Company Treats Migrant Workers As ‘Live Hand Sanitisers’, Angers Netizens

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In times of crisis, it can either bring out the best in people, or the worst in people, depending on how people chose to react to the crisis. And with the Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic now spreading across the world, some truly inexcusable behaviours have been seen exhibited by some people and some companies in response to this public health crisis, as this report from Market Watch goes to show.

In Twitter photos that have since gone viral over the Internet, Saudi Aramco, the world’s most valuable publicly listed company, did the unthinkable amid the Covid-19 outbreak. While other companies may be providing bottles of hand sanitiser to their employees as well as face masks in a bid to protect them from contracting the virus, the petroleum company took this a step further.

They dressed up one of their migrant workers as a hand sanitiser dispenser, and had him walk around the company building to offer hand sanitiser to employees.

His ‘costume’ was even designed to look exactly like the wall-attached hand sanitiser dispensers seen in most bathrooms.

The post, which has since garnered over 6,000 retweets, sparked outrage among netizens online, who call this not only a shameful act, but one that dehumanises a human being completely by treating them like an object. Some have even compared it to modern-day slavery.

World's Most Valuable Public Company Dresses Migrant Workers As 'Live Hand Sanitisers', Angers Netizens - WORLD OF BUZZ 3


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