It was a quiet Friday (10 May) afternoon at the University of Canberra library until it arrived. A noxious smell filled the air, sparking fears of a gas leak. Immediately, emergency evacuation took place, and more than 500 people from the library left the building — only to find out the culprit was a durian fruit.

CNA reported that firefighters were called to the scene after many have reported a strong smell akin to gas around 2.30pm local time.

They even deployed a HAZMAT team to ensure the air was safe and that there were no toxic chemicals in the air. Imagine all that trouble for a serving of durian.

The firefighters have managed to do a complete sweep of the building and found the culprit behind the smell. The University of Canberra library wrote on its Facebook page,

“The suspected gas leak turned out to be a part of a durian.”

The library also shared in another post explaining that a durian had been left in one of their rubbish bins.

It is funny to think that someone out there actually ate durian before going into the library to do some research. That student might be facing a lot of stress to be needing a fruit like a durian to fuel his or her study session.

However, if you are a durian fan, please be considerate as not all places can accommodate the strong smell, and if you really want to taste its thick and sweet flesh, do find a proper place.

Not a library of course! 


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