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Cat Painted Blue By Irresponsible Humans

November 13, 2019 | Viral | No Comments

Malaysia Animal Association wrote, “Animal painting culture is becoming more and more common in this country. Just before this, a dog was painted green. Now a cat has been sprayed blue by its irresponsible owner. The consequences of this foolish behaviour can be harmful to the animals. Deaths can happen due to poisonous toxins when the cat licks itself or when the paint absorbs into it’s skin.”

“Anyone with any information of pets or strays being treated this way by neighbours of the community, please do report such animal cruelty to the authorities or to Animal Malaysia,” they added.

How would you feel if someone were to spray paint you and leave you to deal with the aftermath of the paint and chemicals? At least as humans, we have our hands to help us clean ourselves. These poor animals don’t have access to the facilities we do in order to clean themselves off, hence they end up ingesting and absorbing the chemicals into their bodies in an effort to be rid of the paint. Not to mention, it can cause skin irritation!


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According to China Press, the police received reports that someone wanted to jump off the roof of a 33-storey building, and they rushed to the scene around 10pm on November 10th. They tried to persuade the man to come down and keep him calm as he was very emotional.

Apparently, Wang was under huge emotional stress as his wife had just racked up a huge amount of debt during the Singles Day promotions. She had bought over 300,000 yuan (RM177,559) in designer handbags, expensive perfumes, clothes and many more online. 

He said that this was not the first time, as she had always been very fond of online shopping, but after she gave birth to their child last year, it got worse. During the Singles Day sales last year, she had spent over 200,000 yuan (RM118,374) and he had paid it off for her. She had promised that she would control her spending but had broken her promise and gone on a shopping spree again this year.

Wang says that he earns only a few thousand yuan a month, and he was the sole breadwinner of the family. His wife used to work in a property company but after she gave birth, she quit her job to take care of the baby. When he discovered that she had gone crazy on online shopping again, he was at his wits’ end and decided to kill himself as he did not know how to pay it off.

Luckily, the police managed to console Wang and persuaded him not to kill himself after half an hour. They brought him home and notified his family. His wife promised that she would not obsess over online shopping any more and vowed that she would not buy anything. Wang said that he would try to come up with the amount owed.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Singles Day sales or not, you should control your finances well so you don’t end up in unnecessary debt!


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Behold, the Cookies and Cream Pie

On 11 November, the McD Malaysia website announced that the new pie is now available at all McDonald’s outlets in the country.

Made with real Oreo cookies, the chocolate-crusted pie is priced at RM3.95 each

We don’t how long it’ll be around, so better catch it while you can!

Besides that, McD is also spoiling us sweet-toothed Malaysians with new Nestum desserts

If you’re a simple person like me, you’ll definitely enjoy the rich Nestum and ice cream combo. But if you’re feeling a little extra, go for the Nestum Chocolate McFlurry which comes with crunchy chocolate bits.

And for all you chocolate lovers, McD has got your back.The Hershey’s chocolate ice cream is no stranger to us, but the oreo McFlurry just got an upgrade.

You can now swap the regular vanilla ice cream base of an Oreo McFlurry to chocolate.

There’s also a new beef burger on the menu.

Sesame bun, beef patty grilled to perfection, mushrooms, and creamy Swiss cheese sauce. What else do you need in a burger? 

The new Mushroom Cheese Melt Beef Burger sounds absolutely divine and I’m already salivating just thinking about it. 


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We often times see people sitting or lying on the streets and walk past them without a second glance, but what we don’t know is that many of these people have important stories to share.

This teacher saw a young boy sitting by a corner store and couldn’t help but wonder what he was doing there.

In a heartbreaking postMohd Fadli Salleh shared about how a 13-year-old boy lived on the streets without food or money, but managed to educate himself even though he has not gone to school since he was 9-years-old.

Seorang kanak-kanak selalu kelihatan tidur di lorong sahaja. Seorang insan baik hati, Kak Nooraini perasan anak…

Posted by Mohd Fadli Salleh on Jumaat, 8 November 2019

Mohd Fadli’s friend Nooraini had originally found the kid and invited him for a meal at McDonald’s, but after she barely slept that night thinking of the boy, she informed Fadli, who is a teacher, and he stepped in and met up with the boy.

He wrote, “This boy can always be seen sleeping in the alleys. After seeing how haggard he looked, Kak Nooraini invited him into McDonald’s for a meal and to ask him about his life. Kak Nooraini couldn’t sleep that night and told me about him, so without wasting any time, around 10:30am, I got some kids to look for him. 15 minutes later, they managed to find him and brought him to me.”

The teacher then realised that the boy was somewhat educated considering the way he had carried himself.

“The moment he sat down, I told him to order something to eat. At first, he said he was full. He rejected my offer with the utmost respect. But, I insisted and eventually, he gave in. He prayed before he ate. Such a good kid. He quickly cleared his plate, which shows how hungry he actually was,” he added.

He then decided to ask the boy about his life and found out that the boy’s mother had passed away when he was just 8-years-old. He had then moved to Kuala Lumpur with his stepfather at the age of 9, from Johor, and has not been to school since.

“I asked if he had an IC and a birth certificate, to which I was excited when I found out he had copies of both. He could go to school! I asked him if he could read. He nodded. I asked him to read the words on my shirt, he read it out smoothly. I asked him to tell the time on my analog clock, and he answered precisely. He knew basic mathematics,” he said.

Surprised by the boy, Fadli then found out that he has been teaching himself.

“Where did you learn all of this, I asked. He said he had been home-schooling himself. He even said home-schooling so accurately. His English!”

Fadli saw great potential in the boy and decided to investigate him a little further. It turns out that the boy was genuinely a good kid, he’s never stolen, doesn’t smoke and doesn’t hang out with hooligans. Which then begged the question, why was he living in the streets?

“I was going to contact his stepfather about schooling the boy, but he told me that his stepfather didn’t care whether he came home or not. He was a neglected child. I immediately told him that when he was hungry, he can come to this shop and order anything he wants to eat. I told him I didn’t mind if he came everyday, that I’d pay for him,” he noted.

The reason why Fadli took the boy underneath his wings is that he’s once been in the boy’s shoes before, when he didn’t have a single cent in his pockets, and he drank water from pipes while eating expired bread. Since then, he’s vowed to help anyone in need of a meal.

“As long as I’m here, as long as this shop stays open, and as long as I have the support of the people, they will never go hungry,” he added.


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Audi Driver Bullies Pregnant Lady

November 12, 2019 | News | No Comments

A video capturing an Audi driver intimidating a pregnant lady on Jalan Johor Jaya, Johor last Friday, 8 November has gone viral

Based on the four-minute dashcam video, the lady was seen going through a turn while a white Audi wanted to cut into her lane without putting on its left signal.

Balagak kau. Kau signal pun tak bagi. Pergi mampus lah (Arrogant fella. You are not even putting on your signal. You can go to hell),” the lady was heard saying.

After going through the turn, the Audi emerged again and charged to the front of her car

Image from Royal Malaysia Police/Facebook

It started driving erratically before eventually stopping in front of the victim.

An altercation ensued after the Audi driver alighted the car.

The male driver tried to get the lady to admit that it was her fault at the turn

He said he had a child inside the car, while the lady replied she is pregnant.

“Okay, so now, do you admit that you are at fault,” the man asked the lady, to which she responded with another question.

“But did you put on your signal?” the lady asked.

“Well, I did not put on the signal. I was wrong. But you knew I was coming (into the lane),” the man retaliated.

The man repeatedly called the lady ‘stupid’ and shouted at her furiously.

When the man got back to his vehicle, he reversed his vehicle and started revving the engine loudly

The lady then made a phone call, where she was heard crying in fear while relating her encounter with the road bully. 

At the same time, the Audi driver stopped his car again, walked towards her and started taking pictures of her before finally flashing his middle finger at her.

The video was reshared by Royal Malaysia Police’s Facebook page and garnered over 2,400 shares.

The police has since arrested the Audi driver

According to Berita Harian, the arrest came after the victim lodged a police report last Friday – an hour after her encounter.

He was arrested at Permas Jaya, Johor Bahru yesterday, 10 November.

Seri Alam district police chief Supt Ismail Dollah said he was detained under Section 506/509 of the Penal Code.

If convicted for criminal intimidation, the suspect could face up to seven years’ jail, a fine, or both.

Additionally, the suspect could face up to five years’ jail, a fine, or both if convicted for the use of words or gestures to insult the modesty of a person.

SAMSENG JALANAN DIBURU POLISJohor Bahru, 10 November 2019 – Polis Seri Alam memburu pemandu sebuah Audi putih yang menghalang seorang wanita sambil menunjukkan tanda lucah, selain merakam gambar mangsa dalam kejadian yang ditularkan di Facebook, hari ini.Ketua Polis Daerah Seri Alam, Superintendan Ismail Dollah berkata, mangsa seorang wanita berusia 26 tahun membuat laporan, jam 9.41 pagi di Balai Polis Johor Jaya, Jumaat lalu.“Bertindak atas laporan itu, kami menjalankan siasatan mengikut Seksyen 509 Kanun Keseksaan kerana mengaibkan kehormatan seseorang.“Kami kini cuba mengesan dan menahan suspek. Berdasarkan keterangan saksi dan video yang tular itu, kami sudah mengenal pasti pemilik kereta namun belum menemuinya.“Berikutan itu, orang ramai yang mengenali atau tahu di mana suspek berada di minta menghubungi balai polis berhampiran bagi membantu siasatan,” katanya.Bacaan lanjut di pautan https://www.hmetro.com.my/utama/2019/11/515934/tunggulah-polis-jemput-kau

Posted by Polis Diraja Malaysia ( Royal Malaysia Police ) on Ahad, 10 November 2019


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A man who stabbed his heavily pregnant wife is believed to be suffering from depression, revealed his close cousin

The 39-year-old suspect stabbed his pregnant wife four times – two times in the stomach – on Friday, 8 November.

The 37-week (or 8.5-month) pregnant victim then drove herself to the Putrajaya Hospital after the attack and safely delivered the baby through a C-section. Both the mother and child are reportedly in stable condition.

After learning of the incident, the suspect’s close cousin said the suspect is believed to be suffering from depression due to heavy workload

Only known as Din, New Straits Times reported him saying that the perpetrator – who works as an audio engineer – is believed to be suffering from depression over the past two to three months.

Din also attributed their grandmother’s passing four months ago to the suspect’s alleged depression.

“We have been close since we were children. After our grandmother’s death, he returned to Melaka and seemed to have a lot on his mind,”Din told Berita Harian.

“I asked him why he appeared burdened, he replied that he had a lot of work.

“I told him to come back and work in Melaka since his company has a branch there.

“He told me he had plans to do so after the wife had given birth.”

The 37-year-old cousin added that the suspect and the victim’s relationship seemed normal

“As far as I know, they had no problems with each other. Even the relationship between families from both sides was very close,” he said.

The suspect is currently being remanded until 15 November for investigation

He was arrested at his home in Precinct 9, Putrajaya, which was also where the attack took place.

Preliminary investigations showed that the suspect does not have any criminal records, reported Harian Metro.

The case is being investigated under Section 326 of the Penal Code, for voluntarily causing grievous hurt by dangerous weapons or means.

If convicted, the suspect could face imprisonment up to 20 years, a fine, or whipping.


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Online shopping may be about convenience, but there’s nothing quite like touching and feeling an item at a physical store before buying it.

Taobao hopes to do just that by diversifying its market and including those who are not familiar with shopping online.

“When people shop on Taobao, they often have a lot of questions about the product and its quality… With the physical store, they can touch and feel the product and know exactly how to operate it,” Tmall World Malaysia marketing manager Jess Lew said, according to Malay Mail.

Spanning at 5,000 square feet, the retail space will sell a large collection of Taobao products, including homegrown brands

Baby items, electronics, furniture, and beauty tools, among other items from both Chinese and Malaysian companies, will be available for customers to test out and purchase.

Shoppers will be able to buy an item by scanning its QR code and making the purchase through the app. Staff will also be at the store to assist users.

The retail store will open on 29 November at MyTOWN Shopping Centre in Cheras, KL


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On Monday, 4 November, a father in Thailand found his son had died at his personal computer (PC) after having all-night gaming sessions during his school holidays

According to Daily Mail, the 17-year-old had broken up from classes towards the end of October and was using the free time to stay in his room on multiplayer battle games on his PC.

He reportedly spent hours on the computer at the home in Udon Thani, northern Thailand.

Medics who examined the body said the teenager died from a stroke

Prior to the medics, the father had tried to revive his son.

“I called his name and said ‘wake up, wake up’ but he did not respond. I could see he was dead,” the devastated father was quoted as saying.

According to the report, the medics believed that the teenager suffered the stroke due to playing the computer constantly through the night.

The boy’s body was taken from the hospital to a nearby Buddhist temple for the funeral.

His parents said that he would stay up all night in his room and then draw the curtains during the day to continue his fixation with gaming

According to his parents, Piyawat Harikun had refused to cut down the hours he spent on his computer despite their continuous urging.

On Monday, when Piyawat’s father went into the bedroom, he found his son collapsed from the computer chair and was slumped against a PC tower on the floor.

There was a pile of takeaway boxes on the desk and a bottle of fizzy pop at his feet, while his headphones were resting on top of another computer tower, reported Daily Mail.

The father, who is an air force officer, has urged other parents not to allow their children to become hooked on the games

“My son was smart and always did great at school but he had a major problem with gaming addiction. He had already died before he had a chance to change,” the father said.

“I want my son’s death to be an example”

He said that he wants it to be a warning “for parents whose children are game addicts”, urging them to be more strict on their children’s playing hours, “otherwise, they could end up like my son”.


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Anjing penjaga rumah Umie Aida

November 7, 2019 | Inspiring | No Comments

PELAKON Datin Seri Umie Aida mendedahkan dia memiliki seekor anjing jalanan ‘street dogs’ yang menjadi penjaga rumahnya sejak setahun yang lalu.

Umie memberitahu, anjing diberi nama Blacky itu sering diberi makan dan minum sebelum menganggapnya ‘tuan’ serta menjadi penunggu setia di hadapan rumahnya.

“Rasanya hampir setahun blacky jadi jaga depan rumah me (Umie Aida). Asalnya dia ‘street dogs’, me beri makan…

“Dia terus anggap me tuan dia. Dan dia macam tahu batas-batas antara me dengannya… kalau me buka pintu pagar rumah, tak pernah sekali pun dia cuba masuk. Dia sedar ruangnya hanya luar pintu pagar rumah me dan Blacky sangat setia dan dengar cakap,” tulisnya di Instagram rasminya.

Menerusi entri tersebut, dia memuat naik video Blacky sedang menanam seekor anak anjing.

Umie memberitahu Blacky baru sahaja memiliki seekor anak tetapi sudah mati dan memintanya menanamkannya.

“Dipendekkan cerita Blacky baru dapat anak… dan dia sorok baby dia kat satu kawasan yang me sendiri tak tahu. Tapi setiap kali nak makan dia akan datang rumah Me.

“Dan semalam… Blacky datang bawa anak dia.. Mata Blacky berair seolah-olah menangis. Ya ALLAH… rupa-rupanya baby dia mati dan dia minta tolong tanamakan baby dia.

“Me tak tahu nak cakap macam mana sedih Blacky dengan kematian anaknya. Binatang pun ada perasaan tanam anak dia yang dah mati. Manusia? Hmmm… Pengajaran buat kita yang bergelar manusia yang ada hati perasaan, akal dan iman,” luahnya.

Perkongisan video itu mendapat 28,800 tanda suka dari peminatnya.


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Guru ditipu beli kereta tak wujud

November 7, 2019 | News | No Comments

Seorang guru yang datang ke kedai kenderaan di Batu Caves, Selangor untuk mengambil kereta yang dibeli hampa apabila premis berdasarkan alamat diberikan jurujual tidak wujud, malah kereta jenis Proton Arena dibelinya juga tiada di lokasi.

Ekoran kejadian, guru berusia 40 tahun itu kerugian RM2,000 apabila wang pendahuluan yang dibayar untuk kenderaan tersebut lesap selepas jurujualnya gagal dihubungi.

Ketua Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Komersial Pahang, Superintendan Mohd Wazir Mohd Yusof berkata, mangsa tertarik dengan sebuah kereta jenis Proton Arena yang diiklankan melalui sebuah portal pengiklanan pada 3 November lalu.

Menurutnya, mangsa telah berurusan dengan jurujualnya bagi pembelian kereta berkenaan yang ditawarkan pada harga RM6,800.

“Pada hari yang sama, mangsa telah membuat pemindahan wang RM2,000 melalui aplikasi Maybank2U ke akaun seorang lelaki sebagai wang pendahuluan.

“Jurujual berkenaan (suspek) memberikan satu alamat di Batu Caves untuk mangsa datang menyelesaikan baki bayaran dan mengambil kereta tersebut,” katanya.

Mohd Wazir berkata, mangsa syak ditipu selepas mendapati kedai berkenaan tidak wujud dan jurujual pula gagal dihubungi.

Berikutan laporan dibuat, pihaknya kini sedang mengesan pemilik akaun bank bagi membantu siasatan dan kes disiasat mengikut Seksyen 420 Kanun Keseksaan.


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