Mum Gets Trapped In Locker For 30 Minutes

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A mum had a quick life lesson in the dangers of remaining young at heart, when she got herself accidentally stuck inside a locker for half an hour.

Mum-of-two Demi Lambe got inside the locker while playing with her little boy Oliver, 10, at a swimming pool in Stockton-on-Tees earlier this month.

As soon as she got in, Demi realised that in her attempt to make her kids laugh, she’d got herself completely stuck inside the narrow space. Not ideal.

At this point, her pal Annalisa Oram did what any good friend would do – and whipped out her camera and filmed the whole thing, of course.

Thankfully for Demi, a member of staff spotted her predicament and came rushing to help.

As he comes over, Demi can be heard saying: “I can’t get out, I can’t get out, I can’t fucking get out.”

Explaining the slightly bizarre scenario to the staff member, she said: “I was having fun with the kids and I thought I could get in, but I thought ‘if I can get in, I should be able to get out’. I’ve twisted myself in.”

Between them they eventually managed to free Demi using shower gel to grease up the locker and help her slip out after 30 long minutes of being trapped. Clever, eh? I think I’d have too busy screaming and crying to even think about that.

Demi said: “I got in because the kids did so I joined in for a laugh. I was stuck in for about 30 minutes and got scared.

“That’s why my friend stopped recording, because they were going to get the fire brigade to get me out.”

“That’s why my friend stopped recording, because they were going to get the fire brigade to get me out.”

As it happened, they didn’t need to call out the firefighters, thanks to the addition of the shower gel.

Once add, almost to add insult to injury, Demi ended up getting dragged across the floor by her pal. What a day for poor Demi.

“When I got out my legs were bright red at the sides and had bruises and my elbow was bleeding,” Demi added.

“Thanks to the shower gel I was able to slide out like a fish, but still got hurt in the process.” Ouch.


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