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Malaysian Artist Selected By Netflix To Draw “Stranger Things” Fan Art

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The 3rd season of Netflix supernatural thriller “Stranger Things” is set to premier worldwide on 4th July 2019.

To welcome the highly-anticipated Emmy-nominated series, Netflix has tapped 18 artists from around the world to interpret 18 different show episodes from “Stranger Things” Season 1 and Season 2 including Malaysia’s very own Penang-based artist, Lyn-Hui Ong.

Ong has been asked to create a poster interpreting the “Stranger Things” Season 2, Chapter Two: Trick or Treat, Freak episode, which is the 10th episode of “Stranger Things” and the 2nd episode of the 2nd season.

Her artwork was shared by “Stranger Things” official account on Instagram and on Facebook, as well as Netflix Malaysia.

“I know I’ve shared this in my story before but it still feels unreal! I was given the opportunity to work on this commission illustration among 17 artists worldwide for Netflix for the #StrangerRewind project, which means season 3 is almost here AHHH!”

“Seeing my work being featured with my idols such as Kim Jung Gi, Jean Jullien and SUNTUR is incredibly insane! Thank you for all the kind messages you guys sent me, love you guys!” Ong shared on her Instagram.

Lyn-Hui Ong is a graphic designer and children’s book illustrator raised in Penang, Malaysia. As a graduate of Advertising and graphic design, she uses her skills to turn her ideas into visually charming and heartwarming illustrations.

As a co-founder of ForReal Studio, she works with different publishers such as Hinkler Books and Odonata Books. Except for commissioned works, she also creates and shares fan art of her favorite movies and shows, illustrations of cats, and comics with an aim to educate people on how to deal with grief, on her Instagram account. She strongly believes that “no dream is too big.”


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