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Women, Family and Community Development Deputy Minister Hannah Yeoh has said that the public can report such cases to the ministry’s 24-hour hotline at 15999. According to The Star, doing so will alert welfare officers to the location and help them rescue the children.

The hotline is a testament to the minister’s strong stand against children-exploiting begging syndicates, who stated the following in Parliament today (March 27): “If members of the public are approached by child beggars or performers seeking alms by the roadside, restaurants or in front of houses of worship, don’t give them any money.” 

Should an individual be found guilty of involvement in such syndicates, they could be looking at up to RM20,000 in fines and/or 5 years in jail, or both, under Section 32 of the Child Act. The act also prohibits children under the age of 18 from partaking in activities such as singing, playing, or performing in public to get donations, or selling goods. The same goes for implicating children in illegal activities such as selling lottery tickets without a licence and gambling.

If one wishes to make a donation to a person claiming to be from an NGO, you will have to double check if the organisation is registered with the Department of Social Welfare. Similarly, if a school should like to run a fundraising activity, the school’s Parents and Teachers Association ought to work together to organise the event, Malaysiakini quoted the minister as saying.


Recently, a model of our future flying vehicle was displayed at the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace 2019 (LIMA’19) exhibition and it definitely caught everyone’s eye – even netizens all around the region. The vehicle that’s known as Vector was designed to be a point-to-point air transport system and it’s said that the prototype for this will be completed as early as June this year. Wowda!

The company that designed this model said Vector was a drone-concept vehicle that can carry passengers, deliver cargo, and even be used for surveillance purposes.

However, instead of wow-ing the internet, it got netizens very amused. Most of the comments pointed out how ridiculously large the ‘fans’ were on the model. And soon, memes were born. The internet definitely never fails to disappoint!

The model was being poked fun of by Malaysians and Singaporeans alike. Here’s what netizens have to say about it:

It was reported that the prototype will cost RM1 million to make. However, it was not confirmed what the final figure will be.


A 40-year-old man was heard screaming when he got his penis stuck inside a cat’s anus after allegedly trying to have sex with it. He now faces criminal charges for his act.

Michael Navage, a transient in Arizona, United States, got arrested on March 20 for allegedly trying to have sex with his cat. An unknown caller reported to the police that a cat’s screams were heard from Navage’s temporary residence, according to the police report posted by

One of the witnesses heard the suspect screaming “it’s stuck to my penis,” and calling the cat a “wh*re” and shouting “stop sh*tting.”

The police then called Navage, who said that he was only drying his cat off with a towel.

The suspect refused to open the door when the police arrived. When the officer managed to go inside, he saw Navage “naked, standing in the middle of the bathroom with a cat partially wrapped in a towel placed by his genitals,” as detailed in the report.

The man denied that he was trying to have sexual intercourse with the cat, saying that he loves his pet as he has had him since it was a kitten.

Navage also explained that it would have been “impossible” to have sex with the cat because “the girth of his penis is too large for him to penetrate the cat’s anus.”

In an x-ray examination of the cat, it was reported that there was “tearing around the surface of the anus as well as superficial wounds, small cuts around the anus area.”

The police also found bags of crystal meth, a fake 100-dollar bill and credit cards, IDs and checks with different names in the man’s apartment. The suspect admitted that he was selling the illegal substance “for a room and a shower.”

Navage is now facing multiple charges, including bestiality, animal cruelty, forgery and possession of illegal substances.He is set to appear in court on March 28.

The Star

A 26-year-old man in Sabah was recently arrested for slapping and threatening to set his wife on fire because she refused to buy him a car.

His 45-year-old wife made a police report on 25 March, four days after the incident, which took place at their home in Kampung Sapagaya Hilir, Lahad Datu.

According to Malay Mail, the woman had just arrived home after picking up their children from school at 6pm on Thursday, 21 March when the man threw a fit.

The woman, who is a kindergarten teacher, claimed that he also threatened to attack her with an axe and burn down their home

The Star reported Lahad Datu district police chief Asst Comm Nasri Mansor as saying that the victim then fled to her brother’s house with her three children before lodging a police report.

Police later arrested the Indonesian man at his home on the same day and seized an axe, which was allegedly used during their quarrel.

Image for illustration purposes only.

According to ACP Nasir, the man tested positive for drugs.

The case is being investigated under Section 323 of the Penal Code for voluntarily causing hurt.

If found guilty, the an could be jailed for a maximum of one year, or be fined up to RM 2000.


According to Channel News Asia, a university professor from Seoul, South Korea had allegedly forced her students to write her daughter’s thesis so that she could gain entry into an elite dental school, revealed a government report on Tuesday (Mar 26).

This is the latest scandal to hit South Korea’s hyper-competitive education system. The mother, who is a professor at Seoul’s Sungkyunkwan University had requested her graduate students to conduct a three-month experiment and even asked them to fabricate the results. After that, her daughter compiled the findings and published them in an academic journal using her own name.

The daughter applied to Seoul National University’s dental school by using the thesis from the study and managed to earn admission last year. FYI, the university is one of the top institutions in the country!

Upon realising her actions, the Education Ministry is now planning to expel the professor from the university, an official told AFP.

From the investigation, it was learned that the professor even instructed one of her students to do 54 hours of volunteer work, by converting a book into braille in her daughter’s name. The professor paid 500,000 won (approximately RM 1,700) to the student for completing the task.

In addition, the professor’s daughter also managed to win several academic awards for posters and research reports that were actually completed by her mother’s students.

In South Korea, the education system there is super competitive and getting good grades in your academics is really important in defining your adult life, even influencing your marriage prospects. Parents will try anything to send their kids to prestigious schools, even something illegal. Graduate students are also frequently exploited, with some of those include working extremely long hours and running errands such as laundry for their professors.


If you’re a Wendy’s fan, brace yourself for some not-so-good news.

That’s because, recent tweets and posts on Facebook have expressed worries that Wendy’s in Malaysia is closing down. Rumour has it that the fast food chain will be shutting down all outlets in the country this year (2019).

This came particularly after a tweet by @ezadhfizy, sharing a photo showing Wendy’s in Paradigm JB that has been closed down.

He also noted that a lot of the Wendy’s branches in Malaysia has been closing down in stages. Other locations that have closed down include:

  • Mid Valley
  • Mont Kiara
  • Suria KLCC
  • Cyberjaya
  • IPC Damansara
  • Sunway Pyramid
  • Jaya One
  • JB Paradigm Mall
  • Gurney Drive Penang
  • KKIA Sabah

Tweets by other users shared the same sentiment, where they expressed their grief that one of their favourite food chains has closed down in several locations. We’re just as sad! 

According to one posting by @cadsalovere, he spills that based on what a Wendy’s staff has told him, the store in Mont Kiara has ceased operations and confirms that they will not be reopening the branch. He added that KLCC’s branch also shared the same fate.

In a recent report by, the local publication mentions that from the rumours that are circulating on social media, Wendy’s is closing down because its franchisor Berjaya Burger Sdn Bhd decided not to renew their franchise agreement with Wendy’s. Berjaya Burger is a wholly owned subsidiary company under Berjaya Corporation Bhd.

Back in 2016 when Wendy’s was expanding another 6 outlets in Malaysia, its managing director, Sydney Quays said that each outlet costs RM1 million to open!

Unfortunately, things aren’t looking too bright for them now ? Even our favourite branch in Mid Valley closed down about 2 weeks ago!

Well, some branches that are known to still be operating include, Berjaya Times Square, Juru Drive Thru @ Penang and Design Village @ Penang.

We aren’t entirely sure if the other outlets are still open or not. WORLD OF BUZZ has reached out to Wendy’s but currently, there is still no further comment on the closing down rumor. So if you guys want to be safe, best go chomp on some Wendy’s before they disappear from Malaysia forever


You might think that it takes careful and long-term planning for car thieves to drive your car away. However, with the advancement of technology that we have today, it has actually become pretty convenient for them to do so.

In fact, it’s so easy that it only takes less than 10 seconds for these unscrupulous men to commit the crime. How? All thanks to high-tech devices like signal jammers and frequency duplicators.

Senior Asst Comm Khairuldin Saad was quoted by  The Star as saying, “Gone are the days when thieves unlocked the vehicle manually, hot-wired it to start and drove the car away.”

He added that nowadays, car thieves have the help of sophisticated gadgets and would only take less than 6 seconds to unlock a vehicle before stealing it. For example, they would use a “programmer” or “frequency duplicator” – this helps them copy the radio channel in order to unlock key-less vehicles. And to avoid being traced by the authorities, they would use a GPS jammer once they have driven off with the stolen vehicle.

As for how they’re able to obtain these gadgets to aid their crime, Khairuldin said that they are able to easily get them via online shopping.

According to police investigations, it was reported that there are actually multiple facets when it comes to car theft. Apparently, there are usually people hired for specific roles such:

  • The thief who will be tasked with stealing the vehicle
  • The transporter who would ferry the vehicle to its last stop
  • The mastermind of the crime

Khairuldin explained, “The thief would steal the car, drop it off at a designated location for a middleman to pick it up.”

“The mastermind would decide on what to do with the stolen vehicle – to strip or sell it abroad,” he added.

On top of that, he explained other protocols that they adhere to. For example:

  • They would use parking lots at supermarkets and around residential areas as their drop-off point to avoid suspicion.
  • Syndicate members would not meet up with each other. In most cases, they would not know each other too.
  • Each person is assigned to a specific task and are paid differently for their roles (thief, middleman etc.). For example, thieves assigned to steal a Toyota Vellfire would get about RM5,000 to RM7,000 per car.
  • This payment would be made via online transactions because it makes it harder for cops to trace them, even if one member gets arrested.

Hence, if you want to prevent car theft, do pay heed to Khairuldin’s advice – he urged vehicle owners to go back to basics by installing extra locking systems. This includes a pedal, brake and steering locks.

“These old fashioned locks would make it longer and harder for them to take away the vehicle,” he said.

Well, now that you know how fast it takes for these thieves to steal a vehicle, it’s time to up your car’s security features and avoid the areas that are their prime targets! 


We all know that beauty is pain, but what happens when you end up with all the pain and none of the ‘beauty’? A 25-year-old Malaysian found out the answer the hard way, after receiving injections that could supposedly ‘dissolve’ the fats in her arms.

In a press conference held by MCA Public Services Department Chief Datuk Seri Michael Chong, the PJ-born woman said she had seen an online ad for an aesthetic clinic in Brickfields back in August 2018, and initially planned to go for a ‘fat-freezing’ treatment to eliminate excess flab on both arms. However, according to Kwong Wah, she decided to try out fat-dissolving injections upon the advice of a female physician there, who had informed her the substance was derived from plants.

She paid RM700 and injected 10ml (5ml per arm) of ‘fat dissolving’ substance into her arms and the treatment was done. However, within a month, a bacterial infection began to spread in the areas where the injections were first made, followed by swelling. She decided to return to the clinic to seek treatment, where another physician got rid of pustules left by the infection – without anaesthesia. Our blood is curdling just at the thought of it.

However – surprise, surprise – her condition did not improve, and finally, she went to the University Malaya Medical Centre for proper medical care, where she wound up being hospitalised for 10 days. At present, her arms are heavily marked by scars, with significant signs of rot in the injected areas. She is currently under the care of a specialist clinic and has already spent RM5,000 on treatment. Think of all the other things the money could have gone to! 

Escalating medical costs aside, she has lodged a report against the clinic as well, and filed a complaint to the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC), which swiftly revealed that only one out of the four physicians at the clinic has a licence to practice.

She went on to say that she actually received a call from the clinic recently, but ignored them. In regards to the next step, Chong stated that the department’s legal advisor James Yee will assist the woman and fight for her rights to pursue the matter legally. Do be careful in choosing where you seek medical/aesthetic treatment, for it could lead to damages that scar for a lifetime!


The possibility of super-fecundation, when two eggs are fertilized during the same cycle by two fathers, is one-in-a-million, doctors in China say.

A mum-of-two’s secret affair was exposed when a DNA test revealed her twins had DIFFERENT fathers, according to reports.

The woman, who has not been identified but is from Xiamen, China, had requested a paternity test with her partner last year so that they could formally put their twin boys on the city’s household register.

But they were in for a shock when the test results reportedly showed that one of the boys did not belong to the dad.

According to reports in the Fujian Daily newspaper, the woman’s partner had long wondered why his twins did not look alike, and why one of them had different eyes, mouth and nose – and did not resemble him in any way.

However, he never ever considered the possibility that he was not their father, reports added.

The couple were shocked when the DNA test results showed that one of the boys did not belong to the dad

The paternity test findings, carried out by the Fujian Zhengtai Judicial Authentication Center in Xiamen in East China’s Fujian Province, caused a rift between the couple, with the wife allegedly accusing her husband of tampering with the results.

However, the mum-of-two eventually admitted that she had had a one-night stand with another man.

News of the rare case of super-fecundation – when two eggs are fertilized during the same cycle by two fathers – was made public by the Authentication Center’s director, Zhang.

Zhang explained that super-fecundation means the mum had to have slept with her lover within hours or days of being first impregnated by her husband during the same fertility window.

She added: “This is a very special case. It means that the woman had sexual relations with two men – and was impregnated by them at the same time.”

“They’re fraternal twins. A very uncommon and rare case.”

The director said the couple “sorted the matter out themselves”.

The dad has since been quoted as saying: “I obviously still want my own child, but I’m unwilling to raise someone else’s child.”


Man Found in Negeri Sembilan Water Tank!

March 27, 2019 | News | No Comments

According to Harian Metro, authorities received a call by an employee of Syarikat Air Negeri Sembilan (SAINS) on March 25th, claiming that he had found a floating corpse in a reservoir there. An operation to remove the corpse was carried out soon after, at 1pm in the afternoon, and that was when the grisly evidence was found.

Jempol Superintendent Muhd Nur Hishamuddin said that his team, with the help of the Fire and Rescue Department, were able to recover the lower half of the body around 1.40pm. As the search continued, chunks of flesh were eventually found, as were other parts of the skeleton such as a skull, jawbone and various bones. 

Since then, the body parts and flesh have been sent to Jempol Hospital for further investigation. The search could bring a missing person cold case to a close, as a wallet and MyKad found in the corpse’s pants indicates it belonged to a 20-something man from Rompin, Pahang. 

Sinar Harian reported that the Superintendent said, “The information on the MyKad matches a report dated July 10 2018 that was filed by the victim’s father.” Upon discovering the identity card, police contacted his next of kin and called them to identify the body. That, and an autopsy will have to be conducted before the body’s identity can be fully verified.

At this point, the case has been classified as sudden death. SAINS is now in the process of cleaning the ponds linked to the reservoir before water supply to the surrounding residents can be resumed. All the existing water in it will be eliminated and replaced with fresh, clean water. The reservoir has a capacity of 800,000 gallons, and is expected to be fully operational again by today (26 March 2019).