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In his announcement on 23 September, Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced a new package called Kerangka Inisiatif Tambahan Prihatin (Kami Prihatin) to help Malaysians struggling during the Recovery Movement Control Order.

One of the sub-packages announced was GKP 2.0 (Geran Khas Prihatin 2.0) intended to help SME (Small and medium-sized enterprises) owners. GKP 2.0 is a one-off financial assistance amounting to RM3,000 for qualified business owners to alleviate the financial burden of their business while increasing production and service productivity.

How to know if I’m eligible for the GKP 2.0?

Firstly, you need to fulfil these eligibility requirements :

  • Not a previous GKP recipient
  • Applicants must have Malaysian citizenship status
  • If you’re running a Micro SME, your business needs to have a total annual sales or turnover less than RM300,000 AND your number of full-time employees must not exceed 4 people, not including owners.

Next, you need to check if you’ve registered with these agencies:

  • Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (LHDNM) before or on 31 August 2020; or
  • Local Authorities (PBT) or Companies Commission Malaysia (SSM) before or on 31 August 2020

Your business also has to be actively running when you make the application.

To apply for the GKP 2.0, you must submit an online application through the official GKP Portal here as manual applications will not be accepted. Applications will be opened starting on 1 October and will end on 31 October 2020. You can check if your application is successful beginning 15 November 2020.

If your application is successful, the payment will be credited into your bank account starting 25 November 2020!


An orange cat in Kelantan has shown us Malaysian netizens what unconditional love truly is.For over two years now, Nana the cat has visited his owner’s grave every day after his death without fail.

Sharing the story on Facebook group Kelab Pencinta Kucing Malaysia, Hazlynn Nozi shared how her father’s cat has stayed loyal to him even after his passing.

“It’s been over two years since he passed. But from the first day until today, Nana has been visiting dad’s grave every morning,” she wrote

According to Hazlynn, on the first day after her father passed, Nana was already the first to be at his grave, waiting for the rest of the family to arrive

Hazlynn told Malay Mail in an interview that Nana was quite affected by her father’s passing and had lost some weight in the first few months due to poor appetite.

“He was better after three months and started eating normally but he would also linger around where dad spent his time – like on the swing, which was dad’s favourite spot or even sit on his old car,” she said.

Nowadays though, Hazlynn observed that Nana has made a habit out of sitting next to or sleeping near her late father’s grave every morning.

“The grave is behind the mosque, and the mosque is beside our house. Every time he comes back home to ask for food, his paws would be wet with morning dew from the grave.”

Hazlynn shared that her father, who was a retired teacher, was always fond of cats and took good care of many of them.However, it was six-year-old Nana that was her father’s favourite.

Hazlynn explained that when her father was alive, he always fed Nana in the morning before he went to the mosque.

“Nana had a special bond with dad. He was extremely close to him,” she said.

“Nana always followed dad to the mosque and waited for him to finish his prayers before he followed him back home.”

“There was a bond that this cat had with dad as compared to the other cats at home,” she concluded.

Image from Kelab Pencinta Kucing Malaysia (Facebook)

Among them was a Facebook user who highlighted how sad Nana must have been.

“The first day of his owner passing, his face looks so sad,” she commented with a cropped close up of Nana’s expression.

Image from Siakap Keli Press (Facebook)

Meanwhile, another netizen asked Hazlynn to take good care of Nana.

“Please take care of your late father’s cat properly. There’s a reason behind all this. Your orange cat is so loyal,” she said.

Image from Kelab Pencinta Kucing Malaysia (Facebook)


A local online personality recently garnered netizens’ attention after he pretended to be a COVID-19 person under surveillance (PUS) eating out in public

Chazynash, also known as Nash, recently uploaded the video of his prank on Instagram.

In the clip, he can be seen casually eating food at a restaurant while wearing a pink wristband similar to those worn by people under the Home Surveillance Order (HSO) implemented by the government.

Other restaurant patrons in the video can be seen looking concerned while some of them started to record him using their phones.

One individual approached Nash and realised that the wristband was in fact a decoy. Upon inspection, the person saw that handwriting on the band read, “Wife forbids from going out for two weeks.”

Upon realisation, all the customers at the restaurant laughed along.

Many people reacted to the video negatively and said that the video was insensitive

The now-deleted video received criticism from social media users and one person commented, “Do you think this is a joke? Later more people will joke about this! Do you think the virus and quarantine are things to joke about? Where is your brain?”

Meanwhile, another netizen wrote, “Take down this video, something as sensitive as this shouldn’t be a joke. People are struggling hard to break the chain.”

Image from Instagram

On Tuesday, 22 September, Nash issued a statement on Instagram and admitted that the video was staged and everyone involved, including the restaurant patrons, were actors

“Today I would like to talk about the pink wristband video that went viral. First of all, I would like to say sorry. I cannot blame you if you don’t agree with me and don’t consider the video as a joke. I understand,” he wrote.

“But I see that a lot of people have misunderstood and thought that the video was a public prank. For your information, it was not a public prank. Everyone was acting, 100% staged. Including the people around, they’re all friends and it was filmed on set,” he added.

“I made the video not to mock anyone. It was only for fun. Most of my content is like that, about marriage. No matter what, I still want to apologise to everyone for making you uneasy.”

The comments for his Instagram post have been turned off.

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Buang yang keruh, ambil yang jernih.

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He shared another post on Instagram that says, “I cannot believe that so many people have bashed me to this extent. Although some people said that the video was okay, I cannot do anything. Yes, I agree. I shouldn’t have posted content like that. Alhamdulillah, I have already deleted the video.”

“After this, if I want to make more content, I have to be more careful. This is a reminder for everyone, this issue is not a laughing matter. Yes, our intention is to entertain people but don’t let it be like my case. I’ve always made videos like this. I just got a bit unlucky this time. It’s okay, I accept that it is my mistake.”

He ended the message by saying, “I apologise to all Malaysians and our frontliners.”

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Defence Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob has since called out the influencer and said that flouting quarantine is no laughing matter

According to The Star, during a live address yesterday, the minister said, “I hope we can be more responsible. We shouldn’t take this as a joke or laughing matter. It’s a major issue as it has to do with people’s lives. Don’t assume this is a matter that can be taken lightly or played for laughs because it has far-reaching consequences.”

He then added, “If he was really under quarantine, then going out with the pink wristband would have warranted some action against him.”

“Then if he’s not under quarantine but wearing the wristband or anything issued by the Ministry of Health as a prop for certain purposes and in this case, to fool the public, then he’s also wrong for doing so.”

Ismail Sabri then noted that it is up to the police to take action on the matter.


Kereta terbabas gara-gara babi hutan

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Gara-gara seekor babi hutan melintas jalan, sepasang suami isteri cedera selepas kereta dinaiki mereka terbabas di Jalan Bidor-Sungkai berhampiran Kampung Bikam, di sini hari ini.

Jurucakap Bomba dan Penyelamat Perak berkata, Balai Bomba dan Penyelamat (BBP) Bidor menerima panggilan mengenai kejadian tersebut pada jam 6.58 pagi sebelum bergegas ke lokasi kejadian.

Menurutnya, setiba di lokasi kejadian, mangsa yang berusia 41 dan 27 tahun itu berada dalam keadaan tersepit di dalam kereta Perodua Axia yang terbabas di bahu jalan selepas melanggar babi hutan tersebut.

“Anggota mengeluarkan mangsa tanpa menggunakan peralatan menyelamat sebelum dihantar ke Hospital Slim River untuk rawatan.

“Operasi menyelamat kedua-dua mangsa tamat pada jam 7.54 pagi,” katanya dalam kenyataan ringkas kepada media hari ini.


In some parts of the world, having baby girls are still considered a shame and boys are still favoured.

Unfortunately, there are parents who are willing to harm their loved ones out of the fear of having a baby girl.

As according to Times of India, a 34-year-old man in Bareilly, India, took a sickle to his wife’s four-month pregnant belly after a priest had told them that they were expecting another baby girl, their sixth one to be exact.

The man reportedly wanted to verify the priest’s claim by opening up his wife’s stomach and checking the gender himself.

He also had apparently been forcing her to abort the baby after he was convinced that they were having another girl.

The victim’s brother had found her on the floor in a pool of blood.

“My brother-in-law often used to beat my sister for giving birth to five daughters. Our parents had intervened on several occasions. But no one imagined that he would take such a cruel step. When I reached, I saw blood everywhere. Anita’s stomach was slit, and she told me that her husband did this,” he said.

Thankfully, the baby in the womb was unhurt, but the victim’s health is deteriorating due to severe damage to her organs and excessive bleeding.

“Fortunately, she has been admitted to the Safdarjung hospital and the doctors here are supportive,” the victim’s brother added.

Her husband has since been arrested under Section 307 for an attempt to murder.


Bekalan ubat kategori B perlu ada slip preskripsi

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Pengguna tidak boleh memaksa ahli farmasi untuk membekalkan ubat-ubatan yang tersenarai dalam Kategori B mengikut Akta Racun 1952 tanpa mempunyai slip preskripsi atau surat ubat yang lengkap dan sah.

Presiden, Persatuan Farmasi Malaysia, Amrahi Buang berkata, sekiranya ada keperluan mendesak, ahli farmasi hanya boleh memberikan bekalan untuk sehari sahaja.

Menurutnya, pesakit hendaklah berjumpa doktor selepas itu untuk mendapatkan slip preskripsi atau surat ubat sebelum mendapatkan bekalan ubat daripada farmasi.

“Selain itu, pesakit mestilah memastikan slip preskripsi atau surat ubat adalah lengkap dan ditandatangani oleh doktor serta mempunyai nama dan nombor Malaysian Medical Council (MMC).

“Jika ini tidak dilakukan, ahli farmasi tidak boleh membekalkan ubat tersebut. Ini perlu difahami kerana ia dijelaskan dalam Akta Racun 1952. Slip preskripsi atau surat ubat ini adalah satu dokumen yang legal dan boleh digunakan dalam kes mahkamah,” katanya dalam satu kenyataan di sini hari ini.

Sebelum ini, ubat yang memerlukan preskripsi didakwa bukan saja boleh dibeli dengan mudah di farmasi, malah melalui platform beli-belah dalam talian atau laman web.

Perkara itu menimbulkan persoalan bagaimana ubat yang disenaraikan dalam Kumpulan B mengikut Akta Racun 1952 itu boleh dijual sewenang-wenangnya tanpa preskripsi doktor sekali gus turut mendedahkan pengguna kepada risiko keselamatan kesihatan.

Mengulas lanjut, Amrahi berkata, pesakit mempunyai hak untuk mendapatkan slip preskripsi atau surat ubat daripada doktor dan mereka juga mempunyai pilihan untuk mendapatkan ubat tersebut sama ada dari klinik atau di farmasi.

Katanya, kebiasaannya harga ubat di farmasi adalah lebih murah berbanding di klinik kerana selain membekalkan ubat, ahli farmasi di klinik juga akan memberikan arahan berhubung pengambilan ubat serta menjalankan kaunseling ubat yang komprehensif agar pesakit dapat manfaat daripada pematuhan kepada rejim ubat yang dipreskribkan oleh doktor.

“Slip preskripsi atau surat ubat untuk penyakit kronik mempunyai jangka masa yang terhad dan paling maksimum adalah satu tahun.

“Justeru, pesakit hendaklah kembali berjumpa dengan doktor selepas tamat tempoh slip preskripsi bagi memastikan pemantauan ke atas rawatan yang diberikan sebelum preskripsi baharu dikeluarkan oleh doktor untuk satu jangka masa yang ditetapkan,” katanya.


The Malaysian Meteorological Department (METMalaysia) has announced that the country will be going through its monsoon transition phase beginning Thursday, 24 September

In a statement released yesterday, the MET department said that Malaysia will face heavy rains, strong winds, and thunderstorms.

The phase is expected to last until early November, according to Bernama.

The MET department stated that these weather conditions may also lead to flash floods and damage unstable infrastructure

Most states in the Peninsula Malaysia, including the west coast of Sabah and Sarawak, will experience the monsoon transition phase in the evenings and early nights.

The public has been urged to be vigilant, especially during this time

You can check METMalaysia’s websiteFacebook, or Twitter for updates.

Alternatively, you can also use its SMS service 15888 and the MMD Hotline: 1 300 22 1MET (1638).

Read the MET department’s statement here:

Image from Malaysian Meteorological Department (Facebook)


The police are on the search for three men involved in the brazen heist of a gold salesman and his driver in the middle of Sungai Besi Expressway on Monday, 21 September

According to Bernama, Brickfields police chief ACP Zairulnizam Mohd Zainuddin said the thieves got away with jewellery worth RM3 million, about RM67,000 in cash, as well as a Toyota Hilux in the 3.35pm incident.

Video footage of the robbery was widely circulated on social media, showing masked men dragging the gold trader and his driver out of their white vehicle that was sandwiched between two other black pickup trucks.

In the nine seconds caught on camera, one of the masked men can be seen carrying several bags out from the vehicle.

Zairulnizam said the police have obtained statements from eight witnesses of the incident, including the person who recorded the video

The police chief elaborated that the three men had cornered the victims’ car while they were on their way to distribute jewellery around Kuala Lumpur.

The witnesses said the parang-armed thieves, wearing long-sleeved shirts and black ski masks, broke the gold trader’s car window to get him out of the car.

“They dragged the salesman and the driver out of their vehicle before fleeing with all the gold and cash that was inside,” Zairulnizam said in a statement yesterday, reported Malay Mail.

He added that the salesman, 47, and the driver, 21, were injured by the shattered window and were left by the roadside.

The victims filed a police report on the robbery at about 6.20pm on the same day.

The case is being investigated under Section 395/397 of the Penal Code for armed robbery

Zairulnizam said police have already found the stolen white Toyota Hilux in Damansara, Petaling Jaya, but the vehicle had been set on fire.

The police chief also urged witnesses to contact the police if they come across any criminal activity in the future instead of just sharing it on social media.

“Such action will only allow the criminals to escape or even lead to untoward incidents,” he said after the witness who recorded the heist failed to contact the police until the investigation was conducted.

Watch the viral video of the highway heist here:

Kes rompakan bersenjata berlaku semalam(21-Sept-2020) di Lebuhraya Sg Besi berhampiran Central Resident Sg Besi..

22Sept2020/KLMakluman awal diterima kes rompakan bersenjata berlaku semalam(21-Sept-2020) di Lebuhraya Sg Besi berhampiran Central Resident Sg Besi..#inforoadblock

Posted by Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS on Isnin, 21 September 2020


A Kia Spectra was seen speeding against traffic along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Halim yesterday, 21 September

Videos of the incident circulated the Internet, showing the car driving on the opposite side of the road as motorcyclists tried to stop it.

In a Facebook video posted by Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS, the car was believed to have been trying to escape after it hit a motorcyclist on Jalan Tun Razak.

Image from Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS (Facebook)

The 60-year-old driver later met with an accident on a highway in KL when another car crashed into it

It is believed that the car had stopped abruptly when a Toyota Fortuner 4×4 hit it from behind.

According to police investigations, the driver then got out of his vehicle and jumped off a flyover.

Sin Chew Daily reported that the man died at the scene and investigations are ongoing.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness.If you or anyone you know may be at risk of suicide, please call these Malaysian hotlines:

Contact: +603-76272929
Skype: BefKL Skype 1
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Contact: 15999
WhatsApp: +6019-2615999
Website | Facebook

For a more thorough directory of resources, head over to the Malaysian Mental Health Association‘s website.


Three siblings living in a squalid condition have been temporarily sent to a children’s home until their parents or guardians can provide them with a better living environment

The siblings – aged nine, 10, and 12 – were living with their uncle in an upper-level shop unit on Lorong Seri Damai Perdana in Kuantan, Pahang, reported The Star.

It is learned that their father works in Kuala Rompin and rarely comes home, while their mother’s whereabouts are unknown. She reportedly left three years ago.

Today, 21 September, SJK(C) Taman Tas parent-teacher association (PIBG) chairman Yeoh Kok Bin and Teruntum assemblyman Sim Chon Siang visited the children and made arrangements to send them to a shelter as a temporary measure.

The shophouse was reportedly filled with animal droppings and trash, while clothes were scattered all over the floor

The place is said to have 13 dogs, a civet, a turtle, and a bird that the girls were rearing.

Photos published on Sinar Harian showed a mattress completely covered in faeces.

A foul smell from the animal waste caused the space to be soaked with a stubborn odour.

The three siblings, who are of mixed Orang Asli-Chinese descent, slept on the floor with the animals roaming around.

Yeoh said the school has visited the siblings twice in the past after learning about their living condition

“The girls live with their uncle who is out the whole day and only comes back at night,” the PIBG chairman said.

“They eat instant noodles in the afternoon and in the evening, either the eldest sister will cook or their uncle brings home takeaway food.”

Sinar Harian reported that their father only gives each of them RM50 per week to support their daily expenses.

Yeoh said the girls do receive help from various parties, but they still often fail to attend school, citing oversleeping as excuses.

He added that their academic performances are bad due to that.

Last month, the school’s headmistress visited them and provided them mattresses and pillows.

However, they were quickly destroyed by the dogs.

Meanwhile, Sim said he had to intervene even though the children did not live in his constituency because no one deserves to be living in such a woefully-neglected environment

He made arrangements with the Social Welfare Department (JKM) to have the children sent to Rapha Children’s Home, located in Taman Indera, Kuantan.

“JKM will give the uncle time to clean up their living place and provide a suitable bedroom for the children or find a new home before they can be allowed to return to live with their family,” said Sim.

Pahang JKM director Zulkhairi Zainal Abidin said the arrangement was necessary to safeguard the children’s well-being.