Month: March 2020

According to initial plans, today was supposed to be our last day under the Movement Control Order. However, as we’re all well aware, the second phase of the MCO begins tomorrow and is said to end on the 14th of April.

Police not here to play-play and will enforce rules more strictly

There’s going to be some differences that we’ll face in the second wave as told by our Defence Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob. For starters, he said that stricter rules will be enforced beginning April 1st.

800+ people arrested at roadblocks till date

The Star reported that the minister informed, so far there have been 828 people who were arrested on Sunday at roadblocks and during police patrols.

“The number of people arrested for breaking the MCO is increasing, and this is because the police are now taking more serious action,” Ismail Sabri said at a press conference yesterday.

“A total of 67,774 police, army, Rela and Malaysian Civil Defence Force officers have been deployed so far.We have more officers in reserve, and we will increase the number from time to time if deemed necessary.”

New things people need to take note of starting 1st April

  1. Only one person is allowed to travel in each car
  2. Supermarkets, restaurants & food deliveries will only open 8am-8pm.
  3. Contactless deliveries are encouraged for deliveries where the food is placed outside the house and collected without any contact with the deliverer.


Do you know that our Malaysian prison inmates produce quite a lot of things that you see in the market these days? These products produced by them range from food to clothing and even furniture!

Now that our country is in need of PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment), the prison inmates in Penor prison, Kuantan have stepped up and took it upon themselves to produce PPEs for our frontliners!

Prison inmates worked every day to produce these suits

According to The Star, 18 prison inmates in the Penor prison have been working 9am – 5pm (Monday to Sunday) in the prison sewing workshop to produce PPEs. The sewing operations started on 27th March and till now, the inmates have been able to stably produce 20 sets of suits daily.

The completed suits will be checked by the prison staff and then they will be sent to the Pahang state secretary office to be distributed to the state health department.

Penor Prison director Datuk Abu Hasan Hussain said that in addition to that, the Prison Women Staff and Wives of Prison Staff Association (Persiap) has also pitched in and produced about 525 face shields for the frontliners!

One of the inmates, Man, 26 has said that by helping cut the PPE material, he feels that he contributed to the country in his own little way.

“I know it (Covid-19) is contagious, I am also proud to be able to help even in prison. My contribution is not great, but I hope it can help protect struggling medical personnel.”

This is so inspiring! Since we’re all going into the second phase of the MCO soon, we should all continue to stay at home and to keep ourselves hygienic so that we can help to break the chain!


On 16th March 2020, our Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced that there will be a Movement Control Order that will be enforced from 18th till 31st March. However, the MCO was later extended for another two weeks till 14th April 2020.

Brave frontliners are risking their lives every day

While we are home, our frontliners are out there, fighting this invisible army of viruses. Our doctors and nurses are constantly exposed to it while our police officers and army officials are making sure everyone stays home so that the chain can be broken.

Giving starter packs to our frontliners

As a symbol of gratefulness towards the frontliners, Akisama Group, the developer of RC Residences has launched a campaign named “Care for the Frontliners“. The aim of this campaign is to supply frontliners with a starter pack full of essentials so that they can continue to fight this battle against Covid-19 without any worries.

The starter packs include umbrellas and face masks among other things which are especially useful for the police officers and army officials as they are stationed outdoors no matter rain or shine.

Without these frontliners, who knows what state our country would be in now. So, fellow Malaysians, let’s all come together (figuratively) and stay at home! 

Other than that, RC Residences has also said that they will be giving us Malaysians vouchers worth RM8,000 during this MCO, find out more here!


The compliance rate for the Movement Control Order (MCO) is currently at 95% and the government aspires to reach total compliance of 100%. Unfortunately, reaching a total compliance of 100% is not that easy as there are still people who are refusing to adhere to the MCO.

Frustrated by the errant residences in his neighbourhood, this man in Taman Anika Jaya, Terengganu had decided to take it upon himself and scare his neighbours into staying at home.

Muhammad Urabil Alias had dressed as a ghost in white sheets to spook his errant neighbours (who are mostly youngsters) into not stepping out of their house. Yikes! 

Urabil posted pictures of him in action and it has since gone viral, garnering over 3,500 shares on Facebook. Many found his approach humorous rather than scary.

According to the Malay Mail, Urabil said the authorities had been patrolling his housing area since the enforcement of MCO but there were still some who remained stubborn.

He hoped that by posting these pictures on Facebook, his neighbours would be frightened and would not come out of their house at night.

Just as he had hoped, his crazy idea had worked. Urabil added that his stunt actually worked as the number of people who came out at night had reduced after he posted the pictures, which were taken by his wife Norhayati Nayan.

“After I uploaded the photos on FB, they panicked and were scared to come out,” Urabil said via Harian Metro.

Following the viral post, many netizens have questioned the photo’s authenticity which at this point is obviously fake.

“From my status itself you can see I was not serious but they still think the photos are real.” Urabil stated. He had apologised on behalf of himself and his wife if they had gone overboard.

All jokes aside, we hope everyone practices social distancing and stays at home during the MCO. We can help the frontliners by exercising our social responsibility in this battle against Covid-19.


Menara City One Condominium located on Jalan Masjid India, Kuala Lumpur has been placed under lockdown after 17 Covid-19 cases were recorded.

According to Malaysia Kini, this is third lockdown, or enhanced movement control order (MCO) that the government has announced. The first two were applied on two villages in Simpang Renggam, Kluang on 27 March and seven villages in Hulu Langat yesterday (29 March) after a spike in Covid-19 cases there.

The Menara City One lockdown involves 3,200 residents in 502 residential units and 49 shops at the condominium, and will take effect at midnight until 13 April.

“The purpose of the enhanced MCO is to prevent Covid-19 from spreading out of the area,” said Defence Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob, who is also the coordinating senior minister for security matters.

This is the first specific building that an enhanced MCO has been applied to, and the first such order in an urban area.

However, even though the building is under lockdown, businesses selling essential goods at the complex will still be allowed to operate. Residents will also be allowed to order food online which will be delivered to the lobby.

Additionally, while residents are not allowed to leave the complex, they can still go out of their units.

Ismail said a medical base will be set up at the condominium and Covid-19 screening will be conducted from unit to unit. The complex will also be guarded by police, army, civil defense force and Rela personnel.

“All residents are asked to remain calm, give their full cooperation to Health Ministry officials and obey instructions by the authorities,” he said.


Kau dah kenapa?

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Sydney: Tidak tahu apa motifnya, seorang lelaki di Australia sanggup berbaring di atas jalan raya selama lebih lima jam.

Daily Mail melaporkan lelaki berkenaan mencetuskan panik dan kegelisahan orang awam apabila berbaring di tengah Jalan Windsor, Northmead, barat Sydney sejak 4.40 pagi, Ahad lalu.

Dia dilaporkan melintasi pelbagai lorong yang lazimnya sibuk itu sebelum berlari di sepanjang jalan.

Lelaki yang memakai baju-T dan ditemani seekor anjing peliharaan itu kemudian dilihat berbaring sambil meletakkan beg galas sebagai alas kepalanya.

Kelakuannya yang pelik dan tidak boleh diduga itu menyebabkan polis dari pelbagai unit termasuk pasukan dari skuad bom tiba ke lokasi kejadian untuk sebarang kemungkinan.

LELAKI berkenaan di tahan polis. FOTO Agensi
LELAKI berkenaan di tahan polis. FOTO Agensi

Dia juga membuat permintaan pelik mahukan telefon bimbit sebelum menyerah diri kepada pihak berkuasa.

Lelaki itu akhirnya ditahan pihak berkuasa di lokasi kejadian kira-kira 9.30 pagi selepas lebih lima jam proses rundingan.

Bagaimanapun, robot skuad bom masih dikekalkan di tempat kejadian.

Akibat tindakan lelaki itu, semua lalu lintas bahagian utara di kawasan itu dilencongkan, manakala Lebuhraya Cumberland di Persiaran James Ruse ditutup.

Seorang wanita yang enggan dikenali berkata, dia mengawasi gerak-geri lelaki asing itu dari jauh.

“Lelaki itu tidak bergerak langsung dalam beberapa jam sebelum penahanannya,” katanya yang menetap di salah sebuah bangunan di seberang jalan dari lokasi kejadian. – Agensi


Times of crisis can bring out the best in people, and that is what most certainly was the case with a group of Food Panda deliverymen, who took it upon themselves to take care for the well-being of the underprivileged in Ipoh, according to this Facebook post!

While we may complain about staying home for another two weeks, we often overlook the fact that we get to do so in the comfort of our homes, with food to eat.

In which case, we have to ask, what will happen to the homeless during this period? Who will provide for them? In order to help them through this difficult time, a group of Food Panda deliverymen decided to band together and deliver free meals to the homeless who live on Ipoh’s streets, with nowhere else to go.

In their cheerful pink uniforms, the deliverymen distributed a number of meals and drinks to those who have been sleeping rough on the streets, providing them with just a moment’s respite from hunger.

And as we can see, the meals were definitely warmly received by those who needed it the most! And what’s more incredible is that these Food Panda delivery men have been doing this for over four days now!

To these abang-abang Food Panda who have been working extra hard to ensure we get meals delivered to our doorstep while also donating to those who are less privileged, we salute you for being shining examples of what Malaysians are! 


Disinfection Operation In Sri Petaling

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Disinfection operations done in the Masjid Seri Petaling area nearby Sri Petaling on 28th March 2020.

The disinfection effort carried out by more than 100 DBKL and Alam Flora personnel was done under supervision from the Ministry of Health.

Taking a leaf out of the efforts done in China, personnel in hazmats were seen spraying disinfectants in affected areas.

Shared on Twitter, via @KKMPutrajaya, here are several images of the people at work.

In its status, it was also announced that other areas that are at risk will also be included as part of the mass disinfection operation.


MAHKAMAH Sesyen Alor Setar, hari ini, menjatuhkan hukuman denda RM10,000 dan penjara tiga bulan ke atas seorang pembantu kedai atas kesalahan mengeluarkan komunikasi jelik pada 27 Mac lalu.

Tertuduh, Nursahira Mohd Mizuar, 20, membuat pengakuan bersalah selepas pertuduhan dibacakan jurubahasa di hadapan Hakim Murtazadi Amran.

Mengikut kertas pertuduhan, Nursahira melalui Facebook secara sedar membuat dan memulakan komunikasi jelik dengan niat menganiaya orang lain di sebuah rumah di Persiaran Kiara Mas, Pendang, pada jam 10.12 malam, 27 Mac lalu.

Dia didakwa melakukan kesalahan mengikut Seksyen 233(1)(a) Akta Komunikasi dan Multimedia 1998.

Murtazadi mengarahkan hukuman ke atas Nursahira bermula pada tarikh dia ditahan dan sekiranya gagal membayar denda, tertuduh akan dihukum penjara dua bulan.

Pendakwaan dilakukan Timbalan Pendakwa Raya, Aqharie Durranie Aziz manakala tertuduh tidak diwakili peguam.

Dalam kejadian 27 Mac lalu, seorang wanita ditahan polis jam 11.30 malam, selepas dia memuat naik status menghina polis di media sosial miliknya.

Wanita itu dikatakan memuat naik status itu selepas marah dengan tindakan polis mengarahkannya pulang ke rumah ketika anggota terbabit melakukan pemantauan Ops Covid-19 di tepi jalan Pendang-Kobah, Batu Menunggul, kira-kira jam 9 malam.


Degil sangat!

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New Delhi: Nampak macam lucu, tetapi pihak berkuasa di Maharashtra, India mempunyai cara tersendiri untuk mendidik orang awam yang ingkar perintah berkurung di negara itu.

Gulf News melaporkan sepasukan polis yang meronda di jalan menemui orang awam masih tidak mematuhi perintah berkenaan yang bertujuan mengekang penularan Covid-19.

Tidak seperti kebiasaan, polis berkenaan mengarahkan orang awam yang ingkar terbabit berdiri dalam separuh bulatan.

Rakaman video yang meraih lebih 243,000 tontonan itu menunjukkan orang awam berkenaan diarahkan memegang telinga dan melakukan ketuk ketampi.

Pengguna Twitter memuji cara pasukan Polis Maharashtra dalam mendidik masyarakat secara berhemah.

POLIS mendenda orang awam membongkok dengan kepala mereka diantara dua kaki. FOTO Agensi

Sementara itu, lain pula dilaporkan di New Delhi, Mumbai dan Kerala apabila polis di sana lebih agresif.

Beberapa video tular yang dimuat naik The Straits Times memaparkan pegawai polis menunggang motosikal sambil memukul orang awam dengan cota dan kayu.

Sebahagian daripada polis berhenti menunggang dan memukul orang awam yang masih duduk di atas motosikal serta skuter masing-masing.

Namun, tindakan terbabit mengundang kurang senang segelintir pihak apabila mereka mempersoalkan bahawa tindakan itu memaparkan keganasan polis.

Di tempat lain, ada juga pegawai polis mengamalkan langkah hukuman kurang melampau termasuk menghukum orang awam melakukan tekan tubi mahupun membongkok sambil kepala mereka berada antara dua kaki.

India melaksanakan perintah berkurung selama 21 hari sejak 25 Mac lalu dengan Perdana Menteri Narendra Modi mengarahkan kawalan pergerakan antara jam 7 pagi hingga 9 malam.