PETALING JAYA – Love it seems, will conquer all, even fears over the Covid-19 (novel coronavirus) outbreak.

Many of the top restaurants in town and five-star hotels in Kuala Lumpur are fully booked, or nearly so, for Valentine’s Day dinner tomorrow night.

With 18 cases recorded in Malaysia, couples still prefer to dine out even if they have to take precautionary measures.

Married couple Kang Chong Hian, 46, and Ngai Mei Ling, 44, will be avoiding public places such as shopping malls due to concerns over Covid-19.

Having booked a restaurant two weeks ago, Kang and Ngai said that as they were bringing their three children along for the dinner, they had to consider their safety, too.

“The restaurant that we picked is located outdoors. We will just need to go to the car park, go to the restaurant, then go home.

“I think Valentine’s Day is quieter this year. There’s not much excitement, people are scared,” said Ngai when met at a shopping mall here yesterday.

Kang concurred, saying that they were not as excited for Valentine’s Day this year compared to previous years as there were many activities they had to rule out.

Kang said his family was taking precautions such as practising good hand hygiene by washing their hands frequently and using sanitisers, as well as face masks in public.

Self-employed 26-year-old CK and his girlfriend, only known as Lydia, 22, would also be having dinner at a restaurant on Valentine’s Day, despite feeling a little worried.

“We are most likely going to celebrate Valentine’s with Lydia’s parents, who will be visiting from Terengganu, because their wedding anniversary is on the same day,” CK said.

“We will probably go somewhere near my place, maybe a Japanese restaurant.

“I think people are still generally going out on Valentine’s Day. The outbreak might affect (the celebrations) a bit but we’re not too concerned about it.”

Meanwhile, married couple Wahidah Basri, 27, and Hazman Razlan, 37, would most likely stay home for a more low-key celebration.

“Usually on Fridays, we prefer to stay at home and have quality time.

“I don’t think we’ll go out for Valentine’s Day this year. There are so many diseases spreading out there,” Wahidah said.


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