Ex-BF Viciously Bites Off Woman’s Nose & Severely Injures Her After She Rejected Him Again

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Honestly, what is wrong with this man? Rejected people can get rather nasty sometimes and this man in Chandkheda, Ahmedabad, India had a rather violent overreaction when his ex-girlfriend jilted him and he then severely maimed her.

According to Ahmedabad Mirror, Keshavlal Bodat was in a relationship with Manju Parmar, 24, two years ago back in another village. However, she broke things off with him and moved to Chandkheda to her sister’s place. She started work there and did not talk to her ex-boyfriend at all.

Unfortunately, one of Keshavlal’s friends who was working at the same construction site spotted Manju and reported to him that he had seen her. It looks like he was still infatuated with Manju because he went over there last week, before the incident happened on April 12.

Keshavlal went to Manju’s workplace to look for her and suddenly, he attacked her and bit off her nose when she refused to have anything to do with him. WTF?  The first information report (FIR) from the police said, “On April 12, when she was returning after addressing nature’s call, Keshavlal suddenly appeared there and held her. Confronting him, she told him that she did not want any relationship with him. Listening to this, Keshavlal became furious and bit her nose, leaving her severely injured.”

She screamed for help and other workers nearby quickly rushed to her aid, while Keshavlal used the confusion to make his escape. Manju was sent to the hospital for her injuries and filed a police report against her ex for causing grievous injury.

That’s a huge overreaction if you ask us. Tell us what you think of this incident in the comments below! 


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