Man wakes to find 4-foot snake in bedroom

August 26, 2020 | Odd, Viral | No Comments

A British man received an unwelcome late night surprise when he awoke to find a 4-foot snake slithering around his bedroom.

The man, who asked to be identified only as Kelvin, said he woke at his Beeston, Leeds, England, home to an unusual sound in his bedroom.

“I opened my eyes but it was pitch dark so I picked up my phone and scanned the room with the torch and as I was putting the torch down I saw the snake climbing up the table right next to my bed,” Kelvin said.

“I dived across the room and switched the light on and the snake was there, half on the floor and half on the table by my bed,” he said.

Kelvin said he trapped the snake in a sleeping bag cover and call the RSPCA.

RSPCA inspector Dave Holgate arrived to collect the snake. Holgate said the serpent is non-venomous corn snake and was likely a pet that escaped or was abandoned.

Holgate said the snake would be placed by a specialist until its owner is found or it can be rehomed.



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