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Malaysian company Hello Natural Co has just released their latest deodorant scent that will surely make you leave an impression everywhere you go.

Forget about just eating the king of fruits, now you can smell like it too.Introducing their limited edition durian all-natural deodorant balm!

It’s pungent. It’s creamy. It’s everything you didn’t know you need on your body.

Aside from having been highly reviewed by testers, the deodorant has also proven effective to keep armpits healthy. 

Unlike conventional deodorants, this durian scented dream is free of parabens and other chemicals that can affect its user’s hormones or are carcinogenic.

For only RM19.99, you can unashamedly walk into meetings, family gatherings, and date nights feeling and smelling like a king.Goodbye sweaty pits, hello whiffs of fruity goodness.

The company, which specializes in making natural deodorants, skincare, and hair care products, decided that it was about time someone made a product out of Malaysia’s most popular fruit.

After all, it’s famous for a reason, right?

It is only available while stocks last, so you might wanna quickly get your hands (and pits) on it here.But for now, happy April Fool’s!


This doggo does not have a single care in the world for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, as long as it gets some adventure time with its human

This beaming Pomeranian inside a pet carrier bag was spotted by Facebook user Eugenia Clara at Farrer Park MRT station, Singapore at 8.20pm on Monday, 17 February.

“Headed home by train on Monday night and got greeted by the smiling backpack,” Eugenia shared to a Facebook group called Dogspotting.

The photos showed a face mask-wearing man walking briskly while the Pomeranian enjoyed the ride behind.

Speaking to SAYS, Eugenia said she was overjoyed when she saw a man carrying the bag as a lot of famous cats on Instagram use the same bag too. Thus, she assumed it was a cat before walking closer to find out that she was wrong.

“The animal was poking its nose from the side mesh pocket window,” Eugenia said.

“Then when I got closer, it turned its head to me – and that’s when I realised it’s a pom dog!”

Eugenia believed that it was her burst of excitement and dancing with a bright blue bottle in her hand that got the doggo’s attention.

“And ya, I just whipped my phone and continue to take as (many) photos as I can. At that time, I was just less than a metre away from the man.”

She then uploaded the photos to Facebook and the next thing she knew, the post blew up with thousands of netizens gawking at the Pomeranian in pure bliss.

Eugenia assured that the bag is safe for the Pomeranian as it has ample breathing holes and that the doggo did not seem to be in distress.

At the time of writing, the post has been liked by over 24,000 dog lovers, with more than 3,000 comments.

“THIS IS IMPORTANT NEWS!” exclaimed a netizen as she showed the post to her friends.


Recently, a model fainted during a live television show after a hairstylist cut 12 inches of her long hair without informing her

The show, ‘Kuaförüm Sensin’ (You’re My Hairdresser), is a reality contest in Turkey featuring a host of stylists using their skills on models and competing for a grand prize.

According to Daily Mail, on this particular episode of the reality show, hairstylist Bilal Ağın wanted to cut his model İlayda’s hair to support a project for cancer survivors called “Let My Hair Be Your Hair”. Bilal, however, failed to let İlayda in on his plan.

What happened next was nothing sort of dramatic as İlayda burst into tears after finding out just how much her hair was chopped off by Bilal without informing her.

As the model burst into tears, the three judges appear stunned.Meanwhile, Bilal smiles and smirks while holding the clump of hair as other stylists and their respective models look lost for words.

Feeling humiliated, İlayda takes off her robe and heads for the door. But she appears to faint as an assistant quickly grabs her.

The clip from the show went viral after it was shared on Twitter

A person using the Twitter handle @samiinovaaaa shared the clip, captioning the moment, “I’m SCREAMINNNN why is that so relatable tf”.

Other Twitter users have since empathised with the model


A slightly less than two-minute-long video on Facebook shows a hungry stray dog patiently waiting at a chicken rice stall in Sarawak as the operator packs an entire bag of chicken rice for him.

According to a Malay Mail, the good doggo is a regular at the stall in Sibu.

The video shows the dog, nicknamed ‘Little White’ by the stall operator, approaching the stall. However, the mind-mannered dog shows absolute obedience once the operator asks him to wait.

As the stall operator starts packing a generous amount of rice and chicken in a plastic bag, the dog waits patiently. Once the operator hands the packed bag to the dog, he carefully grips it in its mouth, before making its way out of the premises.

The video, posted on Thursday, has over 107k views on Facebook

At the time of writing, it has been shared more than 1.9k times with close to a thousand comments of people gushing over how well-behaved the dog is.

You can watch the cute little video here:


Posted by Alex Sim on Khamis, 10 Oktober 2019


An Indonesian man recently gave his fiancée a set of engagement gifts that comprised of computer gaming components

Ervan Pratama took to Facebook on 18 August to share about the gifts he handed over to Tiara whom he intends to betroth. 

Alhamdulillah diterima ♥️. Deg deg serr ngajak sekeluarga ke sana 😅. Tapi alhamdulillah sudah selesai dan syarat sudah…

Posted by Ervan Pratama on Sabtu, 17 Ogos 2019

His post has since gathered over 531 likes and 995 shares. 

When it comes to marriage proposals, Indonesian traditions often involve the groom-to-be and his family visit the bride-to-be’s home to ask for her hand in marriage

According to Coconuts Jakarta, the groom-to-be would then hand over a set of gifts known as seserahan in Javanese. 

The set of engagement gifts are a way to symbolise the man’s financial capability to support his wife in the future. 

Ervan shared that the computer gaming hardware are what both he and Tiara had wished for

The man shared that the seserahan consisted of multiple computer gaming components such as a Gigabyte Aorus Elite B450M motherboard, AMD Ryzen 5 3600 processor, Gigabyte AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT VGA, and a Corsair HX750 power supply.

He added that the gaming hardware were valued at IDR10 million (RM2,934) in total. 

The man also expressed that he wanted Tiara to have the right gaming hardware so that the couple can play together

According to Ervan, the couple are avid gamers and usually play first-person shooter games such as Battlefield 1. 

“Whenever she feels tired and worn out after work, she can refresh herself when she gets home from work, either from playing games or watching films (together with me),” he said as quoted by Coconuts Jakarta. 

“I don’t care what people say, my only intention is to make her happy.”

Such a loving groom-to-be! Wishing you and Tiara a lifetime of happiness.


Earlier this week, a Facebook post went viral.It showed how two huskies completely destroyed their human’s house after they got hold of dragon fruit.

The viral Facebook post, which at the time of writing has over 10k shares and more than 2k comments, warns others to “keep dragon fruits away” from your doggos.

The pinkish hue on the two doesn’t nearly come close to the trail of pink mayhem they unleashed on the floor:

And don’t let the look of guilt in the previous photo fool you, because as these two photos show, both the huskies were completely unrepentant in carrying out their act:

The post also included a photo of the dragon fruit:

You can check out the original post here:


Posted by Hair Park Adrian Kho on Selasa, 6 Ogos 2019


We’ve all been there – after enjoying a buffet spread, all you want is to lay down for a nap.That’s exactly how this cat must’ve felt after it was recently caught in a ‘milk coma’.

On 3 August, Twitter user @karissalund shared photos of her adorable cat having a snooze after drinking a bottle of milk.

Her mother sent her photos of her grown-a** adult cat napping – complete with a milk moustache and a full belly

She wrote in the tweet:

So big already still using a milk bottle. What I cannot handle is the milk moustache.

Her tweet has since received over 8,400 retweets and 8,800 likes.

She clarified in the comments that her pet drinks goat’s milk, as cats can often get tummy aches from consuming cow’s milk.

Here are more photos of it drifting off into endless slumber:

Without a doubt, the photos won over hearts on the Internet, as many gushed over her adorable feline and its “stockings”.


A zoo in Japan recently went viral after a video of a “lion” conducting an escape drill surfaced on the Internet.

Footage recorded in Japan’s Tobe Zoo captured a man dressed in a furry lion costume representing the animal trying to escape the zoo during an “earthquake” or any “emergency”.

According to The Guardian, Japan performs these drills because of the frequency of earthquakes in the country. It is conducted to prepare the staff so they know what to do in such cases.

The man in costume was seen running around trying to get out of the zoo, while staff attempted to “capture” him with nets and air guns

In the case of a natural disaster, the lion would be tranquilized with tranquilizer guns instead of air guns if its enclosure is destroyed. This is to prevent an actual lion on the loose.

Meanwhile, the real lions seemed more concerned for the human in the costume

The video went quickly viral, as netizens found the whole spectacle hilarious.

And others just added to the amusement.

A video of the incident on Twitter has since received over 35,600 retweets. You can watch it below:


Food, massages, cafes and huge malls are what attract Singaporeans across the border to spend the holidays and weekends in Johor Bahru (JB).

Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru (PMJB) — the largest shopping mall in Johor boasting an indoor ice-skating rink, climbing gym and the largest cinema — is giving us another big reason to pay a visit again. 

The mall has recently entered into the Malaysia Book of Records for having the largest inflatable playground in Malaysia.

It isn’t just another inflatable playground we see back at home, the Cat’s Meow inflatable playground is shaped like an enormous cat that’s laying on the floor waiting to be petted.

You’ll want to clear your plans this weekend as it will only be around until June 30. Just in time to bring kiddo on one last fun June holiday trip before the month-long holiday is over and school reopens. 

The Cat’s Meow inflatable playground spans across the main atrium of the mall and is almost two-stories high. The entire cat-shaped inflatable playground is a huge ball pit on its own, just be careful not to ‘drown’ in the sea of balls while you waddle around it. 

The entrance is at the side of the inflatable playground, and all the various inflatable elements are housed within the ball pit too, including giant slides and a seesaw to have the time of your life.

According to a media statement from the mall, visitors can spend a minimum of RM50 ($16.33) in any fashion apparel outlet or RM100 in any shop within the mall to redeem one free entry pass to the ball pit.

So let loose and have a ball (pun intended), while you still can.


Penang, the little island will soon be known worldwide as it will be home to the world’s longest water slide! How cool is that?

Currently, the slide at the Escape Theme Park in Teluk Bahang is still in the works, but excitement is building up as the ride is expected to be completed in August, and will last at least four minutes from start to end!

According to The Star, its starting point begins at a height of 780m above sea level and the slide itself measures 1,140m long – meaning riders will be taken across Jalan Teluk Bahang to the suspension bridge before plunging into the park’s swimming pool.

According to Escape Theme Park chief escape officer Sim Choo Kheng, the slide’s construction work progress has now reached a 705m height. Once completed, it will officially beat the current record holder of the world’s longest water slide, the 602m-long water slide in Water Park, New Jersey.

Many of you might ask; if the slide in Penang is going to be 780m high, are people expected to climb all the way up before descending?

Well, officer Sim explains that part of the Phase 3 development will include the installation of a cable car that will be customers’ means of transport from the foot of the hill to the top.

“It will also serve as a transport vessel for Hill Rider and Tubby Racer, two new attractions that will open together with the water slide,” he said, adding that the construction of the slide was challenging as there were topographical factors and a lack of machinery, reported NST.

“Most of the materials were transported manually to the hilltop as we wanted to preserve the surrounding natural habitat,” he said.

The slide is now being built using carbon-fibre reinforced polymer that will be supported by permanent steel structures.

Officer Sim says that in order to build a slide this long, a tower about the height of a 20-storey apartment is needed. However, this isn’t cost-effective and would be a “disaster aesthetically”.

“So we decided to use the highest point of our forested land with an elevation of 70m as the launch tower,” he said.

Meanwhile, State Tourism, Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee chairman Yeoh Soon Hin, said that the slide would “put Penang on the map and set the theme park apart from the rest”.

“With this world record attraction, it will attract more tourists and visitors all over the world to Penang,” he said.

“We need more world-class tourism products to put Penang on the map, especially as we usher in Experience Penang Year 2020.”