A slightly less than two-minute-long video on Facebook shows a hungry stray dog patiently waiting at a chicken rice stall in Sarawak as the operator packs an entire bag of chicken rice for him.

According to a Malay Mail, the good doggo is a regular at the stall in Sibu.

The video shows the dog, nicknamed ‘Little White’ by the stall operator, approaching the stall. However, the mind-mannered dog shows absolute obedience once the operator asks him to wait.

As the stall operator starts packing a generous amount of rice and chicken in a plastic bag, the dog waits patiently. Once the operator hands the packed bag to the dog, he carefully grips it in its mouth, before making its way out of the premises.

The video, posted on Thursday, has over 107k views on Facebook

At the time of writing, it has been shared more than 1.9k times with close to a thousand comments of people gushing over how well-behaved the dog is.

You can watch the cute little video here:


Posted by Alex Sim on Khamis, 10 Oktober 2019


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