A 25-year-old woman has taken to Twitter to warn others about a flasher riding a motorbike in Bangsar earlier today, 4 April

“Something just horribly disgusting happened to me,” wrote Aqilah Nazeri on Twitter.

Aqilah had been walking to a print shop when a man on a motorbike stopped her to ask for directions to the nearest bank.

As she was unfamiliar with the area, Aqilah paused to think about the nearest bank when the man “whipped his tiny ugly d*ck out” and smiled proudly.

“[I] just RAN and I could hear him laughing at me and calling out to me as I ran,” she wrote in a follow-up tweet, adding that it happened in broad day light, in front of a school.

“People were around going to work [and] I didn’t think any of it when he stopped me.”

Aqilah has since lodged a police report on the incident and also shared tips on what other victims can do when faced with a flasher

Based on what the police inspector asked her, Aqilah also advised others to “to try get a picture or video evidence”.

“The inspector asked why I didn’t take [pictures] or videos of the guy while I could because they needed evidence,”

“But I was more concerned with not getting attacked because I was afraid he would grab me since he was so close to me.”

She was also advised to have pepper spray on her at all times.

Although she does not have any proof, Aqilah told SAYS that she will be meeting with a police sketch artist to help in the investigation

When asked to provide some information on the perpetrator, she said it was a man with “dark skin, slim build but not skinny”.

“I think he was wearing a maroon shirt (unsure) but he had navy/black slacks on and a blazer on his lap. No facial hair,”


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