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Dog owners from around the world have made social media their go-to platform to share footage of how funny their four-legged friends can be.

With a plethora of images and videos making its way on social media showcasing pups in all kinds of funny situations, only time will tell as to how long our appetite for such content will last.

To add more to the already burgeoning library of content, netizen @tombkeeper shared a video of how on pet owner caught their furry friend moving a table fan towards its cage probably due to the unbearable heat.

Here is a video of the ‘incident’

The action was only noticeable when the family dog made its way back into its cage, to the astonishment of the boy in the yellow t-shirt.


The video, which has garnered more than 161k retweets and 297.8k likes, witnessed netizens sharing their own content of pups with near-human like actions.

@wannurasma93 tweeted, “Dogs are smart. This poodle can turn off the lights without being asked t do so.”

Another netizen speculated that it could be an evolutionary thing.

Well, for whatever the reason, it is a fact that they can make us smile through their actions is what matters most.


Kiutnya si comel ni, nak makan pun sayang

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KREATIF sungguh seni kulinari yang dipamerkan untuk pelanggan. Bukan sahaja nampak menyelerakan, beras pulut yang dibentuk anak kucing cukup mencuit hati.

Perkongsian Japan and Extra dalam Facebook menarik perhatian ramai terutamanya pencinta kucing apabila hidangan ikan untuk pelanggan diselitkan si comel itu.

Memang tidak dinafikan, masyarakat Jepun amat sukakan kelainan pada menu sajian yang dijual dan lagi rare, lagi ramai yang datang.

Fuhhh…nak makan pun rasa sayang. Bagi yang suka bergambar dengan makanan, pasti sajian ini menjadi buruan mereka!

Nah! Lihat sahaja seni kulinari yang ditonjolkan. Tanpa sebarang kapsyen, gambar tersebut menerima 15,000 tanda suka dan lebih 44,000 dikongsi rakan Facebook.


Since the MCO started, many of us have dreamt of the day where we can freely roam beaches again to escape the stress of life. While it still isn’t entirely safe for crowds to start flocking to the beach again, we can all live out our dreams by admiring this adorable kitty’s first visit to the seashore!

“It’s her first time going to the beach,” said Semsema Mahmoud, the cat’s owner, after posting a series of cute photos showcasing his furry feline enjoying every moment under the sun in the Facebook group, Travel Secrets Club.

The excited little catto can initially be seen curiously surveying her surroundings with her paws digging into the sand. The adorable kitty then flashes a huge grin at the camera to share her joy at being able to experience the beach for the first time. 

After a few moments, she decides to hop on a beach chair and get comfy. She can hardly contain her own excitement as she spends the rest of the sunny afternoon chilling and lounging by the shore. We can’t decide whether we want her or want to be her. 


For some female business owners, it isn’t easy to have to split your responsibilities between being a parent and running your own enterprise. This is especially true for those who operate their own food stalls and have infant or young children.

As such, some of them wind up having to bring their kids to their stalls to keep a close eye on them, all while they work tirelessly to serve their customers. But thankfully for one dumpling stall owner in Thailand, she managed to run into two very helpful GrabFood riders, who took on the responsibility of babysitting her son while she worked!

The incident happened after the stall owner, who was working to complete her orders in time for the delivery riders, had trouble keeping up as her son was crying and making a fuss. Her husband was out at the time, and couldn’t help her.

“My husband isn’t around and my son has been crying and making a fuss. Thank you so much for your help. Without it, I wouldn’t have completed the orders on time.” she wrote.

But luckily, as two GrabFood riders arrived, they noticed how she was struggling between taking care of her child and cooking, and decided to lend her a hand. Literally! Scooping up the young boy into his arms, one of the GrabFood delivery riders helped babysit the child with the help of his colleague. How adorable is that!

As a gesture of kindness, she even gave them both a packed meal of dumplings to show her appreciation! The post, which has caught the eye of many netizens, garnered a lot of praise for both GrabFood riders for showing such kindness to the female hawker.


One chubby dog in Beijing just wanted to have a relaxing visit to the park but ended up between a rock and a hard place. Well, technically, it ended up stuck in the gap of a wooden park bench.

As according to the Shanghaiist, many good samaritans saw the incident and rallied together to help it’s owner free the poor, stuck doggo.

The rather large labrador was having a nice day in a park in Beijing with its owner when it accidentally slipped through the gap of the bench and got stuck.

When the owner tried to free the dog on her own, but she realised that she wasn’t up to the task as the dog weighed a significant amount. Thankfully, other park-goers quickly came to her aid, lending hands to help free the poor dog.

In the video, at least five to six people can be seen pushing and pulling at the dog. It apparently took more than 10 minutes of twisting and turning to finally free the dog from the bench.

The owner completely blames the entire ordeal on the fact that her dog is “not only fat but clumsy”, though is still a good boy. Plus, it probably enjoyed all the attention.

You can watch the adorably hilarious video here:


If your answer to what you did during MCO is “getting in shape” and “exploring new hobbies”, congrats, you’re a disciplined person! However, if you’re anything like me, your fridge was your best friend and Netflix begged you for a break.

It’s no shame admitting that a lot us of probably gained a kg or two in quarantine. I mean, that’s the price you pay when you’re literally saving the world by staying home. Well, this kid had to face the reality of school after lockdown and imagine his reaction when he found out his uniform doesn’t fit anymore!

Henan China reported that the six-year-old gained a few kgs in quarantine and despite all his might and his grandmother’s help, could NOT seem to button his shirt.

His video went viral on Weibo, the Chinese social media app was completely enamoured by the boy’s cute reaction.


A Korean YouTube channel called 8Corgi House released a video about a month ago where a family of corgis are seen drooling over durian!

The video shows the corgis gathering around their owner as he brings in a whole durian fruit and cuts it open. They sniff around at it, impatiently waiting for their owner to give them some.

When the owner finally gets to the fleshy bits, the doggies can be seen drooling as they obediently wait for their turn to get a bite. The video even showed the floor drenched in their drool!

Here’s the video!

The eight adorable corgis are believed to be a family, with one mum and one dad and eight puppies who were born in July 2015. Their names are: Lego (dad), Jenny (mum), Khan, Ein, Half, Coco, Rich and Eddy.

And if you’re wondering – is durian safe for dogs to eat? Well, according to Fluffy Planet and Durian Delivery, dogs CAN eat durian, but in very small quantities.

This is because durian is high in fats and calories and feeding too much of it to your dog will put them at risk of having obesity. Ensure that your dog exercises regularly to prevent the accumulation of fats in their bodies!

However, while the fruit itself is not toxic to dogs, the seeds, outer skin and stems are like poison to them! This is because the seeds contain cyanide which can harm their brains and hearts and can ultimately kill them.

So, if your doggo loves durians, you’ll have an extra durian buddy to enjoy it with! Just beware of feeding it too much and make sure to keep the seeds away from them.


We know due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all our travel plans have been put on hold. BUT, hey, you can always dream and plan ahead. Now, follow me on an imaginary trip. The Covid-19 threat is finally over and travel bans have been lifted. In this situation, we’re not saying you can go to this inn in Japan, we’re saying YOU MUST visit this inn in Japan.

Why you ask?


Auberge HASEBE is an inn located in Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan. What’s special about this inn is that it’s a heaven for catto lovers. Twitter user @matsujun13 shared her experience and unsurprisingly, she loved it. You can play with the cats while you’re enjoying your dinner and you can even stay the night there. If you’re lucky, the cats would even come to your bed and sleep with you.

“The cats have been raised lovingly and live peacefully in the inn. A former French chef is in charge of the food so the food was certainly delicious!”

Imagine her delight when she woke up to a cute cat curled up sleeping soundly beside her!

The customer also revealed that the cats even guided her to her room and bathroom. She shared pictures of her meal there and we’d daresay the meal looks delicious.

The standard rate for a one-night stay and 2 meal courses costs 15,000 JPY (RM611).

If you are so tempted to travel to this inn right away to cuddle with these adorable cats, you know what to do. Stay home and obey all necessary SOPs so that this pandemic can be battled.


As China begins to return to a state of normalcy after cases of Covid-19 across the nation have seen significant drops, more and more of the local population are doing their very best to adapt by what is now termed as ‘the new normal’. Which means washing your hands often, and of course, practising social distancing.

But the concept of social distancing may be pretty difficult for children to grasp, and more difficult for them to put into practice. Unless of course, you come up with a highly creative and visually engaging way to teach them about it!

According to a recently viral post on Chinese social media platform Weibo, one school in Hangzhou, China has decided to draw from old Chinese history in order to help their young students understand the importance of social distancing. How, you ask?

By getting their students to make their very own Song-dynasty style ‘social distancing’ hats, complete with the very very long flaps on each side!

Made out of homemade craft materials like balloons, cardboard and paper, the hats are meant to measure roughly 1-metre in width to help students get a tangible understanding of how to put social distancing into practice.

These hats are most likely to be familiar for audiences who watched old Chinese dramas set in the Song Dynasty, which were initially designed by Emperor Taizu to prevent palace officials from whispering to each other when they were attending court assemblies.


Many people are doing everything they can to show their appreciation for medical workers who are fighting the Covid-19 virus on the frontlines.

One pilot, who was flying a plane carrying medical supplies, decided to show his support and gratefulness by taking to the skies with a message of appreciation.

As according to Fox News, the pilot, who was flying a plane carrying medical supplies from China to Iceland, decided to draw a heart using the plane’s flight path.

Well, the heart shape is definitely a universally used symbol, and the message was clear. The change in course reportedly added another nine minutes to the flight, the was a heartfelt salute to the nation’s health care personnel.

The symbol was apparently drawn over the hospitals in Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavik.

What an amazing show of support!

We wish nothing but the best to the health care teams in Iceland as they too, alongside the rest of us, battle the Covid-19 to the ground.

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