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MyNews Holdings Bhd is bringing South Korean convenience store, CU, to Malaysia

MyNews revealed on Monday that its unit MYCU Retail Sdn Bhd had signed a licensing agreement with BGF Retail, South Korea’s largest convenience store operator and owner of CU.

CU was founded in 2012. Since then it has grown to roughly 15,000 CU stores in South Korea, and is known as a “Korean style convenience store”.

The MyNews group aims to open its first set of CU stores in Malaysia by early 2021, with the goal to launch 500 stores in five years’ time

Starting with bigger cities in Klang Valley, the group plans to open 30 to 50 CU stores to monitor their performance.

The licensing agreement between MyNews Holdings Bhd and BFG Retail Co. Ltd. is 10 years long, with an additional 10-year renewal term. 

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the popular goodies Koreans love from CU:

1. This cream bun is all over social media! Look how stuffed it is :O

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2. Adorable cheese macarons designed as burgers!

3. Gooey chocolate mochi mmmm…

4. Mashed potato wrapped in crispy pastry dipped in pizza sauce? Yes, please.

5. Flavoured cheese puddinggggg

And of course all the Korean snacks and everyday staples you can expect from a convenience store

A restaurant in Prague’s historic centre has invented a dessert shaped like the novel coronavirus, an attempt to arrest a slump in business that is already proving a hit with customers.

The Black Madonna would normally be bustling with tourists admiring its cubist interior, but it has suffered as travel to the Czech Republic slumped amid the pandemic and the country battles one of the highest rates of coronavirus infections in Europe.

The dessert’s creator, Olga Budnik, said she got the idea during lockdown in the spring.

“I found a photo of the virus on the internet and I figured out in detail how to make the dessert — how to make the spikes, what the colour would be like, and I prepared it all,” she told Reuters.

The dessert is slightly smaller than a tennis ball, with a chocolate crust and dusted with cocoa butter spray. The virus’ “spikes” are made of white chocolate and dried raspberries.

Inside there is a pistachio filling with raspberry puree and raspberries in the centre.

The delicacy has been a big success, with sales of more than 100 each day and rising.

“The coronavirus crisis has meant a huge drop for us, in tens of per cent, like for other gastro enterprises,” the cafe’s marketing manager Vojtech Hermanek said.

“But at the same time it was a chance to bring out the coronavirus cake which is a symbol … showing that not everything is lost.”

Budnik, a Ukrainian living in Prague for the past six years, already has sights on the next product — a Covid-19 vaccination-themed sweet which should taste of citrus and liqueur.

“It will be lots of lime with a bit of alcohol,” she said.


From vegan chocolate to lactose-free and sugar free alternatives, how do France’s artisan chocolate-makers go about crafting the chocolate of tomorrow when removing the very ingredients that usually satisfy our taste for sugar and fat? It turns out that nature often has the answer, in the form of ingredients such as fruit, avocado oil and soy milk.

It took Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Craftsman in France), Nicolas Cloiseau, nine months to develop his 100 per cent plant-based collection. That was back in 2018, when the head chocolatier of France’s La Maison du Chocolat was the first big name to shake things up in the chocolate world. The starting idea was simple: to concoct a chocolate selection every bit as delicious as those usually hailing from La Maison du Chocolat, but without using even a hint of cream or butter in the ganaches. Accompanied by a nutritionist, Nicolas Cloiseau developed recipes for five ganaches that only use natural ingredients to achieve the perfect taste and texture of a chocolate. As for sugar, Chef Cloiseau looked to honey and maple syrup to deliver just the right hit of sweetness.

Fruit, plants, infusions

When crafting the chocolate of tomorrow, chefs above all draw on the rich flavours and aromas of nature to help them perfect the taste and texture of a ganache. Nicolas Cloiseau uses enough quantities to round out his creations to perfection, reaching up to 74 per cent in treats such as his squash seed praline. Whether as pulp, juice or nectar, fruit is used in all kinds of ways and is often matched with spices. Turmeric, for example, is combined with mango to bring an acidic hint to a dark ganache, while aloe vera is twinned with green apple, and pomegranate is combined with raspberry and aronia berry juices. Perhaps the most unusual addition is propolis, a resinous substance produced by honeybees and used to build and maintain the hive.

At Paris-based Edwart Chocolatier, Edwin Yansané also works with fruit purees, as well as infusions. His debut vegan selection features hibiscus and pepper, as well as fresh, just-roasted coffee. “The ganaches were a real challenge! With my team, we had to get really creative to find and work with a plant-based base capable of holding all the flavors, even the most subtle,” explains the Edwart Chocolatier founder. His box of 25 chocolates costs €28 (RM137).

From soy milk to avocado oil

To replace cream — since no butter was used in his creations — chocolate-maker Edwin Yansane decided to use soy milk to get a creamy and silky consistency. The young artisan carried out various tests with coconut milk, oat milk, almond milk and plant-based mascarpone.

For his part, Nicolas Cloiseau is working on another idea in the form an upcoming vegan chocolate selection. Unveiled back in January, the collection uses avocado oil to replace animal fats in the “La Vie en Vert” collection, due early 2021. The range includes concoctions featuring Burgundy blackcurrant, passion fruit and raspberry purée. The box is priced €27 for 16 chocolates.

Playing with proportions

To make a lactose-free chocolate spread, Pierre Chauvet decided to increase the percentage of hazelnuts in his product to obtain sufficient oil and an adequate emulsion. The chocolatier, based in Aubenas in France’s south-eastern Ardeche region, chose to use 60 per cent hazelnuts compared to the usual 43 per cent.

“The more you increase the proportion, the greater the creaminess,” explains the chocolate-maker. Indeed, since the nut already contains fat, all you have to do is prepare a praline — i.e., caramelise the nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, pecans) then blend them up. Then, after a few seconds, an oil rises to the surface transforming the powder into a paste. “Generally, we would use soy lecithin to make lactose-free options. But I didn’t want to use that. And, in these recipes, you only use 10 to 25 per cent nuts,” explains Pierre Chauvet, who kept costs down by using hazelnuts from the Middle East rather than from Italy’s Piedmont region. The spread costs €7.90 per 110g jar.

La Maison du Chocolat also made use of the hazelnut and its oil content to perfect the texture of its first plant-based collection. Alongside this, Nicolas Cloiseau uses chicory fiber, also being put to use in the “La Vie en Vert” collection.

Pierre Chauvet isn’t stopping at the lactose-fee spread, and is now working on a range of lactose-free ganaches. “Instead of milk, we add water, coconut milk, couverture chocolate, cocoa. Everything still needs to be gauged,” explains the chocolate-maker. Indeed, it seems that the chocolate of tomorrow still has plenty of surprises in store.


On 1 October, 7-Eleven introduced a new item to their stores nationwide. With a sleek black and red packaging, this instant noodles and spicy, fizzy drink laced with ghost pepper was introduced in conjunction with Halloween.

What would this article be without a review, right? So we decided that we will sacrifice ourselves in the name of science.

We bought the combo set at our nearest 7-Eleven with the price of RM8.90. It’s quite reasonably priced, actually! The combo comes with one cup of instant noodles that went viral last year due to how unbelievably spicy it was and a can of spicy cola.

You know that feeling when your mother starts to tumis sambal, and your nose itches slightly and then you start sneezing? That’s how we felt when we opened the can.

Taking the leap of faith, we decided to drink the cola and when it hits your tongue you feel nothing. After you swallow it, the spice hits and it tastes just like fresh chilli juice mixed in with cola.

If we were to rate it, we would give it a rating of pedas gilaIt’s safe to say that we KO-ed after the first sip. 

In the name of experimentation, we decided to dab a little of the cola on our lips and after a few seconds, it started stinging

If you think you can tahan pedas, you better give this cola a try! In fact, you can win some prizes if you join their contest!

Here’s how you can do exactly that:

  1. RECORD A VIDEO – Record a video of you TRICKING your Buddies, Family, or even Bosses by finishing a Ghost Pepper Combo Pack.
  2. NOMINATE 2 PEOPLE – The Victim will Nominate any 2 people to take up the challenge.
  3. #HASHTAG & UPLOAD – Upload the video and Tag with the hashtag #DaebakTrickAndTreat.

This contest runs from now till 22 November. If you would like to know more, click here.


MAMEE and Tealive have recently announced a product, thanks to the collaboration of both companies. Try imagining the taste of a cup of MAMEE Instant Noodles combined with Tealive milk tea with boba and you might get an idea of the taste of their ‘Spicy Mi Boba’.

The unusual product combines MAMEE’s classic instant noodles with milk tea as its soup base and yes, they have included boba in it too! What’s more enticing is that you can either cook the food fusion in hot or cold water!

The new Spicy Mi Boba is currently being sold exclusively on Tealive’s website at RM15.90 for 3 cups and RM109.90 for 24 cups.

Although we are a bit skeptical of the taste, we’re intrigued enough to find out! If you by any chance have managed to grab one, do share with us your experience in the comments section below!

BERITA baik buat ‘penggila’ durian yang ingin merasai durian tempatan yang duduk di luar negara!

Pemilik perniagaan durian kini berpeluang untuk mengeksport “raja buah” itu ke seberang laut, terutamanya ke Hong Kong dan Singapura menerusi inisiatif “Durian Express” DHL Express Malaysia.

Dalam satu kenyataan, penyedia perkhidmatan penghantaran antarabangsa itu berkata, inisiatif baharu itu bertujuan membantu pemilik perniagaan durian memenuhi permintaan yang kian melonjak dari seberang laut, dan menjamin penghantaran pada hari berikutnya dalam tempoh kurang daripada 24 jam.

Menurut pengarah urusan DHL Express Malaysia, Julian Neo berkata, dengan “Durian Express”, pemilik perniagaan mempunyai fleksibiliti untuk membuat penghantaran ke gudang luar negara mereka sendiri, entiti komersil seperti pasar raya, atau kediaman dan alamat pejabat.

Kargo pukal am turut disediakan untuk pesanan dalam jumlah besar yang mana ia boleh dibahagikan kepada kiriman yang lebih kecil dan dihantar secara individu ke lokasi berasingan.

Neo berkata, kedua-dua negara berkenaan merupakan rakan dagangan utama untuk raja buah itu.

Mengulas lanjut, beliau menambah perkhidmatan baharu ini juga akan membolehkan pemilik perniagaan durian tempatan memenuhi selera asing yang semakin meningkat untuk lebih daripada 100 jenis yang terdapat di negara ini, terutamanya Musang King.

Turut dikenali sebagai Mao Shan Wang atau D197, rasanya yang sedap menyaksikan permintaan yang tinggi untuk durian jenis ini.

Walaupun dalam negara, ia dijual antara RM50 dan RM70 untuk satu kilogram, jumlah yang sama boleh dijual dengan harga sehingga RM200 di Hong Kong.

Atas sebab-sebab inilah, ia menjadi fokus utama eksport untuk Malaysia, menguasai 23 peratus daripada pengeluaran durian setahun.


If you love getting an iced coffee or a frappe, but don’t always have the money to spend on a fancy drink, then one McDonald’s fan might have found a solution for you.

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after sharing a very simple, but tasty, McDonald’s milkshake hack.

The woman, who posts under the name @ellbrxo, showed how you can make a drink that tastes similar to something you might find at Costa or Starbucks – for less.

All you have to do is head to your local McDonald’s and order a vanilla milkshake and a shot of espresso.

Then you pour the coffee into the milkshake and give it a stir with your straw.

@ellbrxo shared a video of herself mixing up the drink, captioning the post “thank us later”.

The clip has since been viewed over 246,000 times, garnering more than 28,000 likes.

Hundreds of people commented on the TikTok to share their thoughts on the ‘hack’ – including a McDonald’s employee.

The staff member approved the drink, writing: “I work there and I do this all the time!!”

A second thought it looked “amazing”, while another person commented: “How good would this taste with chocolate milkshake, like a mocha.”

A fourth replied: “What an idea!”

“OMG we have to try this,” proclaimed someone else.

“This is the best video I’ve seen today,” added a different user.

This comes after an ex-McDonald’s employee explained what staff really mean when they tell you the ice cream machine is broken.

According to the former worker, the machines aren’t usually broken, the staff probably just can’t be bothered to clean them.

Back in October, Twitter user @will_doyle posted: “Btw, I used to work in McDonalds. The ice cream machine was never broke, it just takes three hours to clean so we used to say it was broke so we didn’t have to serve you lot. Cheers.”

And he’s not the only one who’s revealed this interesting little tidbit.

@MichaelZyzzi said: “As an ex-McDonald’s employee, the ice cream machine was always working it just took too long to clean it so we used to tell everyone it was broken hahaha.”

In response to this, a different user asked: “I don’t understand why you couldn’t say it’s being cleaned or maintenanced.”

Another former worker @ikariarunner replied and said: “because people don’t understand that you can’t use it at all when its on a cleaning cycle … they just think you’re wiping it down or something, its easier to say its broken.”


2020 might be a terrible year but it’s also the year where so many brands have been experimenting to create unique types of food.

For Southeast Asia, it’s mostly food mixed with the durian. From ice creams, to fried rice to even whiskey, the durian has now become similar to cheese.

So why not mix them both together? That’s just what Pizza Hut has done.

It’s been 10 years since Pizza Hut released its Cheesy 7 pizza. So to celebrate the occasion, the fast food brand has released a unique version of the pizza mixed with durian.

The pizza will feature dollops of actual durian flesh mixed with eight types of cheese. Here they are:

1. Provolone

2. Mozzarella

3. Gouda

4. Cheddar

5. Monterey Jack

6. Romano

7. Parmesan

8. Cream cheese

Unfortunately, the Cheesy 7 Durian pizza is only available in Singapore and it’s priced at S$26.90 (US$19.70) for dine in and S$36.90 (US$27) when delivered.

That’s not all. Pizza Hut Singapore will also be releasing the Durian Kaya Pull Apart and the Durian Kaya Tart in October, 2020.


KALAU nak tahu, pada tahun 1884, individu pertama yang mencipta mentega kacang adalah Marcellus Gilmore Edson, seorang warganegara Kanada.

Sejak dari itu ia menjadi ruji di rumah-rumah Amerika Utara selama hampir 131 tahun lamanya.

Mentega kacang dikatakan berkhasiat dan lazat terutama jika dimakan dengan roti. Ia juga rendah lemak dan kaya dengan nutrien yang sihat.

Kalau korang sedang diet, Peanut Butter adalah salah satu menu hidangan yang mampu untuk membantu penurunan berat badan.

Pun begitu, sebenarnya terdapat pelbagai lagi khasiat yang terkandung dalam mentega kacang yang kita sering terlepas pandang dan ramai juga dalam kalangan kita yang masih tidak tahu.

  1. Mengurangkan risiko kematian

Menurut kajian Vanderbilt University 2015, makan kacang setiap hari dikaitkan dengan risiko kematian yang lebih rendah. Apa yang memberi kacang keupayaan untuk menghalang penuaan?

Jawapannya adalah ketumpatan nutrien mereka yang tinggi kerana kacang mempunyai profil lemak yang sihat, termasuk lemak mono dan polyunsaturated yang kaya dengan antioksidan.

Selain itu, ia juga mengandungi nutrien seperti kalium yang membantu mengekalkan tekanan darah yang sihat, kaya serat dan mengandungi phytosterols tumbuhan yang sihat.

Asid lemak tanpa tepu dan tak tepu telah ditunjukkan untuk menurunkan kadar kolesterol dan trigliserida LDL, menurunkan risiko sindrom metabolik, penyakit jantung dan diabetes jenis 2.

2. Cepat kenyang

Lemak dan protein monounsaturated butter mentega sangat sihat. Korang boleh cuba mentega kacang yang disapu pada roti bakar untuk menu sarapan pagi dan membuat sandwich untuk makan tengah hari, atau salut pada buah epal untuk dijadikan seperti snek yang mampu menghalang korang makan berlebihan.

Namun ia haruslah diambil secara sederhana. Saiz hidangan yang baik ialah dua sudu. Korang juga boleh campuran mentega kacang ke dalam makanan dan mempelbagaikan mengikut kreativiti dan selera masing-masing. Mesti cepat kenyang.

3. Lebih Bertenaga

Protein, serat dan lemak sihat dalam mentega kacang boleh memberikan tenaga yang diperlukan untuk sepanjang hari.

Ia juga membantu mengekalkan gula darah yang stabil bagi menghalang keletihan dan lesu ketika sedang bekerja.

Lepas ni kena pastikan mentega kacang kena sentiasa ada stok dekat office. Barulah bertenaga buat kerja!

4. Menurunkan berat badan

Walaupun korang mengawal ketat pemakanan, kajian menunjukkan bahawa termasuk kacang boleh membantu mengurangkan berat badan. Nak tahu kenapa?

Kacang mengandungi mengandungi kandungan protein yang tinggi. Tambahan pula ia mengandungi kandungan lemak dan serat tinggi yang akan menjadikan daya kelaparan tahan lebih lama. Ini secara tak langsung korang akan kurang makan.

Hasilnya dengan pengambilan mentega kacang, mungkin kurang pengambilan kalori pada siang hari. Kebanyakan orang mendapati makan 200 kalori mentega kacang lebih sihat daripada, katakan, 200 kalori pretzel.

Menurut satu kajian di Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic, kacang tanah juga boleh meningkatkan relau metabolik.

Dalam kajian itu, kadar metabolisme subjek melonjak sebanyak 11 peratus apabila seseorang itu makan kira-kira 500 kalori kacang setiap hari selama 19 minggu.

5. Akan lebih bijak

Ya! Jangan terkejut, satu kajian mendapati bahawa lemak monounsaturated yang terdapat dalam makanan seperti kacang dan minyak zaitun adalah perlindungan terhadap kesihatan dan fungsi otak.

Bagaimana? Ciri-ciri antioxidative dan anti-inflamasi kacang membantu mengurangkan tekanan (atau kerosakan oksidatif) ke otak. Jadi untuk mereka yang sedang membesar, mentega kacang sesuai untuk diambil kerana ia boleh merangsang pertumbuhan sel-sel otak.

Namun perlu ingat! Jenama yang salah juga mampu menjejaskan zakar. Sesetengah petani kekacang ini menggunakan racun perosak menjadikan bahan kimia senang larut dalam pertumbuhan kacang.

Pendedahan racun perosak telah dikaitkan dengan kecacatan kelahiran dan kesuburan pada lelaki. Bagaimana nak memilih mentega kacang yang sesuai dengan ciri-ciri di atas? Pilihlah yang mengandungi pelbagai organik. Jadi, perlu hati-hati dalam memilih jenama.


WAH! Bagaikan kembali ke zaman retro 60-an.

Itu pasti yang dirasakan sebaik sahaja kaki melangkah masuk cawangan restoran A&W ke-49 yang dibuka secara rasminya di Seventeen Mall, Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Percayalah, dekorasi sentuhan moden ala retro yang menelan belanja RM1 juta ini bakal mengembalikan nostalgia. Lebih-lebih dengan adanya sebuah peti muzik atau Juke Box akan menawarkan pilihan muzik funk, soul, disco dan klasik kepada para pelanggan.

Menarik bukan? Keanggunan deko lengkap dengan ruangan berpetak dan tempat duduk ala bar menjadikannya satu port hebat untuk ber’instagram yang lain daripada lain!

Keterujaan A&W Malaysia yang mahu menampilkan konsep retro pertama di negara ini disemarakkan dengan semangat memperingati perjalanan sebagai restoran makanan segera pertama di Malaysia sejak tahun 1963.

Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif A&W Malaysia, George Ang berhasrat untuk mengembalikan ‘kegemilangan zaman dahulu’. Pada masa sama, sudah tentu ia bagi menarik pelanggan dalam kalangan generasi muda dan moden.

“Sejak tahun 1963 lagi, rakyat Malaysia telah membesar dengan jenama ini dan juga menggemari hidangan menu ikonik. Ia termasuk coney yang enak, waffle yang menyelerakan dan A&W RB yang menyegarkan.

“Para pelanggan juga menggemari hidangan istimewa kami termasuk Mozza Burger dan A&W Aroma®Chicken yang diperbuat daripada ramuan-ramuan yang segar untuk memastikan kualiti yang terbaik,” tuturnya.

Bagi mereka yang masih takut-takut untuk makan di tempat awam, jangan bimbang. A&W Malaysia mengutamakan keselamatan para pelanggan dan melaksanakan prosedur operasi standard (SOP) yang ditetapkan.

Jika tiada topeng muka untuk masuk, boleh saja beli di pintu masuk restoran dengan harga RM1 je… Keuntungan jualan tersebut akan disalurkan kepada badan amal tau.

Restoran ke-49 ini dikatakan boleh memuatkan sehingga lebih 80 pelanggan pada satu-satu masa. Zon persendirian pula boleh tampung 20 orang untuk majlis hari jadi atau keramaian.

So? Apa tunggu lagi? Jom nikmati hidangan yang disediakan sambil mengimbau kenangan dengan lagu-lagu zaman 60-an, 70-an dan 80-an.

Dengar cerita, ada sebuah lagi restoran dengan penampilan dan suasana retro yang sama akan dibuka di Ipoh Parade pula. Buat orang Ipoh, moh komer… nantikan kemunculannya.