Yesterday (8th July) an ugly incident of road rage was recorded on a motorist’s dashcam. The owner uploaded the video on Facebook and in a short while, it spread like wildfire across all social media platforms because of the absurd behaviour of the suspect.

The time and date stamps on the video show that the incident happened at 7.45am on 8th July 2020. The incident took place near the MINDEF Khalid Al Walid mosque located in Kampung Datok Keramat, KL.

The footage starts off normally with people minding their own business on the road. Here, we need to pay attention to a motorcyclist riding an EX5 in a blue shirt with a pillion rider. Judging by the all-white outfit, there is a big possibility that the pillion rider is a nurse.

At this point in time, a blue car had stopped to let several motorists pass. As the EX5 motorcyclist crosses the junction, another motorcycle that seems to be carrying a family of three almost crashes into them, but manages to brake in the nick of time.

The man on the EX5 then became angry, made a U-turn and approached the person who almost crashed into him. He stopped next to the pedestrian walkway and it can be seen that the woman in white tried to hold him back but failed. The other man got down and asked him what the problem was. The EX5 man then approached him and smacked his face.

A passing motorcyclist blocks the view for a moment so it is uncertain what happened then, but as soon as he moves away, the victim’s motorcycle is seen on the ground along with his wife and child. Bystanders then went to help resolve the fight.

Netizens gave their two cents on the video and most of them wonder why the man was so angry, even when the crash never happened. They also questioned why would anyone in their right mind, smack a man in the face and cause a young child to fall from the bike and onto the road?

After the video made its rounds on social media, netizens were understandably outraged and they even managed to find out the man’s identity, social media account, identity card number, phone number, etc. With this information, they released it online, basically doxxing him.

According to Heimdal Security, doxxing is a cyber attack that involves discovering the real identity of an Internet user. The attacker then reveals that person’s details so others can target them with malicious attacks.

What the doxxer did was, of course, wrong. Doxxing the EX5 motorcyclist does not make the situation better and there’s certainly no good in revealing his private information.

The best thing we can do in situations like this is to make the police aware of the situation and to let them investigate the matter. Two wrongs don’t make a right and it’s something all of us need to realise.

The internet plays a big part in our lives and it will play an even bigger part in our children’s lives. Do we really want it to become a place where they will be vulnerable to getting “exposed” at any minute just because someone doesn’t like them?

To know more about doxxing, this article by Luisa Tam on The Star provides some pretty good insights on why this act is never good.


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