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Keem Ooi is a Malaysian baker based in Damansara, KL, who has become popular for her gorgeous creations in the kitchen

Some of the desserts are just so pretty that you might feel sakit hati to eat them

Her attention to detail can not only be seen on the outside of her desserts but on the inside too

What’s even more impressive is that Ooi is a completely self-taught baking enthusiast, who has amassed over 31,000 followers on her Instagram @keempossible

Her love for baking first began at a young age when she would watch her mum bake and learn from her.

“My passion grew greater when I joined a Facebook baking group four years ago. A theme would be given fortnightly for members to submit,” the 50-year-old shared with SAYS.

Her most recent work, which went viral, is of a fictional raccoon character, Tom Nook, from the popular video game Animal Crossing

Although her desserts are not up for sale, she conducts both group and private baking classes at a studio and in her home, where she advises her students to sell their work

Her classes, which attract both professionals and home bakers, is a place where Ooi can pass on her knowledge and experience with baking.

“My goal is to bake and learn as many different kinds of cakes as possible. That’s how it helped level up my skill, boost my creativity, and every bake turns out to be a masterpiece,” Ooi expressed.

She holds group classes at a baking studio called The Social Kitchen, where class prices range between RM350 and RM480 per person.

And she also provides private classes where you can request what you want to learn for a higher fee.


The government has stepped forward to look after the homeless in Malaysia during this very hard time and our hearts are swelling with joy!

According to a report by the Star online, numerous orange cubicles have been set up at community centres in Petaling Jaya for homeless people. Federal Territories Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa noted that the efforts is specially for those who have been living in community centres.

“Alhamdulilah, my directives to install the cubicles for the homeless were quickly done. I will work on providing blankets after this,” he stated via a tweet.

Before this, the minister shared pictures of how the homeless living in the shelters were lying down on single mattresses that were arranged on the floor, each a metre apart. Based on reports, there are over 600 homeless people living at the shelters currently (Sentul Perdana, Tasik Ampang Hilir, Setiawangsa, Alam Damai Cheras, Jalan Pahang and Anjung Singgah Jalan Jang Lekiu).


There is no one absolute drug/medicine/vaccine for the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide. Other than using drugs, another method is to actually get convalescent plasma from people who recovered from Covid-19.

This method, according to Harvard, has been used to treat illnesses such as polio and SARS. Antibody-containing plasma from a recovered patient is given by transfusion to a patient who is suffering from a certain illness. The donor antibodies help the patient fight the illness, possibly shortening the length or reducing the severity of the disease.

In Malaysia, there is currently only one person donating their blood plasma and that is Reza Huzairi Zainudin, 41. Reza, who is case-46 has said that he feels very thankful that he was able to donate his blood plasma, reported Bernama.

“Allah replaced my sadness with the pleasure and pride of being able to donate my blood plasma to affected Covid-19 patients.”

It turns out that not everyone can donate blood plasma and there are a few criteria to fulfil, they are:

  • No history of chronic illnesses
  • Did not take any medication for a long time
  • Generally healthy

As the first plasma donor, Reza has cleared all these criteria. As Reza weighs about 65kg, he could only donate up to 500ml of blood plasma at one time, but that amount can be used on several patients. So he plans on returning 2 weeks later and donating more of his plasma if the doctor sees fit.

Doctors have told him as well that by injecting his plasma into the blood of a person who has the same blood type will produce the best results. Because of this, Reza hopes that more people can step forward to donate their blood plasma so that more patients can be treated.

Other than that, Reza has also revealed his 11-day experience in the Sungai Buloh isolation wards.

“Never would I imagine that I’d be in that situation. The stress was unreal and while I’m worried about myself, I’m also worried about my wife and three kids.

I was also very scared and worried that I could have infected my staff. I could only pray to Allah at that time.”

To take his mind off things, Reza has said that during his 11 days in the hospital, he worked as he would in the office. Reza would like to thank the Ministry of Health, the doctors and nurses who have worked tirelessly at the frontlines. He would also like to remind the rest of us Malaysians to stay at home and abide by the MCO!

This is certainly a tale of a very brave man! We hope that more people eligible for blood plasma donations will be able to step up and donate! 


As we struggle with adjusting to life at home during the MCO period, the front-line workers are risking their lives every day to battle this growing adversity and keep us all safe.

We cannot even imagine the burden and struggles these heroes go through while they’re on duty. So, we decided to take a peek into the lives of these front-liners to show the public that evidently, having to #StayAtHome is not a punishment but a privilege.

1. Working long hours

We’re all aware that as part of enforcing the MCO, police officers, along with help from the army, are now tirelessly conducting strict roadblocks all over the country at all times – be it day or night, rain or shine.

Thankfully, their efforts have been successful as 95% of Malaysians have been reported to comply with the MCO and staying put at home. You’re doing a great job, officers!

2. Wearing uncomfortable uniforms

In the case of healthcare workers, they are required to wear layers of protective uniforms called Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that can feel suffocating.

A Malaysian doctor took to his Facebook to share how wearing these uniforms will limit your movements as you can’t feel the air around you, and you’re left to breathe your own carbon dioxide in those tight masks. Imagine how trapped they must feel underneath all those layers!

3. No time for self-grooming

As part of the SOP when wearing the PPE, the workers are required to shower after taking off these uniforms to thoroughly cleanse themselves.

Another doctor, who is also a mother, shared how she showered so frequently within her shift, that she impulsively decided to cut her hair short to ease the process. This just shows the commendable spirit of our front-liners who are prioritising their jobs more than themselves.

4. Forced to get by with limited resources

Unfortunately, our healthcare workers in the country are running out of various medical supplies – from their protective equipment to even bottles of sanitiser being stolen from the hospital – which leaves our medical staff more desperate as they are forced to manage with whatever limited resources they have left.

One video posted on Facebook showed the fighting spirit of the staff who were turning a normal plastic bag into a protective covering for their heads.

Mereka seperti ke medan perang tanpa senjata. Tabahnya kakitangan perubatan KKM disarungkan plastik sampah. Tiada ah, tiada yang membantah, hanya pasrah. Wahai rakyat Malaysia, pengorbanan mereka sebegini pun kamu masih bongok dan buta?Dialog dalam video:"Tak ape lemas sekali, daripada lemas selama-lamanya."PS: Aku pos pasal *kekurangan PPE di KKM sebab masih ramai yang salahkan KKM dan kerajaan (dan tak salahkan diri sendiri yang masih berkeliaran luar kawasan) padahal satu dunia bekalan PPE kehabisan sebab wabak Covid tak mengira negara dan sempadan. *Kekurangan PPE juga terjadi di hospital-hospital swasta.Sumber: WhatsappKekurangan PPE turut berlaku di UK dan mereka juga gunakan plastik sampah, mujurlah negara mereka sejuk.

Опубликовано Sera Bagus Суббота, 21 марта 2020 г.

Thankfully, our Prime Minister recently announced that they will allocate an extra RM1 billion to obtain medical equipment and services to contain this outbreak. Hooray for the front-liners!

5. Unable to be with their families

The sacrifices these front-liners make don’t just stop at their workplace. Most of them are also advised to isolate themselves from the rest of their families at home.

The actions of one PDRM officer touched the hearts of many when he decided to set up a tent outside of his house and would do everything including showering and sleeping there, as a way to protect his family members!

6. Exposed to a high-risk working environment

Even after all those precautionary steps that these front-liners are required to take, the bitter truth is: there’s always a possibility they could get infected at any time.

Unfortunately, the Ministry of Health has announced that this has been a reality for a total of 138 healthcare workers. Thankfully, none of them contracted the virus from treating patients, but from coming in contact with them at social events.

7. Retired workers being called back to work

Due to the pressing demand of workforce that is required by the front-liners right now, the ministry is calling out to retired but experienced doctors and nurses who are willing to help as our country records more and more cases every day.

As reported by Malaysiakini, a former head nurse expressed how she is more than willing to return to work if it means that she can contribute to the country. Though she faces some health complications, she believes that retired professionals are able to assist the front-liners with smaller tasks so they can be more prepared and focused when dealing with high-risk situations.

After seeing the sacrifices of these front-liners, it truly makes us realise how important it is for each one of us to carry out our social duty in helping to combat this issue.

So please, Malaysians, it’s really not a lot to ask of us to just #StayAtHome as we get through this together.


As Covid-19 looms over various nations threatening all the crisis responses and medical frontlines, it is no surprise that hospitals are running low on protective equipment like hazmat suits and surgical masks. To solve this particular problem, Adrian Pe, a Filipino nurse took this matter to his own hands by making colourful homemade protective suits.

The full-time nurse noticed that the hospitals in his country are running out of protective equipment, therefore, he decided to sew sets of protective suits for the medical staff at The Medical City Iloilo. To make his sewing experience fun, Adrian made these protective suits to imitate fictional characters like Teletubbies, Darth Vader as well as Power Rangers.

On his Instagram account (@senoritoaidz) where he uses to share all the beautiful gowns and dresses that he designed for brides, Adrian shared the process of making these special hazmat suits. The photo below showed Teletubbies-themed hazmat suits worn by a team of frontliners.

Understanding that working in the hospital is exhausting and draining, he had learned to focus on the beauty of the profession and be grateful for the experiences and people.

Adrian wrote:

“I work a lot in the hospital and the work there is exhausting. And I have always taught myself to look for the beauty in it; to look in the beauty in the faces of the patients and to be grateful. And I will bring this aspect as a Nurse Designer, to see situations with a SILVER LINING.”

In his following post, he shared a group of photos showing his colleagues helping him to measure and cut the fabric needed for the hazmat suits during their break time. Some of them even helped him to sew these suits up! How sweet!

He had also made a set of protective suits that matched the colours of the Power Ranger’s gears, probably making many people’s dreams come true.

Other than the cute and amusing sets of Teletubbies and Power Rangers suits, Adrian made another set of suits that imitated Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers! He did not forget to share the movie poster to let people observe the similarities, and we totally salute him for it.

We’re beyond amused to see how Adrian made these protective suits as contributions and brought so much joy to many different people along the way.


As we continue into our duduk rumah Movement Control Order, many of us tend to forget the fact that this MCO experience is very different for everyone. This is especially true for the homeless, who don’t have a home to stay in to begin with. In which case, what can they do, and who can they turn to during this period of time?

Well according to Berita Harian, Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) has taken the initiative to ensure that over 510 homeless individuals within Kuala Lumpur have a place to sleep during the MCO period, by converting four large community halls and turning them into temporary shelters!

The homeless were even provided with basic essentials and most importantly, a mattress and a pillow each so they have a place to rest their heads.

What’s even better is the fact that these 510 homeless individuals have been screened by the Ministry of Health for Covid-19, and so far none of their results have returned positive. Their biometric data will be kept by the city to ensure that they can continue to provide these homeless individuals assistance.

This initiative is said to have cost the city council over RM 2 million, and donations are welcomed at the respective four halls that are involved in this project, which includes Pusat Komuniti Sentul Perdana, Dewan Serbaguna Alam Damai, Pusat Komuniti Setiawangsa, and Dewan Serbaguna Tasik Ampang Hilir.

During these tough times, every little bit helps, so we would like to extend our thanks to DBKL for thinking of the welfare of the homeless! 


Tiga inisiatif Lazada

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DALAM usaha memerangi Covid-19, Lazada Malaysia meningkatkan usaha membantu komuniti tempatan dengan melancarkan tiga inisiatif termasuk menyediakan platform untuk usahawan pertanian.

Melalui inisiatif itu, Lazada membantu menghubungkan pekebun sayur, penternak ayam dan nelayan dengan pembeli.

Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif, Lazada Malaysia, Leo Chow berkata, sekumpulan pekebun sayur dari Cameron Highlands mula menjual sayuran-sayuran mereka secara dalam talian sejak Khamis lalu selepas Lazada menyediakan perkhidmatan jualan dan penghantaran istimewa bagi membantu mereka menyelamatkan hasil tanaman daripada dibuang.

“Selain pekebun sayur, pekebun buah dan nelayan juga terpaksa membuang hasil mereka disebabkan isu pengangkutan.

“Lazada ada membaca mengenai pekebun di Cameron Highlands yang terpaksa membuang hasil segar mereka disebabkan isu rantaian bekalan ketika Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan (PKP).

“Kami segera menghubungi mereka dan mencari jalan untuk memanfaatkan teknologi dan logistik serta berjaya meletakkan mereka di platform Lazada dalam masa kurang 48 jam,” katanya.

Menurutnya, sepanjang hujung minggu, pekebun menjual 1.5 tan sayuran setiap hari mulai hari Jumaat hingga Ahad.

“Bagi memenuhi permintaan hasil segar dan barangan runcit yang tinggi letika PKP, Lazada menyediakan seksyen khas Cameron Farmers serta MyFishman untuk bekalan makanan laut dan Mymarket2u untuk keperluan barangan runcit bagi memenuhi permintaan pelanggan sejak awal Februari lalu.

“Kami gembira melihat pekebun, nelayan dan PKS terjejas dapat mengekalkan sumber pendapatan mereka menerusi platform kami tanpa perlu risau bayaran sewa dan utiliti, malah dengan tenaga kerja diperlukan untuk penghantaran.

“Kejayaan dicapai Cameron Farmers amat menggalakkan dan mengukuhkan lagi komitmen kami untuk membantu lebih ramai pemegang kepentingan dalam ekosistem e-dagang,” katanya.


It is once again the results season for STPM students and after almost two years, the students finally got their tickets to higher education yesterday (25th February).

Out of the 44,823 candidates, one individual stands out with her results, her attitude and her background. She is Nuraini Jalaluddin, 20, from SMK Tun Saban, Pengkalan Hulu, Perak and also the daughter of a garbage truck driver! Nuraini sat for her STPM exams back in 2019 and yesterday, she got her finalized results.

According to Malaysiakini, she got a CGPA of 4.0 and a result of 5As. She was awarded the Best Student for STPM 2019 in the B40 category during the STPM results announcement ceremony at the Malaysian Examinations Council (MEC). Feeling overwhelmed, Nuraini said that she was thankful for the acknowledgement of her achievements. She added, “I never thought my efforts in burning the midnight oil till the very end would yield such results. I will take this as a catalyst for me to excel even more while furthering my studies in the future.”

Wow, what a humble person she is! 

She also said that her father, a garbage truck driver at the Pengkalan Hulu District Council and her mother, a housewife were really proud of her for achieving those results. Her father had been driving the garbage truck for over 33 years already and will be retiring next month. Nuraini hopes that he can rest now and enjoy his retirement life after working for so long.

Finally, she said:

“Just by gaining an education, I can change the fate of my family towards a better future.”

We’ll definitely be waiting for more great things from you Nuraini! We wish you all the best in your future endeavors and may you be able to give your family the life they deserve!


Three teenagers left a homeless man in tears after making him a special winter warmer gift bag.

The homeless man was sitting outside Tesco in Widnes when he was approached by the girls who handed him a bag and left.

Inside, there was a blanket, a drink, a card for the man and other items to make him feel more comfortable, report the Liverpool Echo.

The touching act was witnessed by a passerby who shared the story on Facebook.

Hayley Cannon was sitting in her car when she saw the teenagers gift the man the bag and after seeing his reaction, she wanted the teenagers to be recognised for their kindness.

She wrote on the social media site: “Say what you want about the youth of today!!

“Just witnessed three teenagers outside Tesco in Widnes, give a homeless man a gift bag and walk off…

“Inside – a blanket, a drink and a card, amongst other things… I sat back and watched from the car… the guy became overwhelmed in floods of tears as he opened the card.

“How selfless and thoughtful of three young souls… if these are your kids… You should be so proud xx”

Speaking to the Echo, Hayley said: “I witnessed these three girls yesterday do the most selfless act.

“I’m seeing a lot of youth crime and knife crime and agree it should be highlighted but I think you will agree, these girls should be praised too.”

She added: “I think these kids should be recognised for their selfless act of kindness.”

Hayley shared that one of the young girls who had completed the act of kindness saw her Facebook post and thanked her for sharing it.

On Facebook, Hayley replied to her: “You should be so proud of yourself… you brought a random stranger (me) to tears Such a beautiful thing you all done.. xx”.

On the post others also praised the girls for their kind act.

One person wrote: “There are a lot of good kind kids and they should be recognized for their kindness and respect for less fortunate.

“Whoever these young ones parents are should be so proud of them.”

And another wrote: “Boss thing for them to do mate. Bet that made the fellas day as well.”


Captain Manvikram Singh Gill is the first medical officer to be honoured with the Pharmacy Professional of The Year 2019 award

SwipeRx, the largest social network of pharmacists in Southeast Asia, presented its top professional pharmacist award to Manvikram on Monday, 17 February. 

According to their website, SwipeRx has a community of over 150,000 pharmacy professionals across the region with over 40,000 pharmacies using them as a one-stop shop for their daily practice.

The 28-year-old, who is currently a pharmacist at Tuanku Mizan Armed Forces Hospital in Wangsa Maju, beat thousands of other pharmacists to win the award

“I am proud of the award which helped put the Armed Forces and the country on a pedestal. It will motivate me and my fellow colleagues to aim higher in our service,” Manvikram said, according to New Straits Times.

Manvikram credits his success to Brigadier-General Datuk Dr A Halim Basari

Dr Halim is Malaysia’s first military pharmacist and also serves as pharmacy director at the Health Services Division of the Defence Ministry.

“I was Dr Halim’s understudy during my early years after graduating as second-lieutenant (from the Armed Forces Health Institute at the Terendak Camp in Melaka),” said Manvikram.

“It was Dr Halim who intensively groomed me with an advanced pharmacy leadership course,” he added, according to New Straits Times

He is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in pharmacy at the International Medical University in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur

“I aspire to further promote the capabilities of the pharmacy profession in Malaysia.”

“This in the long term will enhance the roles and responsibilities of pharmacists for the betterment of the community,” he said.

Military pharmacists provide healthcare services during peace or wartime

Registered pharmacist Dr Aisyah Saad wrote in her blog that Military Pharmacy is a profession that ensures military readiness and maintains fighting strength of the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) with medical support and pharmaceutical care.