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Do you remember getting your test sheet back, looking at all the answers you got wrong, reading the corrections and going “ohhh

Yeah, well. This isn’t one of those stories. A teacher in Singapore has recently gotten flak online for her answer to a Primary 6 English comprehension question that implied people who work as hawkers are “not well off”.

In the passage given, a young boy wanted to buy a birthday cake to surprise his mother. The exam then asked pupils true or false questions and asked them to justify the answers. One of the questions was: “The author came from a well-to-do family” A pupil answered “false” and stated that the boy could only afford a slice of cake instead of an entire cake. Sounds reasonable, which is exactly why the student was puzzled when her paper came back with the reason marked as wrong. So, what was the correct reason the main character did not come from a well-to-do family?

This case went viral on Facebook but the post has since been taken down, according to The Straits Times. Allegedly, the student, whose parents happened to be hawkers, were both confused and upset. She was quoted as saying, “My dad works at a hawker centre and we are not poor… so I didn’t think that would be the answer.”

Netizens were understandably outraged that a school would assume such stereotypes about social class. Many of them revealed that they too, had come from families of hawkers and they weren’t “poor” either. In fact, the original author of Grasshoppers, the story the passage was excerpted by, O Thiam Chin, has come out in protest as well.

We don’t know about you guys, but the hawkers we know are all humble, hardworking, and usually quite well off.


Penang’s Oldest KFC Outlet is Closing Down!

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If you grew up in Penang or are a regular in Penang, then you would’ve probably heard about the oldest KFC outlet located on Jalan Larut.

This branch is outstanding, as it is housed in a beautiful old British colonial building and it was the first outlet in Georgetown.

This KFC outlet was built in 1987 and is touted as one of the most unique KFC branches in Penang as the building has close to 100 years of history.

Penangites will remember visiting this outlet when they were kids and feeling like it was a special occasion when their parents brought them to the place as well as feeling like a big shot when we could hold our birthday parties there.

Sadly, Penangites will no longer be able to visit this particular outlet soon because it will be closing down on 16 March 2019.

Netizens who saw the notice were saddened by this as they had many childhood memories of visiting the nostalgic outlet. In fact, some of them also said that they wanted to go back to the outlet one more time before it officially closes.

Apparently, the reason for the closure is reportedly due to the outlet’s lease that is ending soon. A staff told Oriental Daily that there were rumours circulating in January but the matter was only confirmed in mid-February.


With just a few simple tweaks, Sunway Putra Mall is making public spaces in Malaysia more welcoming for children with autism

While a trip to the mall or the movies with family and friends are nothing to most people, it is a whole different ballgame for people with autism.

Autism is a complex neurobehavioural condition that affects one’s social interaction, developmental language, communication skills, and is combined with rigid, repetitive behaviours, explained WebMD.

Basically, people with autism are highly sensitive and greatly troubled by certain sounds, touches, smells, or sights – sometimes to the point that it causes them pain.

Since late last year, the mall has undergone minor renovations to become the first autism-friendly shopping complex in Malaysia.Part of the renovations included the transformation of a customer care room into a “Calm Room”:


The room is fitted with dimmed lights and tools such as sensory toys, weighted blankets, essential oils, and bean bags to create a calming environment – which is especially useful in case of a meltdown.


Additionally, colourful sensory walls have been put up on Levels 2 and 3 of the complex.

According to Kloth Lifestyle Sdn Bhd, the walls are made out of unwanted fabrics and polyester that were donated to Kloth Cares.

Patrons who visit the mall on Tuesdays will find that the lights have been dimmed and the music turned down to make shopping more comfortable for people with autism

Since the start of this year, Sunway Putra Mall declared every Tuesday, except public holidays, as ‘Autism Friendly Shopping Day’ between the hours of 10am to 5pm.

On these days, children who flash their ‘Autsome’ wristbands will get to enjoy special privileges at selected outlets, too

Parents can register for an ‘Autsome Welcome Kit’ online and collect it at the Concierge Counter, Lower Ground.

Parents, be sure to slap on the parking sticker on your car to enjoy reserved parking bays on the same days as well!


Orangutan with 74 Bullets and Sharp Blades

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74 Bullets & Sharp Blades Found Inside Orangutan’s Body After She Was Cruelly Tortured By Hunters

How could anyone treat these animals so cruelly?  Recently, an Indonesian civil servant, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, shared a tweet on how an orangutan and her baby got rescued after being tortured by local hunters. After sending them to the hospital, the mother orangutan, known as OU, was discovered to have 74 air rifle bullets and several sharp blades lodged in her body.

According to Coconuts, the Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) of Aceh rescued the orangutan along with her baby last Saturday (March 9th). The head of Aceh BKSDA, Sapto Aji Prabowo, mentioned that they had heard about the tortured orangutans a week ago and worked with several agencies to retrieve them. This incident took place in a park in Bunga Tanjung Village, Indonesia.

After evacuating the two orangutans, they were immediately sent to a rehabilitation center for further treatment. The mother, OU, who was found in a frail state, was severely injured as 74 air rifle bullets and sharp blades were found in its body.

Although OU is currently being taken care of by BKSDA Aceh, her one-month-old baby did not make it as it was suffering from severe malnutrition and trauma. Oh no! “OU was then taken to the Sibolangit rehabilitation center in North Sumatra. The baby, however, could not be saved,” Sapto added. Sapto also confirmed that OU would be released back into the wild after she has recovered from all of her injuries.

This is so heartbreaking. Hopefully, stricter animal welfare laws will be available to punish these cruel people who think nothing of torturing innocent animals.


A video has been going viral depicting a transgender hitting it up on the streets of Bukit Bintang.

She could be seen running, crawling and even epically running on top of a moving car before jumping down from it! Passersby who spotted her were either shocked or amused at the intense yet crazy sight!

The incident happened about 11.15am today at the intersection near Berjaya Times Square.

The man who recorded the video very apparently was excited at the sight. However, he was later surprised and said, “Eh, that’s a female?” To which his friend quickly chimed in, “A transgender lah. She has a “package” down there.”

Netizens speculated that the lady must be under the influence of drugs, or suffering from a mental illness. It was also said that she’s likely Filipino.

According to China Press, the transgender was later arrested by the authorities and was taken in for further investigation. Dang Wangi district police deputy chief Supt Rudy Abdullah also confirmed that this case indeed did happen and that she’s likely acting like that due to mental issues.

She was taken to Hospital Kuala Lumpur for treatment.


Nearly three years since receiving a Michelin star, the Singapore-based Liao Fan Hawker Chan finally opened its first Malaysian outlet at Jalan Theatre in Ipoh on 26 February.

The shop, which operated on a self-service basis, reportedly received a never-ending line of customers since opening its doors at 11am and quickly sold out all 90+ chickens prepared for the day. 

Chan gained international acclaim in July 2016 when his chicken rice stall became the first of two street food locations in the world to be awarded a Michelin star

Chan has since expanded his business beyond his humble stall in Chinatown Complex and even beyond Singapore, with branches in Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, and Australia. Even David Beckham has tried his chicken rice, y’all!

While a plate of soya sauce chicken rice is currently sold at SGD2.50 (RM7.52) onwards in Singapore, prices are slightly cheaper in the Ipoh outpost, which starts from RM6.80 per plate.

Check out the full menu here:

Liao Fan Hawker Chan’s first Malaysian outlet is located at No. 26-3, Jalan Theatre, 30300 Ipoh, Perak.


The government has ordered a total of 111 schools in and around Pasir Gudang in Johor closed pending further notice.

Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik said he made the decision after being told that the situation had reached “critical” level.

He directed all teachers involved to “stop work” at once given the severity of the situation.

The list included the 13 schools closed down earlier due to chemical pollution in Sungai Kim Kim, which had affected almost 300 people.

Speaking to reporters during a visit to Sekolah Bimbingan Jalinan Kasih here later, Maszlee said the type of poisonous gas emitting from the river in question had not been ascertained.

“While waiting for updates from the DoE, the ministry is keeping close tabs on the situation.

“The Johor government and State Disaster Management Committee will update us on the latest through the Johor Education Department,” he said.

Maszlee said the decision made on the school closures and others were based on the advice of the committee which comprised experts.

“The ministry’s top priority is the safety of students, teachers and support staff whom we regard as family. The best must be done for them. We will hold a discussion with the committee,’’ he said.

Saying he was saddened and angered by the pollution of Sungai Kim Kim, the minister hoped that justice would be served on the crimi­nals who had caused much suffering to “my education family”.

About 266 victims are being treated at the Sultan Ismail Hospital, with 42 warded at the Sultanah Aminah Hospital since the chemical pollution was reported last Thursday.

Johor executive councillor Dr Sahruddin Jamal was reported to have said that a contractor licensed by the DOE would be appointed to clean up the river.

He said the affected stretch spanned 1.5km and the exercise would be coordinated by the DOE and Drainage and Irrigation Department.


March 12, three robbers wielding guns stormed into a petrol station at the Rawang R&R, kidnapping two security guards and stealing over RM5 million in cash.

Oriental Daily reported that three security guards had just stepped out of the petrol station after withdrawing the cash, when the robbers ambushed them and took their money.

To make things worse, they even took two of the guards with them, and promptly drove off from the scene of the crime.

Police received an emergency, and found a clip belonging to an air gun once they arrived on the spot. With the help of a GPS tracker that was installed in the perpetrators’ car, police were able to track them down to KM438 of the North South Expressway.

However, the robbers were already gone by the time the car was found. What was more surprising was they left the kidnapped security guards, and RM5 million in a safe!

All in all, the robbers ended up stealing RM105,000, which was a paltry amount considering the millions they had abandoned. Police believe that the robbers had gotten wind of the former catching up to them, and were afraid of being caught.

Hence, they decided to take only what they could carry. However, their mode of escape is currently unclear.

Although we’re glad things didn’t turn out worse, that’s still a huge lump sum gone missing! Let’s hope the authorities catch these bad guys soon and recover it.   


Baby Swallowed Mother’s Headscarf Pin

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9-Month-Old Baby In Terengganu Hospitalised After Swallowing Her Mother’s Headscarf Pin

Kosmo reported that the incident occurred while the baby’s mother was driving her and her 11-year-old sister home at around 9.30pm on 11 March. 
The family resides in Ajil, Kuala Terengganu.

The 33 year old mother revealed that her 11-year-old daughter was hugging the baby in the passenger seat at the time of the incident.

Guang Ming Daily reported that the mother, Noor Amira, did not realise what her baby had put in her mouth while she was driving. 

“Suddenly my daughter shouted that her sister had swallowed something that looked like a pin,” Amira told Kosmo. 

“I’m not sure what happened but I think she found my headscarf pin that I dropped In between the car seat and the door,” she added.

The pin has been removed from the baby’s body through excretion.

Kosmo reported that the pin was found in the baby’s stool at around 4.30pm yesterday, 12 March. 

The baby was receiving treatment at the Sultanah Nur Zahirah Hospital in Kuala Terengganu. 


AirAsia Pilot Surprises Parents

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A video has been going viral of an AirAsia pilot surprising his parents on board with a special announcement after secretly arranging to be on the flight they were on.

AirAsia pilot Genesis Bernardo shared a video of the lovely memory taken during a flight from the Philippines to Taiwan on 20 February. His brother, Joshua Bernando, starts filming as he wanted to capture the moment and their unsuspecting parents smile and pose for the camera.

The smiles turn to surprise when they recognised their son’s voice on the intercom.

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen from the flight deck, this is Genesis Bernardo, your captain speaking.”

After the standard pre-flight briefing, Genesis segues into a tribute to his parents.

“I would like to take this opportunity to welcome two very important people in my life, Mr Paul Bernardo and Mrs Solly Bernardo, my dad and my mum.”

The expressions on his parents’ faces are priceless, as their son directly addresses them.

“I would like to thank you for loving me unconditionally as your son, and for teaching me to do my best in everything that I do. I also thank you for inspiring me to never stop dreaming big and making me believe that everything is possible as long as you have faith.”

“You are one of the biggest reasons why I am here commanding a flight and flying this airplane,” the captain expresses his gratitude to his listening parents.

The parents can be seen listening closely, as their eyes seem to fill with happy tears. Their son continues, admitting it’s always been a dream for him to have his parents as his passengers.

It’s truly an honour and my pleasure to have you on board. I’m so proud of you for bringing me where I am right now…And I also hope to make you proud,” Genesis says, voice heavy with emotion.

He also snuck in a greeting to his brother who was celebrating his birthday that day, saying, “Happy Birthday bro, I’m very glad to have you on board for the very first time.

Genesis concludes his message by thanking his parents for motivating him and his siblings.

“Cheers to all the parents who’s always been an inspiration to their kids and to everyone who’s been inspired by their parents to achieve their dreams.”

Applause fills the cabin as other passengers cheer on the captain and his happy parents once the message ends.

Joshua revealed in a Facebook post after the surprise that he and Genesis had planned out the flight details, although his brother had tricked him by “cancelling” the plan and thus surprising his brother as well as his parents.

Posted by Genesis Bernardo on Ahad, 10 Mac 2019