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Siapa sahaja yang boleh menahan diri dari aiskrim, lebih-lebih lagi jika aiskrim tersebut berharga RM3 sahaja. Memang tak senang duduklah!

Hanya untuk RM3, anda boleh menikmati satu scoop aiskrim di cawangan Inside Scoop yang tertentu. Promosi ini akan berlangsung dari 7 malam hingga 11 malam sahaja tau. Take note!

Dapatkan tarikh dan lokasi di bawah:

  • 21 Nov (Khamis) – Damansara Jaya & Puchong
  • 22 Nov (Jumaat) – Queensbay Mall & Sri Petaling
  • 23 Nov (Sabtu) – B.I.G. The LINC & De Garden, Ipoh
  • 24 Nov (Ahad) – IOI City Mall & Taman Segar
  • 25 Nov (Isnin) – Bangsar & Kota Kemuning
  • 26 Nov (Selasa) – USJ Taipan & Suria KLCC
  • 27 Nov (Rabu) – The Gardens Mall & 1 Utama
  • 28 Nov (Khamis) – Mahkota Cheras
  • 29 Nov (Jumaat) – B.I.G. Publika & Melaka
  • 30 Nov (Sabtu) – MyTown & East Coast Mall
  • 1 Dec (Ahad) – Sunway Pyramid & B.I.G. IPC

Bukan itu sahaja, anda juga boleh menikmati aiskrim semurah RM1 jika perkongsian Inside Scoop di Facebook atau Instagram berjaya mencecah 36,000 komen!


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Everybody loves a good promo, especially when it comes to our favourite F&B. For those of you who frequent Starbucks Malaysia, we’ve got good news for you.

For the next 2 weeks, you’ll get to enjoy 50% off the 2nd beverage you order. There’s a catch though.

You’ll first need to order one of these promotional beverages to enjoy the 50% off promo:

  • Frozen Mango Hibiscus Tea with Pomegranate Pearls
  • Matcha Blended Cream
  • Double Ristretto Blended Cream

The promo is only valid on the remaining Tuesdays in August, from 5pm – 8pm:

  • 13th August
  • 20th August
  • 27th August

Other Terms & Conditions:

1. Not valid with any other discounts or promotions.
2. Not applicable to delivery service.
3. Not applicable to Reserve beverage.
4. Not eligible for Starbucks Card rewards.
5. Valid at all Starbucks stores except Starbucks Sunway Lagoon.

In celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Starbucks is also continuing the centuries old tradition with mooncakes! Besides a returning favourite, the franchise introduces 3new flavours to try:

  • Expresso Chestnut – Infused with the rich flavours of Starbucks espresso coffee, this mooncake is filled with coffee-flavoured lotus paste, with a delicate center of nutty chestnut mung bean filling.
  • Coffee Mixed Nuts – The Mixed Nuts mooncake uses the Starbucks Signature espresso to create coffee-flavoured mooncake skin with a filling of mixed nuts, caramel lotus and chewy dried fruit filling, which gives this mooncake a sweet and nutty texture.
  • Tiramisu – This perfectly wrapped coffee flavoured mooncake is filled with coffee-flavoured lotus paste and a delicate center of a unique and delectable cheese filling with the texture of mung bean paste.
  • Green Tea Key Lime – This mooncake is made using premium green tea with lotus and key lime to create a juicy center. This unique creation is wrapped with an aromatic pastry made of Japanese matcha powder – a perfect combination of Japanese flair with a hint of refreshing citrus.

The press release reads:

“The box incorporates the colours purple and gold which are both associated with wisdom and compassion and are symbolic of the night-sky of the Mid-Autumn festival. Meanwhile, the decorative Osmanthus flower signifies the blooming of this seasonal flower during this time of the year.

“And lastly, the moon rabbit represents longevity and prosperity according to traditional Chinese folklore. All the elements form a circle to symbolise the full moon and family reunion during this auspicious season.”

The Starbucks Mooncake 2019 set will be priced at RM88. Starbucks will also be selling Mid-Autumn Festival merchandise collection, all of which will be available from 12th August 2019.


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Silver-linings, Huawei users: Yes, your phone next update might not have Google, Gmail and YouTube app capabilities, but things are looking up for you at an SS2 restaurant right here in sunny, funny Malaysia.

Toast & Roast, a Chinese restaurant run by a husband and wife team, announced today that diners who are Huawei users can enjoy a 20% discount on their bill, applicable only between May 27 to May 29 (always read the fine print, kids!) on their social media pages.

They captioned their post: “Show your Huawei power.”

The Thailand-born co-owner, and her Malaysian husband are taking a stand, telling Malay Mail that it was unfair for the US government to inconvenience consumers in their ongoing trade war.

“It’s not fair on consumers, because consumers should always have a choice,” she said.

Adding that the house specialties were char siew (barbecued pork), roast pork, Hakka noodles, and wantan mee, she went on to say that consumers were responding positively to their new marketing ploy.

“Our marketing strategy is to link our posts to what’s in the news.”

Damn gurl, can’t wait for whatever special you run when we finally catch that slippery, cherubic, fugitive financier, Jho Low.  We’re vibing pork buns, but we’ll let you do the creating.

This week, US president, Donald Trump announced that strict sanctions against Huawei were to be imposed, sending a shock throughout the tech world. The biggest side-effect being Google’s announcement to revoke the Chinese smartphone manufacturer’s Android license, though the ruling will not affect current device owners.

Other firms have followed suit in severing ties with Huawei including Panasonic, Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom and Xilinx.

Many international leaders believe there are security risks associated with using Huawei’s products, specifically, its 5G mobile networks which the US claims the Chinese government could use for surveillance.

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Calling all ARMYs in Malaysia! Cold Brew Coffee’s BTS Edition has just debut in Malaysia.

Late last year, popular coffee brand Cold Brew By Babinski launched a new specially packaged edition featuring the members of K-pop boyband BTS. Guess what? It’s now available in our country.

For the uninitiated, Cold Brew By Babinski is created by HY Fresh in collaboration with Charles Babinski, the 2015 US Barista Champion. Many K-pop fans have praised the beautifully designed special packages.

As you can observed from the images, the faces of BTS in Art Nouveau design are meant to emphasize “the romantic and artistic style” of the mega popular K-pop boy group. Each of the bottles feature a different BTS member. It’s a smart marketing move, seeing that ARMYs will want to purchase all 7 bottles as collectibles.

The Cold Brew Coffee X BTS bottles are divided into individual purchase price (RM12.90) and price on set purchase (RM9.90). You can also pair your coffee drink(s) with some authentic Korean food. The couple set comes with Chicken BBQ and Buldak Chicken Myun, while the family set comes with Jjamppong, Dakgalbi Bokkeumbap, and KFC cheese.

Do note that this exclusive promo is only limited for 2 month only (from now till the end of June). According to the F&B franchise’s Facebook, these Cold Brew Coffee X BTS bottles are available at all local outlets. In case you’re wondering, Oiso Korean Traditional Cuisine & Cafe is a pork free restaurant.

“Cold Brew and BTS are similar in that they’ve both broken the standards and have paved the way in popular new trends. We look forward to putting forth great synergy with BTS through various marketing promotions,” Kim Dong Joo, Marketing Director at HY Fresh, was previously quoted as saying.


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In Uglyville, weirdness is celebrated while strangeness is special. It’s the reason why we love UglyDolls. And Kelly Clarkson of course.

In conjunction with the released of “UglyDolls”, McDonald’s Malaysia is giving out 8 different toys from animated film. It features various characters from the beloved animation.

This “UglyDolls” toy set is unique from previous Happy Meal toy series because this set a playhouse to build, a figure from the movie, a pencil crayon, and a sticker sheet. This UglyDolls x Happy Meal promo is already available, and will run until the end of the month.

They are:

  • From 2nd May: Moxy’s Newspaper Stand, Ox’s Party Shop
  • From 9th May: Ugly Pet’s Pet Shop, Lucky Bat’s Tea Shop
  • From 16th May: Wage’s Bakery, Bobo’s Art & Craft Shop
  • From 23rd May: Ice-Bat’s Ice Rink, Wedgehead’s Bank

Have fun collecting them all 🙂


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The Raya celebrations is less than 2 months away and preparations are already underway. To ensure everything goes smoothly, why not “Raya with Shopee”?

From 25th April till 6th June 2019, Shopee is offering exciting deals and discounts to enhance customers’ Aidilfitri shopping experience. That way, you can start stocking up provisions, home appliances, and shop for the latest baju Raya.

With discounts up to 80% from the 600 brands on Shopee Mall and 450,000 sellers, here are 5 major highlights in conjunction with the “Raya with Shopee” campaign:

  • 200% cashback daily with upsized Cashback Day every Monday where vouchers will be released at a certain time to enable refunds.
  • Shocking Sale daily with deals from as low as RM1, and increased frequency of eight times on Wednesdays.
  • Goyang Shopee rewards users with Shopee Coins, vouchers and gifts worth up to RM5 million.
  • Shopee Live on weekdays, at 8:30pm and 9:30pm, featuring favourite local influencers and celebrities.
  • Shopee Quiz takes place on weekdays at 12pm; test your knowledge by answering eight trivia questions.

Iftar will also be more convenient during the fasting month:

  • The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: Up to 47% off on beverages during weekday Shocking Sale. Valid from 16th May 2019 onwards; vouchers are only applicable to outlets within the Klang Valley except Kuala Lumpur International Airport.
  • Kenny Rogers Roasters: Up to 40% discount on Family Value Set meals from 6th May 2019 onwards.
  • Buffet Deals: 30% off at Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur, 20% discount at The Boulevard Hotel Kuala Lumpur and RM20 off at Royale Chulan Seremban.

You can plan your online shopping based on the chart above. Do note that the more important sales will take place between 6th – 8th May and 21st – 24th May.


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For the holy month of Ramadan, McDonald’s Malaysia is bringing a variety of offerings to its guests ranging from delicious, fulfilling meals to refreshing drinks and desserts as well as exclusive promotions!

“Ramadan is the most holy of months for all Muslims, and it is also a time when all Malaysians celebrate their love for food. Whist there are many iconic tastes that we offer all year round, we find occasions or seasons like Ramadan perfect to offer our customers a differentiated and exciting flavor experience,” said Melati Abdul Hai, Chief Marketing Officer of McDonald’s Malaysia.

The new Ramadan menu is already available in all McDonald’s restaurants until 5th June 2019. McD lovers can look forward to 2 exclusive offerings from the menu which does not limit to only ‘buka puasa’ hour.

Here are the exciting offerings from McDonald’s Malaysia during the Ramadan month!

The all-new Nasi McD

The new Nasi McD is an upgraded version of the usual Nasi McD as it now comes with an all new curry sauce that customers can add-on. Customers need to pay RM1.50 for each curry sauce add-on. As usual, the Nasi McD is paired with McDonald’s spicy Ayam Goreng McD which comes with a choice of either 1 piece or 2 pieces of chicken. Guests can also opt for non-spicy chicken for this meal. The set comes inclusive of a medium coleslaw and a medium iced lemon tea.

The return of the Chicken Foldover

The new Ramadan menu also brings back the Chicken Foldover, which an absolute crowd’s favourite and this time, it is in bigger size! The meal features 2 pieces of perfectly grilled, juicy chicken patties, topped with fresh lettuce and tomatoes, and an all new special sauce, all wrapped in a warm toasted flatbread. The set comes with McDonald’s famous french fries and iced lemon tea.

Localised drinks and desserts 

Customers can also look forward to a range of drinks and desserts with local flavours which include the ever so popular D24 Durian McFlurry which features real D24 durian flesh, the return of the crispy Banana Pie which features aromatic banana filling in the signature crisp McDonald’s pillow pie, Sarsaparilla Sundae Cones that comes in 3 versions – Sarsaparilla, Sarsaparilla Vanilla and Sarsaparilla Choco Dip, and the new McCafe Ice Blended Ribena.

Sahur meals

Starting 6th May 2019, McDonald’s will be extending selected Regular Menu items until 6am to cater to customers who are fasting. This includes the Nasi McD, Ayam Goreng McD, McChicken, Spicy Chicken McDeluxe, and Chicken McNuggets, which will be available to customers looking for a satisfying meal to during their Sahur hour.

Exclusive promotions

McDonald’s is also launching the “30-Days of Ramadan” promotion exclusively via the McDonald’s App. The ‘30-days, 30-deals’ offers special discount coupons which will be released on the App on a daily basis. To enjoy these amazing discounts, customers just need to download the McDonald’s Appfrom the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


The Nasi McD set with 1 piece of Ayam Goreng McD, coleslaw and medium Iced Lemon Tea starts from only RM13.95, while the set with 2 pieces of Ayam Goreng McD costs RM16.95. The Chicken Foldover Meal is available at RM16.95, and comes complete with medium French Fries and medium Iced Lemon Tea.

For more info, check out


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Wanna enjoy milk tea without the stress of unhealthy eating? Worry no more!

Tealive just announced their collaboration with dahmakan, which features the best of both worlds. Besides, nothing like a healthy meal to make yourself feel better about all that boba!

For a limited time only, customers can now enjoy dahmakan’s combo meals with a lil’ something extra. The dahmakan x Tealive collaboration comes with the Tealive Classic Roasted Milk Tea with Grass Jelly and Mango Tea with Chia Seeds, which are now exclusively available as a combo with the Salted Egg Butter Chicken, Signature Nasi Lemak, and Nasi Kerabu.

From only RM19.90, these deals are going straight for the hearts of Malaysians with comfort food and milk tea. In fact, the promotion even comes with free delivery within the Klang Valley!

So now, the guilt doesn’t feel that bad, eh?


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True love comes in many shapes and forms. Sometimes, it takes the shape of a cake filled with celebratory well-wishes.

From now until 31 May ’19, show your appreciation for your loved ones with our Mother’s Day “Rosy Love” cake promotion and receive a FREE limited edition cosmetic pouch or umbrella. What better way to enjoy an extraordinary moment?

• Early bird purchases from April 15 – May 5 are entitled to an additional 15% discount (RSP RM170).
• Free Limited Edition Pouch / Umbrella are on a first-come-first-served basis only. While stocks last.
• Free Limited Edition Pouch / Umbrella cannot be combined with other promotions, benefits and VIP privileges
• Free Limited Edition Pouch / Umbrella cannot be exchanged with cash or any other products


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