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At some point in our lives during childhood, we have been told to “jump more” in order to grow taller (because most of us are vertically challenged and our parents think it’s better to be taller). Remember how parents told us to play basketball or jump rope?

This saying still applies in this day of age, because a couple in China encouraged their 12-year-old son to jump 1,000 times a day. They had also offered him 10RMB (approximately RM6) for every 1,000 jumps he did.

Why would any parent want their child to jump a thousand times every single day? According to EBC News, this kid is 145cm, and the average height for kids that age is 152cm. And being typical Asian parents, they want him to grow taller and they also believed that jumping could help.

The boy’s father gave him a jump rope and managed to convince him to start jumping. From that day onward, he used the jump rope every day (other than days when he fell sick), and he even jumped up to 3,000 times PER DAY. After one whole year of jumping, the parents rewarded a total of 4,000RMB (approximately RM2,365).

We don’t know how he did it, 3,000 jumps a day seemed pretty extreme!

However, not only that the boy did not grow taller, but he ended up being the shortest student in his class.

It turns out that he had been spending the money he earned on unhealthy snacks like potato chips! This explained the mystery where he often lost his appetite at the dinner table and the “un-explainable” weight gain. His parents thought he was going through a hard time with academics, but he was actually just snacking endlessly.

“I used this method because I wanted my son to grow taller, but I didn’t expect it would make him a shorty instead.”

So, this is a clear example of how jumping rope does not help kids grow taller. Parents should really just accept that height is mainly affected by the parents’ genes, and also a healthy, balanced diet.


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If you’ve been admitted to the hospital, it’s usually a sign you were really hurt or sick. In that situation, no one expects you to look your best when they come visit, as you should be totally focused on your recovery. However, this Vietnamese influencer couldn’t stand the thought of having her boyfriend see her without makeup even though she had been hospitalised, so she immediately put on full makeup when he said he would visit!

According to China Press, Wangmei was so excited that her boyfriend had told her he was coming to visit that she posted about it on Facebook with the joyful caption, “My boyfriend is coming to see me!”. Not wanting him to see her listless appearance, she immediately applied base makeup, eyebrows, blusher, eye shadow, and eyeliner, and even nail polish with earrings!

Despite her amazing makeup job even with a respirator attached, netizens criticised her for putting on such heavy makeup, saying there was no need to go to “clubbing makeup” lengths to look pretty. Her humongous pearl earrings also drew fire as some netizens said that she doesn’t even look like a sick person anymore.

Some netizens defended her, however, saying that it was possible that Wangmei didnt want to worry her boyfriend with her poor appearance, so she went to extra lengths to beautify herself.


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The Black Labrador was discovered having the time of his life while in his owner’s car after the pooch had followed the man out for a joyride. However, it looks like the pooch got more than he bargained for as he was stuck inside the car while it spun in reverse for more than an hour, WFLX reported.

The incident, which happened at Port St. Lucie in Florida on Thursday (November 21st) at around 8.30am. One neighbour, Anna Sabol said she was surprised to see that there was a car spinning in circles outside the cul-de-sac. She thought it was an inept driver but when the car kept doing doughnuts, she felt it was weird.

She looked out of the window and saw two police cars coming and the fire department. They could only watch as the grey sedan continued spinning while the dog, named Max seemed to be enjoying driving. The police tried to stop the car with the owner’s key but it had run out of battery.

They could only watch as Max drove for about an hour before he crashed into a mailbox, a trash can, and moved some bricks in front of a home. The car slowed down and police managed to open the driver’s door by punching in the passcode.

Sabol said, “I laughed. I thought they should give that dog a license to drive. He was a better driver than a lot of them I’ve seen. He was doing pretty good until he hit the mailbox. He went around for about an hour without hitting anything at all,” Apparently, the dog’s owner, which wanted to remain anonymous, said that he had stepped out of the car for a moment when the Black Labrador somehow accidentally knocked the car into reverse and locked the door.

Luckily, no one was hurt in the incident, including Max. In fact, the dog seemed pretty happy about being in the driver’s seat for once as he had jumped out of the car, wagging his tail.

Watch the video here:

Car circles the cul-de-sac with ‘MAX’ locked inside

On November 21, 2019 at around 8:07 am, officers went to the 2600 block of SW Edith Court, Port St. Lucie, FL for reports of a dog locked inside of a car (2003 Silver Mercury Sable) circling the cul-da-sac while in the reverse gear.While on scene, police learned the owner of the car made a wrong turn onto SE Edith Court, therefore he (owner) stopped his car, stepped out and while doing so, he shut the door leaving the dog inside. The dog named MAX accidently hit the shifter into reverse causing the car to circle the cul-de-sac, leaving the owner locked out of the car. As the car circled the cul-de-sac, it struck and damaged a mailbox. The owner provided police with an extra car fob, however it was inoperable due to a dead battery, so police gained access by approaching the car and entering the code on the key pad located on the driver side door. No injuries were reported, and the car sustained minor damage. MAX was fine, healthy and happy!

Posted by Port St. Lucie Police Department on Jumaat, 22 November 2019


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Monkey Does Online Shopping For Its Zookeeper

November 20, 2019 | Funny | No Comments

On Wednesday, 6 November, CCTV footage showed a sneaky fella using its zookeeper’s phone to make some online purchases.

The incident took place at Yancheng Wild Animal World in Changzhou, Jiangsu, reported Jiangsu TV, according to Daily Mail.

The zoo worker had reportedly gone away for a while to get food for the monkey and left her phone behind

Lv Mengmeng said that she was scrolling on the e-commerce website Taobao before she got up to get food.

However, when she got back, she found that she had received confirmation texts for orders she never purchased.

After checking CCTV footage, she discovered a cheeky culprit picking up her phone and tapping away at the screen

On top of having made several purchases, the monkey had also emptied Lv’s cart, which she had previously filled with items in preparation for the Single’s Day sale.

Lv revealed that the monkey may have picked up her habits because she often plays with her phone while it is around

“I like playing on my phone and I like playing on my phone next to it. It has seen me placing orders on Taobao,” she told Jiangsu TV, according to Daily Mail.

Good news for the monkey though, Lv decided to keep the purchased items anyway because they were all daily necessities.


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All of us know that passengers are not allowed to enter the cockpit of an airplane. However, this woman from China managed to get into one, mid-flight!

She posted a photo of herself in the cockpit on the Chinese social media site, Weibo on Sunday and then it went viral because a person who works in the aviation industry captured a screenshot of it and condemned the action.

This is the photo,

As we can see, she is sitting rather happily in the cockpit posing with a V-sign, and on the table, there is a PROPER Chinese tea set.

The caption was:

“I am super thankful to the pilot! I am so thrilled!”

It turns out that the woman was a third-year student at the Guilin Tourism University, and she aspires to be a flight attendant after she graduates.

Upon investigation, it was discovered that the picture was taken in a commercial flight from Guilin to Yangzhou at the beginning of this year.

In a statement made on Monday (4th November), Air Guilin has said that the pilot of that flight will be banned from flying for life and the crew members of that flight will be suspended until future notice.

“Air Guilin always attaches great importance to passengers’ safety, and we have ‘zero tolerance’ for any improper and unprofessional conduct that may jeopardise aviation safety.”

The civil aviation law allows non-crew passengers in the cockpit only if their entry is deemed necessary and conducive for flight safety.


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Baby boomers might seem to enjoy ragging on about how Gen Zs are permanently glued to their phones and never seem to leave the house, but these kids in Malaysia are proving them wrong by showing us just what it means to be wild, wet and free.

More specifically, they did it by turning a regular drain in their neighbourhood into a waterslide.

In a video posted on Facebook on Oct 13, several kids can be seen sitting in a large drain, “holding back” the flow of water as a smaller kid in red took his place at the very front. In one fell swoop, the children stand up, releasing the flood gates, and the kid in red shoots off with the currents.

He continues zipping down the drain for at least half a minute, at one point even disappearing from sight as the drain dips under the pavement, before emerging on the other side and stopping himself with the help of a pole.

Ni namanya Sunway Longkang!!Budak2 taman sy ni memang kreatif!! Teringat zaman dulu2.. Tengah2 hujan lebat ni la yang paling syokkk!!Balik rumah, kena pijak dengan mak.. Hahahaha!!😂😂😂Lokasi Taman Idaman Kluang

Posted by Echan Al-Ikhsan on Ahad, 13 Oktober 2019

The video had almost 9,000 shares at the time of writing.

Though most netizens were impressed by the children’s sheer ingenuity and creativity, some couldn’t help but worry about the safety of such “joyrides”, pointing out just how dirty the drains were.

PHOTOS: Screengrab/Facebook

Echan, the man behind the camera, responded in the comments with a photo of the boy with the caption: “That kid in the red shirt… Thank god. Still doing okay… Don’t worry… His mother already chased him around the garden to whip him with a rubber pipe.”

Of course, it goes without saying that one should still exercise caution before diving into the nearest drain. After all, there have been cases of people getting injured or even dying after falling into drains.

And let’s not forget that that one time a 3.4-metre-long crocodile was spotted hanging out in one of our longkangs.


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Mum was our teacher when we were young who grew to be our best friend as time went on. We can talk about literally anything and everything with them which is exactly why we find this mother and daughter combo to be very relatable and cute.

Posted on Twitter by Alessa Maisarah, were screenshots of her conversation with her mother that were adorable but alarming at the same time.

Alessa was hanging out with her friend when her mother texted and asked for her whereabouts.

When her mother discovered that Alessa was hanging out at McDonalds, she wanted Alessa to tapao something for her. Alessa jokingly ignored her mother’s text and replied ‘bye’ right away to reject the request. Clearly (jokingly) upset and affected by this, Alessa’s mother sent a very alarming picture.

“Buy me a takeaway or I will turn this (a kitty) into McD 3x Spicy… hehehe,” she said with a picture of her holding Alessa’s favorite kitty with a knife at its neck. “Decide quick.” She added.

She better tapau for her mum, I mean, look at that poor kitty’s face!

Apparently, the kitty was adopted because it doesn’t have a mother and was named Puffy, and the kitty had since become Alessa’s favorite. According to Alessa in the same post, her mother would use Puffy every time she needed to ‘threaten’ Alessa. But of course in a playful manner.

And her mother, in all honesty, loves her grandchild (Puffy) just as much.

“Alessa: Ma.. Puffy died.

Mum: You can’t be serious!

Alessa: *Sends picture of vulnerable potbellied furball* She was shot.

Mum: Ish.. You startled me. Adoii.. There goes my grandchild.”

Almost everyone was tickled by the post

Of course, there were people who are against the idea and saw it as an animal abuse but Alessa stated that this is simply how they clown with each other and nothing was unusual about it.

Definitely it was a harmless joke, and we find it very cute for these two to be so close that they practically prank each other. 


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According to China Press, the incident took place yesterday (October 14th) around 6.44pm as he was in the car. The guy said that his wife had asked him to buy some stuff at the pharmacy about 15 minutes away. When he arrived, he felt hungry, so he bought a burger from a roadside stall before making his way home and got stuck in the traffic jam.

While he was in his car, he said that his right hand was holding the burger and he was eating it slowly on the way home. Coincidentally, he had wound down his car windows and turned off his air-conditioning as the weather was cooling after a rainy day. The hand holding the hamburger was next to the window but he did not put his hand outside the car.

“Suddenly, I felt something knock my hand and the next thing I knew, the burger had disappeared! I looked around, thinking that I had dropped it as I was only holding the wrapper,” he told the daily. He said that he had only eaten two bites of the burger and after the initial shock, he realised that two men on a motorcycle had snatched the half-eaten burger from his hand. Wah, the thieves so hungry meh?

As he was stuck in the congestion, he couldn’t chase after them and when he realised that his burger was gone, the “hamburglars” had already sped off. He added he had witnessed a similar theft had happened in the same area before and deduced that the robbers might have thought that he was holding his mobile phone.


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On 13 October, Twitter user Azhar Jamil shared a video of an interesting GrabFood request he received at a Housing and Development Board (HDB) flat in Singapore.

According to the video, he was requested to tie the food delivery to a rope before a customer ‘pulled it up’ to their apartment window

He called it “one of the craziest food deliveries” he’d ever had

According to Mothership, the customer looked like he was on the sixth floor of the apartment and used a pulley to collect the food.

In the tweet, Azhar explained that the customer had supposedly requested for this because he was grounded

And yes, he apparently did check that the food reached his customer safely.


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Bermula dengan hanya menjual tiga jenis karipap siapa sangka perniagaan Mutiara Karipap yang diusahakan sepasang suami isteri sejak tahun 2003 terus menjadi pilihan dan kesukaan bukan sahaja masyarakat tempatan malah pelancong luar negara.

Lebih menarik karipap itu juga digemari oleh semua lapisan masyarakat berbilang kaum di negeri ini dan apabila berkunjung ke gerai yang terletak di Jalan Larut di sini orang ramai boleh melihat pemandangan di mana tiga bangsa Melayu, Cina dan India beratur hanya untuk membeli karipap.

Faisal Hashim, 45, berkata, pada mulanya beliau dan isterinya, Norazlin Sulaiman Phuah, 45, hanya menjual karipap berintikan ubi kentang, ayam dan sardin di Astaka Jalan Kurau di Chai Leng Park, Perai.

“Masa mula-mula meniaga dulu kami hanya dapat menjual dalam 10 biji karipap sahaja sehari. Bagaimanapun jumlah jualan semakin meningkat sehinggalah sekarang ni dalam sehari kami boleh jual antara 800 ke 1,000 biji sehari. Kami sekarang ada 21 jenis inti karipap antaranya ubi kentang, ayam, sardin, telur, ketam, udang, sotong, daging kambing, daging rusa serta oblong ayam dan daging.

“Inti karipap yang pelbagai ini adalah hasil daripada idea pelanggan yang mencadangkan kepada kami dan ada juga yang kami sendiri cuba dan olah resipi mengikut kreativiti kami. Selepas ini kami bercadang untuk memperkenalkan karipap inti keladi, labu, daging burung unta, perut dan telur sotong kepada pelanggan,” katanya kepada Bernama.

Faisal berkata, beliau membuka satu lagi cawangan di bahagian pulau pada tahun 2008 atas permintaan pelanggannya memandangkan kebanyakan daripada mereka datang dari bahagian pulau.

Menurutnya, beliau mendapat tapak membuka gerai di Jalan Larut di sini yang terletak bersebelahan Seng Huat Cafe kerana mengenali tuan kedai itu bagaimanapun katanya beliau akan berpindah ke lokasi lain yang dijangka pada tahun depan.

“Lokasi di sini sangat strategik kerana berdekatan dengan hotel dan premis perniagaan sebab itu ramai pelancong datang ke gerai saya. Selepas kali pertama mereka mencuba karipap saya pasti akan datang kembali keesokan harinya.

“Sebelum ini ada seorang warga China tujuh hari berturut-turut datang ke gerai saya beli karipap. Sehinggakan dia bertanya adakah saya letak ‘dadah’ dalam karipap ini sebab dia sangat suka,” katanya.

Ditanya apakah resipi rahsia karipapnya menjadi pilihan orang ramai, Faisal berkata, ia mungkin disebabkan saiznya yang berbeza dengan saiz karipap biasa yang dijual di pasaran iaitu sebesar tapak tangan dan harganya yang murah selain pilihan inti yang pelbagai.

Selain itu katanya pengguna akan menikmati karipap panas kerana ia dibuat berdasarkan tempahan pelanggan dan digoreng di depan pelanggan.

Tambahnya, karipap dijual antara RM1 hingga RM3 mengikut inti yang dipilih dan pihaknya turut menerima tempahan untuk jamuan, kenduri kahwin, mesyuarat dan karipap sejuk beku.

Sementara itu seorang kontraktor yang juga pelanggan tetap Mutiara Karipap, Choo Hin Looi, 55, berkata, beliau memang sudah lama membeli karipap itu sejak lima tahun lepas lagi dan karipap itu sentiasa menjadi pilihannya serta keluarga.

Beliau berkata, Mutiara Karipap bukan sahaja murah dan sedap malah penjualnya sangat peramah dan tidak sombong.

“Mutiara Karipap ini rasanya rangup menepati citarasa saya sekeluarga. Saya selalu beli sini untuk keluarga dan kawan-kawan, mereka pun suka. Selain itu, saya juga ada buat tempahan karipap untuk program kebajikan. Karipap yang paling suka ialah karipap ‘all-in’ yang mana semua inti diletakkan dalam satu karipap,” katanya yang tinggal di Gelugor.

Bagi G Savieneshwan, 20, pula beliau tidak kisah untuk membeli makanan di gerai Melayu asalkan makanan itu sedap.

Beliau yang ‘jatuh cinta’ dengan Mutiara Karipap selepas kali pertama mencubanya berikutan gerai itu berdekatan dengan kedai beliau bekerja dan beliau sangat menggemari karipap inti kerang.

Seorang kakitangan kerajaan, Hartini Mat Kasa, 42, berkata, kebiasaannya beliau akan membuat tempahan menerusi telefon untuk mengelak daripada menunggu lama dan beratur panjang.


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