It can be nerve-wracking to go on first dates as you want to make a great first impression on your partner but are afraid that it may go wrong. One of the most important things you have to do is make sure you look presentable and neat, because no one likes a slob, especially on the first date!

Girl Upset Guy Wore Uniqlo and H&M on First Date Because She Says They Are "Cheap Brands" - WORLD OF BUZZ

However, it looks like the first date for this couple in Japan didn’t go as well as it should, because the girl was dissatisfied with the guy’s fashion sense. Now, you would’ve thought he was dressed inappropriately for a date in a cafe but it turns out that the girl just didn’t like that he wore “cheap fashion”. 

According to Japan Today, an unidentified girl recently posted on a popular online forum in Japan known as Girls Channel lamenting about the bad first date she had. The title of her topic was “Is it OK to wear cheap fashion on your first date, or no good?”

As translated by Japan Today, the girl wrote, “I went on a first date with a guy yesterday. When we got inside the cafe, I sat on the sofa seat and he sat on one of the regular chairs facing it. He took off his coat and overshirt, and so I offered to take it so I could hang it on a hook on the wall. When I checked the tags, I saw his coat was H&M and the overshirt was from Uniqlo! I was kind of disappointed he wore such casual fashion even though it was our first date together… Oh, by the way, I couldn’t tell how much his shoes cost but they looked like cheap leather ones.”

After saying that Uniqlo and H&M are “cheap brands”, the girl tries to seek validation from other netizens on the forum as well. She said at first she was happy that the guy had given her the sofa seat but asked for other girls’ opinion, saying, “How would you feel going on a first date with someone who put together a whole outfit of cheap stuff? It’s no good, right?”

Other users were quick to criticise her for saying that the guy wore “cheap fashion” and for judging him based on the brands he wore. Some of the comments include, “I can’t stand people who only care about top brands”, “I don’t like people who check other people’s brands that thoroughly”, and “And who are you to judge, exactly?”.

Most of them stood up for the guy and condemned her for caring so much about the brands he was wearing. They also agreed that it didn’t matter what brands a person wears as long as they look neat, clean and presentable. However, perhaps one commented, had the most fitting remark, saying, “What, and you were dressed head-to-toe in Chanel?”

For us in Malaysia, H&M and Uniqlo are considered high street brands that are pretty presentable but it looks like these two brands in Japan do not have such a reputation. Why though? We love these two brands!


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