A young Malaysian woman’s tweet of her before and after weight loss photos has gone viral

On Saturday, 17 October, Twitter user @shintyxnn tweeted photos of herself using the ‘How It Started vs How It’s Going’ meme format.

Her tweet blew up and has since garnered over 21,000 retweets as well as 137,000 likes.

Overwhelmed by messages of support from the public, she reveals that there is no secret to her remarkable weight loss

“To be honest, a lot of you have been asking what are my secrets to achieve this result, and the truth is there isn’t really any secret behind this, it is all hard work, being disciplined and consistent,” the woman tweeted.

She shared that cutting down on her intake of sugary drinks and replacing them with green tea or lemon water for one to two weeks showed noticeable results.

She also managed to overcome her eating habits by reducing her food intake by 20% and eating them in small portions instead of gorging everything in one sitting.

However, she still sets weight loss goals by doing workouts regularly

She exercises two to three times a week, for at least 20 minutes each time by running on treadmills and following Chloe Ting’s fitness videos on YouTube.

Her advice is that everyone should exercise at their own pace and not to worry about what others think of them.

“The only person you should compete with is yourself and no one else. If you ever feel like giving up, just remember why you started and stick to your goals!”


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