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Just three days ago (9 April), a dog tragically drowned in a small pool after it was placed inside to learn how to swim. The owner and the pet shop worker failed to take immediate action after it sunk to the bottom, which resulted in the poor dog’s death. This infuriating incident happened at a pet shop in Fujian City, China.

According to Shanghaiist, the owner was said to have brought the French bulldog to the premise to learn how to swim. Once the worker placed the dog in the water and stepped away from the tank, it became panicked and was frantically paddling and splashing water everywhere.

It was obvious that the dog couldn’t swim and was at the brink of drowning but the duo didn’t do anything to save the dog. Instead, the senseless owner recorded the incident with her smartphone while the dog was helplessly paddling. Wtf! 

True enough, the dog gave up struggling and sunk to the bottom of the pool. The worker then fished it up with a pipe while the owner was still holding on to her phone. Below is the video from both the owner and the CCTV footage but keep in mind, it’s disturbing to watch. Viewer discretion is advised. 

Pet CPR was later performed on the dog at a nearby vet but it was too late as the poor dog was gone forever. Gone too soon, buddy! 

According to the pet shop owner, the dog owner had asked the worker to let the dog swim before the accident happened.

“This is an accident. If the dog can swim, it will swim, otherwise, it will just float and won’t sink. We don’t know why the dog sunk on that day. We’ve agreed to settle the problem privately and she asked us to pay her 15,000Yuan (approx. RM9,200) as compensation,” the shop owner said.

It was understood that both parties are still negotiating the amount of compensation. No matter how much the owner gets paid, the dog will never come back to life.

If we’re honest, both parties were at fault. The owner doesn’t seem to be responsible enough as she didn’t instruct the worker to act at once when things went wrong, while the worker could’ve acted a little faster. RIP doggo.


National Geographic recently published an article last week (5th April) highlighting what is perhaps one of the most well-loved dishes in both Malaysia and Singapore — Kaya toast, half-boiled eggs, and black coffee. The perfect kopitiam breakfast! 

While toast and eggs are relatively inoffensive foods for most people (regardless of what part of the world you’re from), this article in particular had some choice words when it came to describing this staple dish. If you ask us, it kind of reads like a graphic scene from a horror novel.

The first paragraph of the article, titled “A Toast to Singapore’s Traditional Breakfast”, reads,

“Here’s what my breakfast in Singapore looked like: sticky, slime-coloured coconut custard jam slathered over a thin crisp of toasted brown bread, served with a side of two eggs so undercooked that their whites retained the clarity of newly dead fish eyes.”

“Alongside, a small cup of coffee with an oleaginous blackness that rejected the advances of condensed milk. It was not love at first sight.”

This soon began to circulate on social media after a screenshot of this paragraph was posted on Twitter, receiving a lot of backlash from both Malaysians and Singaporeans. While the writer did acknowledge that he had a love for this famous breakfast, many netizens expressed annoyance at the overall tone of the article, which they found condescending and disrespectful. 


— eri @ deactivation break (@KAOlZUS) April 12, 2019

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Cooking is great. It brings families together, it’s healthy, and it’s also cheap.

However, the kitchen can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. That’s why we need to pay close attention to how we handle raw meat and the equipment we use.

The Public Health Malaysia Facebook page reminds us that the chopping boards that come into contact with our food, whether in our own kitchen or at any of our favourite restaurants, might be making us sick, especially if they have scratches, stains, and fungus.

Lihatlah papan pemotong yang ada di rumah anda dan di kedai kedai makan.Adakah ia telah calar balar, berdaki dan telah…

Posted by Public Health Malaysia on Sabtu, 13 April 2019

Chopping boards are gross!

We might overlook this, but your chopping board might be one of the major causes of food poisoning, making you suffer diarrhoea, vomiting, stomach ache, and more.

According to research, as quoted by Public Health Malaysia, one square centimetre can contain more than 24,000 bacteria. This is actually 200 times more bacteria than your toilet seat! Ewww! 

Although these old chopping boards are unsafe and unsanitary, most of us will still use them without any worries.

The nooks, crannies, and scratches on the chopping board are the favourite homes for bacterias like Salmonella, E. Coli and more! And you can’t clean them out usually, the grooves made by chopping are so deep that regular washing can’t get them out.

Also if you think that having loose stools are nothing to worry about, 8% of salmonella infections lead to meningitis and E. Coli has been linked to cancer!

How do you prevent this?

To keep your chopping boards clean, use separate boards for raw meat and vegetables. If not, the bacteria from the chicken will get transferred to your fresh fruits and vegetables.

Make sure you don’t mix the utensils you use to prepare raw meat and vegetables as well to prevent cross-contamination.

So what’s the condition of your chopping board? If it’s terrible, there are ways to clean and refurbish them, but we suggest that you replace the boards altogether, just to be safe.


Being a Grab driver is a good way to earn extra cash. That’s why so many people are doing it!

You meet people from all walks of life – super friendly ones that make your journey worthwhile, and sometimes ones that test your patience. But hey, that’s part of the fun of it right?

Well, a Grab driver has certainly caught everybody’s attention lately.

A post that was posted in Facebook group Miri Community gained a whopping 3.2k shares in just under 24 hours. It’s captioned,

“It’s a funny and very innovative way for a Grab driver to introduce himself.”

Along the post were these two images:

Yes, the Grab driver actually hands out a printed A4 paper to his passengers introducing himself. He describes how he may be a very quiet guy, but also, actually very hilarious.

He even lists several ride types that are available to the passengers, of which are “the silent ride”, “therapy ride”, and “friendly ride”. Give this man a cookie lah!

Netizens who saw the post expressed how genius this idea is and some wish they could have him as a Grab driver.

“He looks so innocent and humble.. I would love to be in his ride as i prefer silent ride,” one commentor wrote.

“Looks to me like he’s a nice guy and nice to chat with,” another said.

Well, have you ever had an interesting Grab ride like this? Or have you done something this unique as a Grab driver yourself? Share your experiences with us in our comments section!


Everyone tends to overreact on occasion over the small stuff, often without realising it. But there’s a fine line between a little bit of drama and going way overboard.

This man clearly crossed the line when he attacked a couple for taking a selfie at a restaurant in Kuching, Sarawak.

According to the report, the 22-year-old victim was with a female companion when he visited the eatery.

Wanting to keep a memento of the visit, the man took several selfies with his female companion but this angered another individual at the restaurant. He accused the 22-year-old of taking photos of him and started an argument.

Source: Buletin TV3

Suddenly, the attacker left the scene only to return with another man who started to attack the 22-year-old.

Source: Buletin TV3

The victim was slashed in the arm and leg and bled severely as a result of the attack.

Many expressed their shock over the incident.

Source: Buletin TV3

“We hope and pray that the victim recovers from the pain and trauma”

Another raised the fact something else could have transpired that we don’t know.

Source: Buletin TV3

“I am sure there is another motive behind it and not just because he was taking a selfie.”

In any case, violence will not settle anything.

Advice for anyone reading this is to be extra careful of your environment. You never know who has untreated anger or mental issues around you.


Image result for Man Smashes His KL Luxury Condo After Paying over RM2 Million but Gets Low Quality Unit

A man went viral after he filmed a series of videos complaining about the quality of his recently bought luxury condominium nearby KLCC that is worth over RM 2 million.

In the videos, he was angrily pointing out the low-quality workmanship of the exorbitantly priced unit and even started to smash the tiles with a hammer.

In some of the videos, representatives from the property developer were present and were forced to bear the brunt of his accusations.

“I will make it my life’s mission to screw your company.”

“I will smash some of the things in my unit, and I will be living in this unit.”

“I will make it into your new ‘showroom’. It will be opened 24 hours, available to all residences.”

Posted by Jesson Lim on Jumaat, 12 April 2019

He complained about the defects in his unit, stressing that every unit will be the same. But while other residents might go to court, he prefers to make a bigger statement.

“I don’t have time to go to a tribunal. Wait until you deal with those from mainland China.”

“There is more than one way to skin a cat.”

He took matters into his own hands by marking the cracked and defected marble tiles with red spray paint.

“Almost every piece is cracked. I marked all of it so you can see it.”

On a warpath against the developers, the owner’s complaints did not just end with the tiles, but also with the so-called ‘smart’ doors that operate by using a finger.

In another video, the homeowner went on to don a black jumpsuit complete with goggles, a hard hat and a sledgehammer, and started smashing.

In the video, his anger was aimed at the so-called ‘impeccable’ furniture.

Posted by Jesson Lim on Jumaat, 12 April 2019

“I don’t accept (your taste in furniture). I don’t like it.”

He then went on to smash his own furniture in his own home! Hulk smash!

Condominium Owner Threatens Developer To Ridicule Its Reputation For Selling Sub Par Housing Unit - WORLD OF BUZZ 3

Netizens commenting on the video were apparently on the same page as the angered homeowner.

The homeowner’s rage also drew comparisons between the KLCC condo unit with other condo units.

It is understandable for somebody to get angry when they receive something that is not their money’s worth, what’s more, they’ve spent millions on it.

But would you do the same if you were put in the same situation?


Despite an increased number of patrols by the police or warnings on how to better protect your belongings, snatch theft cases continue to happen and at an alarming rate.

In Muar, Johor, a snatch thief was caught in the act on a viral video.

The super short video showed a motorcyclist racing past a woman walking on the sidewalk, snatching her bag and dragging her few metres off the screen.

The tweet writes, “This CCTV video was taken at Jalan Pesta in Muar, Johor. It captured the moment where a woman’s handbag was snatched by a thief on a motorcycle.”

“(The thief) then dragged her along a good few metres away.”

According to China Press, the incident happened at around 2.30pm to 3.00pm yesterday (13 April).

It was also mentioned in the report that snatch theft was rampant in the area, and warns the public to be extra vigilant.

Commenting on the video, netizens piled on the hate towards the thief for his act of brutality.

“I pray that the thief gets into a traffic collision with a lorry.”

“Why are there human beings behaving in such a way… the world is getting crazier by the day.”

If caught, the suspect could be charged under Section 394 of the Penal Code for committing or attempting to commit robbery and voluntarily causing hurt, which would be punishable with imprisonment for up to 20 years, in addition to a fine or whipping.

We urge members of the public to be extra vigilant and take precautionary measures to avoid being another statistic.


Despite it being debunked many times over, there are still plenty of people – especially Singaporeans – going around shaking their cars at petrol stations, in hopes of filling up their tanks with more gas. In the most recent incident, four men actually worked together just to get the deed done, and boy do netizens have something to say about it!

A video uploaded to Facebook page All Singapore Stuff showed four men at a petrol station in Johor Bahru ‘cooperating’ to maximise their car’s petrol tank capacity. Two men are shown vigorously tilting and shaking the car, while one refilled the tank, and another kept watch on the tank.

Spending quality time with your family

This weekend, spend quality time with your familyCredit: Wan SyiDee

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Ahad, 7 April 2019

They are believed to be Singaporean, and as diligent as they are in increasing their fuel capacity, they’d surely be disappointed to know this myth has been proven to be untrue! On an episode of Channel News Asia (CNA)’s show Talking Point, car workshop director Vincent Emmanuel Lee elaborated on the actual method to get more petrol in.

“When we pump petrol into the tank, it creates foam and vapour, and that occupies the tank. So if you wait for the vapour and foam to dissipate, only then you can pump more petrol into the tank, and shaking the car doesn’t make the vapour dissipate faster.” The Online Citizen quoted him as saying.

In fact, overfilling the tank may actually do more harm, as it lets the petrol flow into the evacuation system, which dispels vapour from your car’s fuel tank. If petrol gets into it, the system will break down, and repairing it will be pretty costly. Take note, guys!

What makes the Singaporean men’s alleged kiamsiap-ness even more maddening is that there was a long line of cars queuing up behind them to pump petrol, as can be seen from the viral video. It’s not a bad thing to want to save money, but c’mon guys, let’s be considerate while doing so! 

Since the video was uploaded, netizens’ reactions have poured in, with sentiments ranging from disgust to amusement to shame for being the same nationality as these men.

Now that we know for sure that this is absolutely ineffective, we hope this keeps you from getting the same ideas! Please lah, petrol station lines are long enough as it is during peak periods; the last thing we need is someone hogging it in hopes of saving a few ringgit – or SGD, for that matter. 


A mom had a nasty surprise after opening the lunchbox of her daughter who forgot to bring it home from school.

In a post in the Facebook group of Taiwanese parenting group “Primary 1 Alliance”, user YuChieh Lin shared photos of the moment.

The box had been left in school for four days due to the holidays.

She warned parents about children’s forgetfulness, as the incident turned her daughter’s homecooked lunch into a biology lab experiment.

Sharing with Taiwan media ETtoday, Lin said that she usually packs lunch for her child before she goes to school and recalled that she specially prepared pesto pasta as it was the last day of school. 

However, her daughter’s mistake led to the container taking on a life of its own as mould started cultivating in it.

Initially, Lin’s whole family was too afraid to open the lunchbox when the child brought it home. Instead, she asked her husband to be the sacrificial lamb.

What greeted them was a thick and furry mass of mouldy growth that filled the box. Lin discovered that the white parts were actually the leftover spaghetti.

Surprisingly, the container did not emit any odour from the disgusting growth as it was a stainless-steel lunchbox. Since its quality was so good, Lin did not want to discard it and instead instructed her husband to simply clean away the mould.

Startled netizens voiced their thoughts on the find, saying that the growth would have scared their own parents.

Others commented on the strangeness of the mould, with one saying that it had “more hair than the naughty kids in my household”.

Some chided Lin’s decision to keep the lunchbox. They would rather make the child buy a new one with her own pocket money. 


A man in rural southeast China got drunk and injured his four children with a knife at their home then slashed himself, according to police and local media reports.

The man, surnamed Wang, from Xiachun village in Anxi county, Fujian province, was arrested on Wednesday, county police said. Wang was treated by doctors for a laceration that was not life-threatening, they said.

All four children were in a stable condition after the attack on Tuesday evening, the Straits Metropolis Daily said on Thursday.

Two boys, aged six and nine, were treated for neck injuries that were 13 and 15 centimetres long, a doctor from Mingxuan Hospital in Anxi was quoted as saying. The cuts did not sever arteries and the boys’ condition was stabilised after first aid.

The five arrived at the hospital on Wednesday morning. Wang’s two daughters, who had less serious injuries, were discharged, the doctor said.

One of the children told the doctor their father was a heavy drinker and physically abusive when drunk, the doctor said.

“Nobody knows what happened that night apart from those directly involved,” a relative was quoted as saying, since the extended family was at work in the fields when the incident took place.

The children’s mother was working in the city of Xiamen.

One of Wang’s neighbours told the Straits Metropolis Times that Wang was unemployed.