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According to Tribun Jakarta, the 26-year-old woman and her husband, M Faisal also aged 26, got married earlier this year in April. Their household consisted of 3 people which were her husband, her 14-year-old sister and herself. The 3 of them lived together happily in a low-cost home in Surabaya.

However, later, Faisal started to peep on his sister-in-law when she was showering or changing out of her clothes for quite awhile. One day, he couldn’t stand the temptation anymore and so he raped her.

He took the opportunity to rape the 14-year-old when her elder sister was not home, and did so for a whopping 7 times. Luckily, one day, her sister came back early and found both of them in the shower together completely nude. She went to make a police report.

When questioned, the poor younger sister said that she didn’t want to destroy their marriage so she decided to stayed quiet. She even said that every time he raped her, he would hold her hands and ask her not to shout.

Faisal on the other hand said that every time he raped the 14-year-old, it was because he was possessed by a demon.

He will be facing a maximum of 15 years in prison.


Based on a Facebook post on RapidKL’s website, this service will be available again starting next month from 1st September to 29th November. This is actually a trial period as RapidKl is still testing out this service. They will start by operating the bus on Route T300, which is from Bukit Indah hub to Ampang Point, via Jalan Rasmi and will involve three mini buses.

They said that this trial was to determine whether mini buses were suitable for usage in neighbourhoods with narrow roads and also gather feedback from commuters about their journey experience. Rapid Bus Chief Executive Officer, Muhammad Yazurin Sallij said, “If there is encouraging demand during the trial service, we will consider retaining the service for this route and possibly extend the service to other potential routes. This is part of Rapid Bus initiative to provide better service and frequency for our commuters.”

These mini buses are expected to carry up to 31 passengers per vehicle while the usual buses available now carry about 64 passengers. Once these new (old?) mini buses start operating, they will run at a frequency of 15 minutes (peak hours) and 25 minutes (non-peak hours) per trip from 5:30am to 11:40pm. 

Muhammad Yazurin said that this is part of Rapid Bus’ initiative to provide better service to their passengers. The old mini bus service served us from 1975 until 1998 and it would always be packed full of passengers, seeing as it was one of the cheapest modes of public transport available back then. 

If there is positive feedback, they will consider making the mini bus a permanent feature for this route and possibly expand to other routes. If you have any feedback about the trial service during this time, you can contact the Rapid KL Helpline at 03-7885 2585 or email to


Malaysia yang terkenal sebagai sebuah negara yang berada di garisan khatulistiwa sememangnya diketahui sebagai lembap dan kering sepanjang tahun.

Namun jika tiba musim panas, pasti kipas memainkan peranan penting untuk memberi persekitaran yang nyaman dan selesa.

Bagaimanapun masalah akan timbul apabila kipas anda tidak berfungsi seperti ketika anda beli waktu awal-awal dahulu.

Kenapa agaknya kipas makin lama makin perlahan dan tidak lagi sejuk seperti dahulu?

Baru-baru ini, seorang pengguna Twitter @Lutfyhady telah berkongsi tip untuk membaiki kipas anda yang sudah tidak lagi menyejukkan.

Ini caranya membaiki kipas yang mudah dan modal tidak sampai RM10:

Harga alatan ganti yang dibeli:

1. Capasitor: RM4

2. Solder dengan timah: RM2.10

Langkah-langkah membaiki kipas:

1. Pertama sekali, buka sangkar kipas dan “unscrew” penutup kepalanya sehingga terbuka penutup depan tersebut.

2. Kemudian, tanggalkan telinga iaitu penutup pada bahagian atas dimana berfungsi untuk membolehkan kipas berpusing. Kipas seperti ini kebiasaanya boleh dicabut terus tetapi ada juga jenis yang kena buka skru di dalamnya.

3. Selepas itu, buka penutup motor dan anda boleh nampak kotak hitam iaitu capasitor.

4. Kemudian, lihat capasitor anda, macam capasitor pada kipas saya value 1.5 uF (micro-farad). Beli di kedai hardware mengikut value tersebut atau beli value lebih sedikit tetapi jangan terlalu tinggi kerana motor kipas boleh rosak dalam jangka masa panjang.

5. Disebabkan saya agak malas untuk buka banyak bahagian dan capasitor sudah berada di luar, jadi saya terus kerat dan solder dengan timah menggantikan dengan capasitor yang baharu.

6. Kemudian, gunakan tape berwarna hitam untuk wayar tersebut.

7. Setelah siap, pasang semula skru pada keadaan asal.


A young Hong Kong woman has admitted throwing corrosive acid in a stranger’s face because she thought he was old, fat, short and ugly.

The High Court heard Ng Lai-fong, who is 26 and unemployed, was caught a month after the attack on April 12 last year – as she was about to pour a bottle of hydrochloric acid over the same man for a second time.

Lam asked if Ng needed anything. But instead of replying, she suddenly pulled a glass bottle from her bag, hurled its contents in his face and ran away.

Lam immediately felt pain and heat on his face and saw that his clothes were giving off fumes. He called police.

A subsequent medical examination at Caritas Hospital found that the chemical damaged both Lam’s eyes, including causing injuries to his corneas.

He was in hospital for four days.

But he did not know what had brought about the attack, as he could not recall having met Ng before the attack. He also told investigators he did not have grudges with anyone or owe any debt.

A month later, on May 6, a worker at a shop neighbouring Lam’s noticed a woman nearby with long black hair, black clothes and large circular earrings – similar to Ng’s attire on the day of the attack, as captured on security footage.

A security guard called police, who stopped Ng on the same floor and found that she was carrying a bottle of pale yellow liquid containing hydrochloric acid at a concentration of 32 per cent.

Upon arrest, Ng admitted: “Yes, that day I used corrosive acid to splash on him. I came today because I wanted to splash corrosive acid on him one more time.”

She later told investigators she remembered Lam since he had told a fortune for her after she bought a bracelet from him.

She said she had a personal grudge against him, adding that he was old, fat, short and ugly.

Judging the injuries she caused herself during the first attack to be “too minor”, she believed Lam’s injuries to be “not serious enough”, and so planned a second attack.

“The accused made it clear that her target was Lam’s head,” the prosecutor said.

A government chemist who analysed the bottle seized from Ng, containing 430ml of liquid, found that it carried highly corrosive acid capable of causing severe skin burns and permanent visual damage.

Her latest psychiatric assessment, in February, revealed she was schizophrenic.

The former waitress pleaded guilty on Thursday to one count of throwing corrosive fluid with intent and another of attempting to throw corrosive fluid.

Madam Justice Esther Toh Lye-ping adjourned sentencing to September 23, pending reports on Ng’s background and psychiatric condition to see if a hospital order is necessary. Throwing corrosive fluid is punishable by life imprisonment.

The assault took place at a shop run by Lam Shing-yip, 56, at the Dragon Centre mall in Sham Shui Po.

Senior public prosecutor Gary Leung Yuk-hang said Lam had been working as usual on April 12 when Ng entered his seventh-floor shop wearing a mask and carrying a black bag.


A woman killed herself when a traditional fundraising feast that she hosted did not receive enough cash gifts, Malaysia Nanban reported.

The woman was estranged from her husband and had been living alone in Madurai city in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

It was reported that she would host a moi virundhu (a crowdfunding feast) every two years and use the income from it for her money lending business.

She had expected to collect about four million rupees (S$77,267). however, the amount only came up to just about RM70,000 (S$23,021).

Frustrated over this, the woman hanged herself in her home.

The moi virundhu is a tradition in south India. In the olden days, it was done during hard times so that the burden is shared among the folk in the village.

Those attending the feast would pay for the communal meal.

However, the concept has evolved in recent years into a money-making endeavour mainly seen during the month of Aadi in the Hindu calendar.


Cargo ship, crew vanish from Indonesian waters

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JAKARTA – A cargo ship and two dozen crew members have vanished in waters off Indonesia’s remote Maluku islands, the authorities said on Wednesday (Aug 28).

The 190m vessel, carrying nickel ore, was travelling from Halmahera island to Sulawesi island last week when it sent a distress call shortly before losing radio contact.

Rough seas hampered earlier efforts to reach the remote area of the vast archipelago where the ship was last detected, according to local search and rescue chief Muslimin Samaila.

“We got there and found nothing,” he said. “There was no sign of the boat or its crew. Its whereabouts are a mystery.”

The incident comes after three people died and more than 300 were rescued when a boat travelling from Indonesia’s second-biggest city Surabaya to Balikpapan on Borneo island burst into flames last Friday.

The South-east Asian nation of more than 17,000 islands is heavily dependent on boat transport, but safety standards are lax and fatal maritime accidents are common.

In June, 21 people died when an overloaded ferry sank in rough seas off Java’s north coast.

Some 160 people drowned when an Indonesian ferry sank into the depths of one of the world’s deepest lakes on Sumatra island last year.


Travel writer and avid book collector Azhari Mahmood, aka Zari Malaysiana, is a man on a mission. He loves books, especially rare Malaysian books. He aims to grow a nationwide community that appreciates and understands the value of these old books.

“Serious collectors have always been around when it comes to this kind of books. But I think a lot of younger Malaysians are now waking up to the fact that the only way to dig for our lost histories is to look through old books and to discover things. It takes effort, but it’s worth it,” says Zari.

This weekend, Zari is putting together the “Book Street” corner, which he calls “a pocket event” in conjunction with Collector’s Pick Merdeka market at Amcorp Mall in Petaling Jaya from Aug 30 to Sept 1.

The three-day rare book fair, starting this Friday morning, is all about gathering an independent community of vintage book sellers, and the focus will be on a vast selection of collectible and out-of-print books, rare antique maps, prints, photographs, manuscripts and antiquities, some over 100 years old.

A majority of the vendors are specialists in British Malaya-era vintage books and rare South-East Asian publications. An array of Malaysian first edition books from the 1960s and 1970s will also be available alongside contemporary books, indie publications, comics and fanzines.

This weekend’s vendors include GMS Buku, Pelita Dhihin, Balai Buku Raya, Taman Pustaka, Rumah Klasik Kuantan, Padajiwa, Obscura Malaysia, Kedai Hitam Putih, Antique Depot Buku and ITBM (Institut Terjemahan Buku Malaysia).

“I just wanted to start something new with this ‘Book Street’ idea. Vintage markets, admittedly, can be overwhelming, so to have all the book vendors in a dedicated area is a good thing. There will be 17 vendors. Due to space constraints, we had to limit ourselves.

“Book lovers will find a fascinating treasure trove. Think of it as a trip to an exhibit or museum.  I’ve organised the Book Street in such a way that newcomers can explore the diversity of vintage books, while regulars will also have plenty to pick from,” says Zari, who will be manning his book stall called Malaysiana.

Zari does admit that rare book prices can be steep for casual collectors, but he has picked out a wide variety of vendors to ensure there will be enough affordable books and bargains to go around.

“At the last book event in Amcorp, a vendor sold a copy of the Malay Peninsula, a 1907 book by German photographer Charles J. Kleingrothe, for RM6,000. It was snapped up quickly by an ardent collector. It was a rare boxed portfolio book. That gives you an indication of the value of such books.

“But that’s not to say you cannot snap up a bargain if you’re on a budget. There will be plenty of books to choose from and you might get lucky with a gem or two,” says Zari.

The Book Street initiative is also a good opportunity to network, especially for an event driven by a community of vendors, collectors and newcomers.

Zari also reveals that more grassroots rare book fairs are being planned to coincide with Kuala Lumpur named as the World Book Capital for the year 2020 by Unesco.

“We believe in community spirit. The Book Street, we hope, is a start of something very exciting for book lovers at a grassroots level. Also, since KL is the World Book Capital next year, we better make reading a habit,” he concludes.


KUALA LUMPUR – Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia (AIM) menganjurkan konvoi AIM Merdeka Ride 2019 melalui Program Semarak Merdeka AIM 2019 sempena sambutan Hari Kebangsaan 2019 hari ini.

Pengarah Urusan AIM, Mohamed Shamir Abdul Aziz berkata, program dianjurkan ini adalah untuk menerapkan nilai-nilai kemerdekaan dan rasa cinta terhadap negara khusus dalam kalangan kakitangan.

Menurutnya, program ini juga diadakan bagi menyahut saranan kerajaan dalam memeriahkan lagi sambutan Hari Merdeka dan Hari Malaysia di seluruh negara.

“Program ini melibatkan seluruh warga kerja AIM dan ekosistemnya. Acara kemuncak program dilaksanakan dengan pelepasan konvoi AIM Merdeka Ride 2019 oleh Pengerusi Lembaga Pengarah AIM, Datuk Junaidah Kiting.

“Konvoi tersebut disertai 62 kakitangan AIM yang menunggang motosikal berkuasa 100CC dan ke atas sebagai simbolik 62 tahun kemerdekaan negara,” katanya melalui kenyataan hari ini.

Mohamed Shamir berkata, pergerakan konvoi bermula dari pekarangan Menara AIM di Bandar Sri Damansara menuju ke dua destinasi persinggahan iaitu Bentong dan Temerloh, Pahang.

Katanya, program ini juga merupakan kolaborasi kelab permotoran AIM Rider Ibu Pejabat bersama AIM Rider Wilayah Pahang Barat dan Wilayah Pahang Timur.

Tambahnya, ekspedisi yang turut disertai oleh pengarah urusan, pengurusan dan kakitangan AIM ini akan membuat penyerahan barangan keperluan asas kepada Sahabat AIM yang terpilih di Bentong dan Sahabat AIM di Temerloh.

“Program ini bukan sahaja dapat menyemarakkan bulan kemerdekaan negara, bahkan sejajar dengan matlamat AIM untuk menyebarluaskan peranan AIM dalam membantu pihak kerajaan bagi memperkasakan sosioekonomi isi rumah berpendapatan rendah di negara ini.

“Penyerahan sumbangan barangan asas ini juga akan memberi pengalaman sebenar kepada peserta ekspedisi mendekati masyarakat yang kurang bernasib baik,” katanya.

Dalam pada itu, beliau berkata, AIM menyemarakkan lagi sambutan merdeka tahun ini dengan pemasangan Jalur Gemilang gergasi setinggi tujuh tingkat di Menara AIM dan pelbagai saiz bendera yang menghiasi sekitar menara tersebut.

“Bagi menunjukkan semangat kemerdekaan ini, Menara AIM yang merupakan bangunan Ibu Pejabat AIM ini juga telah diperkemas dan dihiasi dengan pelbagai jenis pokok bunga dan pokok hiasan,” katanya.


CCTV rakam empat individu bertopeng merompak

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KUALA SELANGOR – Satu rakaman video daripada Kamera Litar Tertutup (CCTV) tular menunjukkan empat individu bertopeng bersenjata dipercayai merompak salah satu ruang niaga di sebuah pasar raya di Puncak Alam di sini semalam.

Dalam rakaman video berdurasi 2 minit 15 saat itu menunjukkan keadaan sekitar premis terbabit lengang.

CCTV itu juga menunjukkan sejurus keempat-empat individu itu masuk ke pasar raya terbabit mereka mengarahkan dua individu yang duduk di kerusi berhampiran tempat jualan kereta beredar dari kawasan terbabit.

CCTV juga menunjukkan seorang pekerja berhadapan premis terbabit yang menyedari kehadiran kumpulan bertopeng terpaksa menyorok bawah meja.

Berdasarkan sebuah rakaman CCTV lain yang tular berdurasi 0.30 saat pula, keempat-empat suspek dilihat menaiki sebuah kereta Toyota Camry.

Keempat-empat mereka yang turun daripada kenderaan itu dilihat bergegas masuk ke dalam pasar raya berkenaan.

Sinar Harian sedang berusaha mendapatkan maklumat lanjut daripada polis berhuhung kejadian tersebut.


Seorang pemuda membunuh ibunya dengan kejam menggunakan sebilah kapak, sebelum menggoreng otak wanita malang itu di dalam kuali untuk dimakan.

Sitaram Iraon, 32 dari perkampungan Botalda dalam daerah Kharsia di Raigarh dituduh membunuh ibunya yang berusia 50 tahun, dikenali sebagai Phoolbai, Selasa lalu.

Pemuda berkenaan dikatakan sering pulang ke rumah dalam keadaan mabuk dan memukul ibunya, menyebabkan mangsa enggan lagi memberi anaknya itu wang untuk membeli alkohol.

Media tempatan melaporkan, tertuduh yang berang apabila gagal mendapatkan wang mengambil senjata tajam, sebelum menikam kepala ibunya.

Menurut laporan itu lagi, dia mengeluarkan otak mangsa dan menggorengnya di dalam kuali untuk dimakan.

Kakak ipar tertuduh bagaimanapun datang ke rumah dan menyaksikan perlakuan kejam berkenaan, menyebabkan tertuduh bertindak melarikan diri namun berjaya ditahan pihak berkuasa semalam.

Polis berkata, tertuduh yang didakwa sebagai tidak berfikiran waras ditemui bersembunyi di kawasan berhampiran dengan pakaian berlumuran darah.

Apabila disoal, Iraon mengaku melakukan jenayah kejam itu dan pihak polis turut memfailkan kes jenayah ke atas lelaki terbabit.

Adik Iraon memberitahu, beliau cuba memujuk abangnya untuk berhenti mengambil alkohol dan mengambil keputusan untuk berpindah selepas gagal membuatkan tertuduh berubah. 

-Harian Metro