We’ve all heard ghost stories before right? I mean, who doesn’t love a good ghost story ? Every time there’s a new horror movie at the cinema, you know it’ll be packed. You know why we love hearing and watching ghost stories? Because they’re imaginative – and also because it didn’t happen to us. Let’s be honest, we would lose our minds if something paranormal actually happened to us.

So, props to this guy for handling a supernatural experience calmly and professionally. And amazingly, even in a moment of distress, his sense of humour did not waver.

Posted by Mohd Hairul Anuar Safar on Ahad, 17 November 2019

“If you wanna hitchhike it’s okay but at least pay me. Can even help me to pay for the toll but no, you just chose to leave like that. At least say thank you lahh..”

In the video, you can hear the man saying that he’s on the way back to Seremban, and he doesn’t know where the “thing” wants to go. He also told the “thing” to get down wherever it wants to go. He even advised that if it wants to pay, it’s okay, and even if it didn’t pay it’s okay.

You might think the man was just talking to himself on a particularly scary stretch of road, but that’s only till you spot a white apparition in his rearview mirror!

The Facebook user then uploaded another video of the entity not being there any more, and he clearly sounded relieved. As everyone would be, obviously.

Posted by Mohd Hairul Anuar Safar on Ahad, 17 November 2019


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