A car owner in Singapore got a rude shock when a peacock decided to attack, leaving scratches on the car.

And all because it saw its own reflection, as a viral 19-second video of the incident believed to have occurred in Sentosa.

The bird was caught staring at its own reflection on the car, before it began flapping its wings and scratching the car with its claws when it noticed its own reflection.

Social media users were amused over the unprovoked attack.

Illeana Isabella wrote on the Motorist Singapore Facebook page that the attack was due to the car’s shiny surface.

“That’s why I don’t wash my car. Lots of dirt and dull surface. No peacock will fight its own reflection from my car.”

Abdul Manaff too advised car owners not to wash their car so often to avoid similar incidents.

Peacocks are known to be aggressive and territorial birds.


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