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On Friday, 10 July, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (YDPA) paid a visit to the realistic mural of himself and other national leaders that went viral earlier this month

A post on the National Palace’s Facebook account revealed that the Agong was accompanied by the Raja Permaisuri Agong and their children Iman Afzan, Iskandar Ri’Ayatuddin Shah, and Afzan Aminah Hafizatullah. 

The three artists behind the gorgeous mural found at Section U12, Shah Alam, were finally able to meet one of their heroes in person

During his visit, the YDPA spent time with Suhaimi AliFirdaus Nordin, and Abdul Hadi Ramli, talking and exchanging gifts to express his appreciation for their efforts.

In the Facebook post, Comptroller of the Royal Family and Household Datuk Ahmad Fadil Shamsuddin wrote, “The Agong hopes that the work of these three artists will serve as an example, a source of inspiration, and a lesson to the country’s youth to appreciate their leaders and country, as well as a reminder to use their time wisely.”

According to Bernama, the monarch and his family enjoyed a meal with the artists before returning home. 

“I am so touched that you came all the way to U12 to take a picture with the mural I painted. Truly selfless,” Suhaimi said in a tweet.

Health director-general (D-G) Dr Noor Hisham also found some time to snap a photo with the artwork on Saturday, 11 July

Netizens were particularly taken by the Health D-G’s cool sunglasses and fun batik shirt. 

Unfortunately, Suhaimi, the 27-year-old who painted the portrait of the Health D-G, was unable to meet the venerated frontliner. 

In an interview with mStar, Suhaimi said, “I was hanging out at a nearby mamak when I received messages from friends saying that Dr Noor Hisham shared photos [of himself with the artwork] on his Twitter account.”

Noticing that the photos were tweeted only 15 minutes prior, Suhaimi rushed to the site, only to find that the Health D-G had already left. 

Regardless, Suhaimi expressed how thankful he was that Dr Noor Hisham went all the way to Shah Alam to see his mural. Amusingly, Suhaimi edited himself into the Health D-G’s photo, adding the caption “Our hero” to his Facebook post. 


On 10 July, two female siblings died at the Seberang Jaya Hospital in Penang after they suffered almost 100% burns during an incident

The women, G Nirmala Devi and G Malini, were aged 39 and 33, respectively.

On 9 July, Thursday afternoon, they had a quarrel with each other at their Bandar Tasek Mutiara home in Simpang Ampat, South Seberang Perai. Following which, the 39-year-old set herself ablaze by pouring a can of petrol over herself before igniting a lighter, New Straits Times reported yesterday, 11 July.

During the incident, the petrol splashed on the younger sister, who tried to put out the fire.

At about 4.20pm, a team from the Sungai Bakap Fire and Rescue Department arrived at the scene. However, by then the fire had engulfed the main room of the single-storey terrace house.

According to operation officer Azhar Samsudin, they found the sisters trapped inside the house.

“Both suffered burns on various parts of their bodies,” he said.

They were rushed to the Seberang Jaya Hospital for treatment, where they succumbed to their burns the next day. The younger sister died at 5.34am, while the older sister died at 11.43am.

It appears the quarrel between the siblings was about the elder sister going through depression due to her suffering elephantiasis

Three years ago, the elder sister had sought treatment for elephantiasis in Chennai, India.

However, she did not follow-up on her treatment here, according to the Seberang Prai Selatan district police chief Superintendent, who said that the woman had since become depressed.

The siblings would often quarrel, but on Thursday, Nirmala could not deal with Malini’s scolding.

In the incident, several others were suffered minor burns

Among those involved the elder sister’s children, age two and 12.

A 50-year-old Myanmar maid also suffered minor burns. All three of them were rushed to Sungai Bakap Hospital. While the maid has been discharged, the two children are in stable condition.


Pet lovers, take note! You will now be able to get your hands on basic medicine, supplements, and specialty shampoos at Malaysia’s very first pet pharmacy, a service recently launched by popular local pet supplies retailer Pet Lovers Centre (PLC). Conceived with the goal of offering Malaysian pet owners the convenience and peace of mind in getting their pets the right sort of supplements and basic medical care that they need, the service is currently now available at PLC’s Mid Valley Southkey, Johor Bahru outlet.

Pet ownership is a pretty daunting task when you consider the fact that you have to worry about making sure that your furry (or scaly) friend is eating right. And God only knows how much more daunting it can be when your pet falls ill and you need to head to a pet store to find help.

With skilled members of staff on hand, PLC’s Vet Pharmacy will not only be able to help give you some insight on the condition of your pets and what you can do to help them, they can even provide you with a vast range of prescription and over the counter medication that you can use on your pets.

“The aim of the Vet Pharmacy is to offer our services and extended knowledge in pet healthcare to empower owners to understand what is needed for their furry friends,” said Bryan Boo, PLC Malaysia Operations Director, in speaking with FMT.

In addition to that, they also have supplements and prescription diets on hand to make sure that when your pet is healthy, they stay that way. The pharmacy will also plan to include custom flavouring into their supplements to help picky pets find them more appetizing.

While it is not clear if PLC has any further plans to expand their line of Vet Pharmacies to other outlets, the fact that you can now get access to help from a pet care professional is a boon for pet owners to begin with!


This is exactly what happened to a Grab rider trying to make a living but unfortunately had his bike stolen from him. Faizal, who does delivery for a living and is also deaf and mute, found his motorcycle missing at Leisure Mall, Taman Pelangi, Johor yesterday, 8th July.

Facebook group Taman Sri Gombak posted his plight in the hopes that his motorcycle will be found and even added in his details for his convenience.

Peon JB, another Facebook group specifically for riders, went another step and even started collecting funds for Faizal so that he’ll be able to afford his own motorcycle.

Here’s where we see the true beauty of Malaysians and all of them contributed whatever they could and in less than 24 hours, a whooping RM10,684.66 had been collected!

Not only that, but Faizal’s motorcycle was also found by a netizen who found it by the roadside and returned it to a police station at Larkin, today.

The kind-hearted netizen who’s from Larkin found the motorcycle without the key near his shop. He informed the authorities and even mentioned it to the Peon JB group admin.


Grandparents are generally adorable beings, but what makes them extra sweet is the fact that they’re willing to endure anything from back pains to knee problems to spend a little time with their grandchildren.

One grandpa even had to endure a sea of unknown children (due to everyone wearing masks during this Covid-19 season) when picking up his granddaughter from school. He found it difficult to identify her out of the crowd but figured out an adorable solution!

Biony Bell Boonyuen took to her Facebook page to showcase a grandfather in Thailand, carrying a little signboard with his granddaughter’s nickname while greeting her as she approached him.

She wrote, “The new normal. Finding your child is harder when they are all wearing face masks. This is how to pick the right child. How cute is this grandpa.”

Based on the SmartLocal Thailand, the little girl’s nickname is ‘Cake’.

As according to the Bangkok Post, schools in Thailand were allowed to reopen on the 1st of July, 2020 under the condition of strict hygiene regulation such as social distancing and wearing face masks. They’ve also partitioned individual desks and are running temperature checks.

Risky contact items such as doorknobs, desks and other areas are also frequently sanitised.

We’re sure everything will be fine as long as the standard of procedures are followed and this adorable duo can continue to melt hearts everywhere.


Enam warga Nigeria dicekup

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Enam warga Nigeria dipercayai terlibat kegiatan pengedaran dan penyalahgunaan dadah ditahan dalam serbuan berasingan di Taman Connaught, Cheras di sini kelmarin.

Ketua Polis Daerah Cheras, Asisten Komisioner Mohamed Mokhsein Mohamed Zon berkata, lima individu termasuk dua wanita ditahan dalam serbuan pertama di sebuah kondominium kira-kira jam 10.45 malam.

“Pemeriksaan telah menemui serbuk disyaki dadah jenis syabu dianggarkan seberat 369 gram bernilai RM36,000.

“Siasatan awal mendapati kesemua suspek berusia 33 hingga 37 tahun itu tidak bekerja. Ujian air kencing terhadap mereka didapati negatif,” katanya kepada Sinar Harian hari ini.

Beliau berkata, seorang lagi lelaki ditahan dalam serbuan kedua di kawasan sama kira-kira jam 11.30 malam.

“Turut dirampas sepeket plastik berisi ketulan mampat disyaki dadah jenis kanabis dianggarkan seberat 20.4 gram bernilai RM1,000.

“Siasatan masih dijalankan untuk mengenal pasti sama ada suspek serbuan kedua mempunyai kaitan dengan suspek yang lain.

“Selain itu, polis juga masih menyiasat bagi mendapatkan maklumat punca bekalan dan penglibatan pengedaran yang dijalankan,” katanya.

Katanya, kesemua suspek direman untuk siasatan lanjut di bawah Seksyen 39(B) Akta Dadah Berbahaya 1952, Seksyen 39A(1) Akta Dadah Berbahaya 1952 dan Seksyen 6(1)(c) Akta Imigresen 1959/63.


Yesterday (8th July) an ugly incident of road rage was recorded on a motorist’s dashcam. The owner uploaded the video on Facebook and in a short while, it spread like wildfire across all social media platforms because of the absurd behaviour of the suspect.

The time and date stamps on the video show that the incident happened at 7.45am on 8th July 2020. The incident took place near the MINDEF Khalid Al Walid mosque located in Kampung Datok Keramat, KL.

The footage starts off normally with people minding their own business on the road. Here, we need to pay attention to a motorcyclist riding an EX5 in a blue shirt with a pillion rider. Judging by the all-white outfit, there is a big possibility that the pillion rider is a nurse.

At this point in time, a blue car had stopped to let several motorists pass. As the EX5 motorcyclist crosses the junction, another motorcycle that seems to be carrying a family of three almost crashes into them, but manages to brake in the nick of time.

The man on the EX5 then became angry, made a U-turn and approached the person who almost crashed into him. He stopped next to the pedestrian walkway and it can be seen that the woman in white tried to hold him back but failed. The other man got down and asked him what the problem was. The EX5 man then approached him and smacked his face.

A passing motorcyclist blocks the view for a moment so it is uncertain what happened then, but as soon as he moves away, the victim’s motorcycle is seen on the ground along with his wife and child. Bystanders then went to help resolve the fight.

Netizens gave their two cents on the video and most of them wonder why the man was so angry, even when the crash never happened. They also questioned why would anyone in their right mind, smack a man in the face and cause a young child to fall from the bike and onto the road?

After the video made its rounds on social media, netizens were understandably outraged and they even managed to find out the man’s identity, social media account, identity card number, phone number, etc. With this information, they released it online, basically doxxing him.

According to Heimdal Security, doxxing is a cyber attack that involves discovering the real identity of an Internet user. The attacker then reveals that person’s details so others can target them with malicious attacks.

What the doxxer did was, of course, wrong. Doxxing the EX5 motorcyclist does not make the situation better and there’s certainly no good in revealing his private information.

The best thing we can do in situations like this is to make the police aware of the situation and to let them investigate the matter. Two wrongs don’t make a right and it’s something all of us need to realise.

The internet plays a big part in our lives and it will play an even bigger part in our children’s lives. Do we really want it to become a place where they will be vulnerable to getting “exposed” at any minute just because someone doesn’t like them?

To know more about doxxing, this article by Luisa Tam on The Star provides some pretty good insights on why this act is never good.


On Tuesday, 7 July, the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court fined a housewife for physically abusing a 10-month-old child back in March

The accused from Taman Melati in Wangsa Maju was charged under Section 31(1)(a) of the Child Act 2001, which provides a maximum fine of RM50,000, or imprisonment for up to 20 years, or both, upon conviction.

The woman pleaded guilty to the charge before the Sessions Court judge, Mahyon Talib.

She was fined RM6,000 in default of three months’ jail

The incident happened at her house at 2pm on 5 March.

The victim is her neighbour’s son, who at the time of the incident was 10 months old.

The accused, identified as 33-year-old Noor Aziana A Samad, was unrepresented.

According to the woman, her agitation led her to act out

Bernama reported that when the judge questioned her why she pinched the child’s ear, Noor Aziana said that she felt agitated because the child was always crying and there was no water supply at home then.

The woman has three children of her own.


TGV Cinemas is giving out FREE movie tickets every day until 13 July 2020!

For one hour every day, TGV Cinemas will be giving Malaysians a chance to win themselves free movie tickets. The giveaway starts from 1-2pm every day from 4 to 13 July.

Every day until 13 July, TGV Cinemas will upload the giveaway post for the day at exactly 1pm.

All you have to do is:

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Once you complete all these steps, you will be in the running to win a FREE movie ticket! Terms and conditions will apply, of course.

So, remember at 1pm every day, look for TGV Cinemas’ giveaway post!


A newborn baby boy from northern Hai Phong City, Vietnam, has gone viral on the Internet after several photos show him holding an intrauterine device (IUD) in his hand right after being born.

Obstetrician Tran Viet Phuong took the photos which were posted on Hai Phong International Hospital on 30 June and has since gained tremendous online attention.

In the photo, the baby boy is seen with his eyes closed while holding an IUD, a contraceptive that prevents pregnancy by stopping sperm from reaching and fertilizing eggs, according to Web MD.

Tran Viet Phuong said that when the boy was born, the device came out with him and he grabbed it.

“After delivery, I thought him holding the device was interesting, so I took a picture. I never thought it would receive so much attention,” he said, as reported by VN Express.

The 34-year-old mother who has two kids had inserted the IUD into her uterus at a local hospital two years before discovering that a five-week-old fetus had formed in her womb, at the location of the device.

The baby boy was born on 30 June, healthy and weighing 3.2kg.

While the IUD is one of the best birth control methods out there with 99% effectiveness, a woman can still get pregnant if the device moves out of place, according to Medical News Today.

Netizens were amused by the photos with many saying that the little baby was meant to come into this world.

“Dear little bub, he was meant to be here, and he found a way.”

“Nothing was going to stop this bub from coming into the world ❤”

However, many netizens are saying that the photo was staged and that the IUD was placed into the baby’s hand.