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GEORGE TOWN – Two Vietnamese men who came into the country on a tourist visa have been detained for illegally offering massage services to male clients at a hotel in Transfer Road here.

A team from the Penang Immigration Department found the duo naked when they raided the room at about 11pm on Tuesday.

Penang Immigration Department director Muhamad Husni Mahmud said the Vietnamese men, aged 29 and 31, admitted to homosexual activities.

“They charged RM150 (S$49) an hour. They had entered the country using valid social visit passes, which expire at the end of this month.

“They have been staying at the hotel for five days and had obtained clients through social media, ” he said.

Muhamad Husni added that they also seized RM1,200 in cash, pills and condoms from the room.

The two have been detained to facilitate investigations under Rule 11(7)(a) of the Immigration Act 1963.


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Men also fall prey to love scams

November 14, 2019 | News | No Comments

KUALA LUMPUR – Not only Malaysian women but men have also fallen prey to love scams to a tune of more than RM67mil (S$21 million) this year, says Datuk Azis Jamman.

The Deputy Home Minister said out of the 1,303 love scam or parcel scam cases reported this year, 1,070 were female victims and 230 were male, with total losses of RM67,737,419.38.

“Macau scams chalked up a loss at RM94,040,451.65 from a total of 1,911 victims of which a majority, or 1,109, were female.

“Women are easy targets for these syndicates and for that reason, there is a need for more awareness on the ground.

“We realise that this issue has been going on for a long time in this country, and the ministry, especially the police, always stresses the importance to Malaysians, especially the women to understand these scams’ MO (modus operandi), ” he told reporters at a joint press conference in Parliament yesterday.

If people receive promotions or offers from unknown persons, they must check and verify first to ensure that they are not conned, Azis advised.

“With the advancement of technology, the issue of scams is not new, even in developed countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, scams are still happening.

“The ministry and the police will continue to work with the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry because women are the easiest targets, ” he added.

Its deputy minister Hannah Yeoh said based on the data, most scams mainly focused on women.

“The scams are still rampant and they will target women who are lonely. And because it involves friendships and relationships, they feel ashamed to even lodge a police report and suffer in silence for fear family members will judge them, ” said Yeoh.

The MO for a Macau scam is that the scammer would impersonate someone with authority such as a policeman or a bank officer over the phone and convince the victim that they need to pay money to avoid trouble.

For love scams or parcel scams, the scammer would strike up a friendship or relationship with the victim online and then convinces them to send money or entice the victim with a parcel delivery.

Yeoh said it was crucial for those who were being contacted by suspected scammers to not panic and to verify information first instead of immediately making transactions.

She said people should also avoid giving their contact number, bank details and IC number to strangers, especially those calling from unknown numbers.

Based on the 2019 statistics of five currently active syndicated commercial crime cases, investment scams took up the number one spot, recording the biggest loss at RM200,781,043.90.

Men were the biggest victims of investment scams, making up 577 victims out of a total of 842.

In second place are Macau scams while love scams or parcel scams came third, followed by non-existent loans which recorded a total loss of RM38,894,980.87 from a total of 4,151 victims.

Of these, 2,261 were male victims and 1,889 were female victims.

The fifth top scam is online purchase with 2,947 victims scammed of RM24,691,509.21. Of these, 1,906 were male and 1,040 were female victims.


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Ibu bapa terjahat

November 14, 2019 | News | No Comments

SINGAPURA: Sepasang suami isteri mendera kejam anak lelaki mereka yang berusia lima tahun dengan mengurungnya dalam sangkar kucing sebelum menyimbahnya dengan air menggelegak semata-mata tidak mahu mandi, sehingga menyebabkan kematian kanak-kanak itu.

Azlin Arujunah dan suaminya Ridzuan Mega Abdul Rahman, kedua-duanya 27 tahun, sering memukul mangsa termasuk menggunakan penyapu, malah kanak-kanak itu juga tempang sedikit kerana tempurung lututnya senget akibat didera, lapor Daily Mail.

Dalam hari pertama perbicaraan terhadap mereka semalam, mahkamah diberitahu mangsa dikurung dalam sangkar kucing pada 22 Oktober 2016, kerana enggan mandi sebelum bapanya mencurahkan air sepanas sekurang-kurangnya 92 Celsius pada belakang dan betisnya.

Mangsa yang identitinya dirahsiakan mahkamah, rebah dan terus tidak bergerak, tetapi ibu bapanya tidak membawanya ke hospital, sebaliknya menunggu enam jam sebelum mendapatkan rawatan.

Malangnya, dia meninggal dunia sehari kemudian dan pasangan itu ditahan susulan laporan dibuat terhadap mereka oleh pihak hospital.

Saksi pendakwa pertama yang memberi keterangan terhadap Azlin dan Ridzuan semalam, Profesor Madya Loh Tsee Foong berkata, mangsa mengalami lecuran tahap ketiga yang meliputi 75 peratus badannya, kecederaan buah pinggang akut, penyahhidratan, patah hidung, luka pada wajahnya selain lambat bertutur.

Selain itu, mahkamah diberitahu, Ridzuan Mega sebelum itu pernah menekapkan sudu yang dipanaskan pada tapak tangan mangsa kerana ‘mencuri’ susu tepung untuk dimakan.

Mangsa juga pernah dilecurkan dengan air panas sekurang-kurangnya empat kali sebelum kematiannya.

Azlin dan Ridzuan menghadapi hukuman mati mandatori atau penjara seumur hidup bagi tuduhan bunuh.

Mahkamah diberitahu, mangsa diserahkan sebagai anak angkat selepas kelahirannya pada 2011 tetapi kembali bersama ibu bapa kandungnya pada 2015. Mangsa mula didera kira-kira setahun selepas itu.


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Cat Painted Blue By Irresponsible Humans

November 13, 2019 | Viral | No Comments

Malaysia Animal Association wrote, “Animal painting culture is becoming more and more common in this country. Just before this, a dog was painted green. Now a cat has been sprayed blue by its irresponsible owner. The consequences of this foolish behaviour can be harmful to the animals. Deaths can happen due to poisonous toxins when the cat licks itself or when the paint absorbs into it’s skin.”

“Anyone with any information of pets or strays being treated this way by neighbours of the community, please do report such animal cruelty to the authorities or to Animal Malaysia,” they added.

How would you feel if someone were to spray paint you and leave you to deal with the aftermath of the paint and chemicals? At least as humans, we have our hands to help us clean ourselves. These poor animals don’t have access to the facilities we do in order to clean themselves off, hence they end up ingesting and absorbing the chemicals into their bodies in an effort to be rid of the paint. Not to mention, it can cause skin irritation!


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According to China Press, the police received reports that someone wanted to jump off the roof of a 33-storey building, and they rushed to the scene around 10pm on November 10th. They tried to persuade the man to come down and keep him calm as he was very emotional.

Apparently, Wang was under huge emotional stress as his wife had just racked up a huge amount of debt during the Singles Day promotions. She had bought over 300,000 yuan (RM177,559) in designer handbags, expensive perfumes, clothes and many more online. 

He said that this was not the first time, as she had always been very fond of online shopping, but after she gave birth to their child last year, it got worse. During the Singles Day sales last year, she had spent over 200,000 yuan (RM118,374) and he had paid it off for her. She had promised that she would control her spending but had broken her promise and gone on a shopping spree again this year.

Wang says that he earns only a few thousand yuan a month, and he was the sole breadwinner of the family. His wife used to work in a property company but after she gave birth, she quit her job to take care of the baby. When he discovered that she had gone crazy on online shopping again, he was at his wits’ end and decided to kill himself as he did not know how to pay it off.

Luckily, the police managed to console Wang and persuaded him not to kill himself after half an hour. They brought him home and notified his family. His wife promised that she would not obsess over online shopping any more and vowed that she would not buy anything. Wang said that he would try to come up with the amount owed.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Singles Day sales or not, you should control your finances well so you don’t end up in unnecessary debt!


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Behold, the Cookies and Cream Pie

On 11 November, the McD Malaysia website announced that the new pie is now available at all McDonald’s outlets in the country.

Made with real Oreo cookies, the chocolate-crusted pie is priced at RM3.95 each

We don’t how long it’ll be around, so better catch it while you can!

Besides that, McD is also spoiling us sweet-toothed Malaysians with new Nestum desserts

If you’re a simple person like me, you’ll definitely enjoy the rich Nestum and ice cream combo. But if you’re feeling a little extra, go for the Nestum Chocolate McFlurry which comes with crunchy chocolate bits.

And for all you chocolate lovers, McD has got your back.The Hershey’s chocolate ice cream is no stranger to us, but the oreo McFlurry just got an upgrade.

You can now swap the regular vanilla ice cream base of an Oreo McFlurry to chocolate.

There’s also a new beef burger on the menu.

Sesame bun, beef patty grilled to perfection, mushrooms, and creamy Swiss cheese sauce. What else do you need in a burger? 

The new Mushroom Cheese Melt Beef Burger sounds absolutely divine and I’m already salivating just thinking about it. 


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He experienced a “sharp pain” while asleep and woke up to a living nightmare when his family found a cockroach in his ear canal.

You would think that’s the worst of it but when the 24-year-old Chinese man, identified as Lu, sought medical help at Sanhe Hospital in Huiyang in October, the doctor discovered a family of cockroaches living in his ear. 

According to media reports, the ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialist revealed that in addition to the mother cockroach, there were around 10 baby cockroaches “running around”.

The specialist said: “He said his ear hurt a lot, like something was scratching or crawling inside. It caused a lot of discomfort.”

The newly-hatched insects, along with their mother, were removed with a pair of tweezers and were reported to be of the German species, Blattella germanica.

Lu was found to have sustained minor injuries to his ear canal and was discharged the same day with some ointment and cream.

As Lu admitted that he would often leave unfinished food near his bed, the specialist theorised that it could be the reason for the adult cockroach nesting in his ear because it could have “viewed the man’s ear as an incubation chamber and crawled inside”.

In order to avoid similar occurrences, the doctor advised practising good household hygiene, disinfecting drains and sewers, and using mosquito nets to prevent insects from flying into the home.


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Anjing dicat warna hijau

November 13, 2019 | Animals, Viral | No Comments

SUBANG – Seekor anjing memiliki bulu berwarna hijau dipercayai dicat oleh individu tidak berperikemanusiaan menggemparkan penduduk di sekitar Subang Bestari.

Gambar dimuat naik di Facebook Shazreen Othuman tular di laman sosial sehingga mendapat kritikan daripada netizen.

“Saya tidak fikir anjing ini ada tuannya. Siapa pun melakukan perbuatan ini mesti memiliki masalah mental,” tulisnya.

Anjing itu dilihat sedang mencari makanan di dalam bungkusan plastik dan dipercayai tidak bertuan.

Netizen yang melihat posting itu berang dan mengutuk individu yang bertindak kejam mengecat bulu anjing tersebut.

Kata Siti Noor Hidayah, “Dah banyak kali jumpa, itu fikir juga siapa yang buat, badan gemuk terbaru warna hijau, ada masanya biru, oren pun ada, merah pun. Tukar-tukar warna, saya takut nak berhenti, takut anjing,” tulisnya.

“Kesiannya! Siapa laa yang sanggup buat macam itu… sangat kejam!,” kata Sarimah.

Intan Nubailah pula berharap ada pihak sudi membantu anjing itu dan membersihkan kotoran yang melekat pada bulunya.

Menurut Kilayong, “Cat dan pewarna sangat berbahaya untuk haiwan dan mungkin menyebabkan rasa tidak selesa. Ia boleh mengganggu sistem pernafasan, boleh berasa mual, pening dan alergi pada kulit.”

Sementara itu, menerusi Facebook Persatuan Haiwan Malaysia dalam satu kenyataan memberitahu mengecat seluruh tubuh anjing mengundang kemudaratan dan keracunan toksik terhadap anjing.

Perbuatan itu bukan satu gurauan sebaliknya ia perbuatan zalim dan pengianiayaan terhadap anjing tidak bersalah.

Si pelaku boleh disabitkan kesalahan dengan Akta Kebajikan Haiwan 2015 – iaitu khianat terhadap haiwan.

Saksi kejadian berhampiran lokasi Subang Bistari diminta tampil menghulurkan maklumat pelaku ke +6011-20901097.


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BUKIT MERTAJAM – Dua beradik perempuan antara empat individu yang diberkas polis awal pagi tadi selepas dipercayai aktif melakukan jenayah samun dan ragut.

Ketua Polis Daerah Seberang Perai Tengah, Asisten Komisioner Nik Ros Azhan Nik Ab Hamid berkata, keempat-empat suspek berusia di antara 19 hingga 31 tahun itu ditahan jam 1 pagi di sebuah rumah di Taman Angsana, Kulim.

Menurutnya, sebelum ini polis menerima laporan daripada seorang pekerja kedai serbaneka di Jalan Ushaniaga di sini yang disamun kumpulan berkenaan dalam kejadian pada 23 Oktober lalu.

Dalam kejadian jam 4.30 pagi itu, dua suspek lelaki dan perempuan masuk ke dalam kedai berkenaan kononnya sebagai pelanggan sebelum suspek lelaki mengacukan besi panjang ke arah mangsa dan mengarahkannya membuka laci kaunter serta menyerahkan telefon bimbit.

“Bimbang dicederakan, mangsa berusia 20 tahun hanya mengikut kehendak suspek dan mereka kemudiannya melarikan diri selepas menyedari ada pelanggan lain masuk ke kedai berkenaan.

“Suspek sempat mengambil wang tunai sebanyak RM36 serta sebuah telefon bimbit milik mangsa sebelum melarikan diri dengan kereta jenis Perodua Viva,” katanya ketika dihubungi di sini.

Nik Ros Azhan berkata, kesemua suspek berjaya ditahan bersama rampasan pelbagai barangan di sebuah rumah di Kulim, selain turut mengaku terlibat dengan kejadian samun di kedai serbaneka berkenaan.

Katanya, berdasarkan modus operandi kumpulan terbabit, dua daripada mereka masuk ke dalam kedai untuk mendapatkan wang tunai dan barangan berharga, manakala dua orang lagi bertindak sebagai pemantau dan bersiap sedia dalam kereta Perodua Viva yang disewa untuk melarikan diri.

“Selain kedai serbaneka, mereka juga pernah samun kedai telefon bimbit, mengumpil peti wang di kedai dobi layan diri, curi bateri kenderaan, curi besi dan ragut,” katanya.

Nik Ros Azhan berkata, semakan dibuat mendapati dua suspek lelaki mempunyai rekod lampau bersabit jenayah dan penyalahgunaan dadah.

Menurutnya, kesemua suspek yang tidak bekerja itu direman selama tujuh hari untuk siasatan lanjut.


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Tiada sebarang rokok elektronik (e-cigarette) atau vape yang didaftar sebagai alat atau ubat untuk berhenti merokok ketika ini, kata Timbalan Menteri Kesihatan, Dr Lee Boon Chye.

Bagaimanapun menurutnya, cecair vape yang mengandungi nikotin dikawal kementerian itu di bawah Akta Racun 1952 dan sebarang penjualan produk berkenaan hanya boleh dilakukan oleh ahli farmasi berlesen dan pengamal perubatan berdaftar untuk tujuan rawatan perubatan.

Beliau berkata, individu yang bukan dalam kalangan profesional tersebut boleh didenda tidak melebihi RM3,000 atau penjara tidak melebihi satu tahun atau kedua-dua sekali, jika didapati bersalah menjual produk yang mengandungi bahan nikotin.

“Jadi apabila rampasan dilakukan, analisis akan dibuat dan sekiranya mengandungi nikotin di dalam cecair vape tersebut, tindakan akan diambil terhadap mereka yang menjual vape yang mengandungi nikotin,” katanya ketika menggulung perbahasan Rang Undang-undang Perbekalan 2020 bagi kementerian itu di Dewan Rakyat hari ini.

Dalam pada itu, Dr Boon Chye berkata, kementeriannya telah mengadakan pertemuan dengan pemain industri vape bagi mendapatkan maklum balas sebelum sebarang keputusan dibuat sama ada melarang sepenuhnya penggunaan vape, atau mengenakan sekatan yang lebih ketat terhadap penjualan cecair vape.

“Kita juga menjemput pihak industri tersebut supaya membentangkan kertas kerja mereka untuk dipertimbangkan oleh jawatankuasa khas (berhubung kaedah kawalan terhadap penggunaan rokok elektronik atau vape) sebelum kita buat keputusan,” katanya.


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