A man who honked at another driver in Tainan, Taiwan, was shot at nine times earlier today, 26 February

Taiwanese news site EBC reported that the man was driving two of his friends when the incident occurred at around 1am today. 

The man had honked at the other driver for blocking his lane

According to Sin Chew Dailythe man was then chased after by the attacker, who shot 9 times at his car

The victim, together with two of his friends, ditched his car before escaping in a taxi. 

Gunshots on the body of the car.
Image from EBC
Image from EBC

Out of the nine gunshots, the victim sustain two gunshot wounds on his body

The man suffered wounds on his right thigh and his left shoulder, while his friends were injured by ricochets. 

The trio, who escaped to a hospital from the scene, are currently being treated. 

The Taiwanese police have since identified the suspect, and the case is currently under investigation. 

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