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BERITA baik buat korang pelajar universiti! Sebelum ini media melaporkan semua pelajar Universiti terpaksa meneruskan sesi pengajaran dan pembelajaran (PdP) secara dalam talian sehingga Disember.

Perkara tersebut diumumkan oleh pihak kerajaan berikutan Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan (PKP) akibat pandemik Covid-19 untuk memastikan pembelajaran pelajar tetap lancar walaupun mereka tidak berada di dalam kelas dan bilik kuliah.

Namun mengambil kira keperluan beberapa kategori pelajar yang perlu pulang ke kampus, lima kategori pelajar sudah memulakan pengajian bermula Mei lalu.

Terkini selaras dengan perkembang Covid-19 yang menunjukkan Malaysia menuju pemulihan Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi (KPT) telah bersetuju bahawa kemasukan sepenuhnya pelajar universiti bermula Oktober ini. Bukan Disember 2020 seperti yang diketahui sebelum ini.

Ini bermakna, pelajar universiti hanya ada masa tiga bulan sahaja lagi untuk membuat persiapan belajar secara berhadapan dengan pensyarah dan bukannya secara dalam talian lagi.

Menurut Menteri Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi, Datuk Noraini Ahmad dalam sidang media petang semalam, bagi memastikan keputusan tersebut dapat dilaksanakan dengan sempurna, IPT dan para pelajar dipohon untuk membuat persediaan mulai dari sekarang.

Dalam pada itu, empat lagi kategori pelajar akan memulakan pengajian bermula Julai ini iaitu pelajar tempatan di IPTS iaitu sebanyak 30 peratus seperti dipohon oleh Persatuan Kolej dan Universiti Swasta, pelajar tahun satu, dua, tiga dan empat universiti awam dalam bidang pengajian yang memerlukan Latihan klinikal, Latihan amal, praktikal, bengkel, makmal, studio dan Latihan khusus.

Dua lagi ketegori terdiri daripada, pelajar tahun satu, dua, tiga dan empat yang tidak mempunyai akses internet atau persekitaran kondusif dan terakhir pelajar antarabangsa dari kedua-dua universiti awam dan swasta termasuklah pelajar baru.

Jadi, korang dah boleh mula pack-pack barang dan membuat persediaan awal termasuk mencari rumah sewa. Tak ada rumah sewa atau penempatan, korang nak stay mana pula nanti kan?


Living away from parents is never an easy thing. Because only with them by our side, we get to feel a sense of comfort and protection that nobody else could give. For most Malaysians, typically the first time they leave home is when they are about to start college or university.

Wherever you go, public or private university plays a huge part on what life’s going to look like for the next few years. But there are a few differences between the two and there are only some things that public university students can relate to, especially if they lived on campus.

1. Spot check panic

No electrical appliances are allowed in public universities. However, not all students would obey this. We need rice cookers and electric pots. We aren’t that rich to eat outside everyday lah! So, whenever there are rumors about spot checks, the panic sets in.

Those with the appliances will run around looking for spots to hide. Some hide in their friends’ cars, or at the balconies. Some would even add an extra lock on their doors and stay at the foyer until they receive cues from their block mates that the spot check has ended.

This is when you realise how true the saying, ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’ actually is!

2. Monkey attacks

After the panic attack, now we have the monkey attacks. Only until you’ve gone to a public university, you come to realise that it’s totally possible for monkeys to appear in your locked rooms, stealing your snacks and messing up your space!

You’ll know that these monkeys aren’t afraid of humans and if you try to scare them away without any ‘weapons’,  the one losing is definitely going to be you.

Oh, come on UKM students, you can totally relate to this right? 

3. Gossip/Movie nights

You know or not? I tell you ah, that day hor…

One thing about living in dormitories is that you live near to your friends. All it takes is probably just a few walks to another block and you’ll get to have a mini gathering in the room. It’s fun to have several friends squeezed inside a room gossiping about the latest couple in your batch or the recent breakup story of someone you knew.

Any plans for birthday surprises, movie nights can be done at the tip of the fingers thanks to the easy accessibility! So kudos to dormitories on this! 

4. Fire drills late at night 

While you are staying up late to complete your assignments, suddenly lights around the college residence would just shut off and someone’s scream ‘KELUAR! KELUAR! KELUAR!’ will hit your ears. You barely have the time to change your clothes let alone find the room keys and they are already out there, asking you to get out of your room.

5. Fighting for merit points 

In public universities, you’ll need to earn merit points by actively engaging yourself with the residential college’s activities. Because if you don’t, next year you’d have no room to stay. Sometimes, even a simple lecture would give you merit points just to encourage attendance.

Of course, some of us would write down our names and…. ciao professionally!

Despite it being some boring lecture and you having tons of assignments to rush, you’ll have to go for the sake of merit. Or the ‘smarter’ way,  you’ll just tipu for the points by asking your friends’ help to sign your name. Today you help me, next time I help you lor! 

6. Booking the toilets with pails 

Toilets are quite limited to withstand the number of students on each floor. So to avoid the traffic, you’ll put your bathing pail inside the toilet cubicle to chup for your turn while you go to the other side to brush your teeth.

7. Curi-curi cooking and everyone is a Masterchef

As mentioned in the previous point, public university students aren’t allowed to bring electrical appliances, what more to cook inside their rooms. However, this is exactly what makes it exciting. Instead of buying from the cafeteria, you’ll use your rice cooker to steam egg, boil soup, or even make spaghetti! Who cares about the taste when you’ll be the one eating?

You’d make a steamboat dinner with your friends. One of them would go buy the frozen foods and when night arrives, each of them will bring a pot to the selected room to cook the meal. Forbidden steamboat dinner, once in a lifetime. 

8. Confusing Bus Routes

Different buses go different ways. If you accidentally took the wrong one, you might just get stuck in the middle of nowhere and have to wait for the right bus to take you to where you want to go! You wouldn’t want to waste your time waiting for another bus since you totally have no idea how long would it take to arrive.

Ugh, I feel you.

9. Unnecessary Cheers Battle

During the first year, you will definitely go through this! – Cheers Battle!! You’d be asked (or rather forced?) to learn the cheers of your own residential colleges.

And the whole fighting process will last for the whole night, or sometimes till midnight. You have to pretend to be sick JUST to escape the deafening noises!

10. Intense Campus Elections

If I get elected, I will…

So every year, there’ll be a time where pilihan raya candidates from several faculties will visit your residential colleges to campaign.

Some to the extent of interrupting your lessons just to put forward their manifestos, pulling their votes for the upcoming election. Believe it or not, even though it’s just a normal campus election, it’s inspiring to see these students put in the effort to care for the well-being of their fellow uni-mates.

11. Sneakily changing rooms

You can, I can, we together-gether okay?

One thing about staying in public universities is that you will never know who is going to be your roommate. Everything has been set by the office administration and you know it’s going to be a whole other mess if you were to request for another room.

So, to be smart, we’ll just form a pact with our friend and make sure we end up in the same room with them.

12. Cold showers 24/7 

One of my friends told me she wasn’t afraid of ghosts when she showered at night, but why was she shivering?

Heaters aren’t provided in public universities which is why the rental fee per semester is so much cheaper than private universities.

Of course, when you opt for a lower price, you’d have to bear with the flaws.

13. Bus > Car All-Day

Eh! Tumpang me go class can or not?

Cannot lah! I’m taking the bus! 

Because you aren’t the only one driving to the university, but rather most who can do it, WILL do it! With the little parking areas provided, your parking space might just disappear in a few seconds if you were to drive away.

Hence, not wanting to take the risk, you’d choose the bus to go for classes, activities, etc. The “best” part is when the bus driver just wheezes past you even though you’ve been waiting there for over an hour!

To those of you who’ve stayed in any public university, have we missed out anything? Let us know in the comments section!


On Tuesday, 7 July, the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court fined a housewife for physically abusing a 10-month-old child back in March

The accused from Taman Melati in Wangsa Maju was charged under Section 31(1)(a) of the Child Act 2001, which provides a maximum fine of RM50,000, or imprisonment for up to 20 years, or both, upon conviction.

The woman pleaded guilty to the charge before the Sessions Court judge, Mahyon Talib.

She was fined RM6,000 in default of three months’ jail

The incident happened at her house at 2pm on 5 March.

The victim is her neighbour’s son, who at the time of the incident was 10 months old.

The accused, identified as 33-year-old Noor Aziana A Samad, was unrepresented.

According to the woman, her agitation led her to act out

Bernama reported that when the judge questioned her why she pinched the child’s ear, Noor Aziana said that she felt agitated because the child was always crying and there was no water supply at home then.

The woman has three children of her own.


TGV Cinemas is giving out FREE movie tickets every day until 13 July 2020!

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So, remember at 1pm every day, look for TGV Cinemas’ giveaway post!


A newborn baby boy from northern Hai Phong City, Vietnam, has gone viral on the Internet after several photos show him holding an intrauterine device (IUD) in his hand right after being born.

Obstetrician Tran Viet Phuong took the photos which were posted on Hai Phong International Hospital on 30 June and has since gained tremendous online attention.

In the photo, the baby boy is seen with his eyes closed while holding an IUD, a contraceptive that prevents pregnancy by stopping sperm from reaching and fertilizing eggs, according to Web MD.

Tran Viet Phuong said that when the boy was born, the device came out with him and he grabbed it.

“After delivery, I thought him holding the device was interesting, so I took a picture. I never thought it would receive so much attention,” he said, as reported by VN Express.

The 34-year-old mother who has two kids had inserted the IUD into her uterus at a local hospital two years before discovering that a five-week-old fetus had formed in her womb, at the location of the device.

The baby boy was born on 30 June, healthy and weighing 3.2kg.

While the IUD is one of the best birth control methods out there with 99% effectiveness, a woman can still get pregnant if the device moves out of place, according to Medical News Today.

Netizens were amused by the photos with many saying that the little baby was meant to come into this world.

“Dear little bub, he was meant to be here, and he found a way.”

“Nothing was going to stop this bub from coming into the world ❤”

However, many netizens are saying that the photo was staged and that the IUD was placed into the baby’s hand.


A 50-year-old man from a village in Sepahijala District of Tripura, India allegedly committed suicide after an argument with his daughter when he bought the wrong phone for her.

In a report written by Priyanka Deb Barman on Hindustan Times, the daughter, a Class 10 student, had demanded her father to buy her a smartphone as she needed it to attend her online classes. However, the farmer only managed to buy an ordinary phone which his daughter did not like.

She smashed the phone after which an argument ensued between her and her father. The man was then last seen going into his room where he was found dead the next day (1 July).

The incident was reported to the police who began their investigation on the cause of death. After conducting a post mortem, the case was declared as an unnatural death.

“We inquired some locals and his family about the matter. During our investigation, we got to know that there was an argument in his house over his failure to buy a smartphone for his daughter,” an officer in charge of Madhupur police station Tapas Das said.

“We conducted post mortem and handed over the body to them. We took an unnatural death case.”

This is not the first time an individual had taken their life due to the hardship of online classes in the midst of this pandemic outbreak. As many schools and universities are forced to transfer their classes online, many students living in rural areas have been struggling to keep up.

Earlier in June, one student in Kerala, India allegedly took her own life after not being able to attend online classes as she did not have a TV or a smartphone. Coming from a poor family, she was worried that her studies would be affected and ran away from home.

Meanwhile, many other students have to take extreme measures in order to attend online classes or to sit for their examinations.

Like the Sabahan student who spent 24 hours in a tree just to get a good internet connection for her online exams, or the Sarawakian student who camped in a rubber plantation to attend her online class.

To all students out there who think online classes are a chore, please remember that there are many others who can’t even afford to have a smart device or an internet connection. 


A pair of baby elephants feeding from the same mother have been spotted in a Sri Lankan national park, with officials speculating Wednesday the two could be a rare set of twins.

A pair of baby elephants feeding from the same mother have been spotted in a Sri Lankan national park, with officials speculating Wednesday the two could be a rare set of twins.

The young tuskers — who rangers estimate are three to four weeks old — were spotted in the Minneriya sanctuary about 200 kilometres (125 miles) north-east of Colombo, grazing with a herd of about a dozen elephants.

After observing the pair from a distance, officials are confident enough to “say they are twins,” Department of Wildlife Conservation Director-General Tharaka Prasad told AFP.

The sighting was near the area where seven elephants died from poisoning in September, in an act blamed on local farmers.

Nearly 200 elephants are killed every year on the island, many by farmers after the pachyderms stray onto their land.

Marauding elephants kill an average of 50 people annually, mostly when they stray into villages near their habitat.

The country’s elephant population has declined to just over 7,000 according to the latest census, down from an estimated 12,000 in the early 1900s.


PUTRAJAYA (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) – Malaysia’s annual National Day parade will not be held this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, said Senior Minister for Security Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

However, other programmes related to the celebration on Aug 31 may be held with standard operating procedures (SOPs) in place, he added.

“For now, there will be no parade. We have not scheduled for it to be held because this event involves large crowds… by the thousands. Social distancing, especially among the public who attend the event, will be hard to put into practice.”

“So, for now, no permission has been given for big celebrations or parades for National Day, ” he said in his regular briefing here on Wednesday (July 8).

Datuk Seri Ismail added that the multimedia and communications minister will announce other programmes, aside from the parade, that will be held in conjunction with National Day.

“Datuk Seri Saifuddin Abdullah will announce the details as well as SOPs that must be followed for programmes related to the National Day celebration, ” he said.


Just when you thought you’ve heard of every durian food combination there is to know, this dish comes along

Trevor James, also known as ‘The Food Ranger‘, is a Canadian vlogger who travels around the world making videos about his food adventures. 

As part of his series, Street Food Around The World, James recently featured a specialty of Penang restaurant Ah Chong Fried Rice: durian fried rice with sambal belacan

Cooked and garnished with the King of Fruits, every bite of this unusual combo promises to be a flavourful one

After frying the prawns, cabbage, carrots, soy sauce, and rice together in a wok, an entire bowl of golden durian flesh is added into the mix, as seen in James’ Facebook video.

The durian is tossed alongside the other ingredients, infusing the dish with its potent aroma. 

Generous helpings of durian are then placed on top of the rice to guarantee a punch of flavour with every mouthful.

For that extra kick, spoonfuls of sambal belacan are heaped onto the side of the dish

Just in case you were worried it wasn’t Malaysian enough as is… 

The verdict? Surprisingly delicious!

According to the travelling food blogger, the bold flavours actually complement one another. 

“I like that sweetness from the durian and the spiciness from the sambal… It’s actually a surprising combo,” James remarked. 

The creaminess of the silky durian flesh was another highlight for the vlogger, who just couldn’t seem to get enough! 

Several viewers found the durian fried rice very enticing, recounting childhood experiences of concocting similar food combos. 

Another Facebook user brought up the fact that the durian and rice combo isn’t a novel idea. Numerous traditional dishes have been cooked with tempoyak, a condiment made from fermented durian. 

While James seemed completely taken by this food find, durian-lovers were not as easily convinced

Other commenters were offended by the dish, saying that it was a waste of durian. They added that an individual can only appreciate the fruit if eaten on its own.

For any brave Penangites willing to try it, the dish can be delivered right to your doorstep for just RM15

Unfortunately, it will not be made with Musang King.

Ah Chong Fried Rice is currently only open for delivery. You can place your order on their website.


SACRAMENTO – Seorang wanita dipecat gara-gara dengan sengaja batuk di hadapan muka seorang bayi di California, Amerika Syarikat.

Kejadian tersebut berlaku pada 12 Jun lalu, apabila wanita berusia lingkungan 60-an itu sedang beratur di hadapan seorang pelanggan wanita bersama bayinya untuk membeli minuman.

Menurut laporan polis, wanita itu berang apabila ibu kepada bayi berkenaan tidak menjaga jarak sosial dengan betul sebelum dia bertindak membuka topeng mukanya dan batuk beberapa kali di hadapan muka bayi tersebut.

Kata polis, siasatan sedang dijalankan dan nama wanita itu tidak akan didedahkan selagi surat perintah penangkapan mereka belum dikeluarkan.

Terdahulu, sebuah rakaman kamera litar tertutup yang menunjukkan tindakan wanita itu menjadi tular di laman sosial.

Sekolah Daerah Oak Grove di San Jose baru-baru ini mengumumkan wanita tersebut yang identitinya tidak didedahkan, bukan lagi merupakan kakitangan sekolah itu.

“Pihak kami mahu memaklumkan bahawa kami amat menitik beratkan keselamatan pelajar dan kanak-kanak di daerah ini.

Kami tidak akan bertoleransi dengan mana-mana kakitangan yang berkompromi dalam keselamatan kanak-kanak,” katanya.