A woman killed herself when a traditional fundraising feast that she hosted did not receive enough cash gifts, Malaysia Nanban reported.

The woman was estranged from her husband and had been living alone in Madurai city in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

It was reported that she would host a moi virundhu (a crowdfunding feast) every two years and use the income from it for her money lending business.

She had expected to collect about four million rupees (S$77,267). however, the amount only came up to just about RM70,000 (S$23,021).

Frustrated over this, the woman hanged herself in her home.

The moi virundhu is a tradition in south India. In the olden days, it was done during hard times so that the burden is shared among the folk in the village.

Those attending the feast would pay for the communal meal.

However, the concept has evolved in recent years into a money-making endeavour mainly seen during the month of Aadi in the Hindu calendar.


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