Instead of the anticipated pranks and tricks, Google Maps has decided to play on users’ nostalgia with a ‘Snake’ game built into its app.

“Google Maps shows you how to get around on foot, car, train and bicycle, and now, you can ssslither to your destination too,” said Google Maps product manager Omar Abdelaziz in a press release.

Accessing the mini game is super easy: just open up your Google Maps menu in the top left corner

You’ll know that the mini game is available if you see that the typical “three bar” menu icon has been replaced with the recognisable black-and-white snake.

Tap on “Play Snake” and you’ll be brought to the game.

Unlike its Nokia counterpart, the Google Maps ‘snake’ is replaced with a public transport vehicle unique to the selected city

There are six cities to choose from, and an additional “World” option which allows you to “pick up” passengers from across the globe.

Each 8-bit passenger counts as one point. World icons, such as Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts, will also randomly pop up and give the player 10 points for collecting it. 

Famous meals also make it into the game and account for five points!

The mini game is available for a whole week on both the iOS and Android versions of Google Maps

There’s also a desktop version for those looking to kill time. 


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