Himalaya Salt Candy is a favourite among Malaysians for it’s sweet, sour, and salty flavour which is always a great combination that hits the spot.

Unfortunately, businesses with unscrupulous principles are aware of this fact and are eager to take advantage of the candy’s popularity.

BIG FOOT Malaysia, the original manufacturer of Himalaya Salt Candy, has released a statement on 8 June, on Facebook warning customers of a counterfeit version of their popular snack being sold in Malaysia.

Four ways to spot a counterfeit

BIG FOOT has shared photos of the genuine and fake versions of the candy side-by-side and pointed out some of the differences. Here they are.

1. Different fonts

2. Different address

3. Typos

4. Different printing method for expiry date

These differences are relatively minor, and if you’re not good at those ‘find the difference’ games, then you’d probably miss the crucial details.

Netizens responded

The announcement that the imposter candy was circulating in Malaysia was met with intense attention on social media with the Facebook post now reaching 20,000 shares.

Some netizens were commenting that they found out that they were scammed, and some posed questions to BIG FOOT asking to verify retailers. Here are some of the responses.

From the comments, it seems that the ones sold at Watson and 7 Eleven are genuine according to the company, while some people purchased fake ones from places like Lazada and Shell petrol station. 


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