A thirsty elephant in south west India became an overnight internet sensation after it stopped a water tanker in its tracks for a quick drink.

In a social media clip that has gone viral, the intelligent mammal was seen stopping the vehicle before signalling the driver to open the tanker so it could quench its thirst, India Times reported.

The driver was caught by surprise when the animal approached the water tank but the state’s Forest Minister Anand Singh’s son, Siddharth Singh explained to the driver that the elephant was asking him to open the lid.

The driver then proceeded to open the tanker’s lid and the elephant helped itself with a drink of water.

Once the mammal was satisfied, it moved forward to join the procession ahead.

The clip which was uploaded on YouTube has since garnered over 85,000 views.

The incident took place on Friday in Hampi, a Unesco world heritage site in central Karnataka during the Hampi Utsav festival which pays homage to the culture and traditions of the ancient Vijayanagar empire.

Situated 376 kilometres from Bengaluru, Hampi is home to more than 1,600 surviving remains of South India’s last great Hindu kingdom.

The festival which usually attracts visitors from all corners of the globe and typically celebrated for three-days was pared-down to a one-day affair due to Covid-19.


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