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Flowers have always held a soft spot in our hearts. Words that humans aren’t able to express clearly, we put our hopes in them by delivering the intended messages. For instance, black roses are used to represent death and mourning. You can’t possibly send one for somebody’s birthday celebration! You don’t want to get kicked out before having the chance to say a simple ‘Happy Birthday’.

The same goes with dried flowers. People buy such flowers to keep them by their side longer. If you are this kind of person, wouldn’t you be interested to get your own story customized into dried flowers? Meet Pui Kee, a young Malaysian florist who crafts stories into flowers. 

Before we dive into Pui Kee’s unique way of crafting flowers, let’s get to know a little more about her.

This 23-year-old girl who identifies as a daydreamer, was born in Seremban. She attended Form 6 but chose to quit for the sake of her dream-chasing journey. So, she started working in a flower shop and was lucky to meet a florist who was willing to teach her the art of flowers. But in order to make her dream come to life, she knew that learning from only one source was not going to be enough. Hence, she took up a short lesson conducted by a florist she admired and even went to the extent of travelling to Thailand to learn skills from her favourite flower shop.

Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Pui Kee said, “I don’t want to make my shop like people will only buy flowers on special days. I want people to view flowers as a companion in life. This is why I specialise in crafting dried ones.”

Started Her Online Business At 21

Back in 2018, she opened up a Facebook page called, Hanaya Space. She takes in orders and customises the flowers according to stories requested by her customers. Pui Kee is best known for her originality in her crafts. She never repeats the same design. Besides, she buys fresh flowers and dries them on her own to ensure the best quality in the results. Customers have been leaving good reviews regarding her crafts. In fact, many were surprised to find out about the existence of a young talented florist with a twist who has an online store based here, in Malaysia.

Although Pui Kee is passionate about her dream, being a florist is just her part-time job. She also works as a counsellor in a school for the time being as she said her online shop is still growing at a small scale. Nevertheless, her talent is slowly getting recognized by many ever since she was featured on City Plus FM and Sin Chew.

“To live a life you love, first you have to do the things you like” – Pui Kee

Want to have your story crafted into flowers that you can keep for a long time? You can also attend a flower workshop conducted by the talented florist by checking out her official accounts below! 


Social media is indeed a strong tool for normal folks to share their unique stories, shedding light on the challenges they face in their daily lives.

As social media uncovered the story of a university student in Sabah who climbed trees just to get better internet connection to attend her online classes, here is another story of a university student, having to brave the jungle and mosquitoes to do the same thing.

Published on her Facebook profile, Rose ED in Pakan, Sarawak shared her story of attending online classes in the middle of a rubber plantation.

“On the 24th of June 2020, I attended an online presentation held via the MyGuru app. The class took place after it was rescheduled following an unstable internet connection in my area.”

“I had to prepare early for my presentation and that the best internet connection I could find was in the middle of a rubber plantation. It was better than the one they had at our longhouse.”

“It is common for us to get better internet connection in peculiar areas such as the surrounding hills, in palm oil plantations, but the areas I mentioned are not meant to be visited on a daily basis as I have a full schedule except for Tuesdays and Sundays.”

That is indeed tough.

In her write up, Rose added, “The location that I am currently in is fairly close to the plantation that my father works in and after my classes are done for the day, I will help him rebuild an old shack that I can use for my online classes.”

She explained that though her village is not that far from the town of Pakan, the cost of the day trip alone will be a huge dent to her family’s finances. Furthermore, as a final year student, internet connection is the plight that she needs most right now because without it all systems for her to use to study will not function properly.

Sharing her hope that help will be provided here is what Rose has to say, “I hope that my plea will not fall on deaf ears, as there are many like me who are in need of stable internet connectivity for our studies.”

Let’s hope that her plight is heard and that many like her will not have to go through all that hardship just for the sake of internet connectivity.


Masalah liputan jalur lebar yang terhad tidak mematahkan semangat seorang pelajar Insititut Pengajian Tinggi Awam (IPTA) berasal dari Kampung Sapatalang, Pitas, Sabah yang sanggup tidur di atas pokok semata-mata untuk menjalani peperiksaan secara dalam talian.

Veveonah Mosibin, 18, pelajar jurusan Asasi Sains memuat naik video pengalaman dilaluinya menerusi saluran YouTube miliknya dengan tajuk 24 Hours On Tree | Challenge (Cabaran 24 jam atas pokok).

Video berdurasi 11 minit 21 saat itu memaparkan Veveonah terpaksa memanjat pokok untuk mendapatkan capaian internet yang ‘kuat’ sepanjang peperiksaan (dalam talian) berlangsung pada 9 Jun lalu.

Dalam video tersebut, pelajar itu mendedahkan, dia terfikir untuk melakukan cabaran itu setelah sebuah pondok yang dibina di atas bukit bagi tujuan persediaan menghadapi peperiksaan rosak dipercayai akibat cuaca buruk.

“Sebelum ini saya telah bina pondok sebagai seperti video yang saya muat naik sebelum ini namun pagi ini (9 Jun), saya lihat ia telah rosak kerana saya sudah lama tidak datang, sudah berminggu-minggu kerana banyak kerja. Kerja di ladang, menoreh getah dan tolong ibu bapa.

“Jadi saya tidak tahu keadaan pondok itu. Bila saya datang rupanya sudah rosak,” katanya dalam video tersebut.

Berbekalkan kelambu, telefon bimbit, pengecas mudah alih (power bank), sebotol air dan beberapa bungkus nasi serta peralatan untuk menjawab peperiksaan, Veveonah berada di atas pokok tersebut dalam tempoh 24 jam dari jam 7.30 pagi.

Pelajar itu mengambil peperiksaan bagi subjek Kimia sebelah pagi dan subjek Pengajian Malaysia pada sebelah petang.

Ketika berada di atas pokok itu, Veveonah juga terpaksa berdepan detik cemas apabila seekor tebuan tanah bersaiz besar tersesat masuk ke dalam kelambunya.

“Agaknya tebuan ini tersesat. Ni kalau menggigit ni, memang sakit,” kata Veveonah yang membuka kelambu bagi menghalau serangga itu keluar.

Selesai menduduki peperiksaan pada sebelah petang, Veveonah tidak pulang sebaliknya kekal berada di atas pokok untuk tidur dan pulang keesokan paginya

Pelajar ini mula aktif sebagai ‘YouTuber’ sejak April lalu dan terdapat empat lagi video lain yang dimuat naik sejak sebulan lalu yang memaparkan perkongsian teknik cara hidup tradisional.


While we may not think much of the convenience that we enjoy in ordering food to be delivered to our doorstep, it is worth remembering that the hard working men and women who ferry our meals to us often go through some incredible lengths to do so.

Such is the case of one GrabFood delivery rider, who despite suffering from illness during work hours, insisted on completing his delivery route to ensure his customer got their food on time. The story, which was shared by Kelvin Tay over social media, happened in Singapore after Kelvin had dropped off his son at school.

While at a stop light, Kelvin noticed a GrabFood rider who appeared weak, before seemingly slumping down onto his motorbike! Alarmed, he immediately stopped his car and asked if he was alright.

“I met this grab food rider who suddenly collapse with his bike….”

“I realised he looked very pale and body was cold. He kept saying his stomach pain.” Kelvin said.

Helping the delivery rider pick up his bike, Kelvin asked him to go back home to rest and forget about making the delivery. After all, he was in so much pain, he almost fainted! But yet the delivery rider insisted that he completed the delivery before going home to rest.

“I told him, I’ll escort him home and send his last order for him.

Only then he was willing to go home.” Kelvin mentions.

The post, which has since gone viral over social media, garnered a lot of praise for Kelvin’s compassion and willingness to help the GrabFood delivery rider during such circumstances, while also applauding the delivery rider himself for his commitment to his work.

Kelvin also took the opportunity to remind the public the hard work that these men and women go through.

He also advised customers of food delivery services to be patient, and have more empathy towards these frontline workers as demand for their services rise.

“Times like this is not easy. Sometimes if they are slightly late, it’s definitely not intentional. I hope everyone will have more empathy towards them, especially times like now when delivery is on a rise.


Datuk Wira Lee Chong Wei recently became the centre of attention after photos of him donating to a KL mosque went viral on social media

On Friday, 29 May, the Al-Hidayah Mosque (MAHSP) Facebook page uploaded photos of the former badminton player along with a caption that read, “Thank you, Datuk Lee Chong Wei for donating cash and equipment to MAHSP amidst the Movement Control Order (MCO).”

The post has since been shared by The Federal Territories Islamic Religious Department (JAWI) Facebook page, several local news outlets, and even multiple Indonesian media platforms.

However, Lee Chong Wei was shocked to find that many people learned about his donation

He told Harian Metro that a lot of people suddenly contacted him.

The humble former athlete said, “I did not expect that it would be made public because I already asked the mosque representative to not upload photos of me. I did not want people to know, that is why I did not post anything on social media. I was really shocked when people contacted me to ask about the matter.”

“I have no other intentions, I just wanted to contribute. Previously, I asked a Malay friend on how I could help because Malay and Chinese people have different cultures. They encouraged me to donate, so I bought some items and chose a mosque to fund. I’m only doing what I can,” he added.

Netizens showered the badminton star with compliments, praising him for his generosity

One person commented, “Alhamdulillah. After painstakingly putting Malaysia on the map, he is blessed with a kind heart. Let’s go to the next chapter, Datuk. We are always praying for you.”

Image from MAHSPKL/Facebook

Image via MAHSPKL/Facebook

“Well done and thank you very much to Datuk Lee Chong Wei for his contributions. May Allah multiply his blessings. Amen,” wrote another netizen.

Image from MAHSPKL/Facebook

Image via MAHSPKL/Facebook

One user noted, “This is what we want. Our religion doesn’t matter, we are all the same. Thank you, Chong Wei.”

Image from MAHSPKL/Facebook

Although Datuk Lee Chong Wei meant to keep his good deeds private, his other social media posts are always golden:


For many newlyweds, the day of their wedding is surely one that is worth splurging any amount of money on to ensure that no detail is spared, and everything goes on perfectly. After all, for many people, having a ‘dream wedding’ is one of life’s ultimate chapters to write and look back upon when you’re older.

But for one newlywed couple in Sri Lanka who recently got married, they decided that in order to make their own wedding truly memorable, they would forgo all the traditional pomp and grandeur that is typically expected.

Instead, the couple decided to embark upon a heartwarming journey to help out their less fortunate neighbors who were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

30-year-old Darshana, who owns a small shop and 25-year-old Pawani, who works as a lab assistant, decided that in place of a traditional ceremony, they would much rather spend their money on another cause. According to Associated Press, the couple merely held a small reception with close family and friends.

In a practiced routine, they would bring bags of much needed essentials to the poor, deliver it to them before sanitising their hands and moving on to the next family, according to Khaosod English.

“By doing this, we got a great satisfaction,”

“When you see the happiness on the face of these people, especially the kids. I don’t have words to explain that happiness.” Darshana said.

After a short cake-cutting ceremony, the couple, still dressed in beautiful wedding attire, got to work by stocking up on supplies such as food, toys and other daily necessities before distributing them to their neighbours.

The bride, decked out in a sumptuous white sari for her wedding, even distributed colourful plastic headbands to the womenfolk and little girls who approached her!

Since then, the newlywed couple have said that they haven’t stopped receiving phonecalls from well-wishers who praised them for their generosity, while also blessing them and their marriage.

In times like these, such acts of kindness really do make a difference for those whose lives have been greatly affected by the Covid-19 crisis. To Darshana and Pawani, we wish you both a long and happy marriage ahead! 


Since the Movement Control Order, most companies got their employees to work from home (us included!) as this will avoid a mass gathering in any form at all.

However, for Permodalan Nasional Bhd, work from home is now a permanent option instead of just during MCO! This was confirmed by its president and group chief executive officer Jalil Rasheed.

Jalil, 38, who was appointed as PNB’s youngest CEO ever made this announcement and his further explanation over a series of tweets on the 7th of May.

According to New Straits Times, the CEO said that great strides have been made in terms of virtual meetings and digital signatures so the momentum has to be continued. He added that the decision was also because school and childcare centres haven’t been opened yet so his employees can do necessary Hari Raya preparations while having a peace of mind with their kids.

“As employers, we can make changes to help keep people safe and make their lives easy. Nobody should be forced to choose work or family, you should be able to do both. And we will facilitate that.”

PNB will be introducing flexi-time this week where the employees can choose hours they want to work or if they want to continue working from home as long as they deliver their work. If the employees want to return to the office, they will have to download the MySejathera app which helps in contact tracing whilst they’re in the office.

The CEO added that there will be people who would abuse this privilege but policies shouldn’t be based on small fractions of employees and those who misuse it will be dealt with personally.

This is a great initiative by the CEO despite being the country’s largest state-owned fund. He’s truly an example that a good leader listens to his employees and puts everyone’s best interest at heart. Kudos to Mr Jalil Rasheed!


Doctors are some of the most amazing beings on earth for their selflessness in putting themselves in the face of danger just to treat their patients.

A Thai doctor named Doctor Soi who works in a rural health clinic in the Nan province has achieved internet fame for hiking two mountains and crossing a stream to treat a child. The story was shared on a Nan Province Facebook page. Without further ado, let’s dive into the story.

It was a hot day and Dr. Soi was working at the health clinic like any other day. She had a very simple lunch and is going through some files. Suddenly, a person came in to report of a child who has a fever while in quarantine with their family in another area.

Dr. Soi said that she’ll visit the child to take a look at them. With that, she got dressed in her full PPE as a safety precaution, wore some rain boots as she knew she had to cross a stream and put some medical supplies in a bag. She then set off to the village on a motorcycle with an assistant. As they were in a rural area, there were only steep, narrow dirt roads and often times Dr. Soi would need to walk while her assistant rode the motorcycle. It was 38°C.

Right before their destination, there is a super steep road and Dr. Soi was already exhausted that time. When her assistant reached the top, he asked her if she was okay. Although she was tired to the bone, she said that she was fine. With the weight of the bag making itself known on one side, she held onto any roots or trees that she can find. Due to her fatigued state, she kept slipping and falling. When she finally reached the top, she saw a small little hut in the distance.

Getting closer, she can see that the little wooden hut is in the middle of a farm and there were about six people there, two older ladies with four children. They were very happy to see the doctor and her assistant. Overwhelmed, Dr. Soi felt her tears welling up but she covered it up by asking the children whether staying at a farm was fun. Everyone said that it was fun.

Dr. Soi set out to work and examined the sick child as she didn’t want to go down those dirt roads in the dark. The child had a slight fever and a sore throat, so she gave them some medicine and asked the mother to monitor the child’s condition.

When Dr. Soi reached her home that day, she was thoroughly exhausted but her sleep was troubled with the thought of the sick child. After three days, the person who sends food and water to the family of six came to the clinic and told Dr. Soi that the child has recovered.

Feeling relieved, Dr. Soi says that by interacting with the villagers, she forgot all the tiredness and hardships she faced during work. All she wanted was for them to receive good healthcare.

Dr. Soi is such an inspiring doctor for going all out to treat a patient during these troubled times! Thank you Dr. Soi!


Food delivery riders are one of the MVPs during this MCO. They help us to tapau food, rain or shine when we can’t go out.

This abang rider was delivering a cake to a customer when it started raining really bad, reported Star. When he went to collect the order, the seller gave him two cakes, one for the customer and the other one for him. The skies were dark at that time and it had already started raining heavily. The distance to the drop off point is only 2km away.

The customer told him to wait until the rain stopped to deliver the cake. However, 45 minutes had passed and the rain still did not stop. Zulhairi (the rider), felt sorry for his customer as they had waited such a long time, so he just went on his motorbike and dropped the order off.

When he passed the cake to the customer, the customer gave him another envelope but he had no time to check the contents or to say “thank you” because it was raining dogs and cats.

After he was done with the delivery, he stopped at a nearby bus stop to wait out the rain. He opened up the cake and saw that there was an envelope inside it. Curious, he peered into it and found an RM50 note inside of it! He checked the envelope the customer gave him and saw that it contained another RM50 as well. He then texted them to say thanks and show his appreciation.

“They gave me so much even though the distance between the two places were really close. Maybe it’s because I was really soaking wet from the rain.”

In addition to that, abang Zulhairi would also like to remind the other riders to be extra careful when delivering food items during this rainy season.

“I myself would not take any orders when it’s raining very heavily. You can’t really see the road conditions and whether there is a pothole or not.”

It’s not just the consumers that are taking care of the food delivery riders, Grab is also taking an active step by establishing a “Partner Protection Fund”. Through this fund, RM1,000 will be given to drivers and/or riders who are Covid-19 positive or has been directed to self-quarantine.

There is also another fund, the “Partner Relief Fund” of up to RM300 in the form of vouchers for drivers and riders to buy their daily household needs. The voucher can be used on most Grab services such as mobile reloads, purchasing food or groceries at up to 50% off.

Other than the funds, Grab is also providing its partners free masks via GrabBenefits.

This is awesome! We hope that abang Zulhairi is staying safe on the job and for the rest of us, don’t forget to stay home and stay clean!


As we all know, Malaysians who return from overseas are mandated to be quarantined in quarantine centres for 14 days. Most quarantine centres are established hotels such as Hilton and even the Palace of Golden Horses. Unfortunately, despite all this comfort, there have been certain people who still managed to find something to complain about.

Amidst that, Abiramy Komaraswamy, an LLM student from the UK reached out to us to share her experience.

Abiramy shares with WORLD OF BUZZ her story of being quarantined at the Impiana KLCC for the past 14 days. She had nothing but praises towards the hotel staffs and frontliners who took care of them in the quarantine centre.

“Today I’m a proud lady of Malaysia. I would shout out loud and say I love Malaysia.”

“I’m extremely amazed with how Malaysia is handling, managing and protecting everyone in the country during this pandemic.”

Abiramy, whose quarantine ends today told that everything was extremely systematic and properly handled. She added that she has nothing to complain about and that she’s even amazed.

“Meals were always given on time and we had proper health screenings with so many essentials given, without us even requesting,” she said.

She also said that she would like to thank all out hardworking frontliners who’ve been battling this Covid-19 pandemic day and night. In the end, she simply said how proud she is to be Malaysian today and that Home means Malaysia!

We need more Malaysians like Abiramy who truly appreciate the effort by our Malaysian government. Let’s never forget what our frontliners did for us during this pandemic!