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Woman Narrowly Escapes Death!

March 19, 2019 | Health, Info, News | No Comments

A woman in central China was so keen on staying healthy that she injected the juice of 20 types of fruit – and almost paid for it with her life.

The 51-year-old surnamed Zeng, from Guiyang county in Chenzhou, Hunan province, had developed an interest in unconventional health treatments, reported the Xiaoxiang Morning Herald.

On a whim on February 22, while apparently in good health, Zeng made a juice from more than 20 kinds of fruit and gave herself an intravenous infusion by drip.

Despite feeling itchy and a rising temperature, she did nothing about it, but that night when her husband noticed her discomfort and found out about the infusion, she was taken to the county hospital. It in turn sent her to the Affiliated Hospital of Xiangnan University, where she was admitted to intensive care.

Liu Jianxiu, the attending doctor, told the Xiaoxiang Morning Herald that Zeng had a severe infection, damage to her liver, kidney and heart, and was in danger of dying of multiple organ failure and sepsis.

Doctors cleansed her blood using dialysis, injected clotting agents and gave her antibiotics. Zeng’s condition had improved significantly after five days and she was transferred to a kidney unit.

“I had thought fresh fruits were very nutritious and it would not do me harm by injecting them into my body,” Zeng was quoted as saying. “I had no idea that would get me into such trouble.”

Liu warned against health practices that lack scientific basis, and said injecting into a vein could cause liver and kidney damage or even death.

The news prompted amazement on social media. Lu Zhongyi, a nutritionist in Beijing, said on Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter, that some fruits were good for vein health but they should never be injected into the vein.

One person commented: “She who knows not fears not! I admire her courage as well as her intelligence!”

Others asked how Zeng had acquired a catheter and drip to conduct the procedure, while one wrote: “She is really someone who knows how to conduct intravenous injection and is brave enough to do it. Luckily her husband knows better. I am happy she survived.”


Police in the Utrecht, Netherlands have cordoned off a tram station outside the city centre after a shooting incident that has left at least one passenger dead and several wounded.

The Independent reported that several people were wounded after a man opened fire on a tram around 10.45am (5.45pm in Malaysia).

The incident occurred close to 24 Oktoberplein, a tram stop outside the city centre.

Three air ambulances were dispatched to the scene of the incident to treat injured passengers.

The perpetrator fled the scene right after firing the shots

According to The Independent, “Several shots were fired in a tram and several people were injured. Helicopters are at the scene and no arrests have been made,” said police spokesman Joost Lanshage.

Dutch authorities have raised Utrecht’s terrorism threat level to its highest

Schools have been instructed to keep their doors closed and security has been increased at The Hague, mosques, and transportation hubs.

Utretch police have also warned the public to not go near the scene of the incident.

The shooting comes just a few days after a white supremacist attacked two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand:


On 16 March, a 17-year-old boy made international headlines for smashing an egg on Australian senator Fraser Anning’s head.

In response to the terrorist attack at two mosques in New Zealand, which left 50 people dead, the politician had released a statement saying “While Muslims may have been the victims today, usually they are the perpetrators.”

“The real cause of bloodshed on New Zealand streets today is the immigration program which allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand in the first place,” he added.

The senator retaliated by hitting Will Connolly in the face repeatedly until he was withheld by security guards

While the senator was restrained by security officials, his supporters tackled the boy to the ground and pinned him down.

Affectionately dubbed “Egg boi”, the new Internet sensation has been hailed as a hero by netizens all over the world

Someone even created a crowdfunding campaign to help the teenager with legal fees as well as to buy “more eggs”

As of today, 18 March, the GoFundMe page dedicated to “our hero Egg boi” has raised AUD42,286 (RM122,719).


PASIR GUDANG: The unsung heroes working to contain the Sungai Kim Kim chemical pollution in Pasir Gudang are forced to endure long hours not just to treat the victims, but also carry out detection for chemical substances around the area, collect samples and even carry out cleaning works.More than a dozen agencies have been involved in the process for the past 11 days. They are mobilised from around the country.

One of them is Fire and Rescue Department’s hazardous materials (Hazmat) specialist M. Murugiah who was in the midst of teaching firemen at the department’s training college in Kuala Kubu Baru, Selangor, when he received his deployment orders to move to Johor at 10am on March 12.

“I immediately dismissed my class and packed up and was on the way to Johor within 30 minutes,” he said, adding that presently there are 10 Hazmat teams carrying out checks and surveillance around the clock.

“We carried out decontamination works for the teams moving in and out of ground zero at the river and also for people entering the Pasir Gudang stadium for check-ups,” he said, adding that his team was also tasked with collecting about 20 air, water and soil samples daily for real-time analysis.

Asked how they have been coping, he said as firemen they were used to roughing it out anywhere.

“There is a lot of planning and movement of personnel as this is an operation which covered a huge area,” said Murugiah, who has spent 25 out of 30 years service as a Hazmat specialist.

Asked whether this is one of his most challenging assignments yet, he said it is as it involved a huge area and various kinds of chemicals.

Mercy Malaysia medical volunteer Dr Soh Yih Harng, 34, who was part of the initial team deployed to help the victims in Pasir Gudang, said they were short-handed at first.

“I arrived in Pasir Gudang from Melaka at about 2am on March 14 and started my shift at 8am.

“We have more medical volunteers now and that allows us to see as many patients as possible,” he said when met at the medic base here at the Pasir Gudang Indoor Stadium.

For Malaysia Civil Defence Force (APM) ambulance driver Muhammad Atikullah Aziz, 31, it has been hectic since he was deployed to the area as he makes between five and seven trips sending people from the stadium to the hospitals.

“A lot of agencies also sent ambulance drivers to help out here and that has allowed us to respond faster to emergency calls.

“I hope that the situation here will go back to normal soon,” he said.

Malaysia Red Crescent volunteer Amy Sim, 32, hopes that their presence will help reduce the burden of all agencies involved in the rescue mission here.

“Some of the volunteers would come after work while some even took leave to help and counsel the victims here.

“I have been here since I finished work on Friday and will try to stay to help out as long as I can,” said Sim, a teacher.

The technical director of the main contractor involved in the cleaning up of Sungai Kim Kim, N. Shanker, 52, has been working around the clock with his team to clear up a 1.5km stretch.

“We have support from two other contractors to clean up the river here.

“About 90 people are involved in the exercise with half working the day shift and the other half the night,” he said when met near Sungai Kim Kim.

He added that all agencies involved have been working tirelessly for 24 hours daily to purify the river since Wednesday and he is glad that the process to salvage the river has been completed with only a little micro-cleaning left to work on.

Shanker, who has 12 years experience in this field, said this is the first time he is removing chemical waste from a river.

“Most of the cases that we have been involved in are those involving internal chemical spillage in industries,” he said.


Last year (2018), Chen San Yuan a.k.a. Grandpa Pokémon from Taiwan went viral on social media after he DIY-ed his own Pokémon Go gaming rig, which allows him to carry and operate 11 smartphones at once. Fast forward to this year, he has upped his game and is currently running a 21-phone set-up and even earned himself a sponsorship!

That’s right, ASUS was deeply impressed by the grandpa’s creativity and multitasking skills that they decided to sponsor him with their latest ZenFone Max Pro (M2). In fact, all 21 phones on his current gaming rig are sponsored by ASUS too!

Powered by multiple portable battery packs located in his bicycle basket, the grandpa can go up to 20 hours catching Pokémon and his presence on the streets usually attracts a large crowd with many fascinated by his set-up. Here’s how he looks like on the move. 

When interviewed, the grandpa said the game hunting for virtual monsters actually encouraged him to get out of the house more often to make friends. Besides that, it has also helped him to fend off his Alzheimer’s disease as he is constantly on the move trying to catch more Pokémon.

His adventure of catching Pokémon started on 14 September 2016 when his son bought him a smartphone. “My grandson taught me how to catch Pokémon. I used to only play computer games and Candy Crush,” he said.  To date, it is understood that he has captured 237 different Pokémons and he’s still going strong.

From a single smartphone to 21 of them, Chen has certainly proven to us that he wants to be the very best, that no one ever was. Do you think the number of smartphones he’s using would grow in the near future? We think it will!


In a Facebook post that was uploaded on Friday, 15 March and has since gone viral with over 7k shares, the daughter of a senior citizen who died in the ambulance he was being transported to Serian Hospital is demanding an explanation as to why the ambulance didn’t follow the emergency standard operating procedures (SOP)

The daughter, Fung Ying, alleges that her father, 66-year-old Lai Kim died due to delay in receiving proper medical treatment after the ambulance did a very “ridiculous thing”.

“The ambulance did not proceed to the hospital immediately at the time and without any siren as well. With my very ill dad inside the ambulance, they went to the Petronas station in Siburan to fuel up the vehicle.

“While at the petrol station, an incoming lorry slightly brushed against the ambulance which resulted in the driver’s door unable to close,” she lamented in her post.

Following the minor incident that occurred at a petrol station located at Mile 18 along the Jalan Kuching and Serian road, the ambulance, with the girl’s father inside, proceeded to the police station to make a report instead of first heading to the hospital

The girl, in her post, wrote that she believed by then the ambulance had consumed plenty of time, in which it should have reached the Serian hospital already.

The man, who was previously receiving treatment at Siburan Health Clinic, was referred to Serian Hospital for further treatment at around 9.30am.

“Both the medical assistant and driver went into the police station to make the report, leaving my dad, mum and younger brother waiting inside the ambulance.

“Suddenly, my mum found that my dad showed no response.

“She touched his forehead and realised his forehead was becoming cold. She quickly asked my younger brother to call and seek help from the medical assistant, who then performed nearly 15 minutes of CPR on my dad,” she wrote, adding that “unfortunately, my dad could not make it and passed away at around 11am.”

She has since questioned why the emergency SOPs were not followed, and why wasn’t the ambulance fuelled up beforehand

“Problem is, I still cannot understand that, if a patient is suffering an extraordinary stomach ache and had an abnormal heart rate, it is an emergency case, right?

“Why was an emergency SOP not carried out at that moment?

“An ambulance driver is responsible to ensure that the ambulance has more than a half-full tank at any time to cater and standby for emergency cases, isn’t it?

“This is the first time in my life hearing that an ambulance went to fuel up the vehicle with a very ill patient inside. Or is it my father’s situation was not “urgent enough” to use the emergency SOP?” the man’s daughter questioned.

“It has been four days since my dad left us, I am still overwhelmed by sadness and regret. If the ambulance did not go to the petrol station, my dad would be alive right now. I feel that my dad was wronged and treated unfairly.”

“Thus, as a daughter, on behalf of my family, I now demand an explanation for my father’s death!,” she wrote, wishing that whoever didn’t follow the correct SOP “should be charged and punished”

Yes, the deceased mentioned in this news is my father (Lai Kim). I believe my father was dead due to delay in receiving…

Posted by Fung Ying on Jumaat, 15 Mac 2019

Following the girl’s viral post, the Sarawak Health Department today, 17 March, said that they are now investigating the case

“I also want to say that Sarawak Health Department is also aware of the social media post written on 15 March by the daughter of the deceased, and Sarawak Health Department will arrange for a meeting with the deceased’s family and next-of-kin,”Sarawak health director Dr Jamilah Hashim was quoted saying by The Borneo Post.

She added that they are aware of the issue and assured the public that the investigation would be conducted in a transparent manner and according to protocol.


Tired of going to regular malls with the same old stores? Well, this new mall along Jalan Tun Razak, KL is like a breath of fresh air for us! With airy pockets of greenery and colourful art installations, The LINC KL is one mall that feels like a relaxing mini-getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city the moment you step inside. One of this mall’s highlights definitely has to be its gorgeous interactive art installations that definitely don’t shy away from colour. Plus, they’re sure to look great on your feed! Check out some of this mall’s coolest Insta-worthy spots below:

1. Doves

This installation is a gorgeous collection of 41,600 paper doves in 40 different colours, symbolising peace, love, harmony, and unity.

2. The Owl

This giant owl mural makes the perfect, colourful backdrop for any shot. Set amongst the gorgeous greenery of this mall’s courtyard, this mural stands out beautifully. Bright colours are hard to pull off, but this mural definitely gets it right!

3. Rainbow steps 

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🌈 stairs @thelinckl

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These steps are definitely one of the more popular installations at The LINC KL, and it’s pretty evident when you scroll through their location tag on Instagram!

There few more interesting things in this mall. So, interested to check out this mall? Here’s where you can find it! The LINC KL Address: 360, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur Opening hours: 10am – 10pm daily


Thailand is a popular travel destination and for good reason, due to its yummy food and awesome tourist spots. However, you should always be aware of your surroundings when you’re travelling in a foreign country, especially if you’re alone!  Malaysians visiting the city of Hatyai are now advised to be more cautious, especially when sharing any e-hailing services or riding tuk-tuks with strangers to avoid falling victim to robberies.

According to Astro Awani, a Thai woman lost all her jewellery worth approximately 50,000 baht (approx RM6,500) while sharing a tuk-tuk with an unknown woman. Oh no!

Anisah Lateh, 31, from Pattani was making her way to Padang Besar, Malaysia when she met the suspect who is believed to be in her 30s.  She said that the woman had asked her whether she wanted to share a tuk-tuk with her to the taxi station as she wanted to go to Padang Besar as well.

“When I got into the tuk-tuk, there was the smell of drugs. After that, I lost consciousness,” said Anisah. “When I regained consciousness, I was left alone in an unfamiliar place and all my jewellery was stolen.” Meanwhile, a Hatyai police spokesperson said there were several similar cases reported recently. Earlier, she added that another woman had lost her jewellery worth approximately 12,000 baht (RM1,500). OMG! “I hope that the members of the public including tourists will be extra cautious when riding vehicles with strangers. We also advise them to avoid flaunting their jewellery,” she added.


Hooray for Hope! A few days ago we shared the news about an orangutan and her baby that were saved from being tortured by local hunters in Indonesia. After being rescued, it was discovered that there were 74 air rifle bullets and sharp blades embedded in her body. The 30-year-old orangutan, who has been given the name Hope, survived through her surgery. Her baby, unfortunately, did not survive. The chief of Aceh Conservation Agency said, as quoted by NST,

“Hope is getting better, she’s starting to eat.”

According to the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) Quarantine and Rehabilitation Centre, Hope’s injuries were so severe, both of her eyes are damaged, and she is now completely blind. It also mentioned that,

“Hope will need a long time care and recovery treatment. Especially for her mental rehabilitation since we know this adult female orangutan just lost her little baby while she was still breast feeding.”

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Flash Update about Orangutan 'Hope' from SOCP Quarantine and Rehabilitation Center in North Sumatra. Three days under the care and monitoring of the SOCP Vet team, Orangutan 'Hope' looks in better condition. She is starting to eat some fruits and drink milk. But she's still in the intensive care cages. SOCP Vet team is planning to conduct further medical treatment for her bone fracture soon. Stay updated with us and give your best hope to orangutan 'Hope'. . . Help us to continue the SOCP's much needed welfare and conservation work for orangutan and its habitat. Please visit : [Link on Bio] . . Update terkini tentang Orangutan 'Hope' di Pusat Karantina dan Rehabilitasi Orangutan YEL-SOCP di Sumatera Utara. Setelah tiga hari dalam perawatan dan monitoring intensif tim dokter hewan YEL-SOCP, orangutan 'Hope' tampak dalam kondisi membaik. Dia sudah mulai makan beberapa jenis buah dan juga minum susu. Tapi orangutan masih dalam kandang fasilitas perawatan intensif. Tim dokter hewan sedang merencanakan untuk melakukan tindakan medis lanjutan terhadap kondisi patah tulang yang dialaminya. Tetap update informasi nya dengan kita dan sampaikan harapan terbaikmu untuk orangutan 'Hope'. . . Bantu kami untuk melanjutkan program-program konservasi orangutan dan habitatnya di Sumatera. Silahkan kunjungi : (Link ada di Bio] #SaveOrangutan #SumatranOrangutan #OrangutanRehablitation #Hope #StopSenapanAngin #74Peluru #SOCP #YEL #PanEco

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SOCP explained that their team will be conducting further medical treatment for her broken bones. It also revealed that,

“Hope is in a better condition. She is starting to eat some fruits and milk. But she is still in intensive care cages.”

Hopefully, Hope can fully recover from this. Let this be a catalyst for stopping poachers and illegal hunters who prey on these innocent, gentle animals. Hunting them down is just plain wrong!


Shocking footage shows the moment a man’s nose was allegedly ‘bitten off’ during a chaotic brawl on board a Ryanair flight.

During the 30-second clip, shouts and screams from passengers can be heard as cabin crew desperately try to break the fighting men apart.

The men became involved in an  altercation while travelling from Glasgow Prestwick to Tenerife South after taking off at around 6.10am on Saturday.

They can be seen throwing punches and grabbing each other as stunned passengers, including children, sit back and watch.

Towards the end of the video a man is seen being escorted down the aisle by staff with his face covered in blood.

One person said: “There were numerous occasions of drunk and disorderly behaviour leading to a man having his nose bitten off”, The Scottish Sun reports.

A spokesman for Rynair said: “The crew of  this flight from Glasgow Prestwick to Tenerife requested police assistance upon arrival after two passengers became disruptive in-flight.

“The aircraft landed normally and police removed and detained two individuals.

“We will not tolerate unruly or disruptive behaviour at any time and the safety and comfort of our customers, crew and aircraft is our number one priority. This is now a matter for local police.

Last month a Ryanair flight was diverted after a fight broke out when an alleged drunk man started pestering a hen party on board.

Passengers were reportedly witness to a “full fist fight” as two men started throwing blows in the aisle – causing “absolute chaos”.