Beer promoter in Bedok coffee shop receives warning after personally feeding customer

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A coffee shop in Bedok recently found itself in the spotlight after a video showing one of their beer promoters holding a glass of beer to the lips of a male customer went viral.

The 20-second-long video, posted onto Facebook on March 7, has since racked up over 13,000 shares.

In the clip, the cameraman can also be heard making a remark about how such a service costs $50.

A Shin Min Daily News reporter paid a visit to the coffee shop a day later, having identified the location as an eatery near 59 New Upper Changi Road. Both the Tiger Beer promoter and her customer were not present at the time of the visit.

The young woman, allegedly known as the area’s ‘belle’, would be questioned by the company that day, or be relocated to another branch, her colleague told the Chinese daily.

As their company has strict guidelines — beer promoters are not allowed to wear skirts, sit down with customers or partake in drinking — she was worried her colleague would lose her job.

According to a stall vendor, the man in the video was one of the beer promoter’s regular customers.

“She asked if he wanted to drink and he said yes, but his hands were holding onto the newspaper so she inadvertently held the cup up to him,” he said. He also denied the videographer’s claims that she offered such a service.

Asia Pacific Breweries (APB) told AsiaOne the beer promoter has received a stern warning and she has since been transferred to a different outlet.

The company also emphasised that such behaviour did not comply with its brand promoters policy and they did not condone it.

In addition, APB said it has reminded their beer promoters that they need to strictly observe the policy, which serves to “ensure the safety and well-being of staff from harassment, as well as provide guidance on responsible service.”


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