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Ladies and gentlemen, your movie experience just got a whole lot ‘greener’ with TGV’s new refillable popcorn bucket and tumbler

In an effort to help the environment, TGV Cinemas is offering large refillable popcorn buckets (85oz) and tumblers for RM29.90.

Each time you head for a movie at TGV, you can bring them along and get refills at a special price – from RM5.90 onwards!

TGV MovieClub members can get their popcorn buckets and tumblers filled for RM4.90 and RM1.90 respectively. However, if you refill them both, you can get it for RM5.90.

Non-members can also enjoy the offer. Ala carte refills are RM5.90 for popcorn and RM2.90 for drinks. Or refill both and can get it for RM7.90!


Visitors looking to explore some of Kuala Lumpur’s famous food districts on a budget can consider taking the train. As part of Visit Malaysia 2020 (VM2020), the MyCity Pass and KL Heritage Food Trails were launched recently.

The initiative – a collaboration between Tourism Malaysia, Prasarana Malaysia and MRT Corp – is one of the many VM2020 campaign initiatives to boost tourist arrivals, and spending, in the country.

The MyCity Pass which targets non-regular commuters, especially tourists, lets passengers enjoy unlimited rides on Prasarana’s integrated rail – the LRT, MRT and monorail – as well as bus rapid transit (BRT) network within a short travelling period.

The passes are currently offered at a discounted fee of RM10 (S$3.30) for a one-day unlimited travel and RM25 for three days. First-time users will need to pay an additional RM5 for the card cost and a minimum store value of RM5.

Tourism Malaysia director general Datuk Musa Yusof said tourists will now have greater access to KL and Selangor, which is served by a network of rail and BRT.

“This will allow them to travel seamlessly as the pass covers major railways including LRT, MRT and BRT, which make up a huge network within the Greater Klang Valley area, ” he said, during a launch event at the Pasar Seni MRT station in KL.

Some popular tourist haunts along the rail network include the Petronas Twin Towers, Central Market and Bukit Bintang.

Along with the passes, Tourism Malaysia also developed the KL Heritage Food Trails package which focuses on three foodie hotspots: Kampung Baru, Petaling Street and Brickfields.

“We have worked with local agents to highlight the best of our heritage and food culture, centred within these three hubs, ” Musa said, adding that visitors will get to try a host of Malaysian cuisines like nasi lemak, banana leaf rice and yong tau foo.

Accompanied by an experienced tour guide, tourists will be taken on a sightseeing experience where they will get to dine like locals and feast their eyes on beautiful heritage buildings along the route.

Malaysia is targeting 30 million tourist arrivals and RM100billion tourist receipts for this year.


Let’s face it. When it comes to food served at weddings, you pretty much know what to expect. The typical wedding banquet (Chinese weddings, at least) will have roast meats, an assortment of vegetables, canapés, and the obligatory auspicious-sounding seafood.
Over the weekend, Malaysian YouTuber Dan Khoo brought to light an unexpected addition to the menu — one that had him raving about the wedding reception in a Facebook post last Sunday (Dec 15).

“I’m at a wedding. I highly approve this wedding. Because they serve something that I’ve never seen at other weddings,” he captioned his picture. 
For the simple but unorthodox choice of including chicken rice as part of the catering option that day, Khoo was absolutely elated. 

He wasn’t the only one though. His post has since been shared over 3,000 times. 

I approve this wedding

Posted by Dan Khoo on Sabtu, 14 Disember 2019

He went on to describe that the chicken rice had not been just any ordinary chicken rice — it was “super nice chicken rice”. Since the dish is something that he’d gladly enjoy daily, it wouldn’t be surprising if he had inhaled the entire platter of chicken and rice. A score of 11 out of 10 was even given, but we imagine that fans of roast chicken rice wouldn’t think otherwise.

Everyone suddenly had ideas and suggestions on what they want to nosh on during their own (or their friends’) wedding.

PHOTO: Facebook screengrab

Now we just have to wait for other comfort food to be served at weddings, like Indomie Goreng. Oh, wait


Garage 51 in Bandar Sunway is working together with Häagen-Dazs to bring you the ultimate ice cream buffet.

For the first time ever, a local cafe is joining forces with the American ice cream brand for an all-you-can-eat experience.

On 27 November, Garage 51 announced the launch of the buffet on their Facebook page.

They shared a video alongside a caption that read, “We are collaborating with Häagen-Dazs this holiday to bring you some irresistible messed up treats!”

The six flavours available are:
– Belgian chocolate,
– Strawberry,
– Salted caramel,
– Raspberry sorbet,
– Mango sorbet, and
– Matcha green tea.Depending on popular demand, they might even switch up the flavours every week.

Here’s a pro tip from us: mix and match the different types of ice cream to make a flavour of your own.

Our recommendations? Pair the Belgian chocolate with the raspberry sorbet for something rich and tangy. Besides that, the green tea matcha and mango sorbet also make a refreshing combo.

Besides the buffet, you can also try Garage 51’s limited edition dessert that pays homage to the roti aiskrim we used to have as kids.

Instead of the usual hot dog bun, they use fluffy charcoal buns for their ice cream sandwich in their “Messed Up Holiday” series. Not only does it taste great, but it is so aesthetically pleasing!

They even sprinkled a bit of nostalgia on their dessert by using popping candy as a topping.

The buffet is available every Friday to Sunday until 5 January 2020

The actual price of the buffet is RM32 per pax. However, if you’re reading this, it means that you get to enjoy a SAYS-exclusive promotion.

With the buy one free one deal, the buffet would only cost RM16 per person!

All you have to do is show up at the cafe during the buffet and say this password: SAYS Makan Buddies.

The promotion is only valid on:
– Saturdays and Sundays.
– From 29 November 2019 to 5 January 2020.
– First slot is 2.30pm to 4.30pm. Second slot is 4.30pm to 6.30pm.


Label food with amount of exercise, not calories

December 18, 2019 | Food, Info | No Comments

Labelling food and drink with the amount and type of exercise needed to burn off the calories in it might be a more effective way of encouraging people to make “healthier” dietary choices, indicates research published online in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health.

Given that the current system of food labelling by calorie and nutrient content is poorly understood, and there’s little evidence that it is altering purchasing decisions or having any impact on obesity levels, it may be worth trying, suggest the researchers.

If widely applied, it might, on average, shave off up to 195 calories per person per day, they calculate.

Physical activity calorie equivalent or expenditure (PACE) food labelling aims to show how many minutes or miles of physical activity are needed to burn off the calories in a particular food or drink.

For example, eating 229 calories in a small bar of milk chocolate would require about 42 minutes of walking or 22 minutes of running to burn off.

The UK Royal Society for Public Health has already called for PACE labelling to replace the current system, but to date, there’s been little strong evidence to back this stance.

The researchers trawled research databases and other relevant online resources for studies that compared PACE labelling with other types of food labelling or none for potential impact on the selection, purchase or consumption of food and drinks (excluding alcohol).

They found 15 relevant randomised controlled trials and pooled the data from 14 of them.

The results showed that when PACE labelling was displayed on food and drink items, and on menus, on average, significantly fewer calories – 65 fewer per meal – were selected.

PACE labelling was also associated with the consumption of 80 to 100 fewer calories than no food labelling or other types of labelling.

Based on their findings and average consumption of three meals a day plus two snacks, the researchers suggest that PACE labelling might potentially slice around 200 calories off daily intake.

But they caution, the number of included studies was small and the design of each varied considerably.

Most weren’t carried out in real life settings, such as restaurants and supermarkets.

Nevertheless, they suggest: “PACE labelling shows some promise in reducing the number of kilocalories (calories) selected from menus, as well as the number of calories and the amount of food (grammes) consumed.”

The evidence shows that even a relatively small reduction in daily calorie intake (100 calories) combined with a sustained increase in physical activity is likely to be good for health and could help curb obesity at the population level.

PACE labelling may help people achieve this, they say.

“PACE labelling is a simple strategy that could be easily included on food/beverage packaging by manufacturers, on shelving price labels in supermarkets, and/or in menus in restaurants/fast-food outlets,” they write.

“Public health agencies may want to consider the possibility of including policies to promote (it) as a strategy that contributes to the prevention and treatment of obesity and related diseases,” they conclude.


In 2016, Starbucks opened its first store dedicated to providing employment opportunities for members of the deaf community.Today, Starbucks is celebrating yet another milestone with the opening of its second Signing Store in Penang.

On Tuesday, 19 November, Starbucks announced the grand opening of the Penang Signing Store on its Facebook page.

The post read, “Our second Signing store in Penang is officially in motion and brewing! Penangites, share the good news and enjoy a unique experience of our Starbucks Signing Store.”

To make sure this project is a success, the famous coffeehouse chain partnered with the Penang Deaf Association.

According to the Starbucks website, the partnership is meant to support the professional training and development of the store’s staff.

The president of the Penang Deaf Association Razman Tan Abdullah said that they’re excited to provide richer career opportunities and sense of belonging to the local deaf community.

They will also be providing sign language classes for the outlet’s seven hearing employees.

This outlet is the fourth of its kind in the world

Standing tall at three storeys, the store was designed specifically to meet the needs of deaf and hard of hearing individuals. 

The outlet is completed with visual alarms, digital trays, and point-of-sale systems with an attached customer display.

Local deaf artist Lim Anuar brought some life into the space with a vibrant mural that is meant to showcase deaf culture in an art form

Make sure to give this outlet a visit and support their cause!

Well done, Starbucks!

403, Jalan Burma,
Pulau Tikus,
10350 George Town,

Opening hours:
Sunday to Thursday (8.00am – 10.00pm)
Friday, Saturday, and public holidays (8.00am – 12.00am)

For more information, check out the Starbucks Facebook page:

Our second Signing store in Penang is officially in motion and brewing! Penangites share the good news and enjoy a…

Posted by Starbucks Malaysia on Selasa, 19 November 2019


Behold, the Cookies and Cream Pie

On 11 November, the McD Malaysia website announced that the new pie is now available at all McDonald’s outlets in the country.

Made with real Oreo cookies, the chocolate-crusted pie is priced at RM3.95 each

We don’t how long it’ll be around, so better catch it while you can!

Besides that, McD is also spoiling us sweet-toothed Malaysians with new Nestum desserts

If you’re a simple person like me, you’ll definitely enjoy the rich Nestum and ice cream combo. But if you’re feeling a little extra, go for the Nestum Chocolate McFlurry which comes with crunchy chocolate bits.

And for all you chocolate lovers, McD has got your back.The Hershey’s chocolate ice cream is no stranger to us, but the oreo McFlurry just got an upgrade.

You can now swap the regular vanilla ice cream base of an Oreo McFlurry to chocolate.

There’s also a new beef burger on the menu.

Sesame bun, beef patty grilled to perfection, mushrooms, and creamy Swiss cheese sauce. What else do you need in a burger? 

The new Mushroom Cheese Melt Beef Burger sounds absolutely divine and I’m already salivating just thinking about it. 


Siapa sahaja yang boleh menahan diri dari aiskrim, lebih-lebih lagi jika aiskrim tersebut berharga RM3 sahaja. Memang tak senang duduklah!

Hanya untuk RM3, anda boleh menikmati satu scoop aiskrim di cawangan Inside Scoop yang tertentu. Promosi ini akan berlangsung dari 7 malam hingga 11 malam sahaja tau. Take note!

Dapatkan tarikh dan lokasi di bawah:

  • 21 Nov (Khamis) – Damansara Jaya & Puchong
  • 22 Nov (Jumaat) – Queensbay Mall & Sri Petaling
  • 23 Nov (Sabtu) – B.I.G. The LINC & De Garden, Ipoh
  • 24 Nov (Ahad) – IOI City Mall & Taman Segar
  • 25 Nov (Isnin) – Bangsar & Kota Kemuning
  • 26 Nov (Selasa) – USJ Taipan & Suria KLCC
  • 27 Nov (Rabu) – The Gardens Mall & 1 Utama
  • 28 Nov (Khamis) – Mahkota Cheras
  • 29 Nov (Jumaat) – B.I.G. Publika & Melaka
  • 30 Nov (Sabtu) – MyTown & East Coast Mall
  • 1 Dec (Ahad) – Sunway Pyramid & B.I.G. IPC

Bukan itu sahaja, anda juga boleh menikmati aiskrim semurah RM1 jika perkongsian Inside Scoop di Facebook atau Instagram berjaya mencecah 36,000 komen!


If you love fast food and are curious about the wave of plant-based “meat” sweeping across the country, it looks like you might have a chance to experience it in pizza form soon. 

According to a press release, Pizza Hut is following competitors like Burger King and Dunkin Donuts by testing a pizza that features MorningStar Farm’s “Incogmeato” Italian sausage. MorningStar Farms is owned by Kellogg’s which you probably know for their breakfast foods, like Pop-Tarts, Eggo, and a lot of cereals. 

What’s more, the Garden Specialty Pizza featuring Incogmeato will be delivered or sent home in a round pizza box, all in the name of sustainability. Pizza Hut partnered with sustainability company Zume on the effort.

In case you’re looking at that round box above and wondering, “WHAT IS THIS DEVIL MAGICK?,” it’s not exactly original. For instance, Apple patented a round pizza box for its on-campus cafe years ago. But none of the national pizza chains have made the switch yet which is why Pizza Hut is able to call the the new box “revolutionary” and “innovative.” 

Pizza Hut claims the round box, which will be made of compo-stable materials, will result in “delivering hotter, crispier pizzas” and will require less packaging. It also looks like it’ll be a little easier to carry and won’t be quite as bulky when you stuff the leftovers in your fridge at the end of the night.


Saintis cipta daging daripada sel di makmal

October 11, 2019 | Food | No Comments

NEW YORK: Mencipta daging daripada sel di makmal bukan lagi cerita dalam filem sains fiksyen apabila angkasawan Russia di Stesen Angkasa Antarabangsa (ISS) berjaya melakukannya.

Saintis percaya dengan kejayaan terbaru itu tidak mustahil daging buatan akan dijual di pasar raya suatu hari nanti.

Ujian yang dilakukan di angkasa pada September lalu membawa kepada penghasilan tisu lembu, arnab dan ikan menggunakan pencetak 3D.

“Teknologi terbaru ini mungkin menjadikan perjalanan jarak jauh boleh dilakukan dan memperbaharui pengembaraan angkasa lepas sebagai contoh ke Marikh,” kata ketua syarikat Aleph Farms, Didier Toubia.

Aleph Farms yang berpangkalan di Israel itu menyediakan sel untuk ujian berkenaan.

“Bagaimanapun, matlamat kami bukan untuk menjual daging di Bumi. Ideanya bukannya menggantikan pertanian tradisional tetapi menjadi alternatif lebih baik daripada perladangan kilang,” jelasnya.

Burger pertama menggunakan stem sel lembu dicipta saintis Belanda, Mark Post dari Universiti Maastricht dan diperkenalkan pada 2013.

Sejak itu beberapa daging buatan mula dihasilkan tetapi kos yang masih tinggi menyebabkan tiada yang dipasarkan kepada pengguna.