said that many people who were there during the incident were preoccupied with their phones because they were taking pictures instead of trying to coax the man down from the ledge.

Even after the student jumped to his death, netizens posted many “callous and cynical messages” as they accused him of staging his suicide just for attention. A man is dead and this is no joke! On the side note, did you know that neglecting a person in danger is a crime in Indonesia? Yep, if one gets convicted of the abovementioned offence, they can be jailed for up to three months. Nevertheless, no one has come forth and reported this case yet. Hopefully, someone will report it soon.  Having said that, if we ever find ourselves in similar situations, please do make it a point to call the authorities so that they can help prevent the person from committing a mistake. This is because they are trained to handle these kinds of situations.

Indonesian media initially reported on the recent tragic death of a nine-year-old boy with stories suggesting that he died due to the shock of an extremely loud sound system being used at a neighbor’s celebration. But it seems the boy may have been the victim of something far more insidious — Indonesia’s deadly permissiveness towards cigarettes and underage smoking.

The boy, identified by his initials KI, lived in the Karangrejo Village of Garum in the Blitar Regency of East Java. He was found yesterday afternoon, lying on the ground directly in front of the sound system being used at a neighbor’s event. After residents saw him lying lifeless on the ground, he was taken into a neighbor’s home and police were called. Medical responders declared him dead at the scene.

“From the external post-mortem results, the victim is suspected of having a heart attack and it is possible he had internal illnesses,” Garum Police Chief Rusmin told Detik today.

Initial news reports had suggested that KI had a heart attack due to the shock of being in front  of the sound system when it suddenly started up. However, Police Chief Rusmin said their investigation had revealed another possible reason for his sudden death.

“I was shocked when his family told me that the victim was an acute smoker. Once he started smoking he could immediately go through one pack,” Rusmin said.

The police chief said that KI’s father and older sister were known to have mental disabilities and did not work while his mother spent most of her day laboring to make money for the family. Rusmin added that KI was known to hit his mother if she didn’t give him money for cigarettes.

We’ll never know how much smoking contributed to KI’s death as his family chose not to have his body autopsied before burial. His family also agreed that his death was an accident and that they would not take any action against their neighbors.

According to data released by Indonesia’s Health ministry last year, the number of smokers aged 10-18 has actually increased to 9.1% from 7.2% in 2013, which would put the number of underage smokers at over 40 million.

One study in 2016 found thataround 30% of all Indonesian children have smoked a cigarette before the age of 10 (one of those, unfortunately, beingIndonesia’s infamous smoking baby).

The Internet has been obsessing over a childhood candy that was recently turned into an ice cream flavour

Los Angeles-based company, Wanderlust Creamery announced its new White Rabbit-flavoured ice cream on 21 February and the news went viral… reaching our Asian “bunny” ears.

Image from Wanderlust Creamery

Hopping onto the bandwagon, two Malaysian ice cream parlours announced that they will be releasing their versions of the White Rabbit ice cream as well! 😀

Inside Scoop will be bringing the nostalgic flavour to all Klang Valley outlets at 8pm this Thursday, 28 February

Image from SAYS Makan
Image from SAYS Makan

The price of a single scoop starts from RM8.30 (while stocks last).

Those living in Ipoh, Penang, Melaka, and Kuantan can also get a taste of the flavour when it launches next week!

A man who honked at another driver in Tainan, Taiwan, was shot at nine times earlier today, 26 February

Taiwanese news site EBC reported that the man was driving two of his friends when the incident occurred at around 1am today. 

The man had honked at the other driver for blocking his lane

According to Sin Chew Dailythe man was then chased after by the attacker, who shot 9 times at his car

The victim, together with two of his friends, ditched his car before escaping in a taxi. 

Gunshots on the body of the car.
Image from EBC
Image from EBC

Out of the nine gunshots, the victim sustain two gunshot wounds on his body

The man suffered wounds on his right thigh and his left shoulder, while his friends were injured by ricochets. 

The trio, who escaped to a hospital from the scene, are currently being treated. 

The Taiwanese police have since identified the suspect, and the case is currently under investigation. 

About 800km from Bali, lives a group of Toraja people who treat the bodies of their dead relatives as though they are still alive

For many, this may seem absurd. However, the tradition has long been practised by the Torajans, dating back to several centuries, BBC reported.

Warning: Graphic images ahead. Viewer discretion is advised.

Image from Claudio Sieber/The Guardian
A girl named Clara posing with her sister Arel, who died when she was six years old.

A girl named Clara posing with her sister Arel, who died when she was six years old.

Image from Paul Koudounaris/Motherboard

The ethnic group, consisting of one million people, believe that the soul of a person remains near the body even after death and that a well-preserved body brings them good fortune

Image from South China Morning Post
Image from AP/Daily Mail

After someone passes away, the families go through great efforts to care for them by providing them with food, clothing, water, and even a bowl to use as a “toilet”

To remove the stench of decaying odours, the bodies are mummified and special leaves and herbs are rubbed onto them.

A chemical solution called formalin is coated onto the corpses to preserve the flesh and skin from rotting, The Sun reported. 

The bodies are then wrapped in blankets and live in the homes until their funerals – which can often take place months or decades later.

Image from Barcroft Media
This body was given a pair of false teeth.

This body was given a pair of false teeth.

For Torajans, funerals are a long, gradual process of grieving over their loved ones, and keeping the dead bodies is part of that tradition

“My mother died suddenly, so we aren’t ready yet to let her go,” Yohana Palangda told National Geographic. “I can’t accept burying her too quickly,” she said while crying.

According to BBCthe families believe that the spirits of the deceased may give them trouble if they do not care for them when they die.

Image from Claudio Sieber/The Sun
Image from AP/Daily Mail

A traditional ritual is usually held annually, known as ‘Ma’nene’, which simply means “care for ancestors”. 

It’s a time when the dead are removed from the coffins, washed of dirt and insects, dressed in clothes, and brought to the village.

Image from Barcroft Media/The Sun

Similar to a wedding, these “second funerals” are seen as a celebration of life rather than a moment of despair

It is also a time when the younger generation can “meet their ancestors”, offer food and cigarettes, or take a selfie, The Sun revealed.

Image from Claudio Sieber/The Sun
Yuanita takes a selfie with her relative Allo Pongsitammu who passed away roughly 20 years ago.

Yuanita takes a selfie with her relative Allo Pongsitammu who passed away roughly 20 years ago.

Image from South China Morning Post

According to the report, the dead are then returned to their coffins and left with gifts, such as watches and jewellery.

The tradition is continued every couple of years, as families take out the coffins of their deceased loved ones for a reunion, BBC revealed.