The updated version contains new footage (Smart Hulk saving a group of people) and a post-credits scene (Nick Fury and Maria Hill arriving in a Mexican village). The latter is basically sets up the newly-released “Spider-Man: Far From Home”.

Although hardcore fans took the effort to revisit the movie another time, many criticized Marvel for pulling a cheap stunt just to beat James Cameron’s global box office record for “Avatar”. It’s not the re-released version gave us deleted scenes or new footage within the movie. Even some bloopers wouldn’t be so bad right?

Having said that, it appears that “Avengers: Endgame” still won’t be able to overtake the $US 2.788 billion record of “Avatar” at the global box office. At the present moment, the superhero blockbuster is still $US 27 million short of achieving the world record.

Over the past few days, several YouTubers have taken it upon themselves to upload the end credit scenes. You can watch it below before it gets deleted:

On the bright side though, at least, we now have gained a few new memes.


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