Did you ever feel frustrated playing those claw machine games in your local arcade? Don’t you wish you could just jump inside the machine and grab the prizes yourself? Well, now’s your chance as there will be a GIANT HUMAN CLAW MACHINE GAME happening in IPC Mall this April!

What’s more, you won’t just win some random cute plushies like the ones from arcade claw machines, but instead, prizes worth up to a whopping RM50,000!

Brought to you by PropertyGuru, this giant human claw machine game is part of their Own Your Home Weekend Fiesta happening in IPC Mall this 5 to 7 April. Besides that, there are also amazing and educational activities that are fun for the whole family and a RM10,000 cash prize to be won. Read on to find out how you can stand a chance to win!

Beat the odds to win in the Giant Human Claw Machine game

[Test] OMG Guys! There's a Giant Human Claw Machine Game in PJ That Could Win You RM10,000! - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

This is a giant version of the ever so popular arcade claw machine but instead of you controlling the crane, you ARE the crane! Here’s how it works:

  • Participants will be strapped to a crane-like device and lowered into a pit full of objects.
  • Whilst being harnessed into the pit, you have to find and grab certain mystery objects as fast as you can.

You stand to win prizes up to RM50,000, including gadgets like Google Home! Wah, just like that?! Even though I’m afraid of heights I also want to try weh!

[Test] OMG Guys! There's a Giant Human Claw Machine Game in PJ That Could Win You RM10,000 Cash! - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Make sure to come to the Ground Floor Concourse of IPC Mall at these dates and time: 5 April (12pm – 9pm); 6 & 7 April (11am – 9pm)


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