If I had a teacher like this, classes would be so much more interesting!

Recently, a lecturer from Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI), Perak went viral after a video of him circulated around Twitter. The lecturer, Kamarul Ariffin Ahmad, was seen dressed up as the character Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty as he was teaching his class.

He’s definitely rocking that green lipstick! #Slay

This M'sian English Teacher Dresses Up As - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

Kamarul has been teaching English in UPSI for the past five years and has a total teaching experience of almost a decade. He shared that the reason why he started dressing up was to help his students learn in a much more entertaining environment as well as to bring the stories alive.

“First of all, I did it to attract my students. I love it when they participate too.”

“When I come in as a character, they feel less anxious as I am not their “teacher” anymore. I am already someone else,” said Kamarul.

This is him as a character named Mr Moley and as a wizard from Hogwarts!

This M'sian English Teacher Dresses Up As - WORLD OF BUZZ

The 34-year-old graduate from Universiti Malaya also shared how teaching was no easy task. According to Kampus UOLS, he said,

“My biggest challenge was to make my students more confident speaking in English. I found that this technique was the most suitable as they feel more at ease when I do so.”

“After each dress-up session, they would often call me by my character’s name. They sometimes address me as Mr Gaga, Mr Maleficent or Mr Cullen.”

“I will only reply to them if they talk to me in English. That’s how I build their confidence.”

After the story went viral, Kamarul shared that he wasn’t afraid of the remarks or comments he might receive. He said that he hopes to be an inspiration to other teachers around Malaysia and that they would take an initiative to do more for their class.

“If this story motivates other teachers to plan their teaching styles better, I am more than happy to have my story spread online,” he added.

This M'sian English Teacher Dresses Up As - WORLD OF BUZZ 2


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