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DURIAN atau nama saintifiknya ‘Durio’, buah tropika yang berasal dari Asia Tenggara yang isinya manis, lembut dan aromanya yang enak.

Raja buah ini juga dikatakan sedap dan berkhasiat dimakan sebaik saja buahnya gugur sehingga empat hari kerana itu menandakan buahnya sudah masak dan tidak perlu dijolok.

Jika disentuh soal bau, buah durian memiliki bau yang terlalu kuat sehingga mereka yang tidak menggemari menyamakan buah ini dengan bau keju basi.

Berbeza pula dengan penggemar buah durian yang pasti menyukai isi durian kerana durian memiliki rasa yang cukup unik.

Bila bercerita soal durian, penggemar durian pasti akan membela buah kesayangannya dan berasa kecewa, marah tatkala ada mengutuk atau merendahkan buat raja ini.

Tular di laman Twitter sedutan episod rancangan ‘Law Of The Jungle’ memaparkan pengembaraan 11 artis Korea Selatan memasuki hutan di Myeik, Myanmar,

Dalam episod itu, selebriti berpeluang melihat lebih dekat pokok durian dan buah tersebut.

Mungkin tidak pernah bertemu buah durian, pelbagai aksi lucu dipaparkan mereka.

Tiga rakaman video yang tular itu memaparkan cara mereka mengupas selain menghidu bau sebenar buah durian.

Selebriti Kim Byung Man dilihat memotong durian seperti buah cempedak hingga membuatkan netizen geleng kepala.

Kata adbtqw17, “Dia potong macam potong cempedak”

Bukan itu sahaja, beberapa selebriti melakukan aksi-aksi mencuit hati dengan memanjat pokok durian untuk menghidu bau aroma buah durian.

Nuruliffahh berkata, “Mereka makan kulit, bukan isi, frust aku… tidak pernah dibuat orang panjat pokok durian,” ciapnya.

Adegan-adegan ini telah dikongsikan beberapa pengguna Twitter yang juga merupakan peminat rancangan tersebut.

Kata crafynn, selebriti itu turut menyamakan rasa buah durian seperti nanas.

Bagaimanapun ada segelintir netizen memihak kepada selebriti Korea Selatan itu.

“Nama pun pelancong, kalau kita cuba buah dari negara mana-mana pun sama juga reaksi seperti mereka,” kata liyanajmldn.

Dalam pada itu rancangan konsep realiti dokumentari dibarisi artis terkenal antaranya, Kim Byung Man, Noh Woo Jin, Hong Soo Ah, Park Jung Chul, dan Song Yu Qi.


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There’s a new luxury cinema in Malaysia and it’s known as the Emperor Cinemas. This cinema chain has just opened its first outlet in R&F Mall in Johor Bahru and they are offering a cinematic experience like no other.

This cinema chain has its roots in China and Hong Kong but now, for their first foothold in Southeast Asia, they have chosen Malaysia. The grand opening was on 21st August and the place looks really cool. The cinema consists of two storeys and uses suspended geometric structures in its design that look outstanding.

That’s not all, as they have brought their state of the art technology over as well, which is the SONY 4K Laser projector system. This technology is the first of its kind in Malaysia and will help to improve the image quality on screen with outstanding brightness, high contrast, and superior colour performance.

Emperor Cinemas has two Dolby Atmos halls and six 6 Dolby 7.1 halls so that moviegoers can enjoy their shows with the highest quality audio and sound system. There’s a combined seating capacity of 745 seats, which are all covered in leather and equipped with flexible armrests so that you can sit back and enjoy the movie in style.

Emperor Cinemas has two Dolby Atmos halls and six 6 Dolby 7.1 halls so that moviegoers can enjoy their shows with the highest quality audio and sound system. There’s a combined seating capacity of 745 seats, which are all covered in leather and equipped with flexible armrests so that you can sit back and enjoy the movie in style.

For those who love to snack during their movie time, you’ll be glad to know that they have extensive food and beverage offerings available. On Level 1, they have the traditional cinema snacks such as popcorn and hotdogs at the concession counter but if you’re looking for something different, then head on over to the Monkey Cafe on Level 2. Here, they serve a variety of Hong Kong-style food and drinks such as French toast, cakes, egg waffles and dim sum.

For those who love to snack during their movie time, you’ll be glad to know that they have extensive food and beverage offerings available. On Level 1, they have the traditional cinema snacks such as popcorn and hotdogs at the concession counter but if you’re looking for something different, then head on over to the Monkey Cafe on Level 2. Here, they serve a variety of Hong Kong-style food and drinks such as French toast, cakes, egg waffles and dim sum.

In conjunction with their grand opening, they are offering free screenings until 25th August on a first come first served basis. Prices for tickets start from RM10 for adults but if you sign up for a VIP membership on their website, then you can purchase movie tickets at RM12 all day long for all screenings until 30th September.

For more information, you can visit Emperor Cinemas website here.


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POST-CONSUMER plastics have value and can be put to good use. This is provided that the plastic material used for manufacturing products is recyclable.

Once plastic manufacturers make their products with recyclable material, these can no longer be called waste products as they can be reused.

This is the direction that big Malaysian corporations want to take.

They want all companies and brand owners of plastic products and packaging to ensure that their design is 100% recyclable to better manage plastic wastes.

There is also a call for an industrial land collection system of the plastic products for recycling as well as to create a circular economy.

A circular economy is an economic system aimed at eliminating waste with the continual use of resources.

Coco-cola Far East Limited head of public affairs, communications and sustainability Malaysia Khairul Ab Gahani said manufacturers should ensure that packaging have a second life and value in them.

Reef Check Malaysia staff picking up plastic bottles at a beach in Mantanani Island, Sabah.

“We should change the word ‘waste’, as it is such a negative word, because there is still value in post-consumer plastic.

“The aim here is to collect every single bottle and put them back in the market.

“Big corporations like Coca-cola, PepsiCo, F&N, Unilever and Tetra Pak, among others are looking into solutions that can be taken by the industry.

“We hope we can announce the plan by year end, so that we can have an industrial land collection system that will be driven by the industries.

“As we already have a good commitment, we hope to see results and programmes coming to life soon,” he said at the 5th Waste Management Association of Malaysia’s (WMAM) annual conference.

Waste Management Association of Malaysia chairman Ho De Leong said industries producing plastics face new heights of scrutiny.

“A new plastics opportunity has emerged for businesses to create value and drive more sustainable practice simultaneously.

A distressing amount of plastic bottles which are caught at one of the log booms across Sungai Gombak. Each day, DBKL workers have to remove the accumulated trash overnight.

“If regulatory and voluntary measures prioritizing recycling and recovery is aligned with sustainable innovation, the global need for virgin plastic could be reduced.

“Global standardisation of plastic packaging types may be one solution to this issue,” he said, adding that this could be realised through public sector collaboration to create effective policies, coupled with self-regulated industry standards.

Ho said a global commitment for a new plastics economy was announced in October last year by the United Nations with 290 signatories.

The commitment, he added, showed that many major public and private sectors were advocating for a circular economy model that closes the loop on plastics production and encouraged innovative reuse.

“By closing the loop, plastics would no longer be classified as waste. They would instead act as a key source of value, entering and re-entering the value chain,” he said, adding that the technology to enable the use of plastic as a raw material in future plastic production existed.

Health and environment

Housing and Local Government Ministry secretary-general Datuk Seri Mohammad Mentek said over 800,000 tonnes of rubbish from predominantly developed countries such as the US, UK, New Zealand and Australia were shipped into Malaysia to be recycled in illegal plants.

“The problem started when China closed its door on the importation of HS Code 3915 plastic waste, which saw developed countries sending rubbish to countries in South-East Asia, including Malaysia.

“A study published in the Science Advance journal in June last year estimated that 111 million metric tonnes (122 million tonnes) of plastic waste – or about half of what China absorbed in the past 30 years – will be displaced by 2030 because of China’s National Sword policy.

Step 1: Plastic bags are sorted out according to type and stickers, if any, are removed.

“Recognize that money can be made from the world’s plastic waste, the number of illegal recycling factories are on the rise in Malaysia.

“Instead of recycling, these illegal factories dump or burn the scraps to cut cost, releasing toxic chemicals into the atmosphere,” he said.

Mohammad said burning plastic waste could increase the risk of heart disease, damage the nervous system, and link to severe illnesses such as cancer.

“Experts say the city desperately needs to recover, recycle and reduce the use of plastic, but others believe the solution must go beyond recycling.

“Recycling is good, but it is not the final step. Others believe new solutions to promote a circular economy will be the only way forward.

“We need a more robust and efficient waste management industry,” said Mohammad, adding that without continuous improvement and creative thinking the country would not be able to reach the target of diverting 40% of waste by 2020.

Indonesian native Sultan is one of about 80 scavengers who search the Taman Beringin landfill for recyclable plastics and tins everyday.

Julian Hyde, the general manager of Reefcheck, a coral reef conservation non-governmental organisation, worries most about plastic wastes on beaches that threatened the marine ecosystem.

“Coral reefs are ecologically important because they are a breeding ground for fish. Malaysia is a big consumer of fish, so without coral reefs there would not be any fish to eat.

“We are doing beach clean-ups but this effort is not going anywhere.

“We are trying to find ways to stop plastic from getting to the beaches. There are about 40 river booms in Klang Valley.

“We went to see one of them being pulled out and many people from the Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID) were involved in the cleaning process, which took about two hours. About 50kg of plastic was recovered.

“But how does it get in the river in the first place? We are trying to find the solution here and not trying only to clean river booms all over,” he said, adding that DID spends RM5,000 a month on this.

Hyde said transporting plastic waste out was not economical especially in places like Mantanani Island in Sabah.

“Currently we are transporting plastic waste out of the island to be recycled as there is no waste management system, and the cost of renting a boat and lorry to do the job is expensive,” he added.

He said the island folks’ waste disposal mechanism was to throw plastic bottles into the sea.

“They do not know how to recycle. But we can make them change their habits, get a collection system, while the industry players work a way to recycle it,” he said.


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Tiga botol sos tomato edisi terhad Heinz, yang tertera tatu penyanyi antarabangsa, Ed Sheeran berjaya dilelong dengan harga RM18,521.

Memetik laporan berita tempatan, tiga botol pertama dijual dalam satu acara lelongan di London pada 15 Ogos lalu dengan harga masing-masing sekitar RM5,000 hingga RM7,000.

Lebih istimewa, lukisan pada botol edisi tatu yang diberi nama, Ed Sheeran X Heinz Tomato Ketchup, menggunakan dakwat yang sama dengan tatu penyanyi lagu “Perfect” itu.

Sebanyak 150 botol dikeluarkan dan dijual di seluruh dunia sempena meraikan ulang tahun ke-150 jenama sos tersebut.

Menurut Pengarah Perhubungan Koporat Heinz Kreatif, Nigel Dick, pihaknya menjangkakan tidak ramai pembeli yang akan membuka dan menikmati sos itu.

Sebaliknya, koleksi itu hanya akan disimpan.


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A Malaysian anti-bullying public service announcement (PSA) bagged the Bronze Lion medal for the film category at the prestigious Cannes Lions this year.

The PSA comprises three short videos. Each one depicts a secondary school student being bullied. The victim then breaks the fourth wall, turning to the camera and telling viewers to help them instead of merely sharing and liking videos like these on social media. 

Cannes Lions is an annual festival that celebrates the best of advertisements from around the world. 

The PSA was made for Voice Of The Children, a non-government organisation dedicated to protecting the rights of children in Malaysia. 

Nadiah Hamzah, Emir Ezwan and Syed Madnuh directed the PSAs, with assistance from advertising agency Leo Burnett’s James Yap, Jaz Lee and Jennifer Hendroff.


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Watching movies has just been taken to a whole new level with Malaysia’s first ever 270-degree panoramic cinema in 1 Utama!

Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) made the announcement about ScreenX on its official Twitter page earlier this week, 5 August.

The panoramic screen covers three walls of the theatre, giving you a fully immersive experience – almost as if you’re inside the movie

It “breaks cinematic boundaries” by appealing to both front and peripheral vision.

From 5 August to 4 September, ScreenX is showing re-runs of five selected movies

These movies include:

– Spider-Man: Far From Home,

– Captain Marvel,

– Godzilla: King of Monsters,

– Annabelle Comes Home, and

– Bohemian Rhapsody.

As an introductory price, each ticket costs only RM14

The price per ticket will be RM29 after the promotion period.

You can purchase a show’s tickets three days in advance at any of the following places:

– GSC ticketing (Box Office) counter, 
– GSC website, 
– GSC mobile app, and 
– GSC e-Kiosk.

ScreenX is currently exclusive to GSC 1 Utama. However, according to cinema.com.my, moviegoers can look forward to two more panoramic theatre GSC locations in 2020.


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It looks like we may be getting our Genting outdoor theme park sooner than expected! After news of the dispute between Genting Malaysia Bhd and Fox Entertainment Group Llc, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Foxnext Llc, Twenty First Century Fox Inc and The Walt Disney Company surfaced late last year we were informed that the future of the outdoor theme park in Genting Highlands was uncertain.

Now, according to the latest update, it seems that this dispute has been fully resolved, NSTreported. There has already been news that the outdoor theme park would be reopening sooner than expected on Wednesday (24th July) when the stock prices for Genting Malaysia increased, based on The Star.

Genting Malaysia informed that in a filing with Bursa Malaysia that today (25th July), they have reached an agreement and they are allowed to use certain Fox intellectual properties. As part of the settlement terms, all parties in the estated memorandum of agreement also agree to dismiss all claims and counterclaims that have been waiting for legal action in the United States District Court for the Central District of California.

“Genting Malaysia is currently updating its development and construction plans to complete the outdoor theme park utilising both Fox and non-Fox intellectual properties. The outdoor theme park shall also be renamed,” said Genting Malaysia.

While it has not been confirmed when the actual opening date will be, analysts informed that they expect the outdoor theme park to be reopened next year, Sinchew reports.


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FOR some people, using phones has become a psychological disorder.

They can’t stop looking and checking their phones.

Research shows that Internet and mobile phone addictions are as addictive as drugs.

Psychologists and neuroscientists at the University of Southern California, the United States, said “mobile phone addiction has behavioural similarities to hard drug use”.

They said the addiction forces the brain to “release dopamine, the reward-and-pleasure neurotransmitter”.

Hence, this is the reason why we feel good when we use our phones and feel something is missing when we are not using them.

Society must reduce Internet and mobile phone obsession.

One way to do this is to read books and play games with our children.

Before the existence of mobile phones, children and adults played games, such as hand-clap, batu seremban and congkak.

To encourage children to play these games, we need to put down our mobile phones and play with them.

Other than that, we can play board games like snake and ladder, chess, Monopoly and Scrabble.

Playing these games is fun and they stimulate our mind.

They encourage interaction as they are played in pairs or group.

In a jump-rope game, one has to jump in sync with the rhythm of the swinging rope held by two friends.

Most traditional games make us run around.

Playing this way is more fun and improves our social skills.

It also fosters friendship between players.

If it is played by neighbours, the neighbourhood becomes close- knit. However, neighbours are now distant from each other.

A reason of this could our Internet and mobile phone addictions. An activity than can reduce it is embroidery, which improves our brain functions.

Learning a language too engages our mind.

In contrast, mental deterioration happens if people don’t use their brain.

Internet and mobile phone addictions can be reduced if a family plays together. It also encourages family harmony.


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The global box office has a new king in Avengers: Endgame.

The superhero extravaganza this weekend usurped Avatar to become the highest-grossing film of all time, with an estimated US$2.79bil (RM11.466bil) in worldwide grosses in just 13 weeks.

Avatar held onto the record for a decade at US$2.789bil (RM11.462bil).

The title comes with a few caveats, however, including the fact that Avatar’s grosses are not adjusted for inflation. Also, domestically, Avengers: Endgame is No. 2 to Star Wars: The Force Awakens by around $80 million.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige gave a shout-out to Avatar director James Cameron Saturday night at San Diego Comic-Con for holding the record for so long. Feige also noted the inflation technicality and said Cameron will probably hold the title again someday.


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Detective Pikachu has surpassed Warcraft as the highest-grossing video game film of all time.

Rob Letterman’s blockbuster — which stars Ryan Reynolds as the titular yellow Pokemon — has made over $436 million worldwide at the box office.

The 2016 CGI flick by Duncan Jones based on Blizzard Entertainment’s fantasy franchise, on the other hand, previously held the title when it beat Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time with $433 million.

So it’s no surprise that a new Detective Pikachu game is coming to Nintendo Switch. 

The previous version in which the player works with a talking Pikachu to solve various mysteries, was launched for the Nintendo 3DS back in 2016. Now, a brand new Detective Pikachu title is coming to the brand’s other portable console.

Although details are being kept a secret for the time being, fans can expect a slew of clues to appear in the lead up to its release.

The Pokemon Company announced: “Can’t wait to keep sleuthing with [Detective Pikachu]? Plans are under way to bring this crime-solving Pikachu to Nintendo Switch! The details of this game are still a mystery… so keep checking back here for more clues.” 


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