Every once in a while, a food video goes crazy viral on social media. Often it is for a bizarre food combination that disgusts the internet. However, this time a street food vendor is going viral for his unique serving skills.


A dosa food stall in Mumbai is grabbing eyeballs with its ‘Rajinikanth-style’ dosa, and the video is going crazy viral. The clip titled ‘Mumbai’s Famous Rajnikant Style Dosa! (sic)’ was shared on Facebook by a page called Street Food Recipes.

Take a look:

According to the clip, the stall has been there for 30 years. The stall called Muthu Anna Dosa Centre, named after the vendor Muthu, is situated in Dadar, Mumbai.

Superstar Rajinikanth inspired the vendor to come up with his signature style of quickly making, cutting, plating and sliding the dosa over to a helper in split seconds. One can see that the man is serving a variety of dosas like the Masala Dosa, Mysore Dosa and more at his stall.


After the video went viral, it was shared on various social media platforms. Till now, it has garnered more than 77 million views, millions of likes and thousands of comments.

Earlier, another video from Mumbai also went viral. It showed a roadside food stall serving its famous flying dosa. In the clip, the stall owner finished making dosa and flung it high in the air to reach the waiting customers.


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