HBO has finally dropped a full trailer for eighth and final season of its hit TV phenomenon Game of Thrones.

There’s definitely a lot of unpack from the trailer, but basically – winter is staying, the dragons are coming (!!!), and war is definitely here.

Obviously, fans collectively lost their minds when the trailer dropped out of nowhere:

There is more interesting and cute reactions of fans in social media.

1. Arya stans are already preparing to riot if she ends up dead

2. Meanwhile, Team Sansa #forthethrone is in full swing

3. This season’s darker tone is gonna be a problem for those who don’t see too well in the dark…

4. Cersei really be out there living her best life in King’s Landing

5. People definitely noticed how ripped Gendry is now. Hoo boi.

6. Daenerys and Jon are the Beyonce and Jay-Z of their time, er, universe

7. But we gotta address the direwolf in the room sometime

8. “Dragon bros? More like dragon ‘nopes the h*ll outta here’.” – Drogon and Rhaegal, probably.

9. We’re still rooting for Tormund and Brienne. <3

10. It looks like none of us are alone in our feelings after watching (and re-watching) the trailer


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