MNoor Arifin took to Facebook to share a glimpse of a black panther that crossed the highway as she was on her way to Janda Baik, in a now viral posting. Luckily, she managed to take some pictures of the panther from a safe distance.

Lucky or unlucky…. for me it’s really ‘hari ini dlm sejarah’ rare and endangered species Black Panther…. suddenly…

Posted by MNoor Arifin on Isnin, 8 Julai 2019

MNoor recalls the remarkable incident in her caption,

“Luckily or unluckily, for me it was truly a day that will go down in history, as I spotted the rare and endangered black panther. It had suddenly crossed the highway this morning as I was on my way to Janda Baik (I’m not going to share the exact location as it’s safer for the black panther, according to those who are concerned for this species). Alhamdulillah, I managed to snap 3 pictures from a far distance. Hopefully, this black panther will manage to find a new habitat soon. Has anyone ever stumbled upon one as well? Probably a few of you would have but didn’t manage to take pictures, right?”

Since this sighting, many have taken to the comments section to share their experience of glimpsing these elusive creatures while others rejoiced at the fact that these animals still thrived in Malaysia.

This comment goes, “Alhamdulillah, it’s an endangered species, there are still a few. Hopefully they continue to thrive on Malayan land. When I was younger, we were passing through Ulu Yam at night, on the way back from our village. Suddenly my father stopped the car as a black panther was crossing the road.”

However, a few netizens realised the bigger picture, which is the fact that the black panther is probably crossing the highway as it no longer has a home and is looking for a new one.

Unfortunately, and quite commonly in Malaysia, monoculture plantations and deforestation are causing these majestic creatures to lose their habitats and relocate. Not to mention, poachers actively hunt these panthers for their fur, and as for some sick people, for sport.

So, if we are going to actually preserve and protect these black beauties, we’re going to have to put a foot down (and not a carbon footprint) to stop deforestation and poaching as we know it.


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