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Medical practitioners in Malaysia have been advised to temporarily stop the use of two influenza vaccines, SKYCellflu Quadrivalent and VaxigripTetra, following a number of deaths in South Korea

Earlier today, 28 October, the Minister of Health (MOH) issued a statement about the two vaccines, asking all medical practitioners in the country to take this precautionary measure.

South Korea reported that 48 have died as of Saturday, 24 October, after getting flu shots.

The two vaccines are among the nine vaccines that are registered with MOH’s Drug Control Authority, according to Senior Director of Pharmaceutical Services Datin Dr Faridah Aryani Md Yuso

“MOH would like to inform that there are nine influenza vaccine products that are registered under Malaysia Drug Control Authority, including the vaccine that is linked to the death cases in Korea which is SKYCellflu Quadrivalent and Vaxigrip Tetra,” she said in the statement.

However, only the Vaxigrip Tetra, Suspension for Injection in Pre-filled Syringe is provided at MOH health facilities.

According to Dr Faridah, the manufacturer of Vaxigrip Tetra, Sanofi Pasteur, had also informed that the batch number of products used in South Korea is not available in other markets including Malaysia.

So far, there have been no deaths reported following immunisation using (quadrivalent) influenza vaccines in Malaysia

“MOH will share updates on the situation once further information is received,” the statement said.

“MOH will also carry out constant monitoring through registered product quality monitoring programmes and pharmacovigilance in ensuring that the quality, safety, and effectiveness of the medicine is always guaranteed. MOH will inform the public regarding the latest updates from time to time.”

The MOH decision comes after the Health Science Authority (HSA) of Singapore announced a temporary halt of the two vaccines earlier this week

While no deaths associated with influenza vaccination have been reported in Singapore, the decision to halt the use of SKYCellflu Quadrivalent and Vaxigrip Tetra is precautionary, according to HAS.


Netizens are disturbed with a Malaysian company’s online job advertisement and its many requirements

A Twitter user posted a tweet today, 28 October, about a job advertisement they came across and how they could find so many faults with it.

There are so many things wrong with this job advertisement. Try listing them out. I can easily give five. Oh my, I shook my head when I found this,” they wrote.

In a few short hours since it went up, the tweet has already gained over 600 replies and 1,500 retweets.

The job advertisement is for a content creator role at an online fashion company based in Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur

The job description reads that the hired individual would have to take on various responsibilities such as creating content for each product launch, promote and market their products on social media, look up ideas and analyse new or trending content, do livestreams, as well as edit pictures and videos.

They said the job candidate should have the skills of an editor, copywriter, producer, social media expert, and should also be good at analysing data, photography, and graphic design.

The company also listed that they were looking for an unmarried woman with a driving licence

Other job requirements include that she has to be able to work under pressure, be a team player, be positive and happy, has a lot of ideas and always be smiling, has no illnesses such as depression and anxiety, love learning new things, as well as be able to respond to customers until 12am.

The basic salary offered was RM2,000 and it stated that lunch would be provided.

Image from Twitter

Netizens were quick to point out red flags, and some reported the ad to the job recruitment website for being discriminatory and abusive

“There are seven different positions within one job description,” pointed out a Twitter user.

“Researcher, editor, copywriter, graphic designer, marketer, producer, social media expert. And paying RM2k only?”

“And discrimination towards people with mental illness? Name and shame the company so we know not to apply,” added the user.

Image from Twitter

While another netizen sarcastically said, “Applicants must not have depression or anxiety because our company already provides that for you!”


A story of a selfless Grab rider delivering food to his customer even though his phone was stolen in the middle of the job has won praise online

In a post published yesterday, 27 October, Facebook user Heidy Imt shared how a friend of his — Amanda Choi — encountered a food deliveryman putting aside his personal problem just to fulfil his duty at hand first.

“This [happened] to a friend of mine today,” Heidy said.

“She was waiting for her GrabFood and when it was stated that the rider [was] about to reach her place, she went down to wait for the rider to arrive.”

“However, she was shocked to see that the rider actually U-turned and [headed] back towards the restaurant area.”

Thinking that the Grab rider may have made a slip-up in picking up the wrong order, Choi went back to doing her own things

“At this moment, she [realised] that the rider actually [moved] further away from where she was and where the restaurant was,” Heidy continued.

“She then [realised] the rider [remained stationary] at around Mahkota area and it was at this moment that she heard her doorbell.”

“And it was the Grab rider!”

Heidy said Choi was confused as to why the Grab application showed that the rider was far away from her residence, but the rider was standing in front of her with her food in his hands.

“The rider explained that when he was about to reach her place, his phone was stolen,” Heidy related

He said that that any other individual would have rushed to make a police report — but not this rider.

Heidy said the rider managed to send the food to his friend by requesting the security guards at the premise to borrow a phone so that he could call the Grab helpline to ask for Choi’s address and complete the delivery.

This man’s name is Muhamad Hilmi Othman. May Allah bless you sir and ease what you’re going through. You have my [utmost] respect, my brother,” Heidy said, before adding Grab should reward the rider for his strong sense of duty.

In less than 24 hours, the post has gone viral with over 2,300 shares

Hundreds of netizens came to the comment section to laud Hilmi’s excellent service.

“Despite his phone got snatched (sic), he still delivers the food. This guy [deserves] massive respect. Please make GoFundMe and we get a new phone for that rider,” read a comment.

Image from Facebook

Many Malaysians also urged Grab to reward the rider by tagging Grab’s official Facebook pages.

Image from Facebook

n an update, Heidy said Grab had taken notice of the story and that they will be contacting the rider soon.

Image from Heidy Imt (Facebook)

Image via Heidy Imt (Facebook)


There was a freak accident involving a ceiling fan in Singapore

In the accident that happened at a coffee shop in Tampines on Wednesday, 28 October, the ceiling fan with extra-large blades left a couple of diners injured after it hit a ladder and spun out of control.

At least two diners were injured in the freak incident with one of the victims seen holding his head and being assisted by others, according to photos circulating on social media.

The injured man’s head appeared to be bleeding after hit by the extra-large blades.

Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) has since confirmed the incident

According to SCDF, they received a call for assistance at 7.10pm yesterday.

“On 28 October at about 7.10pm, SCDF received a call for assistance at Block 201D, Tampines Street 21. SCDF conveyed 2 persons to Changi General Hospital,” SCDF said in a statement.

An eyewitness, who claimed to have called paramedics, said she was lucky to have been sitting further away when the fan went “haywire”

She claimed to have witnessed the entire incident, describing it as “pretty traumatic” experience.

She said that she lost her appetite to eat but had to stay at the scene as police wanted her around for statement.

Photos showed that the fan’s blades had bent out of shape. However, there isn’t any official word out yet on exactly what happened.


‘Dulu takut, geli tapi sekarang OK…’

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Kuala Lumpur: Ular pernah menjadi haiwan digeruni suri rumah dan ibu tiga anak, Wan Siti Hajar Wan Jaipol, satu ketika dulu.

Namun , ketakutannya beransur hilang selepas bermain dan belajar menjinakkan diri dengan reptilia itu hasil daripada tunjuk ajar adiknya, Wan Muhamad Rafi, 25.

Keberanian wanita itu terbukti apabila mengambil keputusan memelihara ular sejak lima tahun lalu.

Bercerita lanjut, Wan Siti Hajar, 29, yang menetap di Batang Kali, Selangor berkata, dia memelihara pelbagai spesies ular antaranya sawa batik, sawa Burma, albino dan harimau.

Bagaimanapun, katanya, reptilia itu tidak tinggal bersamanya, tetapi ditempatkan di rumah sewa berhampiran kediamannya.

“Kalau diikutkan, memang takut dengan ular, tetapi perasaan itu beransur hilang sejak melihat adik membawa pulang haiwan itu ke rumah dan bermain dengannya.

“Kebetulan, adik memang gemar bermain dengan ular sejak kecil lagi, malah kerap menerima undangan membuat pertunjukan sempena program di sekolah, jadi dia yang meyakinkan dan banyak mengajar cara menjinakkan haiwan itu.

“Lama-kelamaan, saya terbiasa dan bermula dengan suka-suka akhirnya timbul keinginan untuk memeliharanya,” katanya ketika dihubungi Harian Metro, hari ini.

Wan Siti Hajar berkata, dia bersyukur kerana suaminya, Azrie Abdul Manap, 27, memahami dan tidak pernah menghalang minatnya itu.

Katanya, malah Azrie menemaninya memberi makan, memandikan dan bermanja dengan haiwan kesayangannya itu pada masa terluang.

“Jujurnya, tidak sukar untuk memelihara ular kerana hanya perlu memberi makan ayam segar atau tikus putih setiap dua minggu atau sebulan sekali mengikut keadaan.

“Rutin lain adalah memandikannya sekali dalam seminggu dan saya kerap bermain dengannya.

“Adakalanya, anak akan ikut sama tetapi dipantau suami,” katanya yang membantu ibunya, Rajeah Buang, 50, mengambil tempahan dan membuat penghantaran nasi ayam, pulut kuning, kuih koci labu dan kuih buah Melaka labu kepada pelanggan.

Memandangkan hobinya dianggap pelik bagi wanita, Wan Siti Hajar tidak dapat lari daripada tanggapan sinis masyarakat terhadap hobinya itu.

Namun, dia tidak mengambil peduli kerana apa yang penting, dia tahu menjaga keselamatan dirinya.

“Segelintir individu yang tahu saya memelihara ular pasti akan mengingatkan supaya berhati-hati kerana bagi mereka, ia tetap berbahaya dan boleh ‘makan tuan’.

“Saya anggap kata-kata mereka sebagai peringatan saja mungkin kerana bimbang dengan keselamatan saya.

“Sepanjang empat tahun memelihara ular, saya pernah tercedera akibat dipatuk, tetapi sekadar luka kecil dan ia berpunca daripada kesilapan ketika memberi makan sewaktu mula-mula memelihara ular dulu,” katanya yang turut memelihara dua ekor iguana dan kucing Parsi.

Biarpun nampak berbahaya, Wan Siti Hajar seronok menghabiskan rutin harian dengan hobinya itu selain menguruskan keluarga.

Katanya, antara kepuasannya adalah setiap kali memberi makan, memandikan dan bermanja dengan ular itu.

“Selain itu, saya seronok melihat ular dipelihara itu bersalin kulit yang menjadi sebahagian proses tumbesarannya.

“Bagi mereka yang ada keinginan untuk memeliharanya terutama wanita, belajar dulu cara mengendalikannya daripada orang berpengalaman kerana ular boleh dijinakkan jika tahu kaedahnya.

“Paling penting minat dan serius memeliharanya,” katanya.


Bakar ‘RM696,000’ kerana sakit hati

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Moscow: Tertekan dengan kereta mewah yang dibeli sering rosak menyebabkan vlogger Rusia ini sengaja membakar kereta itu hingga rentung.

Tindakan nekad Mikhail Litvin itu membakar kereta Mercedes-AMG G63 yang dibelinya Disember tahun lalu kini ditonton 11 juta pelayar menerusi saluran YouTube rasminya.

Media Rusia melaporkan, vlogger muda itu membeli kereta mewah itu dengan harga 13 juta rubel (kira-kira RM696,000).

Untuk wang sebanyak itu, dia mengharapkan prestasi dan ketahanan kereta mewah itu seperti apa yang diidamkan namun Litvin mendakwa sangkaannya meleset sama sekali.

Katanya, kereta itu hanya digunakan dengan jarak perbatuan 15,000 kilometer tetapi dia mendakwa kenderaan itu sering ‘keluar masuk’ bengkel sejak 10 bulan lalu.

Kesal dengan masalah yang tidak selesai itu termasuk mendakwa pengeluar kereta itu enggan bertanggungjawab, Litzin memutuskan cara terbaik untuk menyelesaikan masalah itu adalah membakarnya sehingga rentung.

Menurut laporan media tempatan, kereta Litvin dihantar di pusat servis Mercedes sebanyak empat kali, sejak dia membelinya dan pengedar jenama mewah itu enggan menanggung kos membaikinya.

Vlogger itu mendakwa, pengedar menolak untuk membaiki keretanya menyebabkan dia menghantar ke bengkel rakan.
Bosan terpaksa mengeluarkan wang untuk membaiki dengan kos mahal bagi sebuah kereta mewah baharu, Litvin memutuskan untuk memusnahkan Mercedes-AMG G63 itu dengan harapan akan menarik perhatian ramai.
Awal bulan ini, vlogger muda itu memandu kereta itu ke tengah ladang, menyimbah bahagian luar dan dalam kereta itu dengan petrol sebelum menyalakan api.
Dia kemudian pulang ke rumah dengan memandu sebuah kereta lama.


Peragut dapat balasan segera

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Serdang: Seorang lelaki ditahan apabila motosikalnya terbabas ke dalam longkang selepas meragut telefon bimbit seorang pelajar perempuan di Jalan Sekolah, Seri Kembangan, di sini, petang semalam.

Ketua Polis Daerah Serdang, Asisten Komisioner Razali Abu Samah berkata, pihaknya menerima laporan berhubung kejadian itu pada 5.30 petang.

“Ketika kejadian, mangsa berusia 17 tahun dikatakan berjalan sambil berbual di telefon sebelum dihampiri suspek menunggang motosikal dari arah belakang.

“Suspek berusia 34 tahun itu meragut telefon pelajar terbabit menyebabkan mangsa menjerit meminta tolong menyebabkan suspek panik dan terus memecut motosikalnya.
“Tindakan itu menyebabkan motosikal ditunggang suspek hilang kawalan dan terjatuh ke dalam longkang tidak jauh dari lokasi,” katanya dalam kenyataan, hari ini.
Razali berkata, suspek kemudian ditahan orang awam sebelum diserahkan kepada pihak polis untuk tindakan lanjut.
Beliau berkata, suspek kini dirawat di Hospital Serdang kerana mengalami patah kaki serta pendarahan di bahagian kepala.
“Pemeriksaan terhadap suspek menemui beberapa telefon bimbit disyaki dicuri dan beberapa peket dadah dalam milikan lelaki berkenaan.
“Semakan mendapati suspek berkenaan mempunyai empat rekod jenayah dan kes disiasat mengikut Seksyen 392 Kanun Keseksaan,” katanya.


An Idaho man broke a mouthful of a Guinness World Record when he used his mouth to bounce a table tennis ball off a wall 43 times in 30 seconds.

David Rush, who has broken more than 150 Guinness records to promote STEM education, said he practiced on and off for about a year before attempting the record at his Boise home.

Rush said his total was initially measured at 44 bounces in 30 seconds, but slow-motion video showed the last bounce came in just after the time limit, making his total 43.

The bounces were enough to beat the previous record of 34 bounces, which was set in 2018 by British man Ray Reynolds.


A woman has said she was left physically cringing in a ball of shame for 40 minutes when she realized she had accidentally donated a bag of very personal items to her local charity shop.

The mum explains that she and her husband had been having a clear out, and were bagging up a lot of their old possessions for donation.

They went through baby clothes, toys, wardrobes and kitchen drawers during the declutter, and the woman said she also had a sort through her “private quarters”.

This came in the form of a bedside drawer, which contained sex toys as well as other important items including “some very sentimental jewelry”.

She put the contents of the drawer into a bag to put away again when they were done, but during the clear out of her old clothes, accidentally threw some dresses on top and forgot all about it.

It was only after she dropped off the pile of bags to “two very nice old dears” at her nearby charity shop and returned home that she realised her “calamitous mistake”.

She wrote on Reddit : “The f***ing penny dropped so hard. I have never felt the sensation of physically cringing in shame like this before – after I was able to stop saying ‘oh my god’ and explain to my husband what I’d done, I crawled up into a ball with my hands over my ears for about 40 minutes trying to process it.”

She said although she wishes she could have written it off and never returned, the bag unfortunately also contained a necklace “a very dear and departed friend gave to me” which she couldn’t bear to lose.

Returning to the shop the following day, she asked if she could take a look in the back to find a bag she had donated by mistake.

The member of staff asked what the bag contained to enable her to identify it, and after an awkward conversation the pair came to the mutual understanding as to what she had handed over by mistake.

She relayed the conversation: “‘Does it have… batteries?'”, the worked had asked. “‘Um… yes … …’ ‘Is it … a sex toy?’ ‘Yes,’ I whispered, eyes down at the floor.”

The mum was allowed into the back and saw many of the items she had donated, but not the bag containing her ‘personal items’ or the necklace.

Giving up on the search, she said she told the charity shop worker: “‘I’m so sorry about all this… I’m absolutely mortified…. thanks though, have a nice weekend…’

“And honestly, hand on heart, she replied – ‘I will if I find your sex toys’.”

Many people in the comments tried to ease her embarrassment by revealing they had worked in charity shops and received far worse on a weekly basis.

And others – despite being sad that she had lost a meaningful piece of jewellery – were left in stitches. One replied: “That last line was savage! Oh my god, I haven’t laughed so hard at an online comment in a long time!”


If you think your bedroom is untidy, you might just want to read this.

One woman’s video of her sister’s bedroom has gone viral on TikTok leaving people shocked by the mess.

Meanwhile, yours probably isn’t nearly as bad.

Colleen went viral on TikTok after sharing a video of her sister’s former bedroom on her account @collroy.

Many were disgusted by the number of bottles allegedly filled with urine that she filmed.

In a follow-up video, Colleen claimed they belonged to her sister’s boyfriend.

Many people were still unhappy with that explanation – especially after Colleen showed how near the bathroom was.

In the first video, which has been seen 6.3million times on TikTok, she explained that her sister moved into her bedroom after she went to university, meaning Colleen had to move into her basement room.

The room is filled with clutter and rubbish, and the bed is unmade.

But the truly horrifying aspect is the amount of bottles Collen claims are filled with urine.

The caption of the video says: “Why so many pee bottles tho? This was GROSS.”

In the TikTok, Colleen can be seen clearing up rubbish and sprinkling odour eliminator on the floor before hoovering.

The room is filled with clutter and rubbish, and the bed is unmade.

But the truly horrifying aspect is the amount of bottles Collen claims are filled with urine.

The caption of the video says: “Why so many pee bottles tho? This was GROSS.”

In the TikTok, Colleen can be seen clearing up rubbish and sprinkling odour eliminator on the floor before hoovering.

“Also not sure why it wasn’t cleaned up beforehand but here I am.”

She points to another wardrobe in the room and explains that it is still filled with her sister’s belongings, but she’s waiting for her to clear it out.

Many people were left horrified by the situation, with one person asking: “Why would she date someone that pees in bottles!!?? The savagery.

A second person added: “This is horrifying! I couldn’t finish watching.”

Another wrote: “I’m so petty that I would have bagged all that up and dumped it in my sister’s room, you are a better person than I am.”

A third joked: “My mom sees my folded clothes on my bed and says UR ROOMS IS A MESS CLEAN THAT UP”