Everyone knows how easy it is to skip classes in Uni without jeopardizing your attendance. All you have to do is have at least one friend who has some signature forging skills who’s willing to attend.

But it looks like that era might be coming to an end soon as a UMM lecturer has developed a facial recognition software that can track a student’s attendance.

Dr. Noradila Nordin, a lecturer from Universiti Utara Malaysia’s (UUM) School of Computing (SOC) created the software which detects, records and tracks a student’s attendance everytime they walk into class, rendering attendance sheet papers no longer necessary.

Dr. Noradila, who spoke to Berita Harian, said that her Smart Attendance System is not only to stop students from cheating on their attendance but also to save paper.

Using an existing images from a given database to log a student’s presence in class, the system also allows students to track their whereabouts on campus in real time through their smart phones.

Currently the software is in it’s prototype stages but Dr. Noradila is certain that it can be developed to it’s full potential with the help of her students.

Dr. Noradila and her student, 25-year-old Nurul Husna Mohd Fauzi received the silver medal at the 2019 Innovative Research, Invention and Application Exhibition (I-RIA) recently for her compelling creation.


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