Talented 12yo Johor Boy Sketches Like A Pro Architect & Leads His House’s Renovations!

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What were you doing when you were 12-years-old? For most of us, we probably recall fond days of playing on the PS2, or maybe going out cycling with friends to the nearest taman or playground, then buying snacks from the pak cik who parks his motorbike nearby. Whatever the memory may be, we probably weren’t doing a lot of adult-things at 12-years-old, kan. But you will be surprised to know that one 12-year-old boy has managed to defy his peers with his sheer talents!

In a Facebook post that has recently gone viral, it is revealed that 12-year-old Airiel Haziq is already capable of drafting up incredible architectural drawings and layout plans, despite his young age and not having any formal training whatsoever! His father, Mohd Hardy, had only started noticing his son’s impressive talent when he was about 10 or 11-years-old.

“I would always find a lot of sketches of very modern building or home designs on his desk, so me and my wife decided to support his passion and bought him a proper drawing board, a T-square set and all.

We even started buying him Form 4 and Form 5 reference books for perspective drawing and engineering when we noticed his talents really started advancing.” he said.

So how talented is he today? Well, apparently Airiel is so good at what he does, he even knows how to use professional 3D architecture design software on his computer, just like a proper architect!

Knowing that they had intended to renovate their kitchen and bathroom, Airiel’s father decided to let him take charge of the renovations. Again, remember that he’s only 12-year-old! So what was the end result? Incredible, of course. See for yourself!

After his talents became viral, many netizens heaped him with praise for his incredible work, as well as complimenting his parents for allowing him to pursue his passions and nurturing it as he went along. After all, family support is what truly makes a child’s dreams come true!

We definitely have to say we’re impressed with Airiel’s skill, and hope to see that his family continues to support his interests and allow him to truly flourish with them! After all, talent like this is hard to come by and definitely shouldn’t go to waste! 


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