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CEO Juul, Kevin Burns antara syarikat vape terbesar dunia, menasihati mereka yang tidak pernah merokok agar tidak menggunakan produknya.

Burns juga berkata,”Jangan vape. Jangan guna Juul”.

Beliau berkata ketika temubual di dalam rancangan CBS This Morning, bahawa kenyataannya ditujukan kepada mereka yang hendak berjinak-jinak menghisap vape, tapi tidak pernah menghisap rokok.

Burns juga berkata, produknya disasarkan kepada golongan perokok tegar dan menyatakan bahawa, kesan jangka panjang menghisap vape masih lagi tak diketahui.

Namu begitu, Burns tetap meyakinkan bahawa produknya sah di sisi undang-undang dan melepasi semua ujian toksik yang ditetapkan undang-undang.

Terdahulu, Burns telah memohon maaf di atas gejala vaping yang makin menular di kalangan remaja di U.S. Gejala vaping juga dianggap FDA (Penyelia Makanan dan Dadah Amerika), sebagai epidemik.

Ini ditambah pula dengan meningkatnya kes penyakit berkaitan paru-paru yang dikaitkan dengan aktiviti vaping.


Seorang datuk mati apabila sebuah botol wine yang dibaling dari tingkat 7 bangunan kondominium 35 tingkat di Singapura.

Mangsa, Nasiari Sunee, 73, mati akibat kecederaan di kepala yang dialami dari balingan itu. Manakala botol yang mengena kepala mangsa, tidak pecah selepas mengena mangsa walaupun dibaling dari tingkat 7.

Suspek yang berasal dari Australia, yang juga bekerja dalam bidang I.T di Singapura, Andrew Gosling, 47, dituduh membaling botol tersebut ketika mangsa menghadiri majlis di rumah saudaranya di bangunan yang sama.

Salah seorang saudara mangsa, Nas Suriati Nasiari, 44, memberitahu yang tetamu yang hadir dua bunyi hentakan yang kuat sebelum mangsa jatuh. Mangsa dikejarkan ke hospital namun meninggal dunia ketika dalam rawatan.

Bangunan kondominium di mana kejadian berlaku

Gosling ditahan 18 Ogos lepas dan bakal berdepan hukuman 5 tahun penjara jika disabit kesalahan.

Flash floods hit Penang, causing flight delays

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GEORGE TOWN – Heavy rain on Tuesday (Sept 3) inundated several roads in the Penang capital of George Town and prompted flights to be delayed briefly.

Roads in the towns of Bayan Baru and Bayan Lepas as well as low-lying areas like Jalan Mahsuri, Jalan Mayang Pasir, Lebuh Mayang Pasir and Jalan Kampung Relau were affected by the floods.

The flood waters, however, receded by 1pm.

The Penang International Airport (PIA) experienced flight delays for around half an hour due to the downpour.

PIA senior manager Mohd Nadzim Hashim said the flight delays happened between 10.30am and until slightly after 11am.

Penang Welfare, Caring Society and Environment Committee chairman Phee Boon Poh said the floods were not caused by drainage issues but the intensity of the downpour.

“These weather conditions are expected and we have to be mentally prepared for this kind of weather due to climate change,” Phee said.

“There are currently 14 tropical storms including three hurricanes in the South China Sea and Pacific Ocean. We expect weather like this from now until the end of the year,” he added.

Phee said precautionary measures had already been taken to ensure that should there be an emergency, there were teams for evacuation and rescue on standby.


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A 17-year-old boy who lived on French fries, Pringles potato chips and processed ham has gone blind because of a lack of vitamins in his diet.

The fussy-eating teenager from Bristol, the United Kingdom, who is now 19, hadn’t eaten a fruit or vegetable in a decade.

His only daily meal was a portion of French fries, which was accompanied throughout the day by potato chips, deep-fried sausages and the occasional ham sandwich.

The unnamed student, who has had to drop out of studying IT at college, was deficient in several key vitamins, including vitamin B12, copper and vitamin D.

He slowly lost his sight over the course of three years, starting when he was 14, due to a condition known as Nutritional Optic Neuropathy (NON).

He was a normal height and weight, but the lack of vital nutrients caused irreversible damage to the nerve in the back of his eyes, leaving him registered blind.

Speaking to the Times, he said: “I’ve become very isolated. When I was little I’d go out and play football with my friends. I’m too frightened to do that now.”

He believes that doctors he pleaded for advice could have helped him earlier by providing help with his diet, which they only began to question at a progressed stage.

“When I asked for help, they didn’t listen to me,” he added.

His mum, who quit her pub job to look after him, told the Telegraph: “His sight went downhill very fast – to the point where he is now legally blind.

“He has no social life to speak of now. After leaving school he got into college to do a course in IT. But he had to give it up because he could not see or hear anything.

“He would love a job – but he has not been able to find anything he can do. I had to quit my job in a pub. I now look after him full-time.”

The optic nerves are made up of millions of fibres and are responsible for transferring visual information from the retina to the brain.

When the fibres become damaged due to a lack of vitamins, the optic nerve loses its ability to relay messages to the brain.

Nutritional optic neuropathy is a slow, painless condition that sees the gradual decrease in vision.

It is sometimes accompanied by colour-vision dysfunction and if left untreated leads to permanent blindness.

B Vitamins, found in whole foods and leafy vegetables, are vital to maintaining good eyesight.

Medics at Bristol Eye Hospital revealed the tale in the Annals of Internal Medicine’s case reports.

Its lead author, Dr Denize Atan, told MailOnline: “He has only eaten French fries, Pringles potato chips, sausages and other processed foods since he was primary school age.

“It’s the most serious case I’ve ever seen of blindness caused by junk food.

“He was clearly getting enough calories, but not nutrients. When the problems started he seemed, on the outside, like a healthy 14-year-old boy.

“His family actually bought him the French fries because if he didn’t eat them, then he wouldn’t eat anything. They tried hard to introduce veg and fruit to his diet.

“He is now registered blind and can only read the top letter on an optician chart. He also has a blind spot in the middle of his eyes.

“He has maintained his peripheral vision, so he is still able to navigate. But he has caused permanent damage to the optic nerve, which can’t repair itself.”

She revealed the teenager has still not changed his diet, but is receiving treatment for an eating disorder and taking vitamin supplements.

Dr Atan added: “Doctors and families need to be aware that having a poor diet and eating Pringles all day doesn’t just affect your heart and lead to obesity. It can also damage vision.”

The boy had initially gone to his GP at the age of 14 complaining of tiredness.

Tests showed he had anaemia and wasn’t producing enough red blood cells to meet his body’s needs.

He was treated with vitamin injections and advised to eat a varied diet with plenty of meat, fruit and vegetables.

But when his symptoms failed to subside he began experiencing hearing loss and impaired vision by the age of 15.

Puzzled medics carried out a number of tests on the boy, who had a normal BMI and was not taking medication, but no cause was found.

By 17, the patient’s vision had become progressively worse, to the point of blindness.

Further medical checks discovered he had vitamin B12 deficiency and low copper and selenium levels – tell-tale signs of nutritional optic neuropathy.

By the time he was diagnosed with the condition, the patient had become permanently blind.

He was prescribed nutritional supplements that corrected his deficiencies and was referred to mental health services for his eating disorder.

Obesity and cancer patients are normally those most at risk of suffering from the condition.

But poor nutrition can also permanently damage the nervous system, particularly vision.

Purely dietary causes are rare in developed countries, the authors note.

Writing in the case study, they said: “Junk foods are nutritionally poor but energy-dense and cheap.

“Hence, high-energy diets correlate with high BMI, low socioeconomic status, and poor health.

“Fussy eating that is restricted to junk foods and causes multiple nutritional deficiencies is an eating disorder.

“Avoidant-restrictive food intake disorder is a relatively new diagnostic entity, but unlike anorexia nervosa, it is not driven by weight or shape concerns.

“Onset is in middle childhood, with lack of interest in food, heightened sensitivity to food textures, and fear of the consequences of eating.”


PETALING JAYA – A security guard of an apartment here allegedly beat a supervisor to death, after he was not paid his wages.

The police were notified of the case, which has been classified as murder, on Monday (Sept 2) afternoon.

The victim, supervisor Lee Poh Meng, 54, was found dead and locked inside a staff toilet at the Jalan 13/2 based apartment.

The body was found in a bloodied state. A medical officer from Universiti Malaya Medical Centre confirmed the death.

“CCTV footage showed that on Sept 1 around 6.10pm, the victim was beaten several times with a helmet by a security guard, who goes by the name of Don at the control room there.

“The beating occurred after the victim had not paid the security guard,” said Petaling Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Mohd Zani Che Din when contacted on Monday.

ACP Mohd Zani said investigations led to the arrest of three suspects on Monday.

They were arrested at the same apartment where the incident had taken place.

“Two Nepalese security guard and a local security manager, aged between 26 to 42 years old, were arrested. The body has been brought to PPUM and a postmortem will be conducted on Tuesday (Sept 3) at 10am,” he said.


TELUK INTAN, Malaysia – Three women died when their car was rammed by a lorry at KM32 of Jalan Langkap-Kampar here.

Hilir Perak OCPD Asst Comm Mohd Marzukhi Mohd Mokhtar said the deceased included a 38-year-old woman, who was 35 weeks pregnant, a housewife, 19, and a pensioner, 62.

ACP Mohd Marzukhi, who withheld the names of the victims, said the housewife died on the spot while the other two died in the hospital, following the incident around 10.50am on Tuesday (Sept 3).

“The pensioner is the aunt of the housewife and neighbour to the pregnant woman.

“An eight-month-old baby girl who was in the car suffered light injuries.

“The 36-year-old lorry driver is unharmed,” he said in a statement on Tuesday (Sept 3).

ACP Mohd Marzukhi said both the car and lorry were headed towards Kampar from Langkap prior to the incident near the junction, where the Desa Tanjung Keramat clinic is located.

“The lorry rammed into the back of the car while making a right turn at the junction.

“The impact caused the car to spin around before crashing into a four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicle, which was heading in the opposite direction, and fell into a ditch.

“The lorry also crashed into another car that was following behind the 4WD before it too fell into a ditch on the right side of the road,” he added.

ACP Mohd Marzukhi said the 43-year-old driver of the 4WD was unharmed while his passenger, also 43, injured his nose.

He said the lorry driver has been arrested.

The case is being investigated under Section 41(1) of the Road Transport Act for reckless driving causing death.


Out of control bus crashes into 20 vehicles

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SUNGAI PETANI: An out of control bus crashed into 20 vehicles at a traffic light junction at Bukit Amanjaya, here, this morning.

Kuala Muda police chief ACP Adzli Abu Shah said the bus ferrying factory workers had faulty brakes which resulted in the crash.

The stretch of road was on a hillside, thus increasing the bus’ speed before it rammed into the vehicles that were stopped at the traffic light.

Fortunately, there were no fatalities.

Those injured were sent to the Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital for treatment.

Adzli said the police has detained the 30-year-old bus driver for questioning.

The case will be filed under Section 43(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987 for reckless driving.


Remaja buta akibat makan kentang goreng setiap hari

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LONDON: Seorang remaja buta pada usia 17 tahun akibat kekurangan vitamin dalam diet makanannya selepas dia hanya memakan kentang goreng, kerepek kentang dan daging terproses.

Mail Online melaporkan, remaja berasal dari Bristol yang kini berusia 19 tahun itu sangat cerewet dengan makanan dan tidak pernah makan buah atau sayuran selama 10 tahun.

Makanan hariannya adalah kentang goreng, kerepek kentang, sosej yang digoreng dan sandwic ham.

Remaja itu yang terpaksa berhenti belajar di sebuah kolej didapati kekurangan beberapa vitamin utama termasuk B12, zat besi dan Vitamin D.

Dia perlahan-lahan hilang penglihatannya dalam tempoh tiga tahun, bermula pada usia 14 tahun, satu keadaan yang dikenali sebagai Neuropati optik Pemakanan (NON).

Remaja itu memiliki ketinggian dan berat badan yang normal tetapi kekurangan nutrisi menyebabkan kerosakan kekal pada saraf di belakang matanya menyebabkan dia buta.

Dalam satu wawancara dengan The Times remaja itu berkata, keadaan itu menyebabkan dia kini terasing.

“Semasa kecil saya suka keluar dan bermain bola sepak bersama kawan-kawan tetapi kini saya terlalu takut untuk keluar rumah,” katanya.

Harian Metro

BEIJING: Seorang lelaki di Hunan, China tidak menyangka kesakitan yang dialami sejak 10 tahun lalu rupanya berpunca daripada lapan jarum tertanam pada punggung kanannya.

Oddity Central melaporkan, Chen, 55, yang berasal dari wilayah Changsa sering mengalami kesakitan seperti dicucuk namun tidak pernah melakukan pemeriksaan di hospital.

Menurutnya, dia lebih berasa sakit ketika berlari namun disebabkan jadual kerja yang terlalu sibuk, lelaki itu menangguhkan untuk berjumpa doktor.

Chen yang melakukan pemeriksaan awal bulan ini bagaimanapun terkejut apabila diberitahu imbasan sinar X menunjukkan terdapat lapan jarum di punggungnya sebelum menjalani pembedahan selama empat jam pada 15 Ogos lalu.

Dia percaya kejadian itu mungkin berlaku selepas dia terjatuh dalam longgokan sampah di tempat kerja dan secara tidak sengaja tercucuk beberapa jarum.

Dia kemudiannya mengeluarkan beberapa jarum yang mencucuk punggungnya tetapi beberapa lagi masih tercucuk di dalam otot.

Sekumpulan doktor yang menjalankan pembedahan berjaya mengeluarkan semua jarum berkenaan dan Chen dijangka pulih seperti biasa.

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16 kanak-kanak mengalami “sindrom serigala” selepas mengambil ubat-ubatan yang tercemar di Sepanyol.

Kanak-kanak tersebut mengalami hipertrikosis, iaitu ditumbuhi bulu di badan mereka selepas mengambil ubat berkaitan dengan masalah perut.

Bagaimanapun syarikat yang mengeluarkan ubat-ubat tersebut di Malaga telah digantung lesennya.

Turut terjejas termasuk enam bayi apabila ubatan itu digunakan sebagai merawat masalah asid dalam perut bayi serta pencernaan.

Ibu bapa yang menggunakan ubat terbabit telah dinasihatkan untuk mendapat rawatan segera.

Difahamkan syarikat farmaseutikal itu mempunyai pengedar di India.

Bagaimanapun pihak berkuasa Sepanyol berkata, kanak-kanak atau dewasa yang mengalami “sindrom serigala” ini supaya tidak terlalu bimbang kerana ia akan hilang sebaik sahaja berhenti mengambil kapsul “omeprazole” ini.