A social media user recently accompanied her cute orange tabby cat, named Ga Mei (which means ‘tangerine’ in Hakka), to a local convenience store to pick up a parcel of cans.

Since it was Ga Mei’s first time at the convenience store, Chen Hsin-ling, who hung a sign around its neck, brought the cat’s ID card, allowing the clerk to ensure that the information was correct, before finally handing the whole box of cans to the cute feline.

Chen, who has another tabby called Brownie, explained that she wanted a second cat to keep her company a few years ago, so she asked around and found 5 abandoned kittens at Shulin District in New Taipei City, and took one home by train.

At that time, Ga Mei only weighed 300 grams and after careful nurturing and training, Chen later began taking him out for walks, associating him with others. Recently, Chen was informed that her order of cat food and water filters had arrived.

As it was all for her pets, and they had their own “cat ID cards”, Chen decided to have Ga Mei get the package himself.

When the convenience store clerk saw Ga Mei with his own ID card and the “last three digits of his cellphone number” written on the sign, he quickly composed himself to “double check” Ga Mei’s identity, and retrieve the package for the cat.

“He even asked for a picture with Ga Mei afterward,” Chen added.

Although Ga Mei is the younger of two cats, his love of food often finds him sitting beside Chen’s piano bench waiting for snacks while she teaches her students.

Even if the wait leads to Ga Mei falling asleep, he never gives up.

Therefore, Ga Mei is now a big tomcat of 8 kilograms and is twice the weight of his older brother, Brownie.

Pictures of Ga Mei began circulating on Facebook soon after and many took to commenting below praising the clever cat and asking if he needs to confirm receiving the package by inking his paw print in place of a signature.


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