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Friend Finally Paid Back RM240 After 18 Years

January 20, 2020 | Viral | No Comments

We have all been there – at a time where friends would approach us for small loans. We also know getting our money repaid back is not the easiest thing. Heck, many of us encountered people who just ‘forgot’ to pay us back.

However, what happened to a man in Singapore recently was hilarious. He had to wait a whopping 18 years before his borrower paid him the $80 (RM240) he lent during National Service.

Showing his gratefulness to his friend who paid the debt, Derick Khoo Yew Seng took to Facebook to express his appreciation in a thank you status.

He writes, “This post is not to disgrace anyone. I post this because I am super duper happy for him. 

“He is an army under my care in 2002 during National Service. In our one on one interview, he expressed his wish to borrow money from me to resolve his issue.”

“Without further consideration, I lent him the money.”

Derick understood at that point that the army did not pay well, which resulted in some facing direr financial problems than others.

Unfortunately, as his service ended, they lost contact with each other, Derick assumed that he would no longer come into contact with the man as he changed his phone number.

“For me, it was just water under the bridge from then on.”

Within a few years, their paths crossed for a brief moment at which point Derick’s platoon mate mentions that the loan matter has not been forgotten.

“After a few unfulfilled promises, the man changed his phone number again.”

“It is probable that he is not able to pay his bills, thus resulting in the telco terminating his number.”

Thanking social media, Derick was once again met with the man he lent his money to, and received a phone call in the evening from an unknown number that turned out to be him.

“He identified himself to me and told me that this time he will return the money he borrowed from me.”

“I believed it half-heartedly as I have already forgone what he borrowed from me. That very morning, he shared with me a receipt proving that he had paid the money.”

Tears flowed, because to Derick it was not the amount that mattered, but the value of a kept promise is what meant the most to him.

“I was overjoyed that he finally did it. I can see that my man has changed from being an ’empty promises guy’ to someone better.”


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Penderitaan Puteri Balqis dapat perhatian Finas

January 16, 2020 | News | No Comments

Perbadanan Kemajuan Filem Nasional Malaysia (Finas), Datuk Hans Isaac berkata, pihaknya akan memberikan bantuan sewajarnya kepada pelakon cilik, Puteri Balqis yang kini dilaporkan mengalami kesempitan hidup.

Menerusi Astro Awani, Hans sudah mengarahkan kakitangan Finas untuk mengambil tindakan yang sepatutnya bagi memastikan segala bantuan dapat disalurkan bagi meringankan beban pelakon tersebut.

“Selepas banyak orang ‘tag’ saya di media sosial, saya sudah meminta kakitangan Finas untuk memberikan perhatian kepada kes Puteri Balqis ini.

“Suka untuk saya maklumkan bahawa kami kini sedang berusaha untuk memberikan bantuan yang sewajarnya. (Sebagai sebuah agensi, kami memerlukan kelulusan dengan menyediakan dokumen berkaitan yang diperlukan sebelum memberikan bantuan kepada mana-mana individu),” tulisnya.

Hans berkata demikian menerusi satu kenyataan yang dimuat naik di Instagram miliknya.

Katanya, sebarang bentuk bantuan kewangan akan disalurkan terus kepada badan yang sepatutnya bagi tujuan pendidikan dan bayaran perubatan.

Dalam pada itu Hans berkata, beliau juga sudah berbincang dengan pengurusan media tempatan untuk memberikan bantuan yang sewajarnya kepada Balqis.

Terdahulu, kisah penderitaan pelakon cilik tersebut menjadi tular selepas kisah penderitaan kehidupannya disiarkan sebuah program televisyen tempatan.

Pemenang Pelakon Wanita Terbaik Drama, Anugerah Skrin ke-18 itu dikatakan terpaksa mengikat perut dan menjual buku di jalanan bagi meneruskan hidup.

Ekoran pendedahan itu, pelbagai respons yang diterima termasuklah ada pihak yang membuat pelbagai spekulasi yang mengecam peranan ibu bapanya.


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A Singaporean man was recently kidnapped during a work trip in Thailand, tortured, and forced to transfer USD500,000 (RM2,037,900) in Bitcoin to his abductors

According to The Star, the man in question, Mark Cheng Jin Quan, had gone to Bangkok to negotiate a business deal proposed by his friend and travel companion, a fellow Singaporean named Lee Wei Kim.

After managing to escape the ordeal, Cheng was later informed by the police that the kidnapping was allegedly masterminded by Lee.

Cheng, previously a blockchain adviser, was actually out on bail when the incident happened last Wednesday, 8 January

According to The New Paper, Cheng had allegedly misappropriated more than USD300,000 (RM1,222,140) belonging to an investment company five years ago.

However, he was still allowed to travel to Thailand and Malaysia for work last week.

When he agreed to follow Lee to Bangkok to meet a contact for a business deal, Cheng had not suspected anything amiss

Cheng told The Straits Times that he met Lee several years ago through Bitcoin dealings, but became close in the past year as Lee wanted to learn more about Bitcoin mining.

“I didn’t know where we were going. I trusted him completely,” said Cheng, adding that they even went on a trip together before.

However, on the way to their hotel after landing at Suvarnabhumi airport, their Grab taxi pulled over at a petrol station where a group of masked men grabbed and bundled both of them into a nearby car

Cheng told Zaobao that he was then driven to several forested locations where he was drugged, blindfolded, stripped, and punched by his kidnappers.

They had also administered electric shocks and poured ice-cold water over him. They then demanded USD500,000 (RM2,037,900) in Bitcoin as ransom.

While fearing for his own life, Cheng said he was also concerned for Lee, who he thought was also abducted.

Cheng transferred BHT1.4 million (RM188,474) in Bitcoin to his abductors, however he said they were dissatisfied with the small amount and he felt a gun pointed to his head

At that moment, he knew he had to act fast. He recalled reaching behind his head, grabbing the pistol, and fleeing as fast as he could while heavily bruised.

Fortunately, he managed to hail a passing car, which drove him to a police station in the nearby province where he lodged a report.

Following a manhunt, Lee was arrested at a Bangkok hotel on Sunday, 12 January, and has been charged with robbery, detention of others, physical assault, and illegal possession of firearms

He confessed to all charges, which the police told The Straits Times could amount to a life sentence.

The police also detained four other suspects and found equipment linked to the kidnapping in one of the suspect’s homes, where they managed to recover BHT1.2 million (RM161,611).

It was reported that Cheng was shocked to discover Lee was behind the kidnap.

“I didn’t expect my friend to be involved. I really don’t know who I can trust now,” he said.

“I don’t think I want to come back here (to Thailand) again,” he added.


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An Indonesian maid in Singapore recently admitted that she purposely put her bodily fluids consisting of saliva, urine and menstrual blood into her employer’s food. The maid, identified as Diana, said that she had mixed these fluids into the rice and drinking water of her employer’s family and they all consumed the tainted food. 

According to Straits Times, Diana pleaded guilty to two counts of mischief and one theft charge on Monday (January 13th). She said that she did this because she believed that if her employer ate or drank the contaminated food, they would listen to her and not scold her for any bad performance. And if this wasn’t enough, she also stole money from them.

The 30-year-old maid was hired in 2017 to work for the family of six and after working for them for two years, in August 2019, she mixed her urine, saliva and menstrual blood into her employer’s food. She also stole over S$13,000 (RM39,000) from her employer’s mother on five different occasions between August 2017 and June 2018. Later, she managed to steal another S$4,200 (RM12,600) between September and November 2019.

The mother, who is a 67-year-old housewife had a monthly allowance from her husband and three daughters and she would keep the money in a safe in her bedroom. This safe was secured with a digital number lock and Diana realised that the money was kept there so she began plotting.

DPP Ang said, “The accused, who was able to access the complainant’s bedroom while cleaning the house, was aware that this safe was placed in the complainant’s cupboard. She, therefore, decided to steal from the complainant by accessing this safe.

“In order to do this, the accused began to monitor the complainant each time the complainant unlocked her iPad. By doing so, the accused managed to identify the numeric passcode to the complainant’s iPad. The accused then waited until she was alone in the complainant’s bedroom before attempting to unlock the complainant’s safe with the same numeric passcode.”

Diana managed to open the safe and took out the money there to pass to another Indonesian woman to be remitted back to their home country. The employer’s mother realised that her money was missing and made a police report on October 6th last year. It is unclear how the housewife found out about Diana’s offences.

She was sentenced to six months and seven weeks’ jail after pleading guilty. Diana was not represented by a lawyer and said she regrets what she has done. “I would like to apologise to my employers from the bottom of my heart… I stole my employer’s money because my family in Indonesia has some distress. I am very remorseful,” she added.


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Bubble tea, as most of you know, is a trend-food. And like most trend-food items, they are highly popular to a point where some people have described them as being almost ‘addictive’. But that’s just a state of mind, right? After all, there’s nothing really addictive inside a cup of bubble tea that would make you addicted to it.

According to Sin Chew Daily, the Malaysian Police have recently just busted down a ring of drug dealers who were distributing drugs, but they had one unique way of doing it that is either both really brilliant, or really deceptive.

So instead of just dealing drugs in their physical form, like pills or powders, which would make it incredibly obvious, the drug ring uses the already ‘addictive’ influence of bubble tea to their benefit:

The drug of choice, ecstasy, is turned into a powder before being mixed in with milk tea from popular brands, iced lemon tea, or grape juice, depending on your preferred beverage of choice.

Each cup of ‘bubble tea’, or again, whatever beverage on their menu, is sold for around RM250 to RM350.That’s a very expensive cup of bubble tea! The drug ring that was operating within both Langkawi and Bukit Tinggi areas were comprised of four men and three women.

They seized over 131 packets of milk tea powder and 27 drinks, all of which had been mixed with ecstasy. Apparently, this isn’t a new way of dealing drugs as mixing powdered drugs into popular drinks has been going on for a while now in the club scene, but this is the first time bubble tea has been used as the drink of choice.

During the raid, over RM 462,250 worth of property was confiscated including four cars, four leather bags, two watches, and cash. The suspects, who were between 20 to 35-years-old, will be investigated under Section 39B of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952.


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A resident of Marang, Terengganu, Aziro wants to find a wife

So he put up a couple of public banners advertising himself in Terengganu.

According to the 35-year-old, he had put up two banners in Dungun, with one in town, and the other by the beach at Pantai Teluk Bidara, reported Malay Mail yesterday evening, 10 January.

One of Aziro’s banners came to light after it was posted on Twitter

But why banners?

He confessed that he has given up searching for a wife through the usual method of social media or dating apps because there’s just too much competition and choices that he had to face.

“So I decided to put up a banner of myself, hoping that anyone from the nearby villages would be interested,” Aziro said, adding that he is praying for the best.

He claims to have received numerous calls from curious strangers

“I’ve received calls from Kedah, KL, Selangor and even Kuantan,” Malay Mail quoted him as saying.

“There’s even a caller from Penang complimenting me about my method of finding a wife and the originality of the idea,” the 35-year-old, who has not informed his family of his search, boasted.

Aziro’s banner has since found its way to the widely popular Twitter account of ‘No Context Malaysia’, where it has gone viral


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The Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) recently issued a scam alert on their Facebook page, cautioning followers to beware of fake doctors.

According to New Straits Timesall medical and dental practitioners in Malaysia have to be registered with the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) or the Malaysian Dental Council (MDC).

The police urged the public to make sure their doctors are registered with the relevant authorities and warned that fake doctors can be fined up to RM300,000, jailed for not more than six years, or both.

Ministry of Health (MOH) director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah has said fake doctors were categorised into three groups

According to Dr Noor Hisham, the categories of fake doctors include individuals who are:
– Not registered with the MMC or MDC,
– Practicing at unregistered health facilities without licence, or
– Entirely not accredited and using the title ‘doctor’ without a valid certificate.

He explained that there are individuals providing medical care in unregistered or unlicensed premises, and many more who are not qualified to provide healthcare but are working at private healthcare facilities.

“The third group are individuals who use the title ‘doctor’ to give the impression that they are medical doctors by profession with the intention to sell products or gain the customers’ trust,” he told Bernama.

Over the years, there have been reports of people posing as doctors and even offering low-cost dental services in hotels, which can endanger the lives of those who are being ‘treated’

Malay Mail reported that in 2018, according to MOH statistics, action was taken against 28 certified doctors or licence holders for hiring unregistered doctors, while the number of cases have dropped by half last year.

Although not many, the public should be aware that if they are not given the right medical treatment, it could cause harm and endanger their life.

It did not help that there was a general high demand for quick and cheap medical or dental care

Dr Noor Hisham said many factors were believed to drive uncertified individuals to open clinics or provide health care services, especially since it proved to be a lucrative business.

He mentioned other factors including expensive cost of treatment at private health care facilities, patients not being covered by insurance, lengthy waiting times at public healthcare centres, lack of awareness of the dangers and implications of receiving treatment from untrained individuals, and believing advertisements.

The public can check the registration status of medical doctors and dentists online

You can check if your medical practitioner is registered on the MMC website.

You can also check if your dentist is registered on the MDC portal by clicking on the ‘Search for Dental Practitioners’ icon.

Meanwhile, Bukit Aman Criminal Investigation Department’s Prosecution and Law Division principal assistant director SAC Mior Faridalathrash Wahid called on the public to report any individuals suspected of masquerading as medical doctors.


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t is normal for couples to fight every now and then, but very often their children are the ones who suffer the consequences of their actions.

A four-year-old boy fell from the 14th floor of an apartment building while his parents were quarreling at home.

According to China Press, the couple from Anhui province, China were having an argument on the 30th of December at 4pm in the afternoon.

In the heat of the argument, the woman grabbed her four-year-old son and wanted to jump out of the window to kill herself, but her husband reached out to stop her.

He grabbed her arm and pulled her back into the room, but by doing so, the woman accidentally let go of her son who was in her arms. The boy then fell 14 floors to the ground.

An ambulance rushed to the scene where medical staff tried to save the boy, but unfortunately the boy died.

The man and woman are about 30 years old. It was reported that the boy is taken care of by his grandma, mostly on the weekends.

It’s very unfortunate that the boy had to die because of his parents’ actions. RIP.


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Many of us tend to overlook the importance of buckling up when we’re sitting in the back seat of the car. After all, you’ll only get in trouble if you don’t buckle up in the front seats, right? Well, after this announcement, you might want to start taking this ruling a little more seriously in 2020.

Minister of Transport Anthony Loke recently announced that starting this year, passengers in the back seat who don’t have their seat belts fastened will be fined up to RM300 if caught by law enforcement authorities.

Initially, the installation of rear safety seat-belts was made compulsory in 2009 following an amendment made to the original Motor Vehicles (Safety Seat-Belts) Rules 1978. 

However, the law wasn’t enforced seriously as few citizens complied with the ruling, deeming it unnecessary for the safety of passengers. Following news reports, the government decreed a grace period of another three years.

But from 2020 onwards, road enforcement authorities will strictly enforce the decree. Individuals aged 17 and above that are found in the back seat of vehicles without their seat belts fastened will be fined. Conversely, if the individual is below the stated age, the driver will be fined instead!

This announcement comes right after law enforcement authorities were pictured detaining smokers caught committing the act in prohibited places just a few days ago.


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Getting married is a symbol of unity, bringing two people and two families together. It also can bring cultures together, and that’s one of the beautiful things of a multicultural country like Malaysia, and to an extent our neighbours! That’s why stories like that of 27-year-old Malaysian Pathma Gurusamy and her 29-year-old Singaporean husband Ng Boon Jun are always super cute, and what they did to celebrate their separate roots had Facebook Group Subtle Asian Traits gasping at the beauty of it all.

The Group, which has 1.6 million members, obviously approved of the union with 35,000 reactions and nearly 2,000 comments, and were even more touched by the two ceremonies they held following Indian and Chinese customs! Here are some of the images Pathma shared in her post.

Pathma said that the wedding ceremonies both took place back-to-back in November 2019, which she describes as super tiring and something she wouldn’t recommend to others. They had the South Indian wedding customs first, both wearing traditional Indian wedding regalia to a ceremony in a Hindu temple. The next day, they had the Chinese tea-pouring ceremony and received ang pows from their relatives to congratulate them on their union.


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