Remember that RM10 note that went viral over the weekend with a heartbreaking message that was written on it? Malaysian netizens all over went on a full-scale search to return it to its owner, with the post being shared left, right and centre.

As it turns out, the owner of the RM10 note has already been found after the weekend-long search all over the wide expanse of the internet! Yes, its owner at long last was found through the power of social media.

The owner of the RM10 note is revealed to be Anne Malar Yesudass, and the story behind the RM10 note may just prove to be as heartbreaking as it is heartwarming. Anne shares with WORLD OF BUZZ that this RM10 note was given to her by her late father on 21st May 2010. She was only a 17-year-old high school student at the time.

As most parents do, her father dropped her off at school and gave her RM10 as her allowance for the day. She says she still remembers the exact time when her father left her at her school: 7.10am. Tragically, that would be the last time she saw him.

 “Unfortunately, that was the last day and last time I met him in my life. He met with an accident on that day and returned to our Lord in that accident.

“I kept this cash with me in my purse since that day.”

However, her wallet, which contained the invaluable RM10 note, was stolen from her when she attended a camp in Melaka on 1st September 2019. Since that very day, Anne had been on the lookout for the note and its return.

“I was terribly sad that this valuable thing of my life was stolen together. I always remember about this the past one year. There was always an ache in my heart whenever I think of it.”

At long last, after almost a year, Anne was finally reunited with her RM10 note with the help of Hyza Ezany and Malaysian netizens everywhere.

“I thank so so so much sis Hyza Ezany. The word thank you alone is not enough, actually.”

“Thanks for all those kind-hearted people who shared it as well, and all the thoughtful comments.”

She also reminds would-be thieves that sometimes, it’s not the monetary value that victims of theft mourn the most, but the loss of things that carry truly sentimental value and importance, and stresses that thieves should always think twice before committing their crimes.


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