Dog owners from around the world have made social media their go-to platform to share footage of how funny their four-legged friends can be.

With a plethora of images and videos making its way on social media showcasing pups in all kinds of funny situations, only time will tell as to how long our appetite for such content will last.

To add more to the already burgeoning library of content, netizen @tombkeeper shared a video of how on pet owner caught their furry friend moving a table fan towards its cage probably due to the unbearable heat.

Here is a video of the ‘incident’

The action was only noticeable when the family dog made its way back into its cage, to the astonishment of the boy in the yellow t-shirt.


The video, which has garnered more than 161k retweets and 297.8k likes, witnessed netizens sharing their own content of pups with near-human like actions.

@wannurasma93 tweeted, “Dogs are smart. This poodle can turn off the lights without being asked t do so.”

Another netizen speculated that it could be an evolutionary thing.

Well, for whatever the reason, it is a fact that they can make us smile through their actions is what matters most.


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